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When a K9 hits on a suspect's car he asks the officer if he can text his mom and let her know he won't be making it home in this clip from "03.10.18". #LivePD
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Live PD
Season 2
Episode 40
On "Live PD," ABC's Dan Abrams and Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson offer insight and commentary as live cameras capture the work of a mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night.
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4-Iyn, 2018

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malcolm9001 37 daqiqa oldin
What state has 75 mph zone
62blitz 17 soat oldin
Why would you take all that with you? Leave the scale at a house, keep bear spray instead of handgun since felon status, and keep cocaine in a very well concealed hidden compartment or chuck. No effort made.
Sir Gonzo G
Sir Gonzo G 18 soat oldin
Lmao police get no money compared to us
James Bowman
James Bowman Kun oldin
Not no zip or lot of cash foh
175IQLOSERS 2 kun oldin
You just cant fix stupid when it comes to drug users, dealers etc...
Timothy Thompson
Timothy Thompson 2 kun oldin
I like how they pull people over for traffic violations then welp im gonna search your car
Mathis44 3 kun oldin
“Let’s go find some drugs” 😂😂😂
nicky donaghy
nicky donaghy 3 kun oldin
the ole dog on the car trick. lol. it has never. ever. ever came back that the dog didn't alert. 😂😂😊
Michelle Cee
Michelle Cee 4 kun oldin
More bow-ow-ounce to the MFin’ ounce.
Mia Noxid
Mia Noxid 8 kun oldin
Yea, I'm probably alone on this but that text was a little heartbreaking to me. Imagine getting that from your son, in the middle of the night. "Love you, sorry to let you down again." He didn't fight the police, he was polite. Reality check...sometimes people get in these cycles of addiction and feel little hope and cant get out.
Italian_ ice _ 23
Italian_ ice _ 23 9 kun oldin
That’s a big boy 😂
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 10 kun oldin
I like cops so much I want to be a state trooper when I grow up
KateBells Love
KateBells Love 11 kun oldin
I feel so bad when they take their cash. Like I'm sure there family was planning on using that for rent or something. And Idk if its just me but i watch these videos and try to learn from them. Like do i have to get out of the car and get searched? Are they allow ask the passenger for an id if there not doing anything? Is it legal for them to let the dog go around the car like that if they said no to a search? I have no idea lol
Cydney Payne
Cydney Payne 11 kun oldin
Why do they lie
justin cox
justin cox 11 kun oldin
Sieze the $?? How can they prove it's not just from somewhere else. I never understood that logic.
Dunecigar 12 kun oldin
The end of the road.
Kevin B.
Kevin B. 12 kun oldin
Man, I know times are tough and we have issues but please stop selling poison to your own people.
PianoSatisfaction 12 kun oldin
These pigs pick the stupidest reasons to pull people over.
koju 1420
koju 1420 13 kun oldin
Why do they always touch the back tail light as they walk up to the car?
GSGExtreme44 14 kun oldin
50 in a 75. Dumbass
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 14 kun oldin
That escalated quickly !
Matt Curnow
Matt Curnow 14 kun oldin
“Hey there do you know why I’m stopping you today ? 50 in a 75”... so you’ve stopped him for no speed related reason then 😂
mae hidell
mae hidell 14 kun oldin
Man he had the blow the liquor and the gun to fire off when he got all nice . Now he got a 4×8 and a cold steel toilet , and about 10 felony charges . That's O k his momma still love him !
Nateslayer Gaming
Nateslayer Gaming 16 kun oldin
This canine actually alerted. In most cases, they don't alert like this and the police say the dog alerted.
SM Music Plus
SM Music Plus 16 kun oldin
I feel for his mother.
Omar Arreola
Omar Arreola 16 kun oldin
that dog did not alert
mydogsioux 16 kun oldin
We don't deserve dogs. They are so loyal and amazing.
Mahmoud El Nashar
Mahmoud El Nashar 17 kun oldin
Guys, working for Uber and Lyft won't make him good bucks?
Brian Ellinger
Brian Ellinger 18 kun oldin
Idk??? That's not up 2me ... ... is it?
Bob Builder
Bob Builder 19 kun oldin
Dog breaths* “Yeah that’s gonna be an alert from the dog and probable cause to search your vehicle”
Patty standley
Patty standley 20 kun oldin
Why do the police park so far from the scene
Dallas Texas
Dallas Texas 22 kun oldin
That guy doesn't go to your office to bother you OFFICER
Jeremiah Vintayen
Jeremiah Vintayen 22 kun oldin
1:33 - "Let's go find some drugs" 😂
XRemARx 22 kun oldin
At first, I thought he was going to do some "MOM I NEED HELP BAIL ME OUT PLEASE" But it was kind of-- in a twisted way-- heartfelt. He remembered his mom. It's sweet.
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson 22 kun oldin
He could have got a job as a bouncer.
Barber Cisco 661
Barber Cisco 661 23 kun oldin
Using the blokes own scale to log his crime is just plain wrong.
derek bowman
derek bowman 23 kun oldin
The minimum speed is 40 tho. Why is going 50 a cause for suspicion?
Neil  Anderson
Neil Anderson 23 kun oldin
For doing 50 in a 75, that's odd.
SuperStonyQMUSIC 23 kun oldin
1:30 let's go find some drugs
Apollyon 24 kun oldin
thats illegal
Emma Lowell
Emma Lowell 25 kun oldin
omg the cop was so nice to the dog wow goals
alski and maxipad
alski and maxipad 26 kun oldin
Unless it's under i doubt it's over unless it's a perfect amount, not taring the scale prior to weighing. Rookie move
Kyle Klein
Kyle Klein 26 kun oldin
It wouldn’t be so bad if they found the gun and the drugs but having a scale is what seals the deal
Lankey Bastard
Lankey Bastard 27 kun oldin
"Sorry for letting you down but I got busted with your coke".
Gerard U
Gerard U 27 kun oldin
Can i text my mom update on this episode coming soon
Elias Ramirez
Elias Ramirez 28 kun oldin
thats love right there only person he wanted to talk to his mommma my boy rolling with the hennessy tho “i aint gon make it man”
Confector Tyrannis
Confector Tyrannis 28 kun oldin
this actually the kind of criminal you can respect some. he got caught. he knew he was caught. he was calm, chill, cooperative (to a point), didn't start nothing. Dude gets caught with drugs, a GUN and not once did those officers draw down on him. see what happens when you don't cause a ruckus?
Allie DiP
Allie DiP 28 kun oldin
“Let’s go find some drugs”
David Gillin
David Gillin 28 kun oldin
anyone else see that cop knee his dogs head into the side of his car
Nygel Tzib
Nygel Tzib 29 kun oldin
I feel bad for this guy.
Khoa Do
Khoa Do 29 kun oldin
Dudes be using the same scale the drug dealer uses to weight the drugs ... lmao
cocaineinmyvein 29 kun oldin
Cocaine is odorless... How is the dog alerting to that?
cocaineinmyvein 29 kun oldin
His story wasn't making sense? The guy just said yes to the question you asked.....
Texting mom was code word for the drop will not be completed LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
Luvely Mia
Luvely Mia Oy oldin
They are taking his money but they have no proof that’s how he got the money. They have the drugs but they don’t know if he was selling for money and bought.
Luvely Mia
Luvely Mia Oy oldin
I’m gonna train my dog to sniff out weed so I can take it and smoke it.
IamFrancis Oy oldin
I felt sad for him.
Johnathan Cooper
This area is a speed trap.
Anonymous User
he planted it
Joseph Meastas
“Let’s go find some drugs” hahahahaha omg
Kevin Durden
Kevin Durden Oy oldin
Dog does a hit a no biscuit reward? That's gonna effect moral.
Caleb Workman
Caleb Workman Oy oldin
Hard to believe people will roll with that in the car and not just obey the rules of the road and not draw attention. How hard is it
Erick Shafer
Erick Shafer Oy oldin
There is no way to get out of a search if the cops really want to.
Peter Galligan
M cAlready
Rebstrollingandgaming XD
My big brother killed himself over drugs and told my mom that a ton of times he was 22 I’m 😭
val phipps
val phipps Oy oldin
Since when is it illegal to drive under the speed limit?
Ryan Withary
Ryan Withary Oy oldin
This broke my heart
This makes me sad.
TheKasher Oy oldin
The money he found on the guy should be given to the taxpayers so we can buy more drugs :D
Coby Valenzuela
poor guy
Angela Wynter Palermo
I'll seize the cash y'all where's it go?
NoH8 Oy oldin
Dude im watching this stoned asf and it got me so emotional seeing that txt
eyesdrop browies
Cop 1 : its a big one Cop 2: looks like coke? Not sure.. It might be coke, we're gonna have to test it Both cops : snort big lines Cop 1 : oh yeah that coke Cop 2 : *holding his nose* ohh yeahh hahha Both cops : * they both laughed and high fived eachother
Justin Z.
Justin Z. Oy oldin
White people need to commit suicide
Tomas Durant
Tomas Durant Oy oldin
ayeeee ironwood az
Grant_ Oy oldin
They cut out right before he was gonna pocket it lol
559 Cali MZ
559 Cali MZ Oy oldin
Can i tex my drug dealer!
Aleksandr Vasilenko
This makes me angry at our laws. Who exactly did he harm by selling drugs and owning a pistol. Forcing someone to buy drugs or threatening someone with the pistol has a victim, owning drugs and a pistol should not be a "felony" Stupid legal system. The cops are not bad for doing their jobs and doing it well, but the laws are terrible.
bmo 420
bmo 420 Oy oldin
He knew he wasnt goin home lol I call my mom Everytime I get pulled over let her Kno I might not be coming home
Jae KiDd
Jae KiDd Oy oldin
I'm confused if you're aloud to say no how can they then bring a dog that they can manipulate into thinking it found drugs even if it didn't no way that can hold up in court I seen no probable cause
Christian Rawls
They always wanna scale drugs w the bag
Nicole Shett
Nicole Shett Oy oldin
“Let’s go find some drugs” lmao!
Danil Gossen
Danil Gossen Oy oldin
I don’t see where they have proof to confiscate his cash. They can assume that’s where he got it but don’t they need exact bystanders and proof to confiscate that
sondtell williams
Road pirates 😂😂😂
Never get high on your own supply
Tadas Oy oldin
Adrian Pratt
Adrian Pratt Oy oldin
At 00:35 why did the cop touch his car?
Holden Oy oldin
If you're muling drugs, learn to drive properly.
Alec Rettig
Alec Rettig Oy oldin
Wait did he say we will "consider" it a positive for the dog? Is it or not you can't consider it positive that's dumb
Jordan Alex
Jordan Alex Oy oldin
System is working perfectly guy gets locked up again because of his old charge not allowing him to find work smh you can tell by the text he dont like how he makes money smh I hate this country The problem can be solved so easily but the the prison money is booming
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards Oy oldin
I feel like the search dog can literally do anything and they'll be like "yep, that's a sign that there's drug in there". And then they'll search your car anyway
Steel City Constrictors
Anything the dog does is an excuse for them to search lol. So messed up...
erick garcya
erick garcya Oy oldin
Are we going to ignore the fact this cop done broke the law by searching the car when the driver said no! Big boy is going to be free
Robby Jones
Robby Jones Oy oldin
Usually they drive around in unsuspicious cars but have TONS of money.
Clay G.
Clay G. Oy oldin
this was an unlawful stop and search
Talia Stier
Talia Stier Oy oldin
Does anyone else appreciate how adorable the dog is- and how cute the officer was when the dog detected drugs.
Colton gibbs
Colton gibbs Oy oldin
Can they really run their dog when he says no to a search?
Guntumn P
Guntumn P Oy oldin
How hard is it to say, "no you cannot search my vehicle"
Erik The Carrot
Mom's text: YEET
Sad. How legit is the dog alerting an officer? I always find it suspicious.