Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Emma Stone square off in a lip sync battle and Emma shows she's not afraid of lightning fast lyrics.
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Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone
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29-Apr, 2014



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Aravind srihari
Aravind srihari 29 daqiqa oldin
5:46 that black guy with guitar in the back was like " my nigga"
Ashley Clevinger
Ashley Clevinger 2 soat oldin
I think Emma missed the memo that Jimmy always gives the win to his guests. Not only did she legit beat him, she beat all the other guest performances, too! Best one hands down!
Sofia Guevara
Sofia Guevara 2 soat oldin
This is by far the best lip sync battle on this show! Emma just killed it
Alex Chan
Alex Chan 7 soat oldin
I think she slept to know she has to win
CJ Guillo
CJ Guillo 9 soat oldin
Still on my 2019 to do list to watch 😂 Stress reliever. Emma stone is such a gem. I wanna take her home. 😁😍
Dragonlegend 91
Dragonlegend 91 9 soat oldin
Idk why my favourite part in fancy is from LA to Tokyo’ Idk And Jimmy Fallon Actually sounded like he was singing Mr. Roboto
Amani Saidi
Amani Saidi 23 soat oldin
Emma is so gooood 😱😱😱
Ivi Blomda
Ivi Blomda Kun oldin
She's amazing! I love them both!
Aman Rai
Aman Rai Kun oldin
It's so awesome
Preciouse Dane
Preciouse Dane 2 kun oldin
2:26 Well I guess we know who won already 3:01 dude knows what I’m talkin bout
Lily Kinsella
Lily Kinsella 2 kun oldin
Filomena Afioa'e
Filomena Afioa'e 2 kun oldin
Tbh...Jimmy Fallon is so trying hard to be funny but is so 100% failing🙄
TheComicsansserif 2 kun oldin
She is fuckin crazy this woman 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I wanna one like her at home 😜
London Emerson
London Emerson 2 kun oldin
Seriously, when is Emma dropping her album! LOL E Stone, E Stone... Bringing skilz to phone The micro, that you know, how she goes. Emma Stone :-) lol
London Emerson
London Emerson 2 kun oldin
Jimmy, Emma.. favourite and more favourite.
Uncle Kyle
Uncle Kyle 2 kun oldin
This was awsome. Emma's a fox
Paresh Patel
Paresh Patel 2 kun oldin
I don't understand who this people who click the dislike , 11k fools
nikhil lavande
nikhil lavande 3 kun oldin
Ooooh..... She really nailed it.
Maaz Sayyed
Maaz Sayyed 3 kun oldin
She is too good😍😍
Jay Obrien
Jay Obrien 3 kun oldin
The best one ever
dimples too high
dimples too high 3 kun oldin
I come back to watch this again and again tell me i'm not the only 1
Mohammed Hilal
Mohammed Hilal 3 kun oldin
had to give this one to Fallon Sir!
Mohammed Hilal
Mohammed Hilal 3 kun oldin
but after watching ALL i do is win u lost this Fallon!!
Fatin Amirah
Fatin Amirah 3 kun oldin
Emma you’re crazy hahahahahaahahah
DNA Tru Stan
DNA Tru Stan 3 kun oldin
Emma wasn't lip syncing she was singing the whole time 😂😂😂
Ernest De Castro
Ernest De Castro 3 kun oldin
Still the best performance for me, ever!
Nocturnal Toothbrush
Jimmy sucks toad dicks. Honestly the worst late night host in history.
digdeep0169 4 kun oldin
she's sooo badass!
Getting Bizzy with Izzy
March 2019 anyone just me
tabalon group
tabalon group 4 kun oldin
the best ever
Raj V
Raj V 4 kun oldin
If I would be in her place...instead of lip synching I would start counting like 1,2,3 really fast😂
Devesh Kumar
Devesh Kumar 5 kun oldin
She is 🔥🔥🔥
Fensen Francis
Fensen Francis 5 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon = Cringe Anyone agree..?
Ayaz Hossain
Ayaz Hossain 5 kun oldin
Emma Stone is too precious for this world
Baim Kids PE
Baim Kids PE 5 kun oldin
I have to say jimmy fallons second song was pretty good
Mahmoud Adel
Mahmoud Adel 6 kun oldin
kurthlyn pablo
kurthlyn pablo 6 kun oldin
Hahaha omg she's so great at facial expressions hahaha
Alvintini Chua
Alvintini Chua 6 kun oldin
i must have watched this like a thousand times so far... step aside everyone... here comes the grand master of lip sync Emma Stone....
Simin Xie
Simin Xie 6 kun oldin
EMMA is the BEST!!! 2019 ANYONE?
Sushil Ghonse
Sushil Ghonse 7 kun oldin
She rocked
dozzer009 7 kun oldin
Emma Stone owned it and no one has come close!!
Fornite Fool Yep
Fornite Fool Yep 8 kun oldin
Is jimmy Fallon Shazam cuz he look like him
Suresh Rajpurohit
Suresh Rajpurohit 8 kun oldin
who is hear for 5:39 ??
Simone Pinchpeach
Simone Pinchpeach 8 kun oldin
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil 8 kun oldin
jesus i haven't seen that bad of a curb stomp since American History x
Kristy Jones
Kristy Jones 8 kun oldin
I died when Emma got to the part like up down up down up
Kristy Jones
Kristy Jones 8 kun oldin
When your years training of karaoke actually pays off
Exotic Reality
Exotic Reality 9 kun oldin
Try lip syncing russian hard bass
Colt Todd
Colt Todd 9 kun oldin
Emma stone = goat
Sammi D
Sammi D 9 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon's face when Emma Stone started rapping!! 😂😂😂😂
Lesly G
Lesly G 10 kun oldin
Me encanta siempre ver este video 2019 otra vez
natelaurenceable 10 kun oldin
Still the best. She rocked it blew Jimmy out like a match!
Subash Wilzon
Subash Wilzon 10 kun oldin
I love her...😍😍😍😍
Sammy Lei
Sammy Lei 10 kun oldin
2019 is alive
Mohamad Natour
Mohamad Natour 11 kun oldin
UZvid always wants me to watch this one more time.
prasad pakarla
prasad pakarla 12 kun oldin
Emma ! Incredable
The Real MFWIC
The Real MFWIC 12 kun oldin
Pretty sure I can account for about 3 million of the views on here. Can’t watch this enough!!!
Milagros Jorge Espino
She is quite beautiful
Vee -chan
Vee -chan 12 kun oldin
i watch this video every year for self care.
swifty1969 13 kun oldin
can't get enough of this
Sudha Tomar
Sudha Tomar 13 kun oldin
6:53 Emma being her cutest self
Grace Mendoza
Grace Mendoza 14 kun oldin
Emma is THE BEST!
Clark K
Clark K 14 kun oldin
I can't let go of this video ...every time I watch Emma lip sync....I fell in love with her acting over and over again
geethu lekshmi
geethu lekshmi 15 kun oldin
Oh my god
Anjila Prajapati
Anjila Prajapati 16 kun oldin
Oh i loveeeee herrrr
Cak Redi
Cak Redi 16 kun oldin
This video alone should be enough to invite Blues Traveller to Fallon's.
Ma. Vivian Theresa Barace
Still watching ds tho 😎
Linda Thalman
Linda Thalman 17 kun oldin
Brilliant; bring it on; more lip sync please. Lili Kil from France,
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 18 kun oldin
This is how it should've went. It's Emma's final turn. She steps up to the mic and says "this one should get me an easy a" continuing with the song pocket full of sunshine. Imagine that
Jacob Schmitz
Jacob Schmitz 18 kun oldin
Anyone else think Jimmy Did the best?
wajangchang _
wajangchang _ 19 kun oldin
존좋...몇번을 봐도 좋다 진짜ㅠㅠ
Mojoreo Moguri
Mojoreo Moguri 19 kun oldin
Best Actress Indeed
Tazhen 03
Tazhen 03 19 kun oldin
Todd Stein
Todd Stein 20 kun oldin
Mr. Roboto, Styx Classic??. NO WAY
SYZA 20 kun oldin
the firts song ?
NW Video
NW Video 20 kun oldin
The bassist still kills me . . . he's like this little white woman has some soul, damn.
Chelsea M
Chelsea M 20 kun oldin
2:21 that was so spot on wtf
Chad Kase
Chad Kase 20 kun oldin
March 2019
sikaerkki666 21 kun oldin
young girl but got that fire...
Fernanda Nascimento
Fernanda Nascimento 22 kun oldin
Styx - Mr. Roboto: 8,6 mi visualizations Blues Traveler - Hook: 17 mi visualizations Dj Khaled - All I do is win: 91 mi visualizations This Lip Sync Battle: over 93 mi visualizations
Jess Wright
Jess Wright 22 kun oldin
She is Just awesome
Matt Gaming
Matt Gaming 22 kun oldin
She looks Asian in this lol
juliana mccay
juliana mccay 22 kun oldin
The best thing about this is if you don’t already know the songs that they’re doing then just listening to their performances becomes a 100% better
Badis Tr
Badis Tr 22 kun oldin
6:23 Jimmy's face though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i can't breath 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jan Machiel Butter
Jan Machiel Butter 22 kun oldin
Aziza Obi
Aziza Obi 23 kun oldin
5:07 thats the best part😂
Muhammad Kenken
Muhammad Kenken 23 kun oldin
Seriously I want kissed emma stone cuz she so cute..
Bella Ochoa
Bella Ochoa 23 kun oldin
Still winning, no other guest has come close to this performance
sajad Iran
sajad Iran 24 kun oldin
Cam John
Cam John 24 kun oldin
I need all songs in clip
pasternacco 24 kun oldin
Emma is huge
JayJoJonny 24 kun oldin
I ain't tellin you no lie...
Doom Zooro
Doom Zooro 24 kun oldin
She's the best
Chickenlovesme 5999
Chickenlovesme 5999 24 kun oldin
I have a new respect for her
Vince D Prime
Vince D Prime 25 kun oldin
100M soon baby
Abhinav Pandey
Abhinav Pandey 25 kun oldin
No wonder this video has 93M views.. Just for "Lip Syncing" 😰😂😂😂 OMG! she is absolutely lunatic..
Docus Izankuriza
Docus Izankuriza 25 kun oldin
Love how creative Jimmy Fallon is Amazing 😉
siddarth singh
siddarth singh 25 kun oldin
Yr Jimmy chucha nhi lgta kisi ko😆😆
siddarth singh
siddarth singh 25 kun oldin
simply she's insane 😲😲😲
Avengers Newbie
Avengers Newbie 26 kun oldin
The hell, i thought this video was uploaded this year
Richard19551 26 kun oldin
WOW!! Thanks!
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