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LIKE this video if you agree that kids nowadays are too grown up!
This video is a vlog/skit. Some of the parts in this video are exaggerated to make it funny :)
I'm replying to comments on this video :)
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29-Dek, 2018

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MrBrent98 21 kun oldin
Thanks for watching!!❤️ Who else agrees kids nowadays grow up way too fast?!😂😂
simply saanvi xx
simply saanvi xx 6 kun oldin
MrBrent98 ooooh
Zargham Masood
Zargham Masood 6 kun oldin
You are perfect babysiter
Amina Akhizaei
Amina Akhizaei 20 kun oldin
MrBrent98 I love your videos
Karen Mermaid
Karen Mermaid 20 kun oldin
MrBrent98 I'm a kid
itszoejmadison 6 daqiqa oldin
Boring babysitter
Guillermina Ramirez
Guillermina Ramirez 6 daqiqa oldin
Do it again
bro bro Yahoo
bro bro Yahoo 7 daqiqa oldin
When they were at the park it makes me wanna got to the park but its raining
Maritza Ramirez
Maritza Ramirez 13 daqiqa oldin
My little cousin has those slippers
Beatrice Ocena
Beatrice Ocena 13 daqiqa oldin
Hi ummm I LOVES IT 🤪
Dreshawn Budree
Dreshawn Budree 13 daqiqa oldin
Brent is a bad babysitter
Yolanda Snels
Yolanda Snels 20 daqiqa oldin
God baby sitting
Sophia’s world
Sophia’s world 23 daqiqa oldin
Was this real because she is crazy
Tanishka Raja
Tanishka Raja 34 daqiqa oldin
Its so funny because Im like Brent and my couisn like Nicolette
Hockey rules
Hockey rules 43 daqiqa oldin
brent you are the funniest viner and probobaly the best youtuber in the world can we be friends im 10 and hardly have freinds
javier feliciano
javier feliciano 46 daqiqa oldin
I love he
javier feliciano
javier feliciano 46 daqiqa oldin
Deshawn Brown
Deshawn Brown 54 daqiqa oldin
You are good 👍🏽
Eloha volisyar
Eloha volisyar Soat oldin
Waseem Saeidi
Waseem Saeidi Soat oldin
You sound like a girl lamo
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown Soat oldin
👋 can you guess my emojis? 🍕 is 👍 just so 😃
Braelyn Geoit
Braelyn Geoit Soat oldin
Please do more vids with her😂
Jasmin Igrishta
Jasmin Igrishta Soat oldin
My bro is a kid his 18🤣🤣🤣
Larissa W
Larissa W Soat oldin
Does she have a UZvid channel she should
Gabby Morgan
Gabby Morgan Soat oldin
What’s on her teeth?not trumping to hate but she’s savage
Cristina Ortiz
Cristina Ortiz Soat oldin
Wow Brent you are such a baby
Chubbs Family
Chubbs Family Soat oldin
Steal er manzzzzzzz😂😂😂
Ana Laura Federico
Her name is nicolet and mine is jolett
Hannah White
Hannah White Soat oldin
omg lol
Stephanie Chevez
Stephanie Chevez 2 soat oldin
My friend shops at target and I shop at Gucci
Cacey Cookies
Cacey Cookies 2 soat oldin
Hey that is so so funnnnnny bye
Miss Fatima Cole
Miss Fatima Cole 2 soat oldin
The part where Celeb "she's gonna kill us" he had bird box eyes.
Tootieworldtv tootieworldtv
I will love to have Brent as my babysitter
Alma Moncada
Alma Moncada 2 soat oldin
Nicolette is so smart and beautiful omg I cant😍😂😂
Isabella McCoy
Isabella McCoy 2 soat oldin
She is so funny 😂
Arabella D'Agostino
Arabella D'Agostino 2 soat oldin
john gatpayat
john gatpayat 2 soat oldin
Diuuuee ju yyhuuoiyjt
Artemis Carroll
Artemis Carroll 2 soat oldin
Why is she asking you guys around of what to do it’s not fair for you guys and you guys are right🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jahzeiah Burdett
Jahzeiah Burdett 2 soat oldin
Who is the dude in the pink sweater?
Olivia Witts
Olivia Witts 2 soat oldin
nicalette your cusion is sooooooooooooooo aniong vrmbnjggj
Angel the DOGGO
Angel the DOGGO 3 soat oldin
She can boys easier than me xD
BenjiTheBest Keo
BenjiTheBest Keo 3 soat oldin
She has a boyfriend hahahaha
Dine Around
Dine Around 3 soat oldin
Hi you are stupid
simi 3 soat oldin
At 2:00 who is the guy next to Caleb it doesn’t look like Caleb
Patrick Miholič
Patrick Miholič 4 soat oldin
Why. Am. I . Still. SINGLE!
Kheard Ragex
Kheard Ragex 4 soat oldin
me and Nicolet are the same age but she is making me feel old
were wolf
were wolf 4 soat oldin
I do and how did Calob fit in that pram
S a i k a w a犀川
S a i k a w a犀川 4 soat oldin
2:09 kids act:24 act like an adult Looks Like:12 but that think they're 20 big guys(adult) act:13 like childish looks like:13 but thay're actually 28 look I'm 15 years old and I act so god damn childish and I love it
Cassidy Zolty
Cassidy Zolty 4 soat oldin
I wish I had a babysitter like brent that woukd be so fun
&Charli _B
&Charli _B 4 soat oldin
OMG!! The Mango DragonFruit is #SoGood!! Like if you agree!!😋
Amy257 •.•
Amy257 •.• 4 soat oldin
4:49 the little boy fell XD
kamryn wiggins
kamryn wiggins 5 soat oldin
i like lexi and nicolet
Gacha Zoey
Gacha Zoey 5 soat oldin
4:49 kid in the back falls down XD
Haley The Artistic furry Folf.
This was too funny. Lmao! 😂👌❤
Kamille Symia
Kamille Symia 5 soat oldin
Posted 1 day after my B-day
Shine 5 soat oldin
dude I'm 10 and i dont have a boyfriend grosss
Idioterna Mollie Alexa
Part 2!!!
Jimmy Stanchec
Jimmy Stanchec 5 soat oldin
She is not going to have a boyfriend
Dariah Siddiqi
Dariah Siddiqi 5 soat oldin
The cool kids 2.00
The cool kids 2.00 5 soat oldin
I play outside and go on my phone
Lauren Martin
Lauren Martin 5 soat oldin
Nicolette is like
3B Grace Shwehar Pengsaw - VestreSkole
I really like that she is savage Like " I just got back with him" And then after he meets another boy she is like I broke up with him
Brooklyn Macneil
Brooklyn Macneil 5 soat oldin
Is she 10
ILOVECHILIS A lot 6 soat oldin
1:26 melk
Samson Zeleke
Samson Zeleke 6 soat oldin
Geeze like this girl must be spoiled having sum man at her age but how she amediatly got him back u are a saaaavvvige but she likes a guy at Starbucks or spoooiiiled but ai luv u brent
AshLey Hello
AshLey Hello 6 soat oldin
Dang she is a savage:)
Jourdanna Barton
Jourdanna Barton 6 soat oldin
"U have a bf" Bish you 2
Marichat Ladynoir
Marichat Ladynoir 7 soat oldin
Nicelot is a player but I like the vid
Hemicy Lim
Hemicy Lim 7 soat oldin
grown up = kid kid = grown up
Carmen Mercer
Carmen Mercer 7 soat oldin
I think Brent is a good babysiter
Hemicy Lim
Hemicy Lim 7 soat oldin
Kid now im asian Xd
Ana Lopes
Ana Lopes 7 soat oldin
Love the way shes a player
Chevi Loose
Chevi Loose 7 soat oldin
You are very cute Brent sadly in only 11😑
Tracy Watters
Tracy Watters 8 soat oldin
Let’s go on Nicolet
Marlene Martinez
Marlene Martinez 8 soat oldin
Yay 😀
M J 8 soat oldin
Fr i miss em kids day when all the neighborhood kids would go outside and play like jumprope, scooters, bikes, Four corners... ok im done😂
Mandla Ncikazi
Mandla Ncikazi 8 soat oldin
Who is that with Caleb at the back
Other kids: the forknife games and tik Tom and trends! Me:singing music and drawing and painting (I'm untrendy)
Izzy Kashat
Izzy Kashat 8 soat oldin
I would never want to get want you guys made her get
Isabella xo
Isabella xo 8 soat oldin
That girls a savageeeee
icearina skaterforev
nicolette is like the best person in the world she is savage
Zoe Wilkie
Zoe Wilkie 9 soat oldin
Ahahaha I love Nicalette she's such a Savage 👌✌️😎👍
Gacha Ashely And more!
It was short
icearina skaterforev
nicolette is so pretty
fresh {rosetta}
fresh {rosetta} 9 soat oldin
what about you and eva?
Unique -1
Unique -1 9 soat oldin
Nenosesho 123456
Nenosesho 123456 9 soat oldin
JH Darveau
JH Darveau 9 soat oldin
Luciana Gross
Luciana Gross 9 soat oldin
Me and my family both think it’s funny your vids 🤣
Unicornz For Skyler
Unicornz For Skyler 9 soat oldin
Mirna Vigil
Mirna Vigil 9 soat oldin
Nicolette is so Pretty!! Im Jelly!!
AL POOZA 9 soat oldin
I am 9 I’m living the fun child life like playing on playgrounds, I do not have a phone she too grown up
Paige Lynn
Paige Lynn 9 soat oldin
lolol i know i miss my kids being babys
Nerd Girl 16
Nerd Girl 16 9 soat oldin
OMG I want to be her❤️ Want to be related with you❤️
Sidra M
Sidra M 9 soat oldin
Make another one these are good
Shalina Ferguson
Shalina Ferguson 9 soat oldin
Brent your casinos is loving boys
Can't Think Of A Name
I'm her age and I don't act like her, I HATE people who are ALWAYS on their phone like get a life man, also when they ty get in a relationship all the time
Daniel De Waal
Daniel De Waal 10 soat oldin
I love Nicolette
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat 10 soat oldin
Nicolette: "Let's order a postmate!" Brent: "We can just go get one!" Nicolette: "Ok let's call an Uber!" Me: "Rich kids!"
Dona Angeli Asilo
Dona Angeli Asilo 10 soat oldin
nicolette was like controlling your day
Monika Rat
Monika Rat 10 soat oldin
How old she iš?
Tamara Jones
Tamara Jones 10 soat oldin
He is a bad babysitter
Charlotte Howell
Charlotte Howell 11 soat oldin
At about 1:30 who saw another person in the back next to Caleb?? Before they were ordering their drinks you see him well then after you see Caleb in the other seat😂😂
Nicolette is like meh cousin actuslly my cousin has a crush on brent 😏😏😏 so this is how it started... I was watching one of brent’s video and shes sneaking at my iPad and i was like cuz why the heck you have to sneak and she was like oh nothing the dude that ur watching sucks...and i was like DUDE YOU SERIOUS IMMA KICK YO A$$ OFF! Then when i slept she was like what’s the name of the dude that ur watching i told her the whole thing at brent’s channel then shes like staring at a wall then i feel like shes imagining something bcoz shes acting like that when she has a crush so ik then...umm she just talks to her bestfriend ava then she said av do you know brent ava’s is like nope why u asking then my cousin is like thats my new crush av is like dude you serious i think the brent that your saying is brent rivera my cuz is like HOW THE HEY DID YOU KNOW then i was like how dare you lie to me dude.....shes like bro i can explain im so shy to tell you coz ur a fan!!!! I was like nvm...