Lip Sync Battle with Tiffany Haddish

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy faces off against Tiffany Haddish in an intense lip sync-off to songs like Post Malone's "Psycho" and James Brown's "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine."
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Lip Sync Battle with Tiffany Haddish




26-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 066
NclinedMuzaclly 15 soat oldin
That crip walk tho lol
KB Channel
KB Channel 21 soat oldin
can you do lip sync battle with selena gomez
Shavonne Braziel
Shavonne Braziel 2 kun oldin
Wow... I can't get enough of this hilarious & talented.. Genuine Sistah 😂
Heidi K
Heidi K 2 kun oldin
Tiffany was on point with those songs
Helen alice faye
Helen alice faye 3 kun oldin
Damn they both went all out on this one!
Nadia Reis
Nadia Reis 3 kun oldin
The james Brown parody was the best.
Evangeline Jarin
Evangeline Jarin 3 kun oldin
Yaniro Rodriguez
Yaniro Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
She fkn KILLED it!!! Jimmy too! Always! Seen it when it aired. Never get enough of it. Love them!
Melina Patterson
Melina Patterson 3 kun oldin
She’s a good dancer!
Ronnie Davis
Ronnie Davis 3 kun oldin
Now that was good and funny
Samuel Zogbo
Samuel Zogbo 4 kun oldin
I’m so in love with Tiffany, wish she was not marry.
John O'Neill
John O'Neill 5 kun oldin
I get confused these days. As a white guy, am I racist if I think she's hot?
Sharhonda Kirksey
Sharhonda Kirksey 5 kun oldin
How did she do that in high heels
Todd Williams
Todd Williams 5 kun oldin
She actually sounds like James Brown too
J Wesley Knight
J Wesley Knight 5 kun oldin
Tiffany Haddish is Hilarious!!!!
funny videos show
funny videos show 6 kun oldin
Yess lady rage
funny videos show
funny videos show 6 kun oldin
My God diss fool🤣
Frank Enstein
Frank Enstein 6 kun oldin
That bitch is not funny. Do some porn or cooking
D_C Thethird
D_C Thethird 6 kun oldin
Tiffany Haddish is so attractive and very entertaining
Brian T
Brian T 7 kun oldin
Katt was right
Smiley L
Smiley L 7 kun oldin
I love Tiffany Haddish. She always makes me laugh.
DejaAdor 8 kun oldin
Jimmy one of us or what lol
caribbean rasta
caribbean rasta 8 kun oldin
Gta 5 brought me here Afro puffs
Quediantter Kids
Quediantter Kids 8 kun oldin
Fallon so cute...& funnie....they both did real good..
Crissy criss
Crissy criss 8 kun oldin
Tiffany come ya muma 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson 8 kun oldin
You fools are crazy. Damn Tiffany you fine.
Jenny S
Jenny S 9 kun oldin
Yup, I’m definitely gay. Tiffany in them leather pants 😍😫❤️❤️
Jacque Edwards
Jacque Edwards 9 kun oldin
IffanyHdont b act in sothristy
kassard1 10 kun oldin
If I had just started watching whilst Tiffany was doing Afro Puffs I would've believed that was her singing. She was on point in every way. Syncing, dancing and passion. Damn.
Felecia Kinmon
Felecia Kinmon 10 kun oldin
Tiffany Haddish SOOOOOOO talented talented talented talented
Sherill Claggett
Sherill Claggett 10 kun oldin
Go head Tiff.. Afro puffs. Ayyyyeeee
Kayla Mannett
Kayla Mannett 10 kun oldin
Shawn Mendes should do this!!
Willie Jones
Willie Jones 11 kun oldin
Zac Wilkerson
Zac Wilkerson 11 kun oldin
Fuck that dumb bitch
jay man hunter
jay man hunter 11 kun oldin
do not do that fuck you
elaine phleps
elaine phleps 12 kun oldin
Omg got james brown down too a tee. You go girl.
Virtuous Lady
Virtuous Lady 12 kun oldin
Melissa Hore
Melissa Hore 12 kun oldin
Geddit gurrrrrl
FUCKME 12 kun oldin
She is hot
Kaylaa Michellee
Kaylaa Michellee 12 kun oldin
i thought i was watching tina turner @ 6:14 i guess thats tiffany turner 😂
epifania olive
epifania olive 13 kun oldin
When she started, I said.. awww hell naw she straight crip walking😂😂😂 I love her, she's so funny, and she hood😍
Stacy Dolsen
Stacy Dolsen 14 kun oldin
Omg!!!!! Too funny 😂😂😂😂😂. I love Tiffany
Keith 14 kun oldin
This was the only thing i like by her & sadly this is not her job.
Dwight Davis
Dwight Davis 14 kun oldin
I would love to date her..sexy woman
Edward Robledo
Edward Robledo 14 kun oldin
Tiffany wack as fuck
william smith
william smith 14 kun oldin
Tiffany so good looking she can bottle it up and sell it per the liter
william smith
william smith 14 kun oldin
jimmy is a fool and tiffany is beautiful
Nosha Dean
Nosha Dean 15 kun oldin
Stupid just plain stupid, this show is for stupid people!! Yes if you're watching this i mean you!!! I'm out,
CoffeeLover 15 kun oldin
She is a nut! Loved the James brown performance
Alicia Reid
Alicia Reid 15 kun oldin
Go Tiffany
Isabella Brouse
Isabella Brouse 16 kun oldin
Do this with james Corden!
Brandy Leverett
Brandy Leverett 16 kun oldin
Tiffany went crazy
Lil Supreme Dayday
Lil Supreme Dayday 16 kun oldin
I had a dream about her and we had sex in my dream
ComedianAngel Croley
Love her
scarlett Delafield
scarlett Delafield 17 kun oldin
Omg I love her
Jacqueline Walker
Jacqueline Walker 17 kun oldin
Jimmy brought it in the house!!
Queen 44
Queen 44 17 kun oldin
Tonya Moses
Tonya Moses 17 kun oldin
Gurl if you don't GGGGGOOOO!!!!
Tonya Moses
Tonya Moses 17 kun oldin
Jimmy....boy stop?
taysexen 18 kun oldin
Love her🤣
Your Conscious
Your Conscious 18 kun oldin
Katt Williams stupid than a motherfuker if you think this lady's not funny. C walk in heels who does that except maybe the King Bee.
Gymon Starfunkle
Gymon Starfunkle 18 kun oldin
I wouldn't be surprised if there is a Japanese manga series called, I dunno, "Lip-Sync Champion Onezuka" or some shit, where each battler has their own signature moves and there's, like, episode-long flashbacks mid-song. "Oh no! She's about to use the Crip Walk---in heels!!" "SIGNATURE BLAST-ATTACK....... KRRRIPPU WAKAIZUUU!!!" **epic nosebleeds**
Nicee Moore
Nicee Moore 19 kun oldin
This is funny
Kirsten Timothy
Kirsten Timothy 19 kun oldin
andre wallace
andre wallace 20 kun oldin
Tiffany is great. The negativity from black people hating on her brought me here. Only a real sister could pick this track and lip sync it to a tee. Shes a natural.
Ronnie Cannon
Ronnie Cannon 20 kun oldin
She rock that
Concetta Jackson
Concetta Jackson 20 kun oldin
Jimmy is so damn funny and Tiffany
esquibelle 20 kun oldin
For those who try to punk me here's a Pamprin chile :)
Reciprocity Reciprocal
Jimmy...you know that psycho song fa real.. that wasn't acting.😉
Aenayus White
Aenayus White 20 kun oldin
tif can get it baaaaaaaadddddddd
keysure montgomery
keysure montgomery 21 kun oldin
I love it.. Tiffany up again
keysure montgomery
keysure montgomery 21 kun oldin
Yo I love Jimmy ... I would love to be on his show!!! LMAO... I be right up there with him ... Get it Jimmy
Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Davis 21 kun oldin
Ms Michele Bryant
Ms Michele Bryant 21 kun oldin
Tiff killed it.
Erin Scholey
Erin Scholey 21 kun oldin
I mean, I just wanna be her best friend.
DAVID BURNS 22 kun oldin
Go tiffany thats right girl.
trill 1
trill 1 22 kun oldin
when did she get thick like that? i always thought she had a nice face but that chick has gotten all around sexy asf . she can get it now
trill 1
trill 1 22 kun oldin
Sweetgirl Sweetgirl
Sweetgirl Sweetgirl 22 kun oldin
Tiffany is amazing 😂😂love her
Bigwood 22 kun oldin
Tiffany looking sweeter than a premium box of chocolates. Sista is looking Good! Sexy in those leather pants. She can move too.
Claudia Bolanos
Claudia Bolanos 23 kun oldin
Omg love me some Tiffany 😍😂🤣
Veronica Sosa
Veronica Sosa 23 kun oldin
Jimmy is not funny
Vanilla Cream 6lack
Vanilla Cream 6lack 23 kun oldin
Tiffiny really towed it wit James Brown and that Sex Machine' Lmbo
SP FromNY914
SP FromNY914 23 kun oldin
That's my girl!
Luckie Wun
Luckie Wun 23 kun oldin
Born to entertain!!..You go Tiffany!!! Love it!!!
DarkRedGlow 24 kun oldin
I was not ready for Tiffany😂
Ms. Adrienne
Ms. Adrienne 24 kun oldin
Shadae Brown
Shadae Brown 24 kun oldin
Lol that was amazing . I love Tiffany and always will.
Eritrea Senafe Hakir
Love you
Eritrea Senafe Hakir
+Sudan Nutella i don't speak good English but thanks for your conservation but you are humar because i don't write in the comment she IS hAbesha or something but she is hAbesha ok 😂😂😂
Sudan Nutella
Sudan Nutella 6 kun oldin
+Eritrea Senafe Hakir His or her? If you mean tiffany's mom she's African American.
Eritrea Senafe Hakir
+Sudan Nutella where is his mom come from
Sudan Nutella
Sudan Nutella 6 kun oldin
+Eritrea Senafe Hakir I don't care about cultural norms. I care about genetics. She doesn't even look habesha. This is sad. Overtime Habesha people are losing their pride because they're accepting mixing. We are screwed.
Eritrea Senafe Hakir
+Sudan Nutella when her father Eritrean she IS Eritrean in habesha culture
Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes 25 kun oldin
She is nuts....lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Akwaaba B
Akwaaba B 25 kun oldin
that woman is supper effing talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geminilove 69
Geminilove 69 25 kun oldin
Yeah Jimmy your white ass could ever
Brenda Barr
Brenda Barr 25 kun oldin
Really great clip she did jb really proud thanks Tiffany I laugh really hard
Biniam Tedla
Biniam Tedla 26 kun oldin
No game with Tiffany.She is very talented on everything.👍
forgetallyall810602 26 kun oldin
I just love the way some people with no rhythm dance with so much confidence. It gives me so much life.
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis 26 kun oldin
You better. Go there Ogden. Whit. Your Afro puff
Iris Wilson
Iris Wilson 26 kun oldin
She killed it‼️🤣
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera 26 kun oldin
Lol love it !! I love her
kitsune da o
kitsune da o 27 kun oldin
**cough cough** *
**cough cough** * 27 kun oldin
Tiffffffffffffffff yes ma'am
Aloha Aina
Aloha Aina 27 kun oldin
Haddish Spanked! 😯😮😯😄😘
Lil Doc Davis
Lil Doc Davis 27 kun oldin
Damn... she done got Thick! - after she makes it to the Millionaire club, her camp is going to put her on a diet. she too big now.
Kathryn Mariani
Kathryn Mariani 26 kun oldin
Oh no, she looks great. I'm a white girl, she inspires me to want to look like a woman, not a shapeless preteen. Rock on with your bad self, Tiffany!
21 soat oldin