Loaded Baked Potato - You Suck at Cooking (episode 77)

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Jasmine Robinson
Jasmine Robinson 12 soat oldin
This was so funny! it added the pain from laughing so hard to my already existing stomach pain of hunger. Oooo! Potatoe's done
nick star
nick star Kun oldin
to be honest, this is super entertaining! i was expecting cringy jokes etc but nah. u earned a new sub!
Aussie Dumpling
Aussie Dumpling 3 kun oldin
Cheddar is bad for you. Like really bad
Gregory S.
Gregory S. 4 kun oldin
necxt time put tinfoil underneath potatoes so u don't make such a mess
AuthenticLogic 4 kun oldin
I can’t believe I never watched your videos until now...
Samantha Mother’of5kids
I can’t stop watching
Caphits 4 kun oldin
The secret to delicious baked potatoes is to put on an embarrassing amount of fatty toppings. Don't go easy on the butter and sour cream. Add lots of salt. More than you think you should. Bacon is a nice fatty touch. If you want good tasting, prepare to add a lot of calories. If you want health, don't be afraid of eating fatty foods. They aren't unhealthy, just calorie dense. Eat half a potato instead, or pick smaller potatoes to bake.
Kyriakos Panagasidis
Potatos came to Greece somewhere around 1800
Potato 5 kun oldin
rest in peace, my fallen brothers.
mr. poprovolski
mr. poprovolski 5 kun oldin
U succ @ kookin ye u totally succ
Unboxing Flareon
Unboxing Flareon 6 kun oldin
Yeah I have a dad D-please A-come D-back
Elmo in the Hood Official
Howbdoes this guy say everything without 😂 laughing
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz 6 kun oldin
Love you man! You are 😂 hilariously funny.
Bun Yu
Bun Yu 6 kun oldin
This is like nigahiga with actual informational cooking
Ridiculed Victor
Ridiculed Victor 6 kun oldin
Dude this is a waste of time... Everyone knows that potato can cook itself without any intensive heating element... All you need to do is place it where the sun shine from east to west at a 200c for exactly 2month,2week,22days,22hours,22minute and 22seconds...
Giovanna Filomena Gambardella
Is this babish?
Undertale Fan
Undertale Fan 7 kun oldin
That zero thing was pretty accurate
我最亲爱的爹 7 kun oldin
I hate potato
Tageth 8 kun oldin
what potatoes are you using?
pallenda 8 kun oldin
I'm a simple man. Heat the potato, open it up, add garlic butter.
Huebman 8 kun oldin
You are the greatest philosopher evarrr...Homer would bow b4 thee.
Jasp Name
Jasp Name 8 kun oldin
Why do i watch this i don t cook
EveThe Neko
EveThe Neko 8 kun oldin
It’s called a microwave
A. Schaaf
A. Schaaf 9 kun oldin
A good way to make baked potatoes is to cover them in leftover cooled bacon grease once it has hardened. One another note you can use liquid or solid bacon grease as a substitute for butter in molasses cookies, sounds weird but it's not bad.
Some Random Internet Ninja
*HowToBasic* *is* *quaking*
ȚIGANU 10 kun oldin
You are one creative mofo !!
Ezrah 12 kun oldin
This is a good ass channel holy shnikes you’re hella funny
Srpska pudla
Srpska pudla 13 kun oldin
Now what does this remind you of? It reminds you of *_N O T H I N G_*
Sherp the Derp
Sherp the Derp 13 kun oldin
You're like how to basic with commentary
Juan Tello
Juan Tello 14 kun oldin
your vid is awsome dude
Nokris TheFallen
Nokris TheFallen 14 kun oldin
And to this day the potato is still in the slow cooker
Barnabàs Biró
Barnabàs Biró 14 kun oldin
I dont really eat potato that often other than fast food (because they taste like NOTHING), but ill try this and i feel pretty confident
The Soviet Commando
The Soviet Commando 14 kun oldin
Trur Slav knows at least infinite ways too use potatoe. True fact!
Leave Please
Leave Please 14 kun oldin
They had to invent zero to describe the amount of flavor-
Kat Curtis
Kat Curtis 14 kun oldin
Why are your potatoes in a large egg carton?
Lola Smith
Lola Smith 15 kun oldin
Is just pepper pepper okay if I can’t afford pepper pepper pepper?
tonyrosales1 15 kun oldin
It's almost been one year in my slow baking potato, I've raised a family and am expecting twins soon, my family will love the six year old potato when the twins enter 1st grade. I thank you for teaching me how to cook a potato
Mateusz Piotrowski
Mateusz Piotrowski 15 kun oldin
So much cheddar Tasty already working on copystriking.
BanditaZ 15 kun oldin
It looks so good!
TheeDivineMissEm 15 kun oldin
I have the same oven as he has in the video
Katt Bergersen
Katt Bergersen 16 kun oldin
Actually looks good as fuck what
ERIC CURE 16 kun oldin
I legit thought they were gonna make another “egg murder crimes” with potatoes
MelonHell 16 kun oldin
His voice remind me of binging with babish.
Jaida Animations
Jaida Animations 17 kun oldin
I set the slow cooker for 6 years but it's still not good... Do I keep it in for another 6 years? Edit: ..idk how to cook
Actual Trash
Actual Trash 17 kun oldin
He put the hando on fourhando
AdaraTheShallot 17 kun oldin
instant fan of this channel
spycymango 17 kun oldin
What have you done to jacksepticeye's family--
Sæþór Berg Hjàlmarsson
Potato lives matter
Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor 17 kun oldin
Uhhhh... this might be one of the best things I have ever seen. I was having a really crappy day and now I am not. I'm very hungry now, but laughing too hard to care.
maya m
maya m 18 kun oldin
im really confused do ur potatoes actually come in egg cartons
Zombie Chef
Zombie Chef 18 kun oldin
“Except potatoes don’t have the ability to talk so let’s stop fooling around.” Yet eggs talk. 🙃
Yavuz T Alici
Yavuz T Alici 19 kun oldin
The dish is called Kumpir. It's Turkish :D
gamer_pizza983 19 kun oldin
happy new year
Green Neon Neo
Green Neon Neo 20 kun oldin
I low key did this and..... holy food, it’s so gewd
Techy 20 kun oldin
I dont have a Oven ... is a Microwave set to 150 Whats fine too?
Kelly Stout
Kelly Stout 20 kun oldin
A potato? Never heard of one. It tastes very strange!
Ava bellsy
Ava bellsy 21 kun oldin
Am I the only one wondering how many shots he did to throw the potato at the fork and get it in
OvercomeRain401 Gaming
3:24 but...but...I’m Irish...I love potatoes...HOW COULD YOU
Nicolae Gherman
Nicolae Gherman 21 kun oldin
Nick Gonzales
Nick Gonzales 22 kun oldin
Aztecs made zero you suck at history
Potato Lord
Potato Lord 22 kun oldin
You ate my peasants
Kitti Kat
Kitti Kat 22 kun oldin
I love your personality😂❤️
Niksatar 25
Niksatar 25 22 kun oldin
Us Or Merica
Us Or Merica 23 kun oldin
Idc if i have to 6 years
Cady Smallwood
Cady Smallwood 24 kun oldin
I love how in the description he puts the actual things he says
Indira Nair
Indira Nair 24 kun oldin
I'm 100%sure that he's Babish's secret brother.
Lovely Sunshinee
Lovely Sunshinee 27 kun oldin
Zoey Chick
Zoey Chick 28 kun oldin
0 came from the Arabic numeral system
Isuck 28 kun oldin
Some times when I make baked potatoes I make mashed potatoes and keep the skins. Then I recreate the skin of the potatoes and fill those with mashed potatoes. ITS DELICIOUS!
Twitch YaBoiJaco
Twitch YaBoiJaco 28 kun oldin
L Roper
L Roper 29 kun oldin
Dude I hurt laughing at your well made video. Love it. I'll try your way in baking stuffed potatoes.
Wolf Clan Nation
I’ve been surviving off of watching you
Pineapple Pizza
I want your tiny shovel spoon.
Matest Oy oldin
Greeks didnt even make the 0 symbol :D
Frode Ueland
Frode Ueland Oy oldin
Am i the only one who thinks that it looks so damn good?
Farukh Shaik
Farukh Shaik Oy oldin
Baking baking....🤣🤣
AJ Uchala
AJ Uchala Oy oldin
I love this guy
The beast
The beast Oy oldin
Like how u can still hear him say mother fucker
Avaxar Studio
Avaxar Studio Oy oldin
Instructions unclear, i made a huge famine crisis
Tygz Dk
Tygz Dk Oy oldin
Isn’t the potato a mix between to vegetables, or is it only the carrot?
Miles Oy oldin
i swear thats 3 forks
Annemarie Donselaar
Am I the only one who is confused by the potato box?
Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish
Inb4 potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato comments on this video
Cyckel är hjälm
I love these videos. This is something between How To Basic and Gordon Ramsey
darko hunter
darko hunter Oy oldin
Potato x bacon
Brissa Villarreal
First time watching and im dying! Lovvvvveee it
Ace of Alien
Ace of Alien Oy oldin
Aliens are talking over the world please copy and paste this comment to spread the word 1 paste = 1 soldier 1 like = 1 alien soldier killed
Ace of Alien
Ace of Alien Oy oldin
Oh but EGGs can talk but potatoes can't huh!? Racist!
DieHard TryHard
The potatoes remind me of snow,feta cheese,and frozen milk.
Nico Nico
Nico Nico Oy oldin
Is the onion in celsius or farenheit?
Raul Vazquez
Raul Vazquez Oy oldin
Idk why I'm here but I'm here and I'm not disappointed.
A MB Oy oldin
Not once have I ever felt bad for a potato... Until now. Good lord..
Waroon H
Waroon H Oy oldin
Die ! Poteto !!! Die !
Sooo amazing
Master general
Sub to this. Guy
Colleen N
Colleen N Oy oldin
Is it bad That I want to eat it?
uhavemooface Oy oldin
That link had "mysac in the title of the link. That was hilarious at the end there. Not my sac but mysac in the code that you put never mind I am so lost on where I was going with this sentence.
Another one Another one Another one Another one
Alex Sukali
Alex Sukali Oy oldin
You can see his reflection in the ipad at 4:43!
Lugia_OW Oy oldin
2:10 I only just realised the vice-gripped fork on the right 😂
4 kun oldin