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Liza Koshy
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LIZA ON DEMAND is a half-hour, single camera comedy that follows the chaotic misadventures of Liza, a young woman in Los Angeles who is trying to make a career out of juggling various gig economy jobs - for lack of a better idea of what to do with her life. Meanwhile, Liza's best friends and roommates Oliver and Harlow try their best to both support and sometimes distract her.
Starring Liza Koshy with Travis Coles and Kimiko Glenn.
Coming June 27th.




7-Iyn, 2018

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Tan & Wah
Tan & Wah 14 soat oldin
Comment on my vid if u want me to sub to you!!
Tan & Wah
Tan & Wah 14 soat oldin
Comment on my vid if u want me to sub to you!!
TarmaPlayz More
TarmaPlayz More 17 soat oldin
Is this on Netflix?
saaraah Kun oldin
just like vsauce
John Vargas
John Vargas Kun oldin
Just found out my pastor is related to Liza I’m freaking out
Thats my little brownie growing up
omar howard
omar howard Kun oldin
x lia x
x lia x 2 kun oldin
Whers the puns and wednesday with liza I really miss those videos😭😭
Melva Rawlings
Melva Rawlings 3 kun oldin
hazel star
hazel star 3 kun oldin
Ugh I miss her old vids I can't get permuium I'm a kid! But I'm happy for u
Emily Nice
Emily Nice 3 kun oldin
im tired of Liza on demand. I m happy for her for being successful but I miss and love her old vids. They were funny and cool.
Nitish Anand
Nitish Anand 3 kun oldin
This shit is disgusting
Pink Panda
Pink Panda 3 kun oldin
go back to old wensdays with liza please
Claire McCallum
Claire McCallum 3 kun oldin
Is the first episode for free?
Ioana Bunea
Ioana Bunea 3 kun oldin
Claire McCallum the first 2 episodes are free
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 4 kun oldin
Will you ever post actual videos again? Im keeping notifications on just in case
Amna Sohail
Amna Sohail 4 kun oldin
liza do "KIKI CHALLENGE " please
Ioana Bunea
Ioana Bunea 3 kun oldin
Amna Sohail she did
Wafflie :3
Wafflie :3 5 kun oldin
I miss the old liza.. now she only cares about money :/
Ioana Bunea
Ioana Bunea 3 kun oldin
Wafflie :3 no, she’s just keen on bigger things
Robin Hartman
Robin Hartman 5 kun oldin
Sergio Hernandez
Sergio Hernandez 5 kun oldin
Cami Gang
Cami Gang 5 kun oldin
I miss the funny Liza vids 😭
_JanuaryTheWolf _
_JanuaryTheWolf _ 5 kun oldin
I just finished watching boo, the movie you were in Liza. That was wonderful! I laughed. Loved your part
Graciee Barclay
Graciee Barclay 5 kun oldin
Liza I’m proud that you are getting this opportunity but are you aware that not all of us want to keep watching this kind of thing
Edgar Tello
Edgar Tello 5 kun oldin
LIZA!!! Is there going to be an Episode 9!??
Jessica Xox
Jessica Xox 5 kun oldin
Does anyone think she looks like cardi b or is it just me?
Raven Carmichael
Raven Carmichael 5 kun oldin
liza, will your weekly youtube videoes come back since the show already has had its season finale. We miss our weekly liza!!!
Hepokatti Mavaja
Hepokatti Mavaja 6 kun oldin
I'm so proud of u Liza, but we miss your old vids :(
Blue Shirt Guy
Blue Shirt Guy 6 kun oldin
She is so cringey.
Blue Shirt Guy
Blue Shirt Guy 6 kun oldin
She is so ugly.
The Chibi box
The Chibi box 6 kun oldin
Sophia Draper
Sophia Draper 6 kun oldin
Can you please continue posting on Wednesday because I miss your videos and my parents won’t let me get UZvid red to watch Liza on demand
Jaydah Reyes
Jaydah Reyes 6 kun oldin
Can you Liza Koshy do a fashion show video
Kate And Rox
Kate And Rox 6 kun oldin
Love u Liza !!
Joy Funny Times
Joy Funny Times 7 kun oldin
Hey bi herd u watch asmr so do I.
helenflute9 7 kun oldin
you should really watch this asmr video uzvid.com/video/video-Z9LI-47s-Gw.html&t=553s
3 3
3 3 7 kun oldin
Liza now internet pop star and stops uploading 😭😭😭😭
UniqueDiversion 7 kun oldin
I miss her old videos, I’m proud of her but not everyone can pay to watch her show plus I enjoy her old videos more
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 5 kun oldin
UniqueDiversion you can get it on free trial
Lexi Lane Bailey
Lexi Lane Bailey 7 kun oldin
jada simpson
jada simpson 7 kun oldin
Ryker 7 kun oldin
jada simpson Ya exactly
Karla Carrasquillo
Karla Carrasquillo 8 kun oldin
Why SHE dosent upload more content? Answer: She's on a nickolodean program named double dare and they récord weekly or daily i don't know,plus her series and Grammys etc,thats why she don't post anymore,She's on her big bang lets support her now that she needs us more💗
Summer Mercier
Summer Mercier 8 kun oldin
i miss liza’s old videos :(
Adri719 8 kun oldin
Becca Scotton
Becca Scotton 8 kun oldin
okay i get being proud of your series you made, and i love her and am so proud of her, but she’s a UZvidr meaning by watching her we pay her to make content. and now all she posts is said series. it’s so annoying because she’s paid to make that content that doesn’t even exist anymore. and not everyone can/wants to pay for UZvid red meaning now everyone can even watch the dang series. she really needs to still make content for her fans that love her and would if they could watch it but can’t. i really don’t mean this as hate but rather constructive criticism. but come on man!
Marina Miculovic
Marina Miculovic 8 kun oldin
Will there be more episodes?
StonyZeus 1920
StonyZeus 1920 8 kun oldin
Where’s the uploads?
Ariana Young
Ariana Young 8 kun oldin
____pau____ 8 kun oldin
Are there only 8 episodes?
Liv Duffy
Liv Duffy 8 kun oldin
Your in the in my feelings video 😂😂
bella ray
bella ray 8 kun oldin
when are you going to upload your actual youtube videos??
Janina 8 kun oldin
tell me not to speak Russian.
Melanie Cloutier
Melanie Cloutier 8 kun oldin
You need to make more regular vids cuz I can’t watch Liza on demand and I want to
SAFARI LPS 9 kun oldin
39 Blunts
39 Blunts 9 kun oldin
Ur on drakes video!
Jazlyn Sky
Jazlyn Sky 9 kun oldin
Liza u are in DRAKEs music video!!!! IN MY FEELINGS 💕💕🔥
Meaghan Gura
Meaghan Gura 9 kun oldin
:( liza, could you please post something non-youtube premium can watch?
OfficialJojoxWolf 9 kun oldin
Liza I absolutely love you!! You’re my favourite UZvidr of ALL time and I’m so proud of you! I’m really happy you’ve gained so much success over time and I really want to give you a massive hug! But there is one request I wanna make. As well as I’d love to watch your series, I’m not that kind of person. I’m that Chill around UZvid kind of person and I miss your hilarious, original, Liza in the spotlight videos. As well as I want to share the glory with you, some of us still want your normal content. No hate at all because we still love you!!! 💖
Hailie Laing
Hailie Laing 9 kun oldin
rand0m 9 kun oldin
You made it on drakes video
Christopher Espinoza
Hey liza i don't know if your going to read this but I'm Wacthing the show freakish, your pretty serious. I'm not trying to say your not serious but...😂😂😂 your hilarious. Love your vids
Alanna Salisbury
Alanna Salisbury 10 kun oldin
Oof I wish that all of them were free :( Ik she needs to make money though :,(
Talk 4 Less
Talk 4 Less 10 kun oldin
Where the other vid
Hanna Montana !
Hanna Montana ! 10 kun oldin
No you gave a kid molly
The Lily Castillo show
U changed
Olivia Mcvicar
Olivia Mcvicar 10 kun oldin
How do you pronounce you last name? And I love you💘🌻
samallama pato
samallama pato 10 kun oldin
I miss your FUNNY skits
Dinos 24
Dinos 24 10 kun oldin
Do we get more after episode 8?
the little artist
the little artist 10 kun oldin
I love your show Liza but you are to busy with it you don’t post any other videos
Serena Mc
Serena Mc 10 kun oldin
Liza when you start doing your regular vids again you should do a hair tutorial!!!
Jordan Cossette
Jordan Cossette 10 kun oldin
Who wish Liza can post bids like she did before
Dadri Lewis
Dadri Lewis 10 kun oldin
Hello I am a subscriber of your channel and I would like to introduce you to a lifestyle club called Dream Trips. It helps its members to take their dream vacation on their current budget. Please respond!
Lil Lay
Lil Lay 10 kun oldin
Wish I could Support you and watch your series but I’m broke but I enjoyed the free episodes
Chloe_ epic360
Chloe_ epic360 10 kun oldin
You should do a pun and when it says clean up after your dog you should clean the word up
KaTrek 10 kun oldin
Hello Lizzzza! You are know Nastya Jackson?
F•R•I•E•N•D•S !
It’s sad that I haven’t seen Liza in the past 5 months sense I don’t wanna pay money for UZvid red
TavoBandana 10 kun oldin
I got UZvid red for free :)
Sara Prather
Sara Prather 11 kun oldin
Man I’m sad! I can’t afford $16/mo to watch my UZvid videos! Happy for her but I want the old content back! :( :( :(
Krissyttina Video
Krissyttina Video 11 kun oldin
Your in Drake’s new video
M U 11 kun oldin
U Made it to drakes video!!
Kevin Reyes
Kevin Reyes 11 kun oldin
GiveMeTea 11 kun oldin
Try to laugh challenge. I failed 😭
Stacy Mach animations
Liza can you start making some more other things and not just previews pwees
This Freakin. Guy
This Freakin. Guy 11 kun oldin
Why is she disabling comments on her most recent vids??????
Father kam
Father kam 11 kun oldin
Free Spirit
Free Spirit 11 kun oldin
My new UZvid channel Feel free to subscribe 😍 Sure if you think I deserve it💃🌹
It’s_me_nalijah Hi
you and david should date again you guys were the cutest couple!!!! i love you!!!💗💗
kishua Valencia-J
kishua Valencia-J 11 kun oldin
Hi Liza why you didn't post the episode 9 this is my favorite UZvid show
Dan Traverse
Dan Traverse 11 kun oldin
Liza is funny don't get me wrong but ever since she sold out I can't watcher her anymore...
Brianna Geer
Brianna Geer 12 kun oldin
What happened to Wednesdays with Liza?! 😩
Ruben Martinez
Ruben Martinez 12 kun oldin
Lok at Brandon Rogers UZvid channel and come back and compare
Cool Johnny
Cool Johnny 12 kun oldin
Liza On Demand On My Channel Now Season 1 Ep 4
Ari Official
Ari Official 12 kun oldin
I have been a Liza fan FOREVER. I'm starting to hate the fact that we have to pay for some UZvid series. I'm glad she is making business, but I can't afford to buy premium on UZvid. I feel like she shouldn't have made it all premium because I was watching it and the next day it showed premium. I also miss the old Liza. I miss the puns and the store puns 😢😭
Cool Johnny
Cool Johnny 12 kun oldin
Ari Official Liz On Demand Season 1 Ep 4 my channel
Sodor TV
Sodor TV 13 kun oldin
can someone subscribe to my channel
-TG- EntityXX
-TG- EntityXX 13 kun oldin
Arnt you the host of double dare now?
Elizabeth Gubler
Elizabeth Gubler 13 kun oldin
I absolutely love watching Liza but the Liza on demand cusses too much. I can handle it but I like her regular stuff better. I’m still subscribed to support her but I don’t even watch her anymore cuz the Liza on demand is the only thing she posts now...
LizzieGamer Girl
LizzieGamer Girl 13 kun oldin
Tell me in the thumbnail she looks like cardi b
Millie Forrest
Millie Forrest 13 kun oldin
I'm really upset with Liza because she used to be my fav youtuber and she has just given up on making UZvid vids
Lizzy McNeil
Lizzy McNeil 13 kun oldin
I'm so proud of Liza, but I hate youtube red. I love youtube because it isn't TV. It is normal people making videos they care about.I enjoyed Liza's videos soooooo much, but now I don't get to watch them because I don't have the money to pay for premium. It makes it seem like the creators don't care about their audience anymore.
janiah searcy
janiah searcy 13 kun oldin
When are going to make a video
Zeus 26
Zeus 26 13 kun oldin
Please upload normal videos
guinea squad pigs
guinea squad pigs 13 kun oldin
I MUST SEE IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guinea squad pigs
guinea squad pigs 13 kun oldin
MrPotatoHead 14 kun oldin
what happened to wednesday’s with liza? what happened to the “say hi kwisten’s” and the puns in ikea or the i have no boobs jokes?? LIZA COME BACK PLEASE!!!!
we broke up
2 oy oldin