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Little Boy And His Dog Became BFFs The Second They Met | There’s nothing like the bond between a kid and his first dog 💞
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4-Noy, 2018

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Frankie Valentine
Frankie Valentine 5 soat oldin
I think your dog might be a muppet.
AWESOME WOLF58 15 soat oldin
Love it :D
T Einstein1234
T Einstein1234 18 soat oldin
What kind of dog is Reagan?????
Yvonne Reeves
Yvonne Reeves Kun oldin
so cute
longlife million
👍👍right 🐕part of family❤️🐕👍,we like this video, so cute
Big Boi
Big Boi Kun oldin
She gave them the opposite names.
robert bogert
robert bogert Kun oldin
That’s one cute doggy
Ladonna Caldwell
Coco crump
Angel Lawless
Angel Lawless Kun oldin
Kinda dog is this?
Morkie Flash
Morkie Flash 2 kun oldin
That's a great relationship but it safe for kids.
Clana1102 2 kun oldin
What a beautiful relationship. 😊❤
Vladimir Hammerstein
You lady are more than human. You surpass the challenge of what you do.
JL Awesome
JL Awesome 2 kun oldin
Alfredo C
Alfredo C 2 kun oldin
Reagan's haircut is cool af
Alejandro rodriguez
This lady is a beautiful human.
Teresa Navarro
Teresa Navarro 3 kun oldin
fake dog ....mmm real ok..
All around Maria Silva
Aww so cute 👦🏼+🐶 = love ❤️
We The Animals - Duxim Squad
This is so cutttte
We The Animals - Duxim Squad
The thumbnail is adorable
Ava Pereira
Ava Pereira 3 kun oldin
OMG i LOVE dog"s
grimmSOL 3 kun oldin
There's no bond like that of a canine and human being.
Yo Za
Yo Za 4 kun oldin
You are an 😇
Yo Za
Yo Za 4 kun oldin
So sweet❤️💕♥️
teenie beenie
teenie beenie 4 kun oldin
cutest thing I ever say,,,,,,,,warms the soul
Gacha crazy !
Gacha crazy ! 4 kun oldin
I have the same name as the dog🤣
jl productions
jl productions 4 kun oldin
Maybe not boyfriends just freinds
Joshua Arauza
Joshua Arauza 4 kun oldin
What breed of dog is he?
JasmineTheAnimator OwO
Buddy is such a weird name for a boy..
Peggy M
Peggy M 4 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing their story with us. God bless you!
leane gebauer
leane gebauer 4 kun oldin
hi there, can I ask what breed of dog is reagan.
mary knott
mary knott 4 kun oldin
So cute
Asmr Girl
Asmr Girl 4 kun oldin
She’s such a good momma 🥰
Jair Vargas
Jair Vargas 4 kun oldin
It’s a Kids Best Friend
Snooks _
Snooks _ 4 kun oldin
What type of dog is this
I wish my dog was more playful...
PunnyMegan 4 kun oldin
So they boy is buddy and the dog is Reagan?
Sofia Austhof
Sofia Austhof 4 kun oldin
This labradoodle is my dogs sister
Henrietta Jones
Henrietta Jones 4 kun oldin
Awww, so sweet.
Edry Merino
Edry Merino 4 kun oldin
This is so cute !!❤️
MrJreed1000 4 kun oldin
Is this real?... this is freaking adorable....this is like a cheesy Hollywood movie.. and i love it🤗🤗🤗
Marilou Dimalanta
Marilou Dimalanta 4 kun oldin
The matching T-shirts are so adorable ! Keep it up !
Charlize Espinoza
Charlize Espinoza 4 kun oldin
I thought buddy was the dog and Reagan was the boy
Sophia Vaitkus
Sophia Vaitkus 4 kun oldin
I wish my dog taught me like this.. 😢
Lego City S.W.A.T Member and termination terminator
2:46 if they wear those pants then you know they are best friends
Lego City S.W.A.T Member and termination terminator
If a golden retriever was there too That boy and maybe his new dog friend might all have Fun
Lego City S.W.A.T Member and termination terminator
But the dog already with him right now looks fluffy and cute already so can they handle more cuteness? 2 cute dogs with them If they get a golden
Jason Terry
Jason Terry 4 kun oldin
Hahah I missed the first like 10 seconds and didn’t realize for a while the kid name is buddy and the dog is Reagan
chekk onetwo
chekk onetwo 4 kun oldin
If you're putting matching clothing on a child n dog you deserve to be shot XD
John Revere
John Revere 4 kun oldin
Yoo Dabba Dabba
Yoo Dabba Dabba 4 kun oldin
That's the little boy from Stuart Little yall ain't fooling me haha😂😂
eva noodle
eva noodle 4 kun oldin
This is too cute, reminds me of when i waw little i had a pet cat and we were hest friends just like those two, sadoy he died when i was 11 or 12..
Anti Petrolhead
Anti Petrolhead 4 kun oldin
What kind of dog is Reason?
Diadra James
Diadra James 4 kun oldin
That dog is so cute
Olordi 4 kun oldin
OMG buddy is precious
Camilla Chaj
Camilla Chaj 4 kun oldin
Little buddy looks like that little boy from "little Stuart"
Aaliyah Kenner
Aaliyah Kenner 4 kun oldin
They call the kid buddy bc they dont want to give out his real name
old fogey
old fogey 4 kun oldin
Very sweet kid and dog story. Gives one hope for human-kind in the face of all the awful things in the news. However, maybe the dog in the speed boat should be in a pet life-vest just like any other kid?
Freebird Tina
Freebird Tina 5 kun oldin
LOVE THIS! Thank you for always sharing uplifting videos in such an evil world. God bless
Nico Chung
Nico Chung 5 kun oldin
The thumbnail is kinda scary
DK Rippa
DK Rippa 5 kun oldin
Aww relationship goals lol
Gerrit Peacock
Gerrit Peacock 5 kun oldin
Uhmm. Something doesn't seem right. Maybe I'm being weird. Either way it is cute.
Glitchy Twitch
Glitchy Twitch 5 kun oldin
So is his name buddy or is that just a nickname?
Ohyeah Mr krabs 2
Ohyeah Mr krabs 2 5 kun oldin
That’s so cute
lakedolfin 5 kun oldin
Please please adopt more children, if you can, of course! you'll make them so happy! You are a national treasure, you have a house on the lake, you have a boat and you have a dog!
Junior Lara Reyes
Junior Lara Reyes 5 kun oldin
At 0:22 does the boy have his pants off?
Vanessa Salazar N
Vanessa Salazar N 5 kun oldin
Same me and my cat
Officer Ned Digger
Officer Ned Digger 5 kun oldin
Poodles are one of the most magnificent creations humans made
Brownie The hamster
What breed is regan
puddintain 5 kun oldin
for some unknown reason, my posts are being deleted so read while you can !!!
puddintain 5 kun oldin
dogs are the BEST thing that ever happened to us humans !! To those of you that have NEVER loved a dog then your SOUL is incomplete and you'll NEVER know what UNCONDITIONAL LOYALTY AND LOVE IS and i feel sorry for you !!!!!! When you get a pet especially dogs YOU are making a contract with that pet to LOVE , FEED ,and TAKE care of that pet FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE !! not just until you get tired of them !!! MOST dogs would willingly and with NO second thought give their LIVES to protect you and your kids !!! People that abandon their pets are almost GUARANTEED a special level of hell !!!
EvilP 1
EvilP 1 5 kun oldin
It will be really sad when that dog passes to bad pets can't live as long as us.
Pp Frosty
Pp Frosty 5 kun oldin
It’s like teddy bear you know when you sleep with them and you always take him every well this here is a teddy bear
Danica Capizzi
Danica Capizzi 5 kun oldin
This made me cry in a good way
Deyvid's Channel
Deyvid's Channel 5 kun oldin
Did she record this on a nokia?
Deyvid's Channel
Deyvid's Channel 5 kun oldin
He's going to have trouble making friends. Human friends i mean
badfish818 5 kun oldin
A man's best buddy
Jennifer Piquant
Jennifer Piquant 5 kun oldin
That’s so adorable 😍😍😍
Destiny Ny
Destiny Ny 5 kun oldin
I wish me and my dog was like this but Instead he eats my food and drink my milk when I’m not looking
_At Zero Blank_
_At Zero Blank_ 5 kun oldin
rornel0123 aj 4 life
This vídeo is life!!💙💙😊😊😘❤
Nicole Hammond
Nicole Hammond 5 kun oldin
6his is too cute💖💖💖💖
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller 5 kun oldin
They’re going to be best friends forever.
Reagan'sWorld 5 kun oldin
Reagan’s my name!!!
Babygurl Proctor
Babygurl Proctor 5 kun oldin
DoDo always brings it! The heartwarming beautiful tears I have! Such an adorable and beautiful story...another one! Thanks for making my day:-)
Moe Conde
Moe Conde 5 kun oldin
Regan and your son are so adorable together
Amazing Macon Gamer
What type of dog is this
diana arias
diana arias 6 kun oldin
What type of dog is that?❤️
lindsey rogers
lindsey rogers 6 kun oldin
I want a 🐕😫😞😣😢
Tanaijah M
Tanaijah M 6 kun oldin
To cute 😍😍😍🔥🔥😄😍😍😄🔥😄😍😄🔥🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
Gino Rocha
Gino Rocha 6 kun oldin
What breed is that dog?
Officer Ned Digger
Officer Ned Digger 5 kun oldin
Gino Rocha poodle mix
star /e dance
star /e dance 6 kun oldin
Who would not like this?
Paris lockridge jones
Awww so CUTE😍
It’sReabear Hi
It’sReabear Hi 6 kun oldin
My name is Reagan tooooooo
Richard M
Richard M 6 kun oldin
That’s so cool 😎 it’s just going to be extremely sad when he passes 😭 my dog passed away a year ago at the age of 3. And when you have a bond like that you just never want to let go.
Burpin' Moto
Burpin' Moto 6 kun oldin
This reminds me of Han Solo and chewey
The1Hawks2 6 kun oldin
The dog loves attention. Pretty sure that just you lady.
Hailey Diaz
Hailey Diaz 6 kun oldin
whoever disliked this i dont like you
Susan Bukera
Susan Bukera 6 kun oldin
Love your little family...so wonderful... Happy for you all !!!
Cat And
Cat And 6 kun oldin
Amazing. Thankyou God bless
Darrius Jordan
Darrius Jordan 6 kun oldin
That's a beautiful dog.
Thomas Ross
Thomas Ross 6 kun oldin
Now imagine how sad this kid will be when Reagan dies.