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Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign - Scared of the Dark (XXXTENTACION) | Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse OST

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Sony Pictures Music
Red Spider
Red Spider 10 kun oldin
Rip Stan lee 1922-2018 xxxtenactionxxx 1998-2018
match attacks guy
match attacks guy 12 kun oldin
RIP Stan Lee
Mark Arce
Mark Arce 13 kun oldin
2:36 the best part R.I.P XXXTENTACION#LLJ
Francis Weerapperuma
thanks for this wonderful movie and the awesome soundtrack :)
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson 6 soat oldin
😔 X ❤️
MasonMillion 13 soat oldin
“Just a leap of faith”
adas anton
adas anton 23 soat oldin
Aguś! Kocham Cie ! Mam nadzieje ze to zobaczysz..
Darkcaster TH
Darkcaster TH Kun oldin
Bye stan lee and peter parker
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes Kun oldin
well done x you really hit us. R.I.P.
G-Zone Kun oldin
RIP xxxtentacion ❤️
adas anton
adas anton Kun oldin
Kocham Cie Aguś!!
Emanuel Yolo, crak
Emanuel Yolo, crak 2 kun oldin
Stan lee 1922-2018
Yatharth Haldar
Yatharth Haldar 2 kun oldin
This rap is so shit imo XXX is tolerable but this first rap was so crappy The chorus was 🔥
Nopadon Channel
Nopadon Channel 2 kun oldin
I'm not scared of the dark I'm not running, running, running No, I'm not afraid of the fall I'm not scared, not at all Why would a star, a star ever be afraid of the dark? I'm not scared I'm not scared, even from the start I'm not scared of the dark Of the dark, mmm
help me
help me 3 kun oldin
xxxtentaction / Petter Parker / Johnny Alidai / Mickel Jackson / les meilleurs meurt toujours en premier
help me
help me 3 kun oldin
xxxtentaction / Petter Parker / Johnny Alidai / Mickel Jackson / les meilleurs meurt toujours en premier
XxShadows 640
XxShadows 640 3 kun oldin
R.i.p X
Daxxs 4 kun oldin
la puta madre como ame esta canción con el cameo de Stan Lee, el mejor cameo
AEF CR. 4 kun oldin
RIP. Peter Parker😦
Daniel Rodrigo
Daniel Rodrigo 4 kun oldin
We lost two of the amazing people in 2018 who created the most inspirational fictional character , The Amazing Spider-Man. Steve Ditko and Stan Lee , Thank you.
Sam Dawson
Sam Dawson 5 kun oldin
RIP lil wayne, we'll miss you 🙏🙏
A.G.O Slime Videos
A.G.O Slime Videos 5 kun oldin
I love xxxtentacion part
manoj coumaar
manoj coumaar 5 kun oldin
Lil Wayne is lit wayne
Samurai 5 kun oldin
Rip Parker i really wish i could see parker teaching miles but the miles dimension parker
Nakanuru 5 kun oldin
xxternation 😢
Brandon 6 kun oldin
I really dont like Wayne on this
ROX!N 6 kun oldin
´´I see dead people I just tell ´em get a life´´ Like c´mon you are on a track with a dead person 😒
Zuber ali
Zuber ali 6 kun oldin
Best song in spdr into the verse
her с горы a.k.a iziobzor
F. Rip XXX
I also hate to say this but I never actually hear X's part. I never remember it. It's weird. I have to go back to find it. Probably because it's so short.
Lil Wayne made the song lose all seriousness. I hate to say it, I don't want to hate on Lil Wayne.
William Foong
William Foong 7 kun oldin
It's almost a month now, and I still love this song!!! Man, I wanna watch it again.
danielle cisneros
danielle cisneros 8 kun oldin
R.I.P Xxxtentacion love ya see ya when I go to heaven love you sooo much u will always be remembered ur a legend and a inspiration to me thank u and I'll see ya soon 😍
Yote 8 kun oldin
Lil Wayne ruined this
dracoangelrojo 8 kun oldin
What makes this moment even more emotional is the coincidence that, in a way, we said goodbye to Spider-Man and Stan Lee at the same time in this movie. It's amazing how the coincidence could be that just the movie where our heroe dies, Stan Lee joined him. It was as if this was destined to be a farewell for both heroes who made us believe we all could wear the mask. Thank you Stan Lee for letting us dream.
DJ Arun skrillz
DJ Arun skrillz 8 kun oldin
xxx the legend we miss your songs stan lee the super heroes miss you peter parker new york misses you three legends connected in a movie
2Blue Fox5
2Blue Fox5 8 kun oldin
My heart skipped a beat when that song was playing :'(
Prankster Gangster Homie Hero Brian MLG
This moment sad but proves Stan lee never can die more cameos from him are here
Aryun Banga
Aryun Banga 8 kun oldin
How’s Wayne gonna say “I see dead people and tell em to get a life” wen x is in the song
bartekhp 12
bartekhp 12 8 kun oldin
when in this song is xxxtentacion.i told ''i never cry''. why legends die
Wiz*Once Army TV
Wiz*Once Army TV 9 kun oldin
I'm cried in this scene when stan lee show up RIP Stan Lee 1922-2018
IWebLynx 10 kun oldin
the voice change lol
Frank Moss
Frank Moss 10 kun oldin
I watched this move it's actually a really good movie 😂
Shadowfox264 D
Shadowfox264 D 10 kun oldin
R i.p Mr.lee
CManBee 10 kun oldin
That moment I realized that XXXTENTACION music will motivate us till the end of time. *his body might be dead but he is always with us* alive in our hearts
Ethan Eveleigh
Ethan Eveleigh 10 kun oldin
Why are all the legends of our era dying Fucks sake 😥😥😥
Flore Bervoets
Flore Bervoets 10 kun oldin
Il be honest, i really love the the first minute but then the rapping just ruined it all and i hate it.
David Rousssll
David Rousssll 10 kun oldin
David Rousssll
David Rousssll 10 kun oldin
LOL mdr
Vinuxi Valoobi
Vinuxi Valoobi 10 kun oldin
Rip Uncle Aaron
Optimal Rodimus Megatron
R.I.P Peter Parker (Earth-TRN700) R.I.P Stan Lee R.I.P Xxxtentacion
Lucas Potts
Lucas Potts 10 kun oldin
R.I.P xxxtantation R.I.P STAN LEE😭
Ajwadd Anwarr
Ajwadd Anwarr 11 kun oldin
This song was great except for the parts where lil wayne was singing, x you really were taken too soon
Efren Gonzalez
Efren Gonzalez 11 kun oldin
ZombY Fuqer
ZombY Fuqer 11 kun oldin
*It Always Fits, Eventually* Stan Lee - Dec 28th 1922 - Nov 12th 2018
Yamilet Hernandez
Yamilet Hernandez 11 kun oldin
Ay lak da dark oo yes!
Kamil Bombski
Kamil Bombski 11 kun oldin
"That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero."
Omar Galvez
Omar Galvez 11 kun oldin
Moment sad
Manas Thaker
Manas Thaker 11 kun oldin
Rip x Rip stan lee Rip another spidey Rip uncle Aarron
PIXEL POP 11 kun oldin
Look I fucking cried in the theater watching thiS FUCKING BLESS THIS MOVIE
Kidos Kookies
Kidos Kookies 12 kun oldin
SHOOT if you just read one of my comments I just realized I was in the bathroom for some of this song and Stan Lee’s cameo. Once I came back and he had his suit I knew I missed a really good/sad part. Damnit
Kidos Kookies
Kidos Kookies 12 kun oldin
This scene was sad when Peter Parker died. I was like NOOOO!! And idk what’s worse the scene or the fact xxxtentacion is in this song .... tbh I kinda forget this scene in the movie and I came back from it like 2 minutes ago....😬me with movies but this movie was great and like my fave movie now👌
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown 12 kun oldin
i didnt know x was collaborating in this song before he died
Pikachu and Kirby!
Pikachu and Kirby! 12 kun oldin
Just listening to this makes me slightly tear up.
Re: FeniX
Re: FeniX 12 kun oldin
This song is my favorite in the soundtrack and I will never get tired of listening to it
Cookie Gacha
Cookie Gacha 12 kun oldin
*It's a leap of faith...*
Jose Miguel Rojas Carmona
HollieGirl57 12 kun oldin
Rip XxxtenchenxxX Rip Peter parker
H4RR15 B055
H4RR15 B055 12 kun oldin
who else jus came to hear x's voice?
Crikey Cake
Crikey Cake 12 kun oldin
R.I.P all three legends...
Marco The lord
Marco The lord 12 kun oldin
I just want everyone to know that xxxtentacion was one of the greatest rappers out there and stan lee, the founder of marvel was one of the greatest people ever. may the both of you rest in a better world now R.I.P xxxtentacion june 18th and stan, November 12th
Skysthelimit 78
Skysthelimit 78 12 kun oldin
R .i.p peter parker (infinity war) 2017-2018. R.i.p peter parker (Miles dimension) 1991-2018 R.i.p Stan Lee 1996 -2018 . WHHHHHHHHHHY! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
Red Spider
Red Spider 13 kun oldin
RIP Stan lee 1922-2018 RIP xxxtenaction 1998-2018
Derrick Tan
Derrick Tan 13 kun oldin
Really sad that this song represents three people who have died. RIP to Peter Parker, Stan Lee, and XXXTentacion, all gone too soon. :'(
Patricio Estrella
Patricio Estrella 13 kun oldin
"I will Miss him" *WE FUCKIN MISS U STAN :"(*
NextGenRobin 13 kun oldin
I hate that they cut out X’s part in the movie
Mauricio Ayala
Mauricio Ayala 13 kun oldin
Why is X in parentheses? Are there legal restrictions once an artist passes that prevent them from “featuring”? Genuine question.
Alessandra Volpicelli
Who else started freaking out when they heard X start rapping🙊🙉💓💓
Leo´sVideoFactory 13 kun oldin
Absolutly great!
otro canal random mas
Enserio está obra de arte la hizo esta mierda(XXXtentación)
Jabez Rosario
Jabez Rosario 13 kun oldin
Alexander Willott
Alexander Willott 13 kun oldin
Branderte 754
Branderte 754 13 kun oldin
R.I.P spiderman 7m7 R.I.P Stan Lee 7m7
Ben Lofy
Ben Lofy 13 kun oldin
R.I.P Stan Lee, a Hero to all
Joke Man
Joke Man 13 kun oldin
rip xxxtentacion :(
Energy Guy
Energy Guy 13 kun oldin
When i hear this song first time, i cry about the death scene...
Masood Ahmed
Masood Ahmed 13 kun oldin
111 dislikes! how?
TheDabstraktYT 13 kun oldin
R.I.P Stan Lee, Peter Parker and XXXTentacion...
Cathy Yabut
Cathy Yabut 14 kun oldin
Why is Stan lee is there 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Manea Otilia
Manea Otilia 14 kun oldin
I can't stop listening to this....
ShittyMobileGames 14 kun oldin
Never was there a better death scene in any movie ever- change my mind (not technically the actual death scene ik dont @me)
Fakedantdm Fan
Fakedantdm Fan 14 kun oldin
Lego Batman
Lego Batman 15 kun oldin
Who else thought of your passed away family members when you heard this song and cried
Yo duh Stories
Yo duh Stories 15 kun oldin
This song is both sad and uplifting. It's amazing.
Niky9965 15 kun oldin
Best movie on this planet. Period.
Deadbolt 013
Deadbolt 013 15 kun oldin
Thanks to the assholes in the comment section for ruining the movie for me, *DON'T SCROLL IF YOU PLAN ON SEEING THE MOVIE*
An frendly spezmoid
An frendly spezmoid 15 kun oldin
Why is there xxxxtentacipm in the title? Is it original an x song?
yee haw
yee haw 15 kun oldin
Haven't seen the movie yet,but based on the song,and the comments,I think I'm gonna cry...
Jose Galvez Tirado
Jose Galvez Tirado 15 kun oldin
I rember the part where peter parker dies its really sad
Grungus Jarvis
Grungus Jarvis 15 kun oldin
Don't Cry Guys Spider-Man Is Always Here.
The ultimate sonic dab Sonic strikes back
I can't stop listening to this song
King Reaper 2987
King Reaper 2987 15 kun oldin
Rip peter 😿
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Start a Riot
Oy oldin
Oy oldin
Save The Day
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