London Customs Agent Couldn't Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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John Krasinski talks to Jimmy about the time he got beaned in the head by a fully loaded bagel in New York City, his daughter's Jedi mind tricks and how a customs agent reacted to learning his wife is Emily Blunt.
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London Customs Agent Couldn't Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt




4-Apr, 2018



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Abhilash `Nox` Baruah
Kuntum Anurag
Kuntum Anurag 2 kun oldin
Bruh why does Fallon talk like that
musiclover 2 kun oldin
good old Jimmy
Shone Sirpurkar
Shone Sirpurkar 3 kun oldin
Oh Jim.
Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea 6 kun oldin
“Something hit me in the back on the head, and it was a full cream cheese bagel.” “Emily is shooting a movie, a small Indy called Mary Poppins” This man 😂
Dr.R khatik
Dr.R khatik 7 kun oldin
So boring..... His wife is better...
Flex Sharingan
Flex Sharingan 7 kun oldin
Jim Halpert in NY now.
Swan Htet
Swan Htet 9 kun oldin
Big Tuna
Evil Morty
Evil Morty 12 kun oldin
Why is Jim pretending to be "John Krasinski". IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT A JOKE, JIM!
Shikhar Meh.
Shikhar Meh. 13 kun oldin
dude, i wld watch that guy on a sit com!
Shikhar Meh.
Shikhar Meh. 13 kun oldin
dude, his comic timing!
Mark Santarina
Mark Santarina 15 kun oldin
id do the same thing as the customs agent
Martha Lucia Mejia Medina
martha lucia mejia medina facebook 0573118308618
Mateo12485 23 kun oldin
Let's go Red Sox!!!
Julieta 23 kun oldin
i mean we all love john but he definitively married up
Leonie Jobin
Leonie Jobin 27 kun oldin
Al Gus
Al Gus 29 kun oldin
ah this ‘power couple’ thing is getting cringe worthy now.
Morley Oy oldin
He's fcking hot.
anonymous Oy oldin
3:36 the chuckle 🤣
Hannah Couture
He’s just perfect.
haxino Oy oldin
babu dxb
babu dxb Oy oldin
0:54 Noma...... Me flash backs to Jimmy's old SNL videos (boston teens) *Sully* n *Denise* John totally gave a slight ryan reynolds vibe...! Love both of em! 😊
Eamanuel Spada
You mairried emily blunt!!!!! lol😂😂
Pedro Angel Laines
Tuuunaaaaa!! ❤
Dwight Schrute
I see Jim has successfully infiltrated Hollywood by changing his name to John
RD S Oy oldin
He and Emily are too cute together. I think the woman should always be prettier than the man, because if he doesn't feel like he married up he isn't likely to stay true. My mom said always marry a quiet and shy guy.
Gabriel Ferraz
A manipulative negative jedi, there is a word for that mate
Nicole Saga
Nicole Saga Oy oldin
He’s so amazing!!!! So funny very humble guy!😍
pranav 007
pranav 007 Oy oldin
You married Emily Blunt? You?
Jose Abelida
Jose Abelida Oy oldin
i cant stop starong at those bulge!ahhahaha..sorrryyyy!!!
Beaches south of L.A.
He's so cool. That customs agent story is one of the greatest anecdotes of all-time. So funny.
nicougrikify Pelletier
Emily married up. John Krasinski > Emily
Aftab Sehgal
Aftab Sehgal 2 oy oldin
3:42 😂🤣
Rimsha Hasan
Rimsha Hasan 2 oy oldin
Love his humility
Lauralew92 2 oy oldin
I love how Jimmy plays or goes along with his guests’ jokes
samarendra chandan bindu Dash
0:11 Spiderman : I don't feel so good.... 😭😭😭
Sun Shottt
Sun Shottt 2 oy oldin
jimmy fallon is so fuckin annoying
Ashley Muirhead
Ashley Muirhead 2 oy oldin
We rather to call him Jim or big tuna not John the office true fans will knew this.
Erik Rognes
Erik Rognes 2 oy oldin
Emily is John's Pam
TopSecretMakeup 2 oy oldin
Yep Emily is our English Rose. Perfectly fresh, beautiful, gorgeous and brings you smiles.
naher samsun naher
don't shave
Bay Whedon
Bay Whedon 2 oy oldin
John and Emily have to play mister fantastic and the invisible woman in the MCU version of fantastic 4 They have too
jamesdakrn 2 oy oldin
Ross Gal
Ross Gal 2 oy oldin
The US copy of Gervais and Merchant’s The Office is Shite, but John Krasinski seems a great guy.
tash 2 oy oldin
“i’m so sorry” aww he’s so pure
Lucas Ferreira da Silva
Sorry John, but the customs agent reaction is relatable.
ya boi ellie
ya boi ellie 2 oy oldin
the thing about his daughter lowkey freaked me out bc when i was little apparently i assigned favorite colors to my family and i made my dad's color purple??? to this day i associate that color with him so,,,,,
Alee Garcia
Alee Garcia 2 oy oldin
All I see is jim
Bruno Lara
Bruno Lara 2 oy oldin
I still don't get how a beauty like Emily is married to this average looking guy, like wtf...
ly kongheng
ly kongheng 2 oy oldin
btw how is Dwight?
Mengyi ZHU
Mengyi ZHU 2 oy oldin
mary poppins!
Alexander Arnold
Alexander Arnold 2 oy oldin
He wasn't.
gianna0526 2 oy oldin
Mark Skater
Mark Skater 2 oy oldin
jimmy ... comment n add on dont make any of the jokes any funnier ... but he is trying
Christopher Montenegro
Best interview with John Krasinski.
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee 2 oy oldin
I totally don't get it why you need to come to Fallon's channel to bash him redundantly. Just watch the clip. No need to repeat the same old things every clip. Horrible, horrible people.
Ł. 2 oy oldin
Polish - Irish boy. Wonderful connection!
Dyazghost 2 oy oldin
Song name at the end???
Dwight K. S.
Dwight K. S. 2 oy oldin
I’ll will get you some day Jim
Made in America
Made in America 2 oy oldin
Jimmy Fallon is tough to watch. Like walking in on your grandparents having sex
Big Lasagna
Big Lasagna 2 oy oldin
i wanna know if there will be a sequel for A Quiet Place
Panix Attax
Panix Attax 3 oy oldin
He is one lucky man
GirlwthCurls 3 oy oldin
I had no idea he was this funny! He is great! And I totally believe you are married to Emily Blunt!! Perfect match! ❤️☺️👍
Mr ?
Mr ? 3 oy oldin
You 😂
sam g
sam g 3 oy oldin
Matt Wood
Matt Wood 3 oy oldin
This was literally on Graham Norton too
HikeGardenTravel 3 oy oldin
Ania O
Ania O 3 oy oldin
How could he not know who Emily Blunt is married to? He hasn’t heard of the Krunts?! 😂
Ashley Adonis
Ashley Adonis 3 oy oldin
I'm sorry I was thinking the same thing when I heard the two of them are married 😂
couldbahappychic 3 oy oldin
Kelsey Robinson
Kelsey Robinson 3 oy oldin
can u imagine getting roasted that bad by a fuckin customs agent
DJScuff edJays
DJScuff edJays 3 oy oldin
Battle of who can out fake the other. Nauseating to watch
Camden Burgess
Camden Burgess 3 oy oldin
Sam_2 Alexander
Sam_2 Alexander 3 oy oldin
John is reek from game of thrones
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday 3 oy oldin
All I can picture now is John with that awful Jim haircut again, but now with purple hair ties. You're welcome, world
Sambo Do
Sambo Do 3 oy oldin
1:30 “you know what it’s like to have two girls......Two daughters” lmao. They both be sweating quite a bit!
Alina Cabrera
Alina Cabrera 3 oy oldin
Alexander Cummins
1:29 "you know what its like to have two girls" realises the double entendre then quickly corrects himself "two daughters"
jonant8317 3 oy oldin
Emily Blunts husband seems kinda cool, I feel like maybe I know him from something...
kevin conroy
kevin conroy 3 oy oldin
As much as I’d like to finish this video, it has Jimmy Fallon in it
Christopher Jackson
My welcome to NY was after leaving Korea in the military. Flight took me to NY with a 10 hour layover. I went for a walk and found myself in Times square. I was walking AMD saw the MTV studios and said out loud "I am in times square". Guy next to me said and I quote "No shit stupid" Lol love NY
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 3 oy oldin
Rockstar must have named John Cranley after him.
Jennica Houlton
Jennica Houlton 3 oy oldin
I love John wow
Yash Lucid
Yash Lucid 3 oy oldin
"Beard me"
Emily Marie Stephens
He knows it😉🤣
Film Making with Siddharth Sai
Jim Go Shave your beard, wear formals and look at the camera and smile
Utkarsh Modi
Utkarsh Modi 3 oy oldin
Thats jim halpert
Ian Tobia
Ian Tobia 3 oy oldin
Jim John, pretty much the same thing
Noel Martinez
Noel Martinez 3 oy oldin
Wow he’s not a fat prick like he is on the Office
RAch711baby 4 oy oldin
This story about his wife is just GOALS
Aubrey Raena Strodtman
Anybody hear Deadpool kinda voice at 2:25 ? “No, my favorite color is purple”
SillyJo 4 oy oldin
It's like Emily Blunt was that customs agent's high school girlfriend or something 😄
Yasir Bavaş
Yasir Bavaş 4 oy oldin
sessiz bir yer filminde son sahnede bir bitirmişsiniz allah belanızı versin mallar o çok heyecanlanmıştım püüü sıçim sizin kalibınıza...
Helen Roy
Helen Roy 4 oy oldin
I mean they both are such a catch. He’s handsome and he is personality like the perfect mix between confident and humble. To say he married up is crazy, when in honesty they both married up. Everyone knows they’re “That Couple”.
Ali AlRassam
Ali AlRassam 4 oy oldin
What a funny hamble guy,love him
Deborah L
Deborah L 4 oy oldin
Them doing interviews about each other is my favorite thing ever
Ann Nee
Ann Nee 5 oy oldin
"I married up!" Yeah, dude, maybe by a half an inch, Emily is flawless and you're "just" very very good-looking indeed😂😂😂😂
Nuzhat Ramisa
Nuzhat Ramisa 5 oy oldin
he is amaaaaaaaazing
Mario Persaud
Mario Persaud 5 oy oldin
Jimmy Fallon seems so fake. It's kinda painful to watch him. Conan all the way
Cash Money
Cash Money 5 oy oldin
This guy would ace writing class
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