Live PD: Can I Text My Mom? (Season 2) | A&E

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When a K9 hits on a suspect's car he asks the officer if he can text his mom and let her know he won't be making it home in this clip from "03.10.18". #LivePD
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Live PD
Season 2
Episode 40
On "Live PD," ABC's Dan Abrams and Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson offer insight and commentary as live cameras capture the work of a mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night.
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4-Iyn, 2018

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Groovy Luke
Groovy Luke 10 soat oldin
He told the dog to get up
Claudette Smith
Claudette Smith 12 soat oldin
"Let's go find some drugs?" Adorable.
Natalie Berry
Natalie Berry 16 soat oldin
y'all used his scale to measure his drugs then y'all gonna take his money wtf
Stop It
Stop It 16 soat oldin
Dear momma I don’t want to sign up
Be at ease
Be at ease Kun oldin
I don't know why cops ask of they can search you're vehicle when they're going to do it anyway smh
Cj King
Cj King Kun oldin
Let’s go find some drugs
Ink 3 kun oldin
Respect to everyone in this clip, they all showed eachother respect, nobody got hurt.
xd M bx
xd M bx 3 kun oldin
Wow he actually had dollar bills in his wallet? Clearly it’s drug money well just go ahead and confiscate that so he has even less of a chance to get bailed out
George Hennon
George Hennon 3 kun oldin
What if there's some words they teach the dog to act like somethings there but then it's a false search wouldn't that be weird or would they find an excuse to tell the public like they always do i Love cops want to be one but just wondering
Derek Wiedenheft
Derek Wiedenheft 3 kun oldin
what a piece of trash, should be locked up for life.
Josiah Van Moer
Josiah Van Moer 3 kun oldin
He seemed like a cool guy, was very polite. Seems like it’d be hard to put a guy like that in jail
Gerald J. Thomas
Gerald J. Thomas 3 kun oldin
Can I Text My Mom? I don't know, CAN you?
MotoAdventures 3 kun oldin
Feel bad for the guy
theclouttt 4 kun oldin
No proof the money was from deals so legally they cant take the money.
Brenden McMann
Brenden McMann 4 kun oldin
Rip my dude
Brenden McMann
Brenden McMann 4 kun oldin
He has a nice buick
The stigs Australian cousin
Victimless crimes
Destiny Sophia
Destiny Sophia 4 kun oldin
Aww the text to his momma 💕
Noah Drewlo
Noah Drewlo 4 kun oldin
This is not a respectable cop
Cameron Lynch
Cameron Lynch 4 kun oldin
you can say no to the dog going around your car lol they have to have a judge sign off on it
uKnow 4 kun oldin
civil asset forfeiture is meant for this EXACT THING NOT on innocent people. I agree with *CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE AKA POLICE FOR PROFIT* but not when it involves and harms innocent people.
pedro Aguilar
pedro Aguilar 4 kun oldin
I kinda wanna be a cop now, I’ll steal some money too
rashard D'Auvergne
rashard D'Auvergne 4 kun oldin
Pro tip. Dont take the drugs then drive afterwards
andjames22 5 kun oldin
signals to dog
Larry Johnston
Larry Johnston 5 kun oldin
Well let's see, he's a felon in possession of a firearm, he's got an ounce of cocaine and a large amount of cash!! HE'LL BE LUCKY IF HIS MOTHER IS ALIVE BY THE TIME HE GETS OUT!! I SAY A MINIMUM OF 20 YEARS!!
Jayel Steven
Jayel Steven 5 kun oldin
It’s interesting watching these type of shows but every now and again there are a few instances where an episode just completely breaks my heart. . “I’m sorry to let you down again” I can’t even binge watch anymore of this. I just want to cry into my pillow until I fall asleep now. 😢
Anthony Gilmore
Anthony Gilmore 5 kun oldin
Unlawful search and seizure
Cheeto r
Cheeto r 5 kun oldin
X Felon, Drugs,scales,and a Gun hope he has a good lawyer
Luke 5 kun oldin
The dog is told to sit that’s so fake
Luke 5 kun oldin
They take his money too
Jas Mas
Jas Mas 5 kun oldin
But your allowed to say no when they ask for search thats against the law !!!
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka 5 kun oldin
Ohp! You see there. The dog wagged his tail. That’s a positive hit on contraband.
juan  flores
juan flores 5 kun oldin
Matt Gilson
Matt Gilson 5 kun oldin
If he was high and swerving mustcof bit been coke. Prob that Hennessy and weed. If he don't come he probably be driving like a champ lol
Keegan Forrester
Keegan Forrester 5 kun oldin
Cop 1: we found half an ounce of coke and a lot of money Cop 2: you mean 3 grams of coke and no money was found Cop 1: oh thats right my mistake
rbfabc 5 kun oldin
Should’ve said yes to the search, when cops a vehicle search they’re wayyy more lenient if you’re totally willing. He might not have even gone inside the vehicle, and if he had he probably wouldn’t have searched that thoroughly through the bags.
KuRiZma Show
KuRiZma Show 5 kun oldin
Sad part they didn't even calibrate the scale first .
GodsHolyChild 5 kun oldin
This guy deserves to be back in prison who knows what else he’s going to do with that gun he has...
Jake DesRoche
Jake DesRoche 5 kun oldin
What’s the point in asking to search the car if they basically can anyways??? With the help of a drug dog that seems like a loop hole
Biggest Food Lover
Biggest Food Lover 6 kun oldin
I am sorry mama
nothing 6 kun oldin
sickening power display
Flasty Jam
Flasty Jam 6 kun oldin
Pff yea he can text his mom, imagine my mom text me at night and I didn't text her and when I get home she screams at me and she get the sandle (la chancla).... (am Mexican...that's how it goes)
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar 6 kun oldin
I remember when I first got arrested at school I told the principal to call my mom and let her know
Jerzy J. Gangi
Jerzy J. Gangi 6 kun oldin
That's probable cause? Really? A dog who sits after being told "let's find drugs"? Even Marcia Clark could get that thrown out.
Rude420Boi 6 kun oldin
No money was turned in 🤫
Crestside Cutthoat
Crestside Cutthoat 6 kun oldin
“To tell her I’m not making it”
Fernando Betancourt
That's sad
Rachael Magerl
Rachael Magerl 6 kun oldin
Sometimes, you just need to text your mom.
Ryan Holdsworth
Ryan Holdsworth 6 kun oldin
That scale isn’t level at all 😂
ZMAN 420
ZMAN 420 6 kun oldin
Dog never does not hit on vehicles! That's B.S.
AboveAverage 6 kun oldin
Why do cops touch the back of the car ?
garrett skovira
garrett skovira 6 kun oldin
How do you not pocket a 20
eusebio salazer
eusebio salazer 6 kun oldin
tf no matter if its drug money what ever money u got in ur wallet they can't touch it if it was not in his pocket then they could.
992,828,028 views 6 kun oldin
Day lmao!
crazybrains777 6 kun oldin
an entrepreneur who believed in the second amendment that's all i see here. Maybe one day we will have a free market and the government won't destroy peoples lives over a victimless crime
qk1001 6 kun oldin
Fishing Planet Live
How can they assume that's drug money
Jay Beh
Jay Beh 6 kun oldin
Poor guy and poor momma. 💔 But hey, them drugs is illegal 👮
Andy Wasson
Andy Wasson 6 kun oldin
Isn't the minimum on a 75, 50?
Star Trek Fan Quark
He is a black dude alive after being stopped, victory for America.
dom framp
dom framp 6 kun oldin
Let me know when there’s a speed limit of 75 somewhere
Marco Fissure
Marco Fissure 7 kun oldin
They probably kept the money 😂
Ian Wills
Ian Wills 7 kun oldin
Is it normal that I fell bad for the guy, you can tell he has a big heart.
qk1001 6 kun oldin
lmfao hope he doesn't drop the soap
Boyxbox12 7 kun oldin
Has no clue what's going on ftp tho
Riley 7 kun oldin
yes the triton t2.
Q 7 kun oldin
Jackie Thole
Jackie Thole 7 kun oldin
What happens to that money tho
Darkey 7 kun oldin
I just see a guy trying to make a living
GG M8 7 kun oldin
Poya Sadeghi
Poya Sadeghi 7 kun oldin
Unfortunately people like this poor guy are set up for failure. Gets out of jail can't get a job so he does what he needs to do to eat and these cops take people like him to jail while pedophiles and rapists roam those same roads freely.
West DC
West DC 7 kun oldin
The cop threw drugs in there
CarrionSmile 7 kun oldin
I would have texted my lawyer. 😏
Hue Man
Hue Man 7 kun oldin
It’s a good thing the cops are keeping all of the drugs off the streets and nobody is using them anymore. Wait what? Drug use is at an all time high? Hmmm...
Devry Bowie
Devry Bowie 7 kun oldin
Dutch shepherd?
Paul Giovando
Paul Giovando 7 kun oldin
Somebody out there lost their dealer
James Kendrick
James Kendrick 7 kun oldin
Police K9 is so different than military working dogs. I was a marine K9 Handler
film79 7 kun oldin
I'm sure none of that cash ended up in the cops pocket
Jeff's Wife
Jeff's Wife 8 kun oldin
Haha! They used his own scale to weigh the drugs 😂
Jeff's Wife
Jeff's Wife 8 kun oldin
This is trending 😂
Keith Giles
Keith Giles 8 kun oldin
Lance Cobb
Lance Cobb 8 kun oldin
I’m sorry mom even though I knew it was wrong I’m sorry.
Iive ife
Iive ife 8 kun oldin
Dogs are trained to bark for no reason
Joh Chavez
Joh Chavez 8 kun oldin
Stupid pigs
DopeyFresh 8 kun oldin
Jesus rip to that dudes life, AND the dumbass was on felony probation, ouch...
Derek Cliff Crane
Derek Cliff Crane 8 kun oldin
never consent. the cops are trained to lie when they plant drugs
Snapshot EQII
Snapshot EQII 8 kun oldin
he's got a lot of money so ima just take that
Thane 8 kun oldin
Why is this on trending?
Nationz Gaming
Nationz Gaming 8 kun oldin
Wait but didnt he say no to a search how can he bring the dog out if he didn’t give I’m consent to search?
Pull Up
Pull Up 8 kun oldin
I dont like how they can just seize the money
AsTroNoMiCaL 8 kun oldin
Lmao.. as someone who trained k9's for 10 years they should never be used to take away a persons right to be secure in their own personal property. If I was to train a k9 to give a false positive, I would say let's go find some drugs and then proceed to give a hand gesture while saying "what do ya got".
Isak Sondles
Isak Sondles 8 kun oldin
Well that’s one way to do it... :/
Dictator of God
Dictator of God 8 kun oldin
NickFendii 8 kun oldin
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SkunK Bud
SkunK Bud 8 kun oldin
He snitched on himself like twice.
G S 8 kun oldin
I will never understand why people do things they KNOW are against the law and going to get them in big trouble, if not killed. This is not a simple mistake. You don’t accidentally deal drugs. It is a CHOICE; a stupid and dangerous one. Knock it off. Gain some maturity. Get a real job and BEHAVE WITH SOME INTEGRITY.
vanessa cantu
vanessa cantu 8 kun oldin
All of that just for a couple of bucks
Dana.k.a.bradpitt 8 kun oldin
BIGGEST issue that should be raising 🚨 is they use a dog for probable cause to search his property. Where is our CONSTITION ? The police work for us, we don't have to becon on every order they give , they are supposed to be public servants , not 👑. The system is broke , and it will only get worse because nobody is doing anything about it.
Gabriel Reed
Gabriel Reed 8 kun oldin
This was some bs
Gabriel Reed
Gabriel Reed 8 kun oldin
Bullcrap alert.
Get Pickled
Get Pickled 8 kun oldin
Maybe he got that money working instead of selling?
Joey Mccoy
Joey Mccoy 8 kun oldin
cop sounds like a puppett