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Watch Los Angeles Lakers Lonzo Ball ALL 21 Three Pointers Since Returning From Injury - 50% SHOOTiNG! | FreeDawkins'FreeDawkins NBA Video'
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10-Mar, 2018

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Jakob Michon
Jakob Michon 10 kun oldin
lol great coverage from dirk at 0:25 hahaha
1 1
1 1 29 kun oldin
Lonzo would be great if the nba season was 21 games any more he re errs back to his original form
bong hits
bong hits Oy oldin
That sound of the net tho.
Andrew ben 10
Andrew ben 10 Oy oldin
It looks so good
Ndjdjdj Frm
Ndjdjdj Frm 4 oy oldin
Lonzo my favorite
AJS,jr AJS,jr
AJS,jr AJS,jr 4 oy oldin
Lando Hudson
Lando Hudson 5 oy oldin
And people say he can’t be on the court with bron because he can’t spot up half of theses our catch and shoot🏀💯💜💛
Lakers Will Rise
Lakers Will Rise 5 oy oldin
Most people don't realize he is a catch and shoot 3 point shooter although he also has a step back. With the Lakers passers, Zo will be able to get more catch and shoots.
leo zhou
leo zhou 5 oy oldin
“its nothing but net” keep doing it Lonzo! LABron will need you help
Ashtin Howell
Ashtin Howell 5 oy oldin
So sick of these analysts saying he CANT shoot like he can’t hit wide open shots that will be available to him now that Lebron is on the team
gadson92 5 oy oldin
This made me smile 😁
JDVL2k 5 oy oldin
Honestly Lonzo is kinda an underrated and overrated shooter
Karl Malone's Elbow
Been a fan since his HS days. Love that he's in the NBA I never miss his games
Lance R13
Lance R13 5 oy oldin
At least he isn’t getting 0 points anymore.
Dwayne Wade
Dwayne Wade Oy oldin
He gone be a superstar soon
PinHead 5 oy oldin
have you all noticed that every three is MADE IN THIS VID
Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson 5 oy oldin
It has nothing to do with his skill. Hes adapting to getting his shot off quicker due to playing at the NBA level. All basketball players who shoot the ball know that you can sometimes get in a huge shooting slump but you can get out of it and get in the zone too. He was just in a slump. Nothing more nothing less
Naufal H
Naufal H 5 oy oldin
It Amazed me how he made himself such wide open
Raghu Chopra
Raghu Chopra 5 oy oldin
Fuckin pisses me off how he releases the ball sideways when he shooting it, but it’s all mesh sometimes.
supreme fdg
supreme fdg 6 oy oldin
chill it's just the mavericks
Kyle Charles
Kyle Charles 6 oy oldin
I ain know my son lonzo was clutch
K G 6 oy oldin
He really torched the spurs tho
kevinh H
kevinh H 6 oy oldin
I just dislike because I hate Lozo ball he’s yrash
kevinh H
kevinh H 5 oy oldin
Why dont you go ahead and suck Lebrons dick. Go ride the Lakers dick
Bugsy 6 oy oldin
why you here the faggot. shouldnt you be jerking to videos of kd or something?
Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball 6 oy oldin
LA Bron
LA Bron 6 oy oldin
He is good at standing three and stepback jumper three
bASS ketball
bASS ketball 7 oy oldin
Please wisit my chanell i have good vids
Am Duvall
Am Duvall 7 oy oldin
Lonzo ball is better then curry
ZK17328 Vlogs
ZK17328 Vlogs 7 oy oldin
Why did his shooting become not so good a few games after these games? Did his confidence go down again or something?
LakersWillRise 5 oy oldin
He was hurt
Justin Namuco
Justin Namuco 8 oy oldin
The Lakers fans are full of joy 😂
goth boy
goth boy 8 oy oldin
it’s like even though he’s wide open, he still takes time to gather his shot with a defender closing in the contest his shot! Contesting clearly doesn’t faze this man!
Peace Roy
Peace Roy 8 oy oldin
I’m telling you, once he gets comfortable with the league it’s over he’ll make everything
whobitchthisiz 8 oy oldin
Lonzo got that bitch jumping lol
George Amadi
George Amadi 8 oy oldin
Why is this a highlight ? lmao
Waverly Brown
Waverly Brown 8 oy oldin
did he get better when his. dad left
XXXTENTACION Fan 8 oy oldin
Looks like the bench will celebrate when he will just make it
markiman74 8 oy oldin
Is he still knocking them in still?
flavio duarte duarte
He gon be alright we jus gotta motivate him🦁⛹️⛹️
call me atlas
call me atlas 9 oy oldin
Jump shot low-key looks wet when it's the bottom
FSUSeminoles SeminoleNation
Last week against the Cabs he took 9 3pt. shots. and made one, 50%??
Hudiiz 9 oy oldin
ALL twentyone
lucaztb 9 oy oldin
the most stylish shooting form
Jason Yapranata
Jason Yapranata 9 oy oldin
Keep training those 3pt shoot and you will be an all star at no time
trump 2020
trump 2020 9 oy oldin
i miss this lonzo, hope he gets through this slump right now and goes back to hitting like this
Derick Brown
Derick Brown 9 oy oldin
They better give my boi deep range dead eye and limitless range on HOF
Gavin Rains
Gavin Rains 8 oy oldin
Derick Brown Hell no
Just Victor
Just Victor 9 oy oldin
Haters just say it “I was wrong about Lonzo” 😭👌🏻
kennedy072 2 kun oldin
No we aint, this nigga still cant do D
Giannis Anteyokounmposiwndowiukdowommsqowu
And now...... yeah.
Magic Kotse
Magic Kotse 9 oy oldin
My Classmates Argued on me because I Idolized Lonzo, They said he's an overrated guy, But I Told them" I don't care, He's just starting the process, Even The King Started at a Rookie, "
MichaelMike 310
MichaelMike 310 9 oy oldin
Dawkins is pissing off the Lonzo haters with this post lol
milkywxy 9 oy oldin
great vid
Fatboii SSe
Fatboii SSe 9 oy oldin
He can be good if he Is able to play offense off ball and get his handles up. His base jumper is good its just that form that makes me want to scream
Jah Freezy
Jah Freezy 9 oy oldin
If you think about it his shot is hard to play D against... yeah he gone be alright
Il Magazzio
Il Magazzio 9 oy oldin
why yall keep talking bout this trash player, there are so many player that r waaaayy much better than him
Il Magazzio
Il Magazzio 9 oy oldin
fuk this
Maikol Batista
Maikol Batista 9 oy oldin
I do Speak spanish:Lonzo ball tal vez cuando desarrolle su tiro sera un buen lanzador de tres puntos. (I no speak english fine).
Rahat Choudhury
Rahat Choudhury 9 oy oldin
Oh okay 👀
Luís Pedro Leonardo
Dont let this video distract you from the fact that Markelle Bustz have 0% 3P in NBA
The Greatest
The Greatest 8 oy oldin
Travis Travis they trash
Travis Travis
Travis Travis 9 oy oldin
+Luis Pedro Leonardo Simmons has 0% in nba as well. He is 0 - 10 for the season from the 3
A N T I Everything
Almost every time he shoots the whole team starts heading back down court before the ball even goes in.. His team knows those are falling.. OO, OO, Zo get off get off
j0rdan1000 9 oy oldin
Better shooter then Lebron definitely a top contender for rookie of the year
Kamrin Murphy
Kamrin Murphy 2 oy oldin
He's not a better shooter than Bron from anywhere on the floor...
Jainabu Waggeh
Jainabu Waggeh 9 oy oldin
Infinity Mixtapes
But...I thought he was a bust lol
It's such an ugly shot, but at the same time when it goes in it's so beautiful
Dac Phuc Le
Dac Phuc Le 9 oy oldin
Lonzo is good. People need to know that he is a rookie
KryptKeeper317 9 oy oldin
Is Lonzo top 5 rookies this year? Is this suppose to be a pat on the back?
robert ewing
robert ewing 9 oy oldin
That shot really beautiful tho
hillbert 10
hillbert 10 9 oy oldin
i am still intrigued on how can he shoot a ball consistantly lik that
Jaden Denham
Jaden Denham 9 oy oldin
He’s transitioning now from college, people expect these high drafts to just be perfect in their first year in the nba and forget that transitioning from college to the nba can be very difficult, especially under all the pressure Lonzo had. He’s just more comfortable now and I’m happy to see he’s doing better
dabojor125 9 oy oldin
although the shot aint pretty, its still wet af
His shooting form is looking a lil better also still funny looking u can tell he's been shoot in the gym!!!💣💣💣💥💥💥
Jordan Sharpe
Jordan Sharpe 9 oy oldin
When he makes them most of them be wett asl. So his form can’t be that bad
King Ant
King Ant 9 oy oldin
Waitin for that 2k roster update zo betta be over n 79
AL Wilkins
AL Wilkins 9 oy oldin
Haters would say it's not 100%
CeltiKKKs Fan
CeltiKKKs Fan 9 oy oldin
That spurs game tho
Alejandro Hernandez
What type of form is that tho
Johnny TightLips
Johnny TightLips 9 oy oldin
Its funny how Stephen A smith and others created this 'He can't shoot a lick' story, completely discrediting the fact he was one of the best 3PT shooters in college. Look at him now lol.
Mattia Cassell
Mattia Cassell 7 oy oldin
What did you expect from Stephen A. I still think Lonzo with a normal shot with his own spin on it like every shooter has would be a much better shooter like 40% and above. Every shooter shoots differently but I think Lonzo will always be full on or bricking.
Just Victor
Just Victor 9 oy oldin
It’s funny how they stopped talking shit about him being a bust lol
Johnny TightLips
Johnny TightLips 9 oy oldin
over there
UnrL Retire
UnrL Retire 9 oy oldin
Johnny TightLips look where?
Laker Ludz
Laker Ludz 9 oy oldin
most his shots wet they sleeping on my boy tho
Spuuhky 9 oy oldin
His form has gotten quicker
John50 Beach
John50 Beach 9 oy oldin
What's the big deal? Steph makes that many within 4 games
The Lake Show
The Lake Show 9 oy oldin
Finn Mertens
Finn Mertens 9 oy oldin
Ever since he wore a shirt under like he did in college he's been hot from 3
AD Nielsen
AD Nielsen 5 oy oldin
He gotta go back to the single leg sleeve too. When he was in summer league he played like bad his first game out that sleeve on and got a triple double
Martin Vasquez
Martin Vasquez 6 oy oldin
Garen Matossian
Garen Matossian 6 oy oldin
Nol Add it’s probably the hair to lol.
ZENO 7 oy oldin
Pokemon World Big Baller Brick?
Pokemon World
Pokemon World 8 oy oldin
is the undershirt = BBB? @_@
Gary Hall
Gary Hall 9 oy oldin
It'd be so damn funny if Lonzo truly does leave Lakers due to the team not signing the other ball brothers. I wonder how theses ass kissing clowns that thinks he's second coming of Jesus would react 😂
Lamont Adams
Lamont Adams 9 oy oldin
He just a regular nba player that's all he will never be a super star like magic he not even a threat to any top PG he will be a good player
Lamont Adams
Lamont Adams 9 oy oldin
U a internet trash talker cuzz
If Cardi says no to sex, im fucking
Lamont Adams do you know how fucking stupid you look?
If Cardi says no to sex, im fucking
Lamont Adams you time traveled to the future and traveled back now???
If Cardi says no to sex, im fucking
Lamont Adams and you've time traveled before, I guess????
chris 9 oy oldin
Lonzo da GOAT
Bryan Eddy
Bryan Eddy 9 oy oldin
Now show how off all of his misses are... good shooters don’t miss how he does
Wes Longfield
Wes Longfield 9 oy oldin
Game 1 of year 2020 NBA Finals, “Ball for three...BANGGG”
DJOE.E 9 oy oldin
Garrett Harrington
Appreciate the Karate chop Lonzo Bop Splash
bull 9 oy oldin
Am happy am not hopping on his bandwagon,always knew he just needed time
Ethan Velazco
Ethan Velazco 9 oy oldin
He still have that jumper
Cal Friedman
Cal Friedman 9 oy oldin
So if Zo ends the season averaging 10.8 PPG, 7.3 RPG, and 6.9 APG shooting 35%, is it a good season?
Cal Friedman
Cal Friedman 9 oy oldin
S I M P L E I'm not hating on him, I was projecting his stats for the end of the season. I honestly wanted to know everyone else's opinion cuz someone asked me last night and I wasn't sure how to answer it.
If Cardi says no to sex, im fucking
Cal Friedman stop hating on Lonzo you bum
If Cardi says no to sex, im fucking
Cal Friedman 10.6 7.0 7.0
If Cardi says no to sex, im fucking
Cal Friedman and you got His stats wrong
If Cardi says no to sex, im fucking
Cal Friedman stats ain't everything.. lol
Nantille Boards
Nantille Boards 9 oy oldin
Lonzo from downtown!
Ever Quintanilla
Ever Quintanilla 9 oy oldin
Lonzo will be a good point guard in the league he always can shoot the ball just was in a slumped he is not a bust
Clayseph16 9 oy oldin
Aaaaaaaaaaand its gone. Love you still lonzo
Akhil tk
Akhil tk 9 oy oldin
They can't leave him open at the 3 pointer no more
L-Town Slick
L-Town Slick 9 oy oldin
This ultra specific ass video 😒 you might as well add the color of his socks in the thumbnail
mdhcccc 9 oy oldin
Deuante Kelly
Deuante Kelly 9 oy oldin
But you clicked on it lol
Ruben Lanuza
Ruben Lanuza 9 oy oldin
L-Town Slick youtubee moneyyy
Unixe 9 oy oldin
That 50% shooting average doesn’t mean nothing to the people that calls him a bust still
Travis Travis
Travis Travis 9 oy oldin
+Unixe he is 48% from the free throw line for the season. 4th worst in the entire league
Rell Montana
Rell Montana 9 oy oldin
It’s gonna go down because they making him force at the last min because Isaiah Thomas trash ass smh💯good shit Zo
Dangitdanger I
Dangitdanger I 9 oy oldin
Rell Montana I hope we don’t resign Thomas if it’s a small deal he makes no sense on this team.
You cant stop me lovin myself
After this video is pisted he shot like shit
rashad harris
rashad harris 9 oy oldin
seriously? so Dennis Smith can't get highlights but lonzo overrated ass gets it
Carlos Madden
Carlos Madden 9 oy oldin
rashad harris Dennis Smith is trash, he is overrated. He’s on a terrible team that has no expectations with no pressure & still is shooting terrible
EverythingCounts 9 oy oldin
Lonzo Ball is one of the most popular basketball players in the world. He is going to get attention, good or bad, so deal with it.
Ramsey Billiot II
Good stand still shooter but still literally can’t shoot moving to his right or in the mid range
Garrett Harrington
Ramsey Billiot II he shot real good from midrange in tonigjts game
Ramsey Billiot II
You should do this for Rondo at the end of the year
Michael L
Michael L 9 oy oldin
Ramsey Billiot II Right
Adolfo Castillo
Adolfo Castillo 9 oy oldin
I'm not hating I'm just asking was it really necessary to make this video ?
Nine times Out of Ten
You clicked on it didn't you?
Deuante Kelly
Deuante Kelly 9 oy oldin
Cause you'd watch it
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew 9 oy oldin
Nah, FreeDawkins just spreading love
Truth 9 oy oldin
It is. Wonder where the youtubers earn they money? From views. Views gets u ads revenue and streaming revenue. You dumb
Ruben Lanuza
Ruben Lanuza 9 oy oldin
youtube moneyyy