Long Vs. Short Makeup Routines

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"Honey, you're trying to look like a snack, but I'm a meal."
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8-Yan, 2019



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paula Muscat
paula Muscat 3 soat oldin
The thing is I only use primer, foundation, blush and highlight, eyeshadow, mascara lipstick and eyebrows but all that takes me an 1hour.... Yeah. But my short routine is mascara and eyebrows so I'm just 2 extremes
Estrella Casias
Estrella Casias 17 soat oldin
That's my new life motto. You tryna look like a snack. But I'm a meal
Dylan Rawr
Dylan Rawr 20 soat oldin
That "blend down the neck" song would be lit lol
Somer Jung
Somer Jung 23 soat oldin
Sis I manage to do more makeup than the longer time ones daily in like their same span of time skks
Juliana Aliñar
Juliana Aliñar Kun oldin
The girl with blonde hair looks like Brie Larson at first glance
Green Tea
Green Tea 2 kun oldin
The times aren’t that far off tbh
emily f
emily f 3 kun oldin
ok is it just me or does spenser look like brie larson
um i think the fuck not you trickass bitch
was wondering why no one else commented that LOL
Bridget Poole
Bridget Poole 3 kun oldin
My mum takes 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000mmmmm seconds (: no like legit hours to it and makes me late for high school lmaoooo
Cam Cam
Cam Cam 4 kun oldin
gabbie hanna vibes
Jilliemon Angel
Jilliemon Angel 5 kun oldin
I thought Emily was Gabbie Hanna
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 6 kun oldin
Emily is literally me 😂 like we even have the same name 😂
Lea Kellhammer
Lea Kellhammer 6 kun oldin
Gabbie lo
Nor ฅ'ω'ฅ
Nor ฅ'ω'ฅ 6 kun oldin
It takes me 10 minutes in the morning for make up but 3 hours at night for skin care regime hahha
bbea alastair
bbea alastair 6 kun oldin
Me : Powder Lipblam READY TO GO
ZhunRey_ 11
ZhunRey_ 11 6 kun oldin
4:48 why you look like Captain marvel
kayla McLaughlin
kayla McLaughlin 7 kun oldin
4:51 cringe?
Katerina Jachinto
Katerina Jachinto 7 kun oldin
“blend down the neck,blend down the neck 🎶 ” had me laughing XD 😂
Victor Parra
Victor Parra 9 kun oldin
So I’m the only one who’s everyday makeup routine is a little over an hour 😅
leafy green foots
leafy green foots 9 kun oldin
For mine I just don't use any foundation. I use concealer if necessary. I live at the beach so... But since I'm a lesbian I usually only use eyeliner and that's the only make up i wear
Peggy Kim
Peggy Kim 9 kun oldin
That's not even short. I do eyebrows , blush , lipstick maybe a bit concealer and out of the door.
Mikayla Pickel
Mikayla Pickel 9 kun oldin
The girl with the omg sticker has the most annoying voice
lovely Nikki
lovely Nikki 10 kun oldin
It takes me 10 minutes to do my brows
emma lazenby
emma lazenby 10 kun oldin
They weren’t even that different 😂
Destiny Flakes
Destiny Flakes 10 kun oldin
Gabbie Hannah with a normal nose
Kiara Carrizales
Kiara Carrizales 10 kun oldin
“My secret is I have bangs so I don’t have to do my eyebrows” those five strands of hair are bangs? Selena bidibidibombom bangs are BACK IN STYLE
Daddy Shark
Daddy Shark 10 kun oldin
No one set their face....
world record egg Olivo
I take 3 min-
Simply.sarena18 10 kun oldin
I can’t see her eyeliner
Sleeping Cinderella
Sleeping Cinderella 11 kun oldin
am I the only one who uses dish washer sponge as a contour blender?
getto girl
getto girl 12 kun oldin
0:33 "Hoeing season" like girl srsly??😂😂
Brittney Beardsley
Brittney Beardsley 12 kun oldin
They should do long vs short hair routines
KR TV 12 kun oldin
The black girl needs her own channel ❌🧢🥵🥵🥵🥵💖
Daisy Popcan
Daisy Popcan 12 kun oldin
Starts at 57 seconds
Lilly James
Lilly James 12 kun oldin
I loved this
samina Iqbal
samina Iqbal 13 kun oldin
O yar .. You guys are awsm ... Cute cool ...what should i say ... You know what i was getting so bored and now i m enjoying literally m enjoying m happy .....omg ...thankyou guys Lots lots of luv from pakistan
Cheska Carbonel
Cheska Carbonel 13 kun oldin
the other girl looks like brie larson
Milk 13 kun oldin
These ladies are great. I'm done XDDDD
Tessa Herondale
Tessa Herondale 14 kun oldin
The blonde girl looks like Pipper from OITNB
Kiki Dejean
Kiki Dejean 14 kun oldin
The blond girl called Spencer, she looks like if Brie Larson and Sarah Paulson had a baby.
Neko Nao
Neko Nao 14 kun oldin
I only use eyeliner, mascara and lipstick and people around me think it's way too much -_-
Tubba Rocks
Tubba Rocks 14 kun oldin
Girlie I totally get the glasses thing. Whenever I overdo my eyeliner I not too worried about it because my glasses cover it, plus when I smile I squint so...I'm good.
Lindsey Vasquez
Lindsey Vasquez 15 kun oldin
My eyebrows take 10-20 minutes depending on how much I care that day, then moisturizer, curl lashes and add mascara, highlighter on cheeks and nose sometimes brow bone, and chapstick. Lol
Annie Renner
Annie Renner 16 kun oldin
My takes less than a minute...I only wear mascera and I don't even wear that all the time 😂
Haithy Trevi
Haithy Trevi 16 kun oldin
“This is the only makeup I use” “That’s so cute” (can’t relate) lol
Alicia Reynolds
Alicia Reynolds 16 kun oldin
This makes me realize how personal it all is. Like nobody does their makeup like a beauty guru. We may imagine that because we never actually see people doing their makeup. We're so used to seeing a beauty guru's process which is what we end up imagining as the standard.
VicktheIck 17 kun oldin
That's nothing. My make up routine is lotion and chapstick done! 1 minute baby !
вuввlєgumdrσp 15 kun oldin
VicktheIck SAME
Olala Bert
Olala Bert 17 kun oldin
my makeup rutine is 5 minutes
mijon hunter
mijon hunter 18 kun oldin
Spenser looks like the lady for OITNB
Joy 18 kun oldin
If i. Was in. This video, it will be 45 minutes vs 0 minutes
Nadya Chavez
Nadya Chavez 18 kun oldin
am I the only one who got a ad about annoying text that guys send ?😭
Diana Cordero
Diana Cordero 19 kun oldin
They say the eyebrows are supposed to look like sisters, not distant cousins. I look nothing like my sister and I’m almost identical to some of my distant cousins -_-
Woodstock69 19 kun oldin
Long makeup routines lmao 🤣 it takes me 1-2hrs to do my makeup 🤣
sophie m
sophie m 20 kun oldin
My makeup takes 10-15 mins
Renee Cusick
Renee Cusick 20 kun oldin
Worth it if only for the "Dark Circles"/"Let It Go" cover.
Abi Gonzalez
Abi Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
1:37 relatable 😂
Naimitha Reddy
Naimitha Reddy 21 kun oldin
WAKE UP AT 8:15, LEAVE TO COLLEGE AT 8:45 My makeup routine. 5min 1) moisture/ sunscreen 2) concealer ( i need to conceal my never ending dark circles) 3) mascara 4) tinted lip balm DONE.
Niall the Potato
Niall the Potato 21 kun oldin
Emily kinda look like Gabbie Hanna
Cara Beckett
Cara Beckett 22 kun oldin
Hahahahahahahaha you think that 40 minutes is a long time to do makeup. Mine is usually 1.30 hours
Hannah Barrentine
Hannah Barrentine 20 kun oldin
Cara Beckett i literally snorted when they said 30-45 minutes.
Monnette Mullenix
Monnette Mullenix 22 kun oldin
All of the "My makeup routine takes zero minutes because I don't wear makeup..." Comments 🙄👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jilane Gui
Jilane Gui 22 kun oldin
Girl in blue kinda looks like Gabbie lol
International Playgirl
Conceal don’t feel don’t let them know....but now they know! Dark circles, dark circles, they’re underneath my eyes!
Ayesha Mohsin
Ayesha Mohsin 23 kun oldin
The first girl, in the blue shirt she looks alot like Hannah Gabi
ganal 23 kun oldin
“Ur so cute” bruh that’s me @ every pretty girl ever 😂
Aleksandra Hajduk
Aleksandra Hajduk 23 kun oldin
Honey you try a look like a snack , but I’m a meal 😂❤️
MariahsPalace 23 kun oldin
I think I take about an hour to do a full regular makeup routine- but I like full face baby!!!!! Anyone else? 🥰🥰🥰
Duo Jungoo
Duo Jungoo 23 kun oldin
The girl with the short hair and blue shirt looks like Gabbie
name name
name name 23 kun oldin
or follow my 10 second makeup routine look in mirror wipe eyes and face with hands because you are gross stare dissapointed in the mirror ALL DONE
Holly Knutson
Holly Knutson 23 kun oldin
I’ve tried doing my makeup without eyeshadow and I like just... can’t
Julian L
Julian L 24 kun oldin
My sister literally just puts mascara and concealer on lol while I’m over here taking 2 hours😂
Zoya Ahmed
Zoya Ahmed 24 kun oldin
emily low key looks like gabbie hanna but with a nose job SKJKskSKS
Megan Boström
Megan Boström 24 kun oldin
The blonde (I don't know their names) kinda looks like Brie Larson
Lighting Thunder
Lighting Thunder 24 kun oldin
"You tryna look like a snack,but imma meal"
Peter Quintal
Peter Quintal 24 kun oldin
my makeup routine is 2 hours gurl
Chris Fo
Chris Fo 24 kun oldin
I wouldn’t wear that much makeup if my skin was smoother
Ellie F
Ellie F 24 kun oldin
“I have to stare at my face for 30 min and then I start my makeup” I relate 😂
Adrianna Michalski
Adrianna Michalski 24 kun oldin
as a pisces, my veins do show XD
0XmusicforlifeX0 24 kun oldin
Who are all these people???
ASG MAKEUP 24 kun oldin
I take 3 actual hours to do my makeup girl bye
Andie Migliore
Andie Migliore 25 kun oldin
Weird kind of frozen song your singing 😂😂😂😂
I T ‘ S . D I A
I T ‘ S . D I A 25 kun oldin
The lady with the blonde hair reminds me of piper from orange is the new black 💀
Jinho's lost centimeters
I thought that too 😂
its kiahswrld
its kiahswrld 20 kun oldin
I T ‘ S . D I A I thought that was her at first
pooterbutt1700 Smith
There only taking like 20minute but I take 2 and half hours every morning before school
Breonna Lanter
Breonna Lanter 25 kun oldin
SPECIAL MAKEUP ROUTINE Concealer Brows Light contour Highlight Nude light eyeshadow Mascara Carmex REGULAR DAY Light brows Subtle highlight Mascara Carmex The first routing takes me about twenty to twenty five minutes the second one takes me about ten
Short? short is 5-10 min.
Javiera Castillo
Javiera Castillo 25 kun oldin
The blonde girl looks like Piper Chapman
Pat E
Pat E 25 kun oldin
All four ladies were awesome! Loved the video. Hope to see this group again in another video.
Taylor Chavez
Taylor Chavez 25 kun oldin
“Dry ham” 😂
LadyLal 25 kun oldin
We’re gonna need a full version of that dark circle song!!
s2me89 26 kun oldin
Hoeing season 😂😂💀. I woke up later than I should and had seven minutes to get out the house to get to work on time. I slapped that makeup on so quick I don't even know how I managed it in 12 mins. Usually takes me about 25 minutes when I got time but nights out its literally 45 minutes. Mostly wasted on trying to put eye lashes on. 😂
Dana Nørgaard
Dana Nørgaard 26 kun oldin
And then there's me, who rolls out of bed 10 minutes before I'm supposed to be there and just slaps a wet dish cloth on my face
xX xX
xX xX 26 kun oldin
40 minutes... Long?! Like I use that time only to do my brows
Daylen Dimas
Daylen Dimas 26 kun oldin
This is how I do my eyebrows "blue face"
Urjune 101
Urjune 101 26 kun oldin
The girl in the blue shirt is funny
Rose Szalay
Rose Szalay 26 kun oldin
My really complicated routine: - chapstick I have had for 6 years - done.
i’m such a piece of trash
xx x x x sAME
Lowkey Maria
Lowkey Maria 25 kun oldin
Rose Szalay sis I get a new chapstick every 2 weeks cause I lose them out of nowhere 😂
Dalialah A.
Dalialah A. 26 kun oldin
“i want them looking like sister but they end up looking like...distant cousins”
Aurora the Snowflake
ok but 30-45 minutes isn’t that long for a full face.
Kylie Marie
Kylie Marie 26 kun oldin
“But....I’m a meal!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chelsea Martin
Chelsea Martin 26 kun oldin
Doing a full face of makeup takes me 60-90 minutes... I just work really slow XD
Karma Cifer
Karma Cifer 26 kun oldin
Mine is done in 3 minutes. 1 minute per eye and 1 for the mouth ¯\_(°-°)_/¯ A beautiful smoky red-brown eye with gradient red lips xD
Layza Sierra
Layza Sierra 26 kun oldin
Ok secondhand Gabbie Show and Girl from OITNB, i see u.
I’m a bi Theater nerd
My makeup routine takes 1-2 mins
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