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9-Yan, 2019

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Geek Girl
Geek Girl Soat oldin
Blairs not being bratty people can we just leave her alone she didn’t even want to wear the nails. Call her a party pooper but if she didnt want to wear them then she didnt have to!!
Julie Rosana
Julie Rosana 2 soat oldin
Lmfaooooooooo when your mom threw the ball at you I died
Goat Lazer
Goat Lazer 5 soat oldin
The shop lady trying not to crack up 😂
sofia cruz
sofia cruz 5 soat oldin
Nina always wants to do boomerangs😂😂
Aaliyah Brown
Aaliyah Brown 7 soat oldin
I wonder where Nicolette gets her tube tops !!
Lea Eley
Lea Eley 7 soat oldin
Can you do a video where a proffesional organizer does ur closet and room
Madison Spinner
Madison Spinner 10 soat oldin
Did she just eat the whole strawberry?!
z k
z k 19 soat oldin
Do a room cleaning video i think that would be a nice vid and good for you too
smhkiana 20 soat oldin
after the christmas vlog blair started being negative and her crying bcuz Nicolette got double as much presents she got and i dont blame her they're forcing her and i wouldn't want to be on the camera and all i feel like nina is favoring Nicolette now.
smhkiana 20 soat oldin
plus who da heck wants those long nails smh
True Facts
True Facts 23 soat oldin
Sorry to ruin if but karina Garcia has the longest ones 🏆
Austin John
Austin John Kun oldin
theres no way these people are real lmfao
Linda Halinda Febrianti
Hahahaha 😂😂😂
lisa Rothschild
lisa Rothschild Kun oldin
que odiosa es su hermana 🙄
S Paimani
S Paimani Kun oldin
Okay wtf is wrong with everyone? Giving a 11 Year old child so much negativity. Like she is a child and every child has some bad days where they have attitude
Nessaaa xoxo
Nessaaa xoxo Kun oldin
her mom is so cute and fun
robin ignazzi
robin ignazzi Kun oldin
Your mom at the end is like : im done
Princess Besson
Princess Besson Kun oldin
Oh, is she the girl that was on the doctor Phil?
Alise Nelly
Alise Nelly Kun oldin
Hey Nicolette! This is a kinda gross idea but can you try doing long toe nail for 24 hours challenge? 😂😂 (I just watched a rando Instagram video where they gave a lady long toenail acrylics 😂) I wanna see how long you guys would last lmao
It'sgabybaby Kun oldin
Do more challenges 😂
anna hamann
anna hamann Kun oldin
These videos kill me👀💀😂
anna hamann
anna hamann Kun oldin
Janet Kun oldin
Stupid challenge
Nathan  Ansley
Nathan Ansley Kun oldin
Did she just eat the top of the strawberry????
I love how my name is nina too and everyone’s just talking about me in the comments 😂😂😂😂
Selena Perkins
Selena Perkins 2 kun oldin
Poor Blair.
Amanda Tang
Amanda Tang 2 kun oldin
It was so funny when Nicolette ate the strawberry with the stem, its like I replayed that part over n over again
Christopher Barroccu
Hell of alot of screaming women in this video, hurt my ears !!
Coco Cher
Coco Cher 2 kun oldin
Next u should have Christian in these nails😂👌💕
Alexcia Hummell
Alexcia Hummell 2 kun oldin
Why was Christian by Nicolette and her mom when she was changing no hate tho
Shannon06 2 kun oldin
I just smiled for 12 minutes lmao
Mai Ytxtra
Mai Ytxtra 3 kun oldin
Omg it wasn’t even a day. They’re too dramatic. Like ik long nails are painful but if someone throws a ball at me im not gonna scream bloody murder.
Francine Ramirez
Francine Ramirez 3 kun oldin
Christian: You look like a sloth 😂 Nina: A sloth ?😃 - what's a sloth? 😕 I'm dead asf.
Maria Santos
Maria Santos 3 kun oldin
she is a show off
Maria Santos
Maria Santos 3 kun oldin
she eat
xd Bobah.
xd Bobah. 3 kun oldin
She is the danielle Bregoli ffs, Dr phil stop giving worthless shits fame god damn
Michelle Guzman
Michelle Guzman 3 kun oldin
why are you guys saying “just cut Blair out” like wtf that’s her sister what is this?🤦🏽‍♀️💀💀
Joanne Hasanii
Joanne Hasanii 3 kun oldin
Nina and her boomerangs😂 smh
Glendy Patricio
Glendy Patricio 3 kun oldin
I want a mom this cool like she is such a chill mom
Chelsea Glass
Chelsea Glass 3 kun oldin
“Where gonna have to cut ur pants off” dead xD
Samiha Jahan
Samiha Jahan 3 kun oldin
no offence but blair always seems to kill the vibe :/
Yournotmydad :p
Yournotmydad :p 3 kun oldin
“Whats a sloth” I’m actually dead
RebeccaFirth 3 kun oldin
bahahaha when she ate the whole strawberry im dead
Court Stro
Court Stro 3 kun oldin
Did Nicolette eat the strawberry stem? 😂
keegs63 3 kun oldin
bro if my mom and sister were that self centered and annoying I would be pissed off 24/7 too
Teresa Anne
Teresa Anne 3 kun oldin
karina Garcia's nails r longer
Emilia Camanzo
Emilia Camanzo 3 kun oldin
Blair's vibe is such a no go, she has a cool ass mom and sister who do cool shit what's that stick in her ass all about
Bayley Rafuse
Bayley Rafuse 3 kun oldin
Facha Games
Facha Games 3 kun oldin
josee gagnon
josee gagnon 4 kun oldin
This reminds me of salad fingers 😂
_Jojo Mar_
_Jojo Mar_ 4 kun oldin
8:53 I DIED 😂😂😂 LMAOOO
Jannat Muhammad
Jannat Muhammad 4 kun oldin
I have never seen anyone at a strawberry with the stem and leaves I can’t XD 😜😜
Anthony Falahi - Thomas Street MS (1654)
Copied karina Garcia
AR's world
AR's world 4 kun oldin
They are not the longest nails in the world honeu
Julia Near
Julia Near 4 kun oldin
I think Nicolette would look amazing with a lobb or bob, the long hair could make her pass as a devil that needs to be exorcised lol
Sibonei Arredondo
Sibonei Arredondo 4 kun oldin
Leave Blair out the videos, she messes them up with her bratty attitude. Party pooper
Olivia Charlton
Olivia Charlton 4 kun oldin
The way how Nicolette ate her strawberry is hilarious! (i never eat the leaves tho haha)
ITS GOCH 4 kun oldin
Lmao all that struggle for a picture 😂 You guys are great.
Sharon Soledolu
Sharon Soledolu 4 kun oldin
is it just me or did anyone else see Nicolette eat the strawberry w the leaves -I'm 😂😂
Alyssa Brown
Alyssa Brown 4 kun oldin
Lol she ate a strawberry with the leaves on it😂😂ily Nicolette
Totally Random
Totally Random 4 kun oldin
Lol I have to say it. Dr.Phill didn’t fix this one
PUBGNINJA 4 kun oldin
they should be arrested they are spoiling others too by uploading such videos
Gamingwith Elise
Gamingwith Elise 4 kun oldin
*U lOoK lIkE cApTaIn hOoK*
Owen Conrad
Owen Conrad 4 kun oldin
Owen Conrad
Owen Conrad 4 kun oldin
Blaire was a woose
Lauren Noel
Lauren Noel 5 kun oldin
I've never seen anyone eat the whole strawberry like Nicolette did lol. Usually people dont eat the green part.
Laylah Rees
Laylah Rees 5 kun oldin
Did she just eat the WHOLE strawberry what
Jade Jaggers
Jade Jaggers 5 kun oldin
We’re going to get these nails of Blair I can’t deal with her face lmfao
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
Lmao omg top funny
Emerald Islands
Emerald Islands 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or dose Nina's nails look like a claw at 6:24.🤣🤣🤣🤣
XxSerena XxO
XxSerena XxO 5 kun oldin
They just had to go to the nicest 😂
BINITA BASNET 5 kun oldin
Witches 🌩️,ily❤️
Yessi Mancia
Yessi Mancia 5 kun oldin
Regular life: mom:WE ONLY GO TO MCDONALD'S! me:OK🙍 her life: Mom:WE GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT! 🙂 me: oh ok..😌
Gihae Hong
Gihae Hong 5 kun oldin
Omg when christian said she looks like a slot... i literally cried the whole video
Levi Ziur
Levi Ziur 5 kun oldin
I don’t know why I’m watching this as a guy
Aimee Marie
Aimee Marie 5 kun oldin
You sound like serena from gossip girl ! Omg 😀😀
Stacey Estrella
Stacey Estrella 5 kun oldin
edward scissorhands
magicmia 5 kun oldin
you're the girl from dr.phil LMAO
lamow 5 kun oldin
lmao i can't believe y'all really attacking an 12 YEAR OLD! damn you guys were all feeling bad for her in the Christmas video and now you're just coming after her... you guys are hella pathetic for attacking a 12 year old
alex jay nelissen
alex jay nelissen 5 kun oldin
People are saying Blair's a party pooper but have any of you ever had nails that long, they're not fun and it hurts a lot
Casey C.
Casey C. 6 kun oldin
Your videos are entertaining but Blairs attitude is a major downer! Please talk to her or take her out of the videos.
future jojo
future jojo 6 kun oldin
Tbh you guys are basically saying kick blair out of their videos its never gonna happen and what would you expect from a kid still
sip the tea !
sip the tea ! 6 kun oldin
That intro though
JaMya’s Cameraroll
U guys should try make up from wish for a video
Rachel Adkins
Rachel Adkins 6 kun oldin
I love how supportive your mom is!! Love yalls sweets hears❤
Mskk 2330
Mskk 2330 6 kun oldin
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks 6 kun oldin
katie b
katie b 6 kun oldin
2:27 did she just eat the leaf part💀😭
Marina Dimi
Marina Dimi 6 kun oldin
They are not the longest acrylic nails
yesmeris Gonzalez
yesmeris Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
no se que dicen
Lilly Rob
Lilly Rob 6 kun oldin
Anyone come from doctor Phil
Laura Frith
Laura Frith 6 kun oldin
I love Blair's reaction. I don't know why people are talking trash about here. She acting her age. She adds spunk to the videos. I love when's she there to do the videos with you guys. Also, guys she can't just be left at home. So she tries to participate. I used to quit games and stuff all the time. Give her a break.
Viv -
Viv - 6 kun oldin
Done turn on subscribe button and note fication
Olivia Coughlan
Olivia Coughlan 6 kun oldin
Can u add a iPhone 5 cases on your website
bby rose
bby rose 6 kun oldin
How did my bus driver ever do this she used to drive with those nails.?
Lourien Meredith
Lourien Meredith 6 kun oldin
You should do a closet declutter-tour
Seoyeon Lee
Seoyeon Lee 6 kun oldin
Am scared of their nails.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Guadalupe lupita Cisneros
Blair doesn’t know what a hen is Nina doesn’t know what a sloth is I wonder what animal Nicolette doesn’t know😂
Ксения Тарантюк
прикольное видео!!!!!
Me tooo !
Me tooo ! 6 kun oldin
2:30 idk why but it looks weird and I've never done that or seen any one eat the leave of a strawberry 😂 ily guys so much and keep on going
Maddy Deal
Maddy Deal 6 kun oldin
It takes 10 years of college to become a pediatric dentist and Nina still doesn’t know what a sloth is 😂
I'm a bad mom
5 oy oldin