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Location - Khalid (LYRICS HD)

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One of my favorite songs :) Hope you all enjoy.




6-Noy, 2016

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Rikke Aman
Rikke Aman Kun oldin
Can someone help me to stop lisening this song 😂
Sara Owens
Sara Owens 2 kun oldin
I did lose my mom in Walmart and this song can't be any better at all
Saeid Farahani
Saeid Farahani 2 kun oldin
Ok i will send u my location its at... Ur backyard Edit: lol if u dont have backyard is ok
Anthony Blackmon
Anthony Blackmon 3 kun oldin
no thanks I'm full
Galexy Woof
Galexy Woof 5 kun oldin
When you wanna meet up with your friends but they totally ditched you
Xxx Kawailove101
Xxx Kawailove101 5 kun oldin
Let’s ride~ the Vibration
Lonely forever
Lonely forever 9 kun oldin
When you lose your mom at Walmart 😂💀
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones 9 kun oldin
I see all these addicted to this song comments. I'm in class and then my teacher asks me "If you have two bottles in one hand and two in the other hand, what do you have?" I said "An drinking problem" Now I'm suspended for 2 days :)
xTlodestar 10 kun oldin
I made a cool animated video to this song. Check it out on my channel!
taysser elshaikh
taysser elshaikh 10 kun oldin
*Me when I lose my mom in the grocery store*
Antoine Allen
Antoine Allen 12 kun oldin
xd SansDreemurr07
xd SansDreemurr07 13 kun oldin
AZN and raccon eggs version was better
Alejandra Rojas aguilar
Bertha Mercedes
Bertha Mercedes 14 kun oldin
When you lost your mom at the mall
P Hester
P Hester 14 kun oldin
I don't nothing else but u
Young_heart _break
Young_heart _break 17 kun oldin
No one commented on the bass but omg this has my subwoofers booming even when I use my pair of beats this still bangs em
Kassidee Bailey
Kassidee Bailey 19 kun oldin
Yea when you lose your boyfriend at the doctor and then having to go look for him then call him and he out side in the car when there a lot of car
「Solar Møøn」
「Solar Møøn」 22 kun oldin
send me your location *CUZ I NEED YOUR CHICKEN NUGGETZ*
Young_Recklezz13 22 kun oldin
Who else realized they could sing after singing this song?????
X ImmaFATpig X
X ImmaFATpig X 26 kun oldin
Khalid is the man I love his song so much
ACE _09
ACE _09 28 kun oldin
Put on your Headphones and enjoy af🖤
Claudia Cantu
Claudia Cantu Oy oldin
Chevon Noecker
Almost 2019 and this is still in my head smh
That Raccoon Nick
.75 speed sounds fire
Rachel Lester
Rachel Lester Oy oldin
When you get lost taking a *shortcut* on the way home from school.
Julia Merino
Julia Merino Oy oldin
squshie lover
squshie lover Oy oldin
Armando Gonzales
Sometimes i wonder why i fool with u
Karely Madero
Karely Madero Oy oldin
Elijah Warren
Elijah Warren Oy oldin
in the mall
Zetha De Los Reyes
I like song ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘
kdincali4nia Oy oldin
A lot of babes were conceived to this song lol
Kel Terrell
Kel Terrell Oy oldin
This just make my soul happy
Pamela Wood
Pamela Wood Oy oldin
Share your Google location cause he just needs the time and place to come through. What's the move and he got u. Let's ride the vibration. Rise Ride, come & vibe with me tonight.
Still as chill as two years ago
Mina gallegos villa
Me when im soo lonly and i say send me ur location
send me....your boyfriend and i'll-
Bella is here
Bella is here Oy oldin
Try 1.5 👌 noice
Malaila Leavell
I am gonna tell this to my crush tommorow at school lol
Nicole Henda
Nicole Henda Oy oldin
James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:27 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Chelsea Davis
Chelsea Davis Oy oldin
my name is rihanna and locashion is my fav song
gucci lover
gucci lover Oy oldin
My favorite song♥️♥️😻😻
Kassidee Bailey
When you lose your boyfriend at Walmart on Black Friday yea it way cool not when everyone take off and there a lot of people in Walmart
Isaac G
Isaac G Oy oldin
When you lose someone at the mall
Beatriz Cabrera
good good good
Pancho Barajas
Good job
Windysaint Oy oldin
Let’s ride the vibrations 🏍
I love this song
Maya Rose
Maya Rose Oy oldin
Not gonna lie I love this song at the fastest speed 😍😍
P Hester
P Hester Oy oldin
When you want your dream car
Kaden Davis
Kaden Davis 2 oy oldin
she took the kids
Tiger Wolf
Tiger Wolf 2 oy oldin
Khabib : Just Send me Location
rbiatul raa
rbiatul raa 2 oy oldin
Utami Tri
Utami Tri 2 oy oldin
Kern bgt ska bgt sma lagunya
Autumn Mickey
Autumn Mickey 2 oy oldin
I play this song every time I do chores do u guys?
Autumn Mickey
Autumn Mickey 2 oy oldin
I do
Sadafra Lopez
Sadafra Lopez 2 oy oldin
Me when i lose my mom at target
Flor Alonso
Flor Alonso 2 oy oldin
Mariam Alhamid
Mariam Alhamid 2 oy oldin
I absolutely LOVE his voice
NEOGotMyBack EXO17
Here because of NCT singing this
This goes out to all you mothers that has a child that gets lost in Walmart...
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 2 oy oldin
Hey I did that too.
_HootHoot_ 2 oy oldin
Im here from Manu and Carly 😂
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 2 oy oldin
when u lose your mom trick or treating
øñë k møbb
øñë k møbb 2 oy oldin
2018 anyone😍😍💋💗💗
salvador de leon
salvador de leon 2 oy oldin
When i was driving for Uber
Brittney Haltom
Brittney Haltom 2 oy oldin
listen at speed 0.75
Carol Valdez
Carol Valdez 2 oy oldin
Street: Hell avenue, house number 666, City: Illuminate
SirPenguinLot 52
SirPenguinLot 52 2 oy oldin
I thought this was AJR.
Saige Shipman
Saige Shipman 2 oy oldin
great song yay
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 2 oy oldin
Send me your location
Potato Kermit
Potato Kermit 3 oy oldin
Who wanna see my 85 songs on my playlist Its called who songs Enjoy
WalnutCake 3 oy oldin
SEND me your locatioN let’s focUs on communicating cuS i just neeD thE time and place to come through
Marissa McKnight
Marissa McKnight 3 oy oldin
When you lose your sister in the story and then your dad goes off and try to find her
Zoa mae Dixon
Zoa mae Dixon 3 oy oldin
WOW this is a GOOD song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slytherin BBJMME
Slytherin BBJMME 3 oy oldin
I love this song
Mark Vandenabeele
Delete this video asshole 😴😴😴
WalnutCake 3 oy oldin
Mark Vandenabeele why
keylow schubert
keylow schubert 3 oy oldin
Good morning my beautiful fans
Sarah Zhimomi
Sarah Zhimomi 3 oy oldin
this is lit
Rianna Serrano
Rianna Serrano 3 oy oldin
My friend when she asks for my location so we can have a sleepover
Jai Widman
Jai Widman 3 oy oldin
do you like this song called send me your location it's awesome because because it was talking about location and Tyrese likes that how about do you like apple orchard yes I do so I like school too and I like home and I like my friends I love Karma I love my mom I love my brother I love my grandma I love you cousins I love my friends I love my school I love my teacher Miss Hager I like mr. Hager I like Miss Flack I like mr. King I like the school office I like my friends my friend of ours awesome what do you have anything to say to me no I don't so tomorrow I got school and I need to sit at breakfast with my friends name Anthony and William and JD and Dylan and Nyema and Candace Myles Miss Ness Miss schlett and Anthony Miller and reshaun Roldan and Rachel Egbert Ciara ward Quinton and that's it thank you you welcome bye.
Crystal Haskins
Crystal Haskins 3 oy oldin
I love the song
KAYLA SHADE 3 oy oldin
Me when I lose my brother and sister in hide and seek
Louis Styles
Louis Styles 3 oy oldin
First: idk 😐 Second:pretty good :) Third:love it :D Fourth: -sings- =‘) Fifth: ADDICTED! *_*
Bossy Babe
Bossy Babe 3 oy oldin
The best remix was Zhavia's 🔥👌... She killed em at the four
Wiji Ono
Wiji Ono 3 oy oldin
Nice And Good
Mike_Wilson Dizon
Elisa Hernandez
Elisa Hernandez 3 oy oldin
I love u thx
Averi Jones
Averi Jones 3 oy oldin
When your mom hates his voice but u love it and u get grounded for always playing it oh that's just me ok....
Lily B
Lily B 4 oy oldin
Alyx.Playz 4 oy oldin
Has anyone else listened to this more than 100 times?
Sarai Muñoz
Sarai Muñoz 4 oy oldin
0:00 your welcome :)
Pat and Vanessa
Pat and Vanessa 4 oy oldin
When you have a crush and you wanna hang
Pat and Vanessa
Pat and Vanessa 4 oy oldin
If u have a crush on somebody and u wanna hang
Panama City
Panama City 4 oy oldin
I love this song
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 4 oy oldin
Lights in the back, looks like the cops pulling me over.
sonic and tails :
Come on girls, send me your location,im ready ( but you have to be 10 years old)
ella mizzoni
ella mizzoni 4 oy oldin
Windysaint 4 oy oldin
Let’s ride the vibrations
Leo Vsavge
Leo Vsavge 4 oy oldin
When I’m starring awkwardly at my crush in class
ThotDestroyer 4 oy oldin
The FBI when you find the dark web
God's Plan
Yil oldin