Lindsay Lohan Reacts to #DoTheLilo Dance Memes and Reboot Rumors

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Lindsay Lohan chats with Jimmy about her MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, her future island resort plans and how she feels about that #DoTheLilo dance footage that went viral.
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Lindsay Lohan Reacts to #DoTheLilo Dance Memes and Reboot Rumors




8-Yan, 2019

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Peaceful Love
Peaceful Love Soat oldin
Love her! Great/underrated actress! Better dancer than most out at clubs.
Leroy Lavea
Leroy Lavea 4 soat oldin
Rooting for her!
Just For Fun
Just For Fun 5 soat oldin
She used to be so gorgeous! If you have the money why don’t you get a GOOD PLASTIC SURGEON!????
AJ M 5 soat oldin
She looks too old
music lover
music lover 9 soat oldin
Anyone remembers Lindsay and Jimmy's Harry Potter snl sketch how sweet both the were in that!!
Anthony Grant 2.0
Anthony Grant 2.0 9 soat oldin
Fallon did a good job with this interview. As for the beach club, it's a great idea, but having watched the show itself it's pretty basic, but pretty much what you'd expect from today's watered-down MTV. Frankly after 1986 they should have started calling it "the Network Formerly Known as MTV" because I mean you know.
B d
B d 10 soat oldin
Damn that's a hard 43.
Cloud VII
Cloud VII 14 soat oldin
Lindsay Lohan Beach >>>>>> Floribama
Phillip D
Phillip D 14 soat oldin
Can’t believe how much hate Lindsay gets, I remember people saying she would be dead before 27 I’m only 24
#*river sans and lancers only wife And girlfreind*#
Oh this, THIS is fetch
Ted Cleveland
Ted Cleveland 21 soat oldin
She botoxed away her unique smiles.
carry B
carry B Kun oldin
Lindsay will always be my fashion icon
candy cane
candy cane Kun oldin
I wish i were her she has had a crazy and fun life and she is a good singer and actress i love her song rumors ☺☺
observer goldstein
I heard she had HPV from fooling around. I hope there's a way to cure it
Jenn Hughes
Jenn Hughes Kun oldin
She looks like her healthy old self here... not like the weird 60 year old alcoholic lindsey weve been seeing lately lmfao.....
Andrea C
Andrea C 2 kun oldin
32 looking like 40...not good.
Matilda Iisala
Matilda Iisala 2 kun oldin
I get why people are hating on her but I actually really love her
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 2 kun oldin
I loveeee her outfit!
jason bourne
jason bourne 2 kun oldin
I predict a train wreck of a comeback for Lohan...giving her a reality show airing all her shit out..if she couldn't handle it the first time why put yourselves through it again...Hollywood loves the drama and so do the people
santa gurl
santa gurl 2 kun oldin
Lindsay I love you so much 😍😍😘😘 you’re so beautiful inside and out 👍👍 Lohan Beach Club show is awesome 👍👍👏👏👏
Osh H
Osh H 2 kun oldin
Worst late night show ever!
Cloud VII
Cloud VII 14 soat oldin
Don't worry. Thanks for million views
Noone Special
Noone Special 2 kun oldin
She looks so used up
Shelby Thompson.
Shelby Thompson. 3 kun oldin
please don’t do the parent trap
Shelby Thompson.
Shelby Thompson. 3 kun oldin
Lol it’s trippy
Smudgy 3 kun oldin
Why the fuck is she relevant? She looks dead
Fender Mustango
Fender Mustango 3 kun oldin
Sorry but shes 2 years old than me and looks like shes 40.
Heather Valentin
Heather Valentin 3 kun oldin
where'd her accent go?
Cloud VII
Cloud VII 14 soat oldin
Panos changed her voice.
Shayna Armond
Shayna Armond 4 kun oldin
Her poor voice sounds like she chewed and swallowed glass ashtrays.
Tammy 4 kun oldin
I love seeing Lindsay doing so well. She's grown up so much. She is so classy now. And Jimmy, as always, being the awesome guy he is.
Jo King
Jo King 4 kun oldin
How many times has this Illuminati bitch tried to kill herself? Just wondering?!?!?
CazzSDMF 4 kun oldin
She's retarded, right? And Jimmy's a bitch
nappy heaven
nappy heaven 4 kun oldin
I miss her so much.
big baby josh
big baby josh 4 kun oldin
Welcome back
Mister Neon
Mister Neon 4 kun oldin
I liked her loli form better
Ben P
Ben P 4 kun oldin
I'm happy for her she looks so much better then 5 years ago
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne 4 kun oldin
She’s right you can’t reboot the parent trap without Natasha Richardson she died in 2009
Harpie Elitist
Harpie Elitist 4 kun oldin
body double demands n debut again this time round haha like my lil sister n always have fun wen i c dat was fun haha ya basically just llowed u n dis is wat it b n yo chop bitch demand stunt doubles mid age twins grown up n the difference but similarities they share career paths n possible fallin our father figures n gasppp twists n reveals new addition suport cast think too small
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez 4 kun oldin
One of those few interviews that Jimmy managed to do the right way!
Víctor Hernández
Víctor Hernández 5 kun oldin
Lindsay returns
iheworld134 5 kun oldin
I am happy she is getting better now...she gone through a lot of bad things, she deserves a 2nd chance...
Unapologetic Melanin
I'm sorry but I love Lindsey and support everything she does😍
kinki party
kinki party 5 kun oldin
Lindsay lohan my favorite actris 😍
Women Respecter Spunghole
Hey she doesn't look so bad, she really hid the drug abuse well. But vocally not doing so hot
BOMBAexpress 5 kun oldin
Chris R
Chris R 5 kun oldin
Daniel Bragg
Daniel Bragg 5 kun oldin
Weird, she lost that broken English accent she picked up when she became a Muslim lol
Pablo Orellana
Pablo Orellana 5 kun oldin
I wanna be Lindsay lohan
James Hutchison
James Hutchison 5 kun oldin
This interview is hella boring.
MidScream1 5 kun oldin
She is such a has been from the mid 2000's...
SlimGoody 6 kun oldin
I'm so proud of her💜 love love love her!!
flabbertoe 6 kun oldin
I thought she was a muslim now
Mark 6 kun oldin
"Haha thanks for having me Jimmy! I'm doing so much better!" ***Gets up walks away*** crack pipe falls on the studio floor. . .
Martin Dorsey
Martin Dorsey 18 daqiqa oldin
+Mark Grow up, you pathetic, immature troll!
Mark 20 daqiqa oldin
Oops my mistake, you must have been there holding her hair while she snorted coke. You enabler you!
Martin Dorsey
Martin Dorsey 5 kun oldin
She never even smoked crack, you immature nobody!
Herman40567 6 kun oldin
She looks beautiful here and relaxed and was just having fun with her friends. People need to chill.
john arnold
john arnold 6 kun oldin
This chick was abducting children off the street like 5 min ago
Lexi Estrada
Lexi Estrada 6 kun oldin
She could play Meredith Blake now ❤️
my videos 2018
my videos 2018 6 kun oldin
Chris Santana
Chris Santana 6 kun oldin
All bullshit aside, I'll still bust Lindsay's ass.......
Roxana Mejia
Roxana Mejia 6 kun oldin
I watched the first episode and I’m already obsessed!!!
Wayne A
Wayne A 6 kun oldin
The world needs Lindsey back !!!!
Captain Voluntaryist, The Statist Slayer
Back in the day, she was cooler than even Megan Fox.
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC 6 kun oldin
I joke only life situation)
wiisalute 7 kun oldin
Lohan is starting to look like Bea Arthur
maria shorty
maria shorty 7 kun oldin
I want 2 go 2 her beach club.
Princess Sparkle Pixie
Wonder why there was no mention of her kidnap attempt?
KASH 0409
KASH 0409 7 kun oldin
Fuck these assholes! Do the damn thing Lindsay! Get it gurlll! 🙌🙌🙌
Ivy Black
Ivy Black 7 kun oldin
Jimmy seems into her in this interview. Or like he’s jacked off to a naked pic or two. And where is his ring, I thought he was married
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 7 kun oldin
What happened to her accent? Hmmmmm, peculiar
Lindsay Lohan España
Lynda Bond
Lynda Bond 7 kun oldin
I’ve never liked her. I’m sorry she’s back. No talent 🙄
Alexandria Rose
Alexandria Rose 7 kun oldin
She looks.. eh
Amanda Payton
Amanda Payton 7 kun oldin
She knows they can't do the parent trap again bc they killed her twin. She never did that whole movie by herself.
NerdicusAtomicus 7 kun oldin
There was a parent trap sequel with older Hayley Mills.
Mari Almaraz
Mari Almaraz 7 kun oldin
She was and still is very beautiful, but it's a different kind of beautiful now.
Maddox Seuden Jean
Maddox Seuden Jean 7 kun oldin
She's over. I mean the show it's gonna be a flop. Sorry
Balmain Boi
Balmain Boi 7 kun oldin
Love that she’s back😍
Artemis Arthur
Artemis Arthur 7 kun oldin
Love you Lilo
Chandler Robinson
Chandler Robinson 7 kun oldin
I like how Jimmy is like "You look great...uh..." *changes subject*
Minxy Cat
Minxy Cat 7 kun oldin
What happened to her mysterious accent?
Kevin Ortega-Rojas Choreography
Me: I’m going to bed early tonight. My brain at 3AM: THIS IS HOW YOU THROW A PARTY IN MYKONOS BITCH
katrinakl 7 kun oldin
I still watch The Parent Trap when it's on tv! She was so, so talented! I hope she finds peace and happiness in whatever she does.
Jamie Crowe
Jamie Crowe 7 kun oldin
She looks and seems happy! ❤️
Paul Meza
Paul Meza 7 kun oldin
Great video uh
Cristina Artista
Cristina Artista 7 kun oldin
Why does it sound like she's trying not to speak in her fake middle eastern accent
Trip333s 7 kun oldin
Wow she put herself through extra mileage but she's a legend.
T Davis
T Davis 7 kun oldin
She has really aged....yikes
Samantha Monroe
Samantha Monroe 7 kun oldin
Fuck he's fake. I can't get him at all.
Dorany Rodriguez
Dorany Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
She looks gorgeous!
Lamya Mohammed
Lamya Mohammed 8 kun oldin
She looks great for a 58 year old 😍
Adam Heller
Adam Heller 8 kun oldin
Lindsay you are a force of beauty and wisdom always sending you the best girl L :)Adam
Brian Brown
Brian Brown 8 kun oldin
Substance abuse really fucked her shit up. She looks like she's in her 50s
Doug Lazamar
Doug Lazamar 8 kun oldin
why is she doing it, does she not have enough money???
rodolfo rodriguez
rodolfo rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Por que nunca traducen esto al español? Lilo i love
Jaime Arango
Jaime Arango 8 kun oldin
I going to teach u how to serve VIPs people from America 😎
Elnaz ZAHIRI 8 kun oldin
I love jimmy
Matt Blanco
Matt Blanco 8 kun oldin
way too much make up.
Theresa R.
Theresa R. 8 kun oldin
Something's off with her..hmmm
Tristen Lee
Tristen Lee 8 kun oldin
In happy she seems better than the years before her
Blanquinegro 8 kun oldin
Lindsay has no magic anymore; not at ALL. You can see Jimmy making a -huge- effort to bring something from her, but she is souless and anti-charismatic. This interview feels akward.
Ramon Tragedy
Ramon Tragedy 8 kun oldin
Your sister is still trying to sing? Lol ok
judy barcenas
judy barcenas 8 kun oldin
I will forever have kind things to say about lindsay she has been through so much, she deserves a break and to be happy just like Amanda Bynes and other actors / actress.