Lip Sync Battle with Shaquille O'Neal and Pitbull

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy faces off with Shaquille O'Neal, with a surprise appearance by Pitbull, in a hilarious lip sync-off to songs like Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative," Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Beauty and the Beast" and House of Pain's "Jump Around."
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Lip Sync Battle with Shaquille O'Neal and Pitbull
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4-Apr, 2017



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Sir Ski Mask
Sir Ski Mask 21 soat oldin
Kobe not going to sleep for a long time lmao
Raymona Martin
Raymona Martin 4 kun oldin
I love that "jump around " song
Matthew Mcmullen
Matthew Mcmullen 6 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon as half woman and man looks like when a surgeon doesn’t know how to do a full sex change
digdeep0169 7 kun oldin
the bald guy, some dad from the crowd getting up there embarrasing himself...
Alison Alison
Alison Alison 15 kun oldin
Gawd, I'm old--Jump Around still gives me goosebumps 😁
x x
x x 15 kun oldin
The song Culo...from pitbull is great to sync battle.
x x
x x 15 kun oldin
Manson ring.....
BossKitty ***
BossKitty *** 16 kun oldin
Omg @ Shaqqq#!!$@ dancing Lmaoooo
Comedation 17 kun oldin
Shaq is the reason why my mom thinks 6'1 is short...
Sai Praneeth
Sai Praneeth 17 kun oldin
Mozart Herbert
Mozart Herbert 20 kun oldin
6:44 I can imagine the gay porn scene LOL
Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato 21 kun oldin
Shaq first song?
Sharan Ramesh
Sharan Ramesh 21 kun oldin
some nba players dont play as much defense Shaq played in this video
Maria Sol Fernandez
Maria Sol Fernandez 22 kun oldin
Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amazing!
Lillian Conger
Lillian Conger 29 kun oldin
When I saw this i was like “Oh my gosh, YESSSS. FINALLY”
Haylee Ann Ramsey-Code
heart emoji
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera Oy oldin
Jalen Thomas
Jalen Thomas Oy oldin
Lmao pitbull looks like a contract killer dead ass
Emeli Ruiz
Emeli Ruiz Oy oldin
I want you to invite Jose canal to you show 👍👍👍👍
Saylin V.
Saylin V. Oy oldin
I'm dying and I'm eating a granny Smith apple and laughing at the same time so my cheeks are literally dying 🤣😂
Hitesh Kumar
Hitesh Kumar Oy oldin
At 3:10 Shaq pushes her away
Rondalyn Reynolds
When you say Shaq! You've said it all.
Noah Motion Music
Shaq should have done that's how I beat shaq
scar preadtor
scar preadtor Oy oldin
Pitbull is dying laughing
James Oy oldin
This was not a good one.
Micah Longo
Micah Longo Oy oldin
massively gay.lol
Kofi Benton
Kofi Benton Oy oldin
Shaq a bit suspect. He stay picking dudes up like he walking them over the threshold.
Sherlock Holmes
What frist song ?
Thaiane R.S Cohen
Luwam Alem
Luwam Alem Oy oldin
The duet was funnnyyyyyy!! 😂😂😂
C R Oy oldin
I love when Shaquille is on the show :)
Patrícia Castilho
He is the best 😍
Lene Domi
Lene Domi Oy oldin
😂😂😂made my day
kinata kofa
kinata kofa Oy oldin
Shaq n pit bull 😍
House Alves
House Alves Oy oldin
Nancy Gee
Nancy Gee Oy oldin
Niecy Allison
Niecy Allison 2 oy oldin
Shag has always a great personality, I am such a fan of Jimmy, those two together had me rolling...Race through NY is a fun ride.
Weehoo 2
Weehoo 2 2 oy oldin
Why do the old Lip Sync battles always go private?
blondiee 2 oy oldin
Then Shaq O Neil ..holly shhhhitt that was crazy 😍
blondiee 2 oy oldin
OmG what a disco I love u Jimmy
Sarah Abdelwahab
Sarah Abdelwahab 2 oy oldin
like Song
Melissa 2 oy oldin
I ABSOLUTELY love you and your show, Jimmy Fallon!!
Feyi Oluwabiyi
Feyi Oluwabiyi 2 oy oldin
I love you Jimmy🤣❤️❤️ Your BRILLIANT!
Feyi Oluwabiyi
Feyi Oluwabiyi 2 oy oldin
Samwise Gambge!
Samwise Gambge! 2 oy oldin
oh jeez! His costume was both smart! AND HORRIFYING
Samwise Gambge!
Samwise Gambge! 2 oy oldin
Flora Vilen
Flora Vilen 2 oy oldin
Moonlight 123
Moonlight 123 2 oy oldin
Ahahaha. He is much more taller than them. I am just laughing because i see the different between this 3 guy's. So funny.
J Wesley Knight
J Wesley Knight 2 oy oldin
Shaquille makes everything look like so much fun!
Novelon 2 oy oldin
Shaq just killed it lmao 😂😂😂😂
Faye Mccaig
Faye Mccaig 2 oy oldin
Love you man jimmy for president 💗💗💗💗
G R A C E 2 oy oldin
I just looked it up and I am taller than pitbull, I’m almost 14, and I am taller than pitbull
Jay Wade
Jay Wade 2 oy oldin
Shaq is EASY the funniest 7’1 person alive... EASSSSY
Dawn DiPierro
Dawn DiPierro 2 oy oldin
That costume change 😂😂😂 I love it!
Debreesca Emanuelle
i love that shaq is giving pitbull a *high* high-five
Joanne Marie Adomavicia
Love lips sync
Travónne Eady
Travónne Eady 2 oy oldin
The best!!!
Rob jr
Rob jr 2 oy oldin
Best lip sync battle ever. Period.😂
A 38
A 38 2 oy oldin
Shaq just violated Jimmy😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cheetahz Blue
Cheetahz Blue 2 oy oldin
Shaq is awesome
Petra Jančová
Petra Jančová 2 oy oldin
Jimmy got me right at the first one, well done sir! And nice enough to give the victory to the guest.
Prior2Popular 2 oy oldin
Rose Morrison
Rose Morrison 2 oy oldin
Absolutely love it can't get any better sometimes a good laugh at night time or any time
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 2 oy oldin
Best all the rest better watch out for Jimmy Fallon Shaquille O'Neal you're the best too let's lip-syncing read lips are we in sync is check it out thanks for checking us out
TONY BLANKS 3 oy oldin
pitbull looks like agent 47😂😂
noah frace
noah frace 3 oy oldin
Look like Dr. Evil and Minnie me
Murat Çaydan
Murat Çaydan 3 oy oldin
I had boyfriend just like him big guy
Exist N Nature Media
I love Shaq's spirit, he's so much fun.
mad max
mad max 3 oy oldin
ooooooooooooh damn! that first girl with that huge butt. love it.
Harovelo Chrysanthem Andrianony
That was really cool!!
Solo Vux
Solo Vux 3 oy oldin
he is hilarious
Evelyn Pollard
Evelyn Pollard 3 oy oldin
I Love It😚☺😉
I literally love Shaq he is like the funniest and nicest man ever😂
Jose Martínez
Jose Martínez 3 oy oldin
Pit bull very cool ❄🌨🌬⛄🐧
Jenn Samarelli
Jenn Samarelli 3 oy oldin
Omg that was amazing and so go. Loved Shaquille O’Neal
Andrea Aguirre
Andrea Aguirre 3 oy oldin
Lol I love how Pitbull has to jump to high five shak
Macy A.
Macy A. 3 oy oldin
Szjnkkkk,nnn,b give
Tiia Heikkinen
Tiia Heikkinen 3 oy oldin
Lots of love to You from Finland! You're brilliant!!!
Moody Avocado
Moody Avocado 3 oy oldin
It's disorienting to see Pitbull without semi-clad women surrounding him.
philip thomas
philip thomas 3 oy oldin
Himym James ,anyone?
Virginia Wright
Virginia Wright 3 oy oldin
I so love Jimmy Fallon but half woman is clearly not his look!!!! 😂😂😂
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt 3 oy oldin
Reminds me of "let the Wookie win".
Steeledfoil93 Wiener
Thought he was howie mandel at first lmao
Beth V.
Beth V. 3 oy oldin
Jimmy Fallon should be People Magazine's Sexiest Man
The Butler
The Butler 3 oy oldin
Who dont love Shaq....
United Differences
I just love Jimmy Fallon💖💖💖💖💖
United Differences
I am the only one who thinks pitbull came in looking like a hitman😂😂😂 this is so cool😎😎😎
Cynthia Powers
Cynthia Powers 3 oy oldin
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson 3 oy oldin
Jump around reminded me of Mrs Doubtfire.. "What's up girlfriend? We're having a party in the house "
Yulissa Mendez
Yulissa Mendez 3 oy oldin
Like who doesn’t love jimmy?!! 🤩
Zoltán Fehér
Zoltán Fehér 3 oy oldin
Azrael 3 oy oldin
Shaq got moves
Siomara Villeda
Siomara Villeda 3 oy oldin
fallon always tryn to make it abt him
Corie Mac
Corie Mac 3 oy oldin
W/ that headset I low key wanted shaq to start singing "THIS IS WHAT DREEEEEAAAAAAAAAMS ARE MADE OF"
pkow charles
pkow charles 3 oy oldin
shaq is a giant
Trevor Hapanowicz
Jimmy Fallon annoys the shit out of me but he's a comedic genius I can't deny him that.
Trevor Hapanowicz
the ALL ENDER 4 oy oldin
Clear winner Shaq
Yousif Youkhana
Yousif Youkhana 4 oy oldin
EddieDaMan71778 4 oy oldin
Shaq look like a damn giant compared to jimmy
Your house after it's cleaned
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