Live In Duval The Late Show Roast Sesion w/ Karlous Miller D.C. Young Fly & Chico Bean

The 85 South Comedy Show
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In Jacksonville at the late show from The Times Union Center, Karlous Miller D.C. Young Fly, and Chico Bean light up the entire audience, and get into some real sketch comedy about getting fired plus take a look at how the squad rolls to the show. This is the Duval Late Show roast session so you know its extra lit!

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11-Yan, 2019

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Sherrick Willis
Sherrick Willis 7 soat oldin
Jahmir Covington
Jahmir Covington 9 soat oldin
Little tang tang
Lisette Santoyo
Lisette Santoyo 11 soat oldin
Karlous low key does that gay shit way too good 🤔😂😂
Eric Escobar
Eric Escobar 15 soat oldin
After 3 months of listening to the Podcast at work I've finally caught up to the latest episode. I watched it from the first episode on here from 3 years ago love the show keep grinding hard nothing but love from SoCal
Joy L
Joy L 16 soat oldin
DC and Karlous in the car had me so weak lol 😂 just silly
Geejay Junior
Geejay Junior 16 soat oldin
😂 uncontrollable arms 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ms Yvette
Ms Yvette 17 soat oldin
Rumors bout Lebron might just recover and show up to the April 2019 show in the Land lol 😂 😝🤣
Ms Yvette
Ms Yvette 17 soat oldin
Bout to be lit 🔥🔥🔥in the "Land" in April the whole front sections are already sold out🔥🔥🔥
Ms Yvette
Ms Yvette 17 soat oldin
Can't wait till y'all come to "Cleveland" in April‼️ me & my 10 deep squad 💁🏾💋💄👠got our tickets already 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾✨❗️❗️✨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
1 1illusion
1 1illusion 19 soat oldin
At 55:58 i had to watch like 9 times shit had me crying at work 💀😂😂
Shadericka Peters
Shadericka Peters 21 soat oldin
This show wasn’t that funny. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I like it when they talk about people in the Audience more, that’s what really be making the show.
Daunta Batiste
Daunta Batiste Kun oldin
The way DC immitated him picking him up😂😂😂😂
Jay Sosaaa
Jay Sosaaa Kun oldin
When do laughed into the autotune mic at the beginning lmaoooo
StreetProdigies JB
Bruuuuhhhh😂😂😂😂 DC singing at 26:05
Chittlin Skin Jodeci Boots
Lotta hateful comments ,you try Freestyling on the Road AND RECORDED! Yall act like its a Kevin Hart show with the same set and no phones
Mr. Curtis
Mr. Curtis Kun oldin
27:00 when chico get off autotune
Mr. Curtis
Mr. Curtis Kun oldin
My bad 23:30
D WILZ Kun oldin
53:30 1:07:00 D.C. crazy af
Paco Boyd
Paco Boyd Kun oldin
Uncontrollable Arms ! 😂🤣
Clay bro
Clay bro Kun oldin
53:41-53:55 😭😭😭😭😭
John Hazelwood
John Hazelwood Kun oldin
"What was saaiiddd?!"
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa Kun oldin
Is it me or or are they running out of content?? Same Jokes, Different City..
kabukice Kun oldin
KYKn it with KYK
I keep coming back to this video just for the ending skit 😂😂
Sk8tieTv Kun oldin
J Win
J Win Kun oldin
Put down the auto tune Chico damn
Machond Kun oldin
lol idk what they talking about with this tangy pussy
Galaxy Spaced Out
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Thempress P.
Thempress P. Kun oldin
Thempress P.
Thempress P. Kun oldin
Mula 2K
Mula 2K Kun oldin
23:32 if you dont want to watch them sing in the beginning 🤘🤘
Proverbs31 10
Proverbs31 10 Kun oldin
Lmao get a apple and walk around with a fruit basket 😂😂😂
Proverbs31 10
Proverbs31 10 Kun oldin
DC said you gotta split them locks up on both sides lmao that one shoulder ain’t working 😂
nintyoneys Kun oldin
That beat at the beginning 🔥🔥🔥
This nigga said hit her with the mother fuckin rock💀💀💀
Terry Kun oldin
What kind of impala is that?
Armani B
Armani B Kun oldin
I thought my headphones broke for a second 😂😂
Humberto Cano
Humberto Cano Kun oldin
Please come to Massachusetts or Rhode Island!!!
Jules Winningfield
Jules Winningfield 2 kun oldin
Seen two ads play during the show and couldn't be more proud of yall 🙌🏾 P.S....give that autotune back to Hannibal.
1213 Macadoya
1213 Macadoya 2 kun oldin
Who remember karlous from Hell date?
ZoomVenom 2 kun oldin
Which one where they was talking about the gay fraternity?
Kenysin Johnson
Kenysin Johnson 2 kun oldin
23:35 when Chico finally stopped the autotune shit 🙄
MiyoneSongBird 2 kun oldin
I love Chico but that Mic was driving me crazy! 😖😂
Duke DaGawd
Duke DaGawd 2 kun oldin
Onetae1k / F14
Onetae1k / F14 2 kun oldin
He said he can’t even go in his pockets 😂😂😂😂
lilzay44 2 kun oldin
When they gone drop chico
tylan richmond
tylan richmond 2 kun oldin
1:06:07 dc screamed 😂😂
weed and radio Podcast
No 🧢! Karlous y’all need to bring bk the old format bk Chico Steve Harvey dc Bernie Mac Lou’s is dL and fed the entertainer
PhreshFS 2 kun oldin
They never let Chad live. Lol. Keep ya foot on his neck. No producers in the videos!
Bryce Smith
Bryce Smith 2 kun oldin
Nigga said "bills" lmao
Pink Cookies
Pink Cookies 2 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂it's Tyler Perry!!! Love love.
Bosladyspa Trice
Bosladyspa Trice 2 kun oldin
I declare DC is a damn fool 😂🤣😂🤣
Kobe24537 TV
Kobe24537 TV 2 kun oldin
Stupid ass arms
Jay Quintana
Jay Quintana 2 kun oldin
These niggaz ain’t funny bruh cut it
Shamar R
Shamar R 2 kun oldin
Is Chico smoking a black and mild at the end of the show
Mike M
Mike M 2 kun oldin
7:19 peep the side nipple
Jas Mine
Jas Mine 2 kun oldin
Y’all need to come to Charleston, SC
Derrick Spencer
Derrick Spencer 2 kun oldin
Tho dude Chico taking too long to get off this auto tune.
Charnessa Smith
Charnessa Smith 2 kun oldin
I'm weak😅😑😅
C Lou
C Lou 2 kun oldin
so we gon act like blueChew aint FDA approved LMAO!
2B7R5K 2 kun oldin
23:30 you're welcome
shawn silver
shawn silver 2 kun oldin
Yoooo Chico Bean is a beast stop sleeping on him
Arin Smith
Arin Smith 2 kun oldin
are we not going to see the mobile show at all??
Truck_Driver_Laflare 1
Chico needed to put that God Damn mic down
Darnell Herbert
Darnell Herbert 2 kun oldin
Am I the only on that thought lil Duval and Chico was roasting each other
CLOCKWORK DJ 2 kun oldin
ay the chico bean joke about the drive by with the dudes listening to "follow me" is hilarious! You gotta be from the midwest, baltimore or the dmv to undastand!
Drek Evans
Drek Evans 2 kun oldin
The auto tune gets annoying after about 30 seconds
shawn silver
shawn silver 2 kun oldin
At 55:51 DC Young Fly had me crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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TØØ RÄW 2 kun oldin
TØØ RÄW 2 kun oldin
Chico bring yo ass to work
TØØ RÄW 2 kun oldin
TØØ RÄW 2 kun oldin
They deserveeeea Oscarrrr frfr Sketch Comedy on point .
mem grizz19
mem grizz19 2 kun oldin
This nigga Chico lame as hell get this cringy ass nigga off the stage or give somebody else the the auto mic
DJ M.T.E Ct Stand up
Fly was on fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
C Allen
C Allen 2 kun oldin
Back of ya ear do be stanky af tho, frfr!
Overly Dedicated
Overly Dedicated 2 kun oldin
38:48 what kinda whip Lous driving that shit lit up in the inside 🔥
Madam Makaveli
Madam Makaveli 2 kun oldin
MrKaimell 2 kun oldin
As i clicked on i sais to myself lawd i hope they dont have that damn autotune mic....not only did the have it, they over did it. Hands if u agree to ax the autotune mic...or at least dont let chico use it ✋✋✋✋😂😂
LaChondra Roddy
LaChondra Roddy 2 kun oldin
This podcast is for all the niggas that want the 85 South Show to bring their asses to Dallas, Texas
Z002 2 kun oldin
Can we get an Emmanuel Hudson guest appearance!
FleurdePeach _
FleurdePeach _ 2 kun oldin
Chico, Why yo whole lil booty out friend??? Chico wanted to get the same love DC gets with the autotune but it doesn't work for him. Try something else love.
Shannon Burton
Shannon Burton 2 kun oldin
They are funny as hell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gonzales Babies 3
Gonzales Babies 3 3 kun oldin
*#ThisPodcast** is for dykes that get pregnant and say, “I got drunk and ya boy fucked around and got pregnant”...*
757VaBlac Stallion
757VaBlac Stallion 3 kun oldin
I feel like at 1:02:30 is when shit gets real between Chico and DC Yung flyy lol. It was a skit but I know Chico is tired of DC childish ass lmaoo
Sneaker Freak
Sneaker Freak 3 kun oldin
Everybody hatin on Chico ... Chill out
Timothy Mack
Timothy Mack 3 kun oldin
Will you guys ever come to Baltimore or are you guys like to big to come here?
cece 2 kun oldin
I wanted to know that to.
Sense The Villen
Sense The Villen 3 kun oldin
bluJediBeats 3 kun oldin
The uncontrollable arm shit had me #dead omg. Chico was weak off that joke, that shit and the subway joke up there as the best jokes ever said.
Julien Stanley
Julien Stanley 3 kun oldin
Anyone else see that punk ass flagpole ad, you real life gotta hate yo job
ASA Nation
ASA Nation 3 kun oldin
If one of these niggas ever get shot just know it was banana clip😂
Nyree Wade
Nyree Wade 3 kun oldin
Where The Jamaican Song 🤔
Fffyou 3 kun oldin
Chico is a struggle. So unfunny like 99% of the time.
ICON Dula DaRula
ICON Dula DaRula 3 kun oldin
Wassup tyler perry
zim mays
zim mays 3 kun oldin
Where can I get a 85 south hoodie
jazzminwwoods 3 kun oldin
I thought i was da only 1 man chico stfu n give dc da auto tune
Breed Love
Breed Love 3 kun oldin
Best showwww";;!!it's a South thang baabbyyyy,;!!!
Wav 3 kun oldin
Damn, it be HUSH MODE when Chico try and tell a joke 😂😂😂 The crowd just wait for somebody else to tell a joke, then laugh.
Curtis Rhoden
Curtis Rhoden 3 kun oldin
Take that damn autotune mic from Chico..
Jacob Sanders
Jacob Sanders 3 kun oldin