Lip Sync Battle with Melissa McCarthy

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy faces off with Melissa McCarthy in a hilarious lip sync-off to songs like ZAYN's "Pillowtalk" and "Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas.
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Lip Sync Battle with Melissa McCarthy
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5-Apr, 2016



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Ana Natalia Dosal
Ana Natalia Dosal 3 soat oldin
That ending was EPIC
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson 2 kun oldin
Did you SEE The Roots during her first song?? They were LOVING it!!
Jessica ZED
Jessica ZED 4 kun oldin
Jessica ZED
Jessica ZED 4 kun oldin
I never even paid that pillow talk song attention until today lol
Keilah Grace Music
Keilah Grace Music 4 kun oldin
Cora Goss
Cora Goss 4 kun oldin
😂😂😂too funny!
Samantha Ramkhalawan
Loveee herrrr
Angel Baby
Angel Baby 7 kun oldin
Melissa is a soul sister deep down inside.
Kelley Broussard Mackaig
Don't get it twisted friends - every white sister has their one gangster rap song filed away for occasions just like this. 🔥
Cameron Goins
Cameron Goins 8 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Ahmad 10 kun oldin
7:16 I Love It!!!
Ahmad 10 kun oldin
Erioth Keruma
Erioth Keruma 12 kun oldin
She iiiissss amazing
vishkiller23 12 kun oldin
She is super funny I have to date fat woman she will be one
Lisa Solovyova
Lisa Solovyova 12 kun oldin
their faces 2:11 2:22 2:32 2:42 2:55 2:59 🤣🤣🤣
Helen 12 kun oldin
I want Melissa to be a Disney princess ❤️
Jakub Kantor
Jakub Kantor 13 kun oldin
and what is the first song melissa sang
Jakub Kantor
Jakub Kantor 8 kun oldin
+Karla Llanas what thas that me?
Karla Llanas
Karla Llanas 9 kun oldin
X gonna give it to you by DMX
Jakub Kantor
Jakub Kantor 14 kun oldin
yeah she is THE BOSS (like the movie get it?)
sikaerkki666 14 kun oldin
if she asks me,sure,what ever she asks...
Mendoza Jas
Mendoza Jas 15 kun oldin
2019 anyone just me ...ok
Jay Dent
Jay Dent 16 kun oldin
when jimmy fallon lipsyncs i just cringe in a bad way thank god he is not on rpdr
Antonina Kose
Antonina Kose 18 kun oldin
Melissa is the boss dam gr8
d martin-williams
d martin-williams 21 kun oldin
Claudine Pender
Claudine Pender 21 kun oldin
Just awesome 😎
TheSmileygirl90 21 kun oldin
Now, I can’t hear that first song without thinking of Jimmy’s roller skating bit. 😂
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez 21 kun oldin
Get Blake Shelton to do this or Adam Levine
Banrap Khongtim
Banrap Khongtim 22 kun oldin
She deserves that standing ovation
Bxbygirl 23 kun oldin
Mellisa came to give it to them
Joshua Betts
Joshua Betts 23 kun oldin
Every time I watch this video, I just skip straight to Melissa syncing Colors of the Word.
treblenote2 23 kun oldin
jimmy's 'roller skating' is SPOT on!! LMAO ...... I LOVE MELISSA !!!!!!! she's the best in EVERY thing she does!!!!!!!!!!
Leticia Guzman
Leticia Guzman 24 kun oldin
Loved it❤ but my most favorite part was Jimmy's roller skating that was so realistic,,,I just love❤ him he's terrific.
G G 25 kun oldin
Lillian Equestrian
Lillian Equestrian 26 kun oldin
I saw this, then the Maddie poppe "brand new key". I'm DYING😂😂😂
Steny Guzman
Steny Guzman 27 kun oldin
That was so good loved the confetti amd the animals lmfao😂
Just Me
Just Me 28 kun oldin
I keep coming back to this. This was the best!
JRoostah 28 kun oldin
05:45 starts the best part. Just sayin.
Charlene Walker
Charlene Walker 28 kun oldin
continued blessings Melissa..........................I love it
Mila Marie
Mila Marie 29 kun oldin
3:49 yoooo Jimmy's got some moves!!! Lol
Aeken Sope
Aeken Sope 29 kun oldin
Jimmy was funny but Melissa was Badass
Brooke 29 kun oldin
Melissa for President
Monica da Silva
Monica da Silva 29 kun oldin
She is simply Great in everything she does!Killing Momma!,👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂😂😂😂😂😍🤗😘❤❤❤
Jacqueline Kelly
Omg this was so funny to watch love it💯
ochnööö Oy oldin
Great!!! I nearly fell off my chair laughing! Melissa, I love you! She is a great actress with a big sense of humour, and also my compliments for jimmy felton, I also was laughing at still I had a severe stomachache ^^
jemima Mendonça dos Reis
Hahahaha ella es increíble ❤️
Jireh Williams
Lisa Schulte
Lisa Schulte Oy oldin
What's the name of the first song Melissa performed to
Konstans Ale
Konstans Ale Oy oldin
I died when he grabbed the pillow and fall on the floor lol 😂
Subasini Vasoo
Pillowtalk is really ..... Wow!
Karbry Ramirez
Melissa went all out. I love that song, too.
Just Me
Just Me Oy oldin
I love that woman! So frigging' awesome!
Kim Y Stands2
Kim Y Stands2 Oy oldin
They are hilarious fools. I lobe them both!! Both Talented Nuts!!
Nilda Gonzalez
Melissa is the best!
anna bb
anna bb Oy oldin
Like a 100 of the views are from me lol
noleeps Oy oldin
Fallon tries too hard to be cool and comes off like a jackass.
Maceyc24 Oy oldin
Pore janitor
Alise Smith
Alise Smith Oy oldin
A HK Oy oldin
Omg your best in the game ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sabrina Stahl
Sabrina Stahl Oy oldin
Melissa just slayed it hardcore 🤯🤯🤯
debmac2 Oy oldin
One of the funniest woman I have ever seen, she just nailed it!
Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy
Malissa McCarthy! You are a legend! That was 🤣🤣🤣
Monica Smith
Monica Smith Oy oldin
She Rocked that shit!!!
lisa houk
lisa houk Oy oldin
nineorcids Oy oldin
The opening rift of Colors of the Wind started playing, and I liked to of died laughing.
Marty Fernandez
she nailed it, damn girl
Sarah Duncan
Sarah Duncan Oy oldin
We don’t deserve her 😂
Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara Oy oldin
Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara Oy oldin
I❤Jimmy u 👑👑👑👑👑👑king
T.C Oy oldin
Ohnygod it was perfect
Arnita Blowe
Arnita Blowe Oy oldin
His lip sync battles are legendary... 😂😂😂😂😂😎💖😊😍💯
Marissa Tamayo
Booth are really great..
Rudi Hendricks
Fallon is a doucher
Becoming-HER Oy oldin
She got rhythm
Amanda Madrigal
Love this
Brunna Sant'anna
Lovebugs 0714
Lovebugs 0714 Oy oldin
Thivhafuni Eullendar Badana
2019 and im still here,
Za3rour Oy oldin
kirk's reaction at : 2:24 priceless lol
Tania Bognar
Tania Bognar Oy oldin
lmfao she is wonderful love melissa
melissa taveras
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Oy oldin
OMFG did he just say brand new key. I Love Jimmy Fallon
Volvican Oy oldin
I don't enjoy Fallon - but that rollerskating impression was a superb piece of physical comedy.
martina giusti
That one first lip sync thoo 😂
Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee Oy oldin
And she’s soooooo freakin nice too!
Duhduh sten
Duhduh sten Oy oldin
Epic!! ❤
Janice Julius
Janice Julius Oy oldin
Oooohhhhhhhhhh shit McCarty got this 👈 you go girl I just love you too pieces and I love your family to ❤️ I use to love watching Jenny McCarthy on single out she was the best damn host there was and then I realized you too related and now you are my favorite comedian 🤗 you keep me crying in stitches xoxo 😍
T. Loftus Ate Your Cookie Boo
I love how Jimmy brings those old great tunes out of the closet!! Man this song brings back some memories! But Melissa wins it hands down!
Diana Oy oldin
OMG! Melissa is out of this world sooooooooooooo talented!!!! And so is Jimmy! What a great skit!
Optimus Pringle
She's a female version of the legendary Chris Farley (RIP)
kerstin thomas
Omg this is the best lip sync battle ever preformed, normally even if the celebrity doesn’t do better he still tells them they did but this time their is no doubt.
dead inside geek patato
Tik tok enters the chat
Little Brit
Little Brit Oy oldin
Melissa is epic woman she seem fun
Camryn Murray
Camryn Murray 2 oy oldin
She is the reason my favorite disney sing is now colors of the wind LMFAOOOOOO
James Charles sisterrr!!
2019 Anyone??
Sarah Chaffin
Sarah Chaffin 2 oy oldin
This will never not make me laugh 😂
Elizabeth Kennedy
I've watched this literally 100 times and it never gets old 😂
KING AXA 2 oy oldin
2019 and still watching.Melissa just makes everything better.
camie c raymond
camie c raymond 2 oy oldin
Melissa is awesonme AF
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller 2 oy oldin
Melissa Macarthy 100 percent won
Luke Brehm
Luke Brehm 2 oy oldin
Melissa could've just did her first song alone and stomped jimmey.
Lg Mayes
Lg Mayes 2 oy oldin
Fun TV...go to HELL NEWS T.V.
Mary Loves Makeup77
Comedy motherfucking geniussssssssssssss
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