LoL's Future NEW Champions - THEORY

Jeremy - Gaming Curios
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League of Legends / LoL: LoL's Upcoming NEW Champions - THEORY! Thumbnail is at 7:03 in the video
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● Written By: Jeremy - Gaming Curios & Flannel
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19-Sen, 2018



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Keven Eledia
Keven Eledia 19 kun oldin
why all the heros in leagueoflegends is not moving while we picking
Ruben Dejacto
Ruben Dejacto 2 oy oldin
The colorful mage is Neeko and Chained is Sylas Like if agree
harry crab
harry crab 3 oy oldin
Oliver Pascua
Oliver Pascua 3 oy oldin
7:34 its sylas lol 2019
SnowFX 3 oy oldin
Neeko. Sylas.
krizzia anasco
krizzia anasco 3 oy oldin
colorful mage is neeko i guess
Legendary Super Saiyan God Green Saitama
That damn colorful mage
Jerry  Buenvenida
Jerry Buenvenida 3 oy oldin
I think one of its skills or passive is chaining a Demacian champion and copying its abilities
DeaD.- 3 oy oldin
Who hir after teaser of chained champ
dan gould
dan gould 3 oy oldin
It would be a fragile woman assassin with chains
Augusto Plez
Augusto Plez 3 oy oldin
Riot wants to create new races but trolls are just excluded since the game's beginning. I would love to see new ice trolls like Trundle or even some "jungle troll".
Joey Dela Cruz
Joey Dela Cruz 3 oy oldin
Itll be neeko and the mother of icathia
What The Flip69
What The Flip69 4 oy oldin
You got the colorful one.. its neeko
OmegaFireball 4 oy oldin
Like shurima likes to use gold and I would say it could be an ascended of shurima that uses chains to atack
OmegaFireball 4 oy oldin
Like shurima likes to use gold and I would say it could be an ascended of shurima that uses chains to atack
Quartex Games
Quartex Games 5 oy oldin
Well. Looking at the floor, the 'Chained Champ' is probably from Demacia.
Eshan Kumar
Eshan Kumar 5 oy oldin
I REALLY wanted a bandle city champion
Michal Geci
Michal Geci 5 oy oldin
I thing what champ coming but I am not sure. That champ is 1year on lol website but I really don't sure
Hexa 5 oy oldin
I know the new champs name: Senna (If u read the story of tresh and lucian, u will see) :) (Probably a support)
Vidmantas Glinskas
I think it will be Ivern race champion
Bape Skrrt
Bape Skrrt 5 oy oldin
Wait isn't yone coming out or they delay him because I was waiting for "yasuo's brother" then when I checked they bring out pyke so I was pissed like "for fuck sake why this champ"
Bape Skrrt
Bape Skrrt 5 oy oldin
I'm already hype I've been saving blue essence for them even tho its new season in the Philippines
xKAIIRUx 5 oy oldin
Nagolla Nikifrov
Nagolla Nikifrov 5 oy oldin
doesnt the fiure in the colorful mage look like the blood moon sign on evelyn's colarbone?
Iznikroc 5 oy oldin
the Kumungu Jungle is most likely where the new champ is from because the world map Riot released does not include a section for it so they must be using this champ as a means of re-imagining it.
Stonesy0000 5 oy oldin
Why are you touching my morgana!!!!
The Real Azir
The Real Azir 5 oy oldin
Its Mordekaiser 2
Wolf MAn
Wolf MAn 5 oy oldin
A new suport cgaracter that uses chains for cc hmmmmm "tresh being insulted"
harith danny
harith danny 6 oy oldin
the chained champion seems to be from frejlord u cant check it on runeterra map same chain go to Glaserport
mikmik tv
mikmik tv 6 oy oldin
The chain may be rem from re zero
Jamixo 6 oy oldin
i think the chain champion is the female darkin, and varus' sister.
Alex Pahssen
Alex Pahssen 6 oy oldin
I tried to research this flower and came up with an almost exact approach of a Bellflower. Bellflowers are symbolism for everlasting love, affection, and consistency. What might we take of this and relate it to BOTH AHRI AND THE COLOURFUL CHAMPION is that ahri could have taken a very special version of this Bellflower which caused her to get a charm ability and give herself beauty. Yet, in return she realizes that every man could be evil and only want a sex drive [I related this to orchids which are similar, and she could have also taken a serum of a surplus of flowers]. Continuing, she could have reached this flower [or been handed this flower from this "colourful mage". The mage could be someone that likely has a lot of CC [support / mage / assassin] and actually might be able to shapeshift [if looking into serums to extremity]. This mage could have an ability that, when used on creeps, turns them into allies. However, when used on enemy champions could be a simple charm [or temporarily turning that champion against its allies]. I personally don't believe this champion to have roots or anything like Zyra, but I do speculate that it will involve a serum / charming system involved. Love your vids! Keep at it!
Alex Pahssen
Alex Pahssen 6 oy oldin
After reading about the "Pure Vastaya" passage [and definition] it could be consulted that they might be bitter themselves upon drinking a serum that turned them into such a chimera. Or that since it says "pure vastaya" that it was the original and wants to change other humans into this said form as well [And perhaps to not be alone. ]
Zanto 757
Zanto 757 6 oy oldin
We have a chain champ in the game in thresh the warden of chains
Puccakid4 6 oy oldin
I feel like the chained champion is the person that thresh tortured in lore
Désirée 6 oy oldin
if this colourfull mage is xayah and rakans child im going to Deinstall league i sweartogod
J Thompson
J Thompson 6 oy oldin
The sooner Worlds is over the sooner the new champ will drop, my rp is ready. Don't really care about the mage but the other one looks more like it might be more my style.
Krystian Kukielczak
I have Rakan as second most played champ nd my fav support. you can easily tell that when I heard "colorfull mage" i went crazy
LeBalance God
LeBalance God 6 oy oldin
Morg with kayle is in 2019 year
erythreas34 6 oy oldin
The guy that reworked irelia making a champ. Oh god plz save up.
MeisterColin 6 oy oldin
bruh have you seen Worlds?
Hiendral 6 oy oldin
erythreas34 people who still think irelia is broken are dumb af
Calhaora Lightsbane
Hm..Maybe the Vastaya finally get their own "real" Faction o:
Kayana Koe
Kayana Koe 6 oy oldin
I like the name Ighilya though.. sounds unique and we would get to nickname her Iggy :o Also the gold chains make me think of a Demacian or Piltover prison for some reason
Pengxu Pan
Pengxu Pan 6 oy oldin
ofc we remember squad5, skilled in making champions that are benched
TB- awesome
TB- awesome 6 oy oldin
nah ,the chain image look more like ionian
Lundberg 6 oy oldin
No chain champion? HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THRESH
Altronza 6 oy oldin
Speaking of Thresh in the comments. I haven't watched the video yet, but after reading the post and doing some research - -I think its going to be the warlock that was chained up in the vault thresh used to guard (use for torture) that had regenerative abilities. -Thats were I think the chain champ is from... But i'm dumb so ignore me. -Reasons the design looks same as shadow isles stuff pre-death cloud. Either that or its some Demacian prisoner
ReznoV Vazileski
ReznoV Vazileski 6 oy oldin
The chains are kind of golden looking so the demacian prisonner thing could be on to something really. Demacia loves their fancy looking materials :P
Stefan Marian
Stefan Marian 6 oy oldin
Man that pyke art is awesome
Asian Apparition
Asian Apparition 6 oy oldin
The chains might be a form of Shadow Shaman's shackle but please not another Skarner ult like Batrider...
dankus memus
dankus memus 6 oy oldin
I think that the new faction will be the Kumungu Jungle. This is the jungle that Zyra is from, also. I think that the chained champion is the character that killed Lux and Garen's uncle, a mage that was arrested and kept imprisoned in Demacia. Anyways, these are my two centsokbye.
Jinkuzu 6 oy oldin
I'd like to think the chained champion is related to Darkins, being the sister darkin
john paul sanchez
lucians wife confirmed.. chained by thresh
Broken_mold 6 oy oldin
I get the feeling the flower mage will likely be a support mage
NCNR8 SYNERGY 6 oy oldin
What if the chain champ is a tank that has the same auto attack mechanics as rakan and thresh (not melee nor ranged) with his ult controlling another champ using the chains??
Daniel Barte
Daniel Barte 7 oy oldin
I hope they release the Darkin mage
Emily Rhyze
Emily Rhyze 7 oy oldin
I really hope the new colorful mage is Daphna The Dreamer
Monsieur Bobblehead
Could be lucian's wife.
Elinga LTU
Elinga LTU 7 oy oldin
kevin verbeek
kevin verbeek 7 oy oldin
What if the girl looked like evelynn, and because vayne is hunting evelynn down she got locked up. and evelynn herself was looking for a good form to look pleasured for the eyes. so she took the form of the girl! And they confused the girl with evelynn and now she wants her Revenge
Donghyun Kim
Donghyun Kim 7 oy oldin
so i guess thresh doesnt exist in the game.... bbl gon kill my self
Jared Ho
Jared Ho 7 oy oldin
More cowbell
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 7 oy oldin
I hope the chained champ is a darkin
MrUsamo 7 oy oldin
i mean... the heels could be of a pair of boots lol there are boots for male too lol but prob is a woman lul
Xavier Paz
Xavier Paz 7 oy oldin
I hope the new champion is something ground breaking and not just another generic knock off. Zoe is just a niadalee with cc, pyke is just darius as an Assassian.
Orel 7 oy oldin
its kinda looks like she has one human leg and one goat like leg. maybe she is half human body and half minotaur like body.
Nihilistic pancakeface
If they rework ezreal please let him have a weakness unlike kai'sa who has none and can basically be in any role
22shadowspirit 7 oy oldin
Lol, Churnwalker from Vainglory is quaking
joshua carlos
joshua carlos 7 oy oldin
warden of demacia
Madara Uchiha Six Paths
I might be wrong but those flowers are Orchids, Orchids bloom then die pretty fast, the colorful mage is a burst mage?
michael storm
michael storm 7 oy oldin
You mentioned Demacian architecture and I immediately thought "or it's a Noxian champ, imprisoned by Demacia" so that would be solid af. I think it would be cool if he was another brother to Darius and Draven, and Demacia had him holed up and he finally broke free. His lore could go like he's pissed at his brothers for not rescuing him, so while he doesn't fight for Demacia, he fights against his brothers.
Crispy Shroom
Crispy Shroom 7 oy oldin
Colourful mage is most likely to be a hallucination type skilled
Fluffy BlackBird
Fluffy BlackBird 7 oy oldin
wait wait wait wait wait Pyke was in May ???? holy Time runs D:
Fluffy BlackBird
Fluffy BlackBird 6 oy oldin
+hassan sayed as fast as Rammus with Karma e, Lulu w, Zilean e and Sivir ult.. Wait.. he rolls but you get me Guess we dont really think of the time between Pyke and the next new champ because of all those pretty nice reworks :)
hassan sayed
hassan sayed 6 oy oldin
Time runs indeed!
TroDaPro Z
TroDaPro Z 7 oy oldin
Thanos car = new champion
turtle eats tomato
hooves and chains? sounds like friggin alistar to me XD
Braxx 7 oy oldin
The Colorful mage is probably a Vastayan. But a Vastayan with full power. Because if you listen to Xayah's ingame talk she says how weaken the vastayans are, cuz magic is sipping away from them. While in the LORE, vastayans are super OP when they are at full power.
Braxx 7 oy oldin
The NEW Ezreal W has to be broken. PLS RIOT MAKE IT BROKEN. (for AP ofc)
Tirikul 7 oy oldin
Pls don't release Zoe 2.0
Sosse Bargeld
Sosse Bargeld 7 oy oldin
Ighilya flower mage wet hte fak what about zyra
Reapor Of Dragon
Reapor Of Dragon 7 oy oldin
Chained champ is cratos from god of war XD
Bradley Place
Bradley Place 7 oy oldin
It would be pretty cool if the mage champion had a passive on their abilities that uses colour. For example, each spell applies a status effect which would be cyan, yellow and magenta, hitting a champion with cyan and yellow would proc the green status effect and if you land all 3 it activates a white status effect that exposes the enemy champion to more dmg or reduces cooldowns. Basically, just give me a combo mage that paints the rift.
The Fourth
The Fourth 7 oy oldin
I think the "Chained Champion" goes with the Darkin Lore
Shrink Lord
Shrink Lord 7 oy oldin
Do you think that the ink mage can be the colorful mage?
Gabriel Pendragon
The chained champ makes me think of the alistar unchained skin
dev ang
dev ang 7 oy oldin
gold chain ... make him black !!!! plz
Zireael 7 oy oldin
Colorful mage : Zoe 2 Confirmed
Rommel James
Rommel James 7 oy oldin
Female darkin in chains perhaps
Martin morande
Martin morande 7 oy oldin
I think the new faction will be at that jungle east of shurima south of piltover, it’s a good place for nidalee, rengar, kha’six and some new champions.
Jan Klaška
Jan Klaška 7 oy oldin
Still no templar/witch hunter bruiser champ riot... I am still waiting
Rhythm OFC
Rhythm OFC 7 oy oldin
Not league style ..
Resladero 7 oy oldin
Why dafuq is Riot making new champions when they havent even Balanced the Champions that are now in the game ...
benjiman345 7 oy oldin
Going off of the loading screen tip, is it possible it could be a "drakehound" that someone has kept as a pet?
Yiannis Iezekiel
Yiannis Iezekiel 7 oy oldin
Guys guys guys... those chains are definitely Demacian let’s be real. And why would Demacia go through all the efforts of chaining someone up in heavy shackles when prisons are fine for most people? It makes total sense if the “chained champion” has magical abilities and so was chained up by demacia as they were afraid of his powers/to prevent him from escaping moving magic
Haris Khan
Haris Khan 7 oy oldin
It would be fun if they did an event where you could play all of the pre-rework champs
Savinho Slijngard
chained champion is soraka
Stephen 7 oy oldin
'What''s up guys It's me Jeremeeeeeeee'
Micheal McLellan
Micheal McLellan 7 oy oldin
Alistars sister so another minotaur
SmileyWorkZ 7 oy oldin
Why are they reworking Morgana and Ez?
NaFFie Tamano
NaFFie Tamano 7 oy oldin
I dunno about morg, but ez players are not satisfied with his e.
Necrit 7 oy oldin
During the Pax Lore pannel they confirmed that a character close to "Pure Vastaya" is coming. If this lines up with the flowers, it will be another furry friend!
Quartex Games
Quartex Games 5 oy oldin
And It's probably a BIG animal.
Silver Helmet
Silver Helmet 6 oy oldin
this is actually the easiest conclusion to get but super theoretical Jeremy doesnt come to that conclusion.
Ruvik 6 oy oldin
The Ivern we know now was born in Ionia, he was born when Ivern the Cruel cut the God Tree down. Ionia is a land full of nature magic, they even hold nature so highly that they make their houses by PLEASING the trees and asking them to form into a sufficient house. Hopefully we get to see one of these nature whisperers.
ASZ - The MoonWalker
Well.. we didn't have new elemental mage in a while i think, and all the vastayans are "mixes of human and animal" so maybe time for vastayan "mixed" with nature itself? Something like Malphite, Zyra or Ivern
Pane Thony
Pane Thony 6 oy oldin
Ruvik That's a good point.
José Gurú Azul
José Gurú Azul 7 oy oldin
I think that the colorful mage will have the bubble mechanic that is in odyssey
prado 7 oy oldin
Κοστας Καλιακατσος
Flowers New region Zyra?
Dji 7 oy oldin
Guys the mark behind flower... pretty like zoe's necklace and others thing she have. no?
Dji 7 oy oldin
I hope this colorful mage will be an old forest mama with a cup of tea or pencil to splash color with. Like the concept of fans( the rachet with pencil ans silences) (Did you remember the chained champ fan concept too?it was a female btw..)
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