Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2017.12.12 at Knicks - 17 Pts, 8 Rebs, 6 Asts, 3rd Quarter Show!

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13-Dek, 2017



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Jose Aguilar
Jose Aguilar Oy oldin
Ugly throw technique but perfect execution.
Th_iii _nk
Th_iii _nk 2 oy oldin
Lavar the GOAT LOL
Joey Flacko
Joey Flacko 3 oy oldin
im honestly a little dissapointed we got lebron honestly lonzo is taking of this season and needs that shine
Lebron James
Lebron James 4 oy oldin
Lavars fucken funny
Michael Kurniawan
I wish my dad would be clapping for me like Lavar did to Lonzo.
Air Espenilla
Air Espenilla 7 oy oldin
The dictionary should have a picture of Lavar Ball next to the word "Cringe".
Lonzo Ball = Next Steve Nash
Lebron James
Lebron James 8 oy oldin
Gelo a bust but not Lonzo
SLIP NORRIS 9 oy oldin
Look at Lavar going crazy in the front row.
RyBread TheGreat
RyBread TheGreat 9 oy oldin
When lonzo And Lebron join forcessss.....
SHINDEIRUL1 mobile fortnite Usuxxdd
Basketball doesnt mean to be a ball hog,it is about playmaking and passing and playing good with our team mates not just one person that will show off and other do nothing,there are fee exceptions like michael Jordan,Kobe Bryant,and LeBron James
360 NoScope
360 NoScope 9 oy oldin
This was a great game where Zo showed his true potential
Justyn Harlee
Justyn Harlee 9 oy oldin
Lonzo not a bust and as far as his Jshot who's would you rather have lonzo's or markelle fultz ????
marcedout 10 oy oldin
Its more Laker fans in New York, Than Knicks fans
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 11 oy oldin
Lonzo ball got better
Corben Carter-Dixon
Does that look like a bust? He’s got the height and IQ to be a great player. Kobe went through the same process then turned into the Mamba. Lonzo is on his way
marcedout Yil oldin
God bless South Central
Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart Yil oldin
Lonzo ball dunked on fucking Porzingis
channel Anonymous
They should put Lavar ball on the Laker sidelines in NBA2K19😂
Enrikay GG
Enrikay GG Yil oldin
Ball can ball
Every Day
Every Day Yil oldin
Every Day he dropped 37 in your asses take the L
Bipan Maharjan
Bipan Maharjan Yil oldin
Nobody missing rn Nobody playing defence rn 😂
handsome guy
handsome guy Yil oldin
lonzo s a good player.very humble and quite...he likes assist to his team mates he can shoot he can rebound ,blocks,steal...what else can u ask for ...love it men
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Yil oldin
Bandwagoner 18yolds already leaving sinking ship
okir rama
okir rama Yil oldin
Who's that bum in the background??.... Oh wait...that's Joakim Noah?? 1:07 😂😂😂😂
okir rama
okir rama Yil oldin
I'm waiting for the low light, but damn!!
Black Trapia315
Black Trapia315 Yil oldin
Everyone talking about Lonzo Ball, but no one notice at 3:45 when lonzo got foul the score was 99LAL 101NY and the shot clock stop at 4:34. Now pay close attention to the score board! Lonzo goes to the line shoots his foul shots and watch what the score board did, he shoots the score went up 100LAL 101NY. Now watch what happens as he shoots again and scores. Instead of Adding points to even up the score or having them lead by one the NBA cheat the Lakers out of that game if you as me (reason why) they never count lonzo shoots at the free throw line that he made when the score was 99LAL 101NY with the shot clock stop at 4:34
Tim from the basement
Laughing at the haters 😆😂😂
Chris Paula
Chris Paula Yil oldin
When he plays with confidence he has so much potential!!!
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Yil oldin
Chris Paula lol he won't be superstar, just average somewhat good player maybe. He has chicken character
•selcxuth •
•selcxuth • Yil oldin
Peep lamelo talking shit 2:29😂
Justin Knowles
Justin Knowles Yil oldin
Thats a proud father!!!
Saucy. Jayy
Saucy. Jayy Yil oldin
Lonzo isn't a bust, in the short amount of time he's progressed. Give him a couple years and he'll be one of the best in the league
Big Jay
Big Jay Yil oldin
“ NOBODY MISSING RIGHT NOW “ , “ nobody playing defense either “ 😂🤣
Luis Benitez
Luis Benitez Yil oldin
Why people call this kid a bust I'm not of a Laker fan, but I watch the game and this kid it's so fun to wAtch damn. If you see him with eyes of hate makes sense
marcedout Yil oldin
The white kids love Lavar, they wish they had a black father who cared
Dj Boz
Dj Boz Yil oldin
When y’all start talking about his first game in MSG .... you need to see Jordan’s first game ... this will let u know how weak these players are these days ... here is the UZvid link uzvid.com/video/video-6WnIbSr5kRQ.html
Michael James
Michael James Yil oldin
3:52 .. He threw up an AIRBALL and got a foul call for what exactly? There was absolutely NO contact..
Kevin Riddell
Kevin Riddell Yil oldin
Shot the ball ok for once
Money Motivated
Money Motivated Yil oldin
BBB & the Lake Show givin ya favorite team sellouts.them seats be packed win or loss
Alex Tillack
Alex Tillack Yil oldin
woulda had at least 10 ast if KCP and Ingram weren't throwing up so many bricks
CEO of YouTube
CEO of YouTube Yil oldin
Lakers fans garbage
swjp 36
swjp 36 Yil oldin
Just give Lonzo time. Probably not this year, maybe not even next year, but over time he will develop into a good NBA player. He's just has too many good qualities and intangibles to be a bust.
mattlarocca16 Yil oldin
Ain't nothing like the garden baby...
I am Groot
I am Groot Yil oldin
That 3rd quarter run when they was just trading buckets had everybody goong crazy
FMB Gio Yil oldin
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ka en
ka en Yil oldin
"a downgraded Jason Kidd"
ka en
ka en Yil oldin
eyesore Lavar...
Devin Fuller
Devin Fuller Yil oldin
Yammed on porizingis 😤😤
Ultimate Warrior
If the Thunder don't get to the finals Paul George is going to Lakers Lonzo would make his life way easier than Russell Westbrook man
Info NBA
Info NBA Yil oldin
Lavar reacts
Dream Chasers
Dream Chasers Yil oldin
U call him a bust but not fultz 🤔
Brendon A
Brendon A Yil oldin
Can u believe some of these “experts” suggested he go to the G-league smh
Jorge Sifuentes
Jorge Sifuentes Yil oldin
Hopefully Simmons not rookie
Jorge Sifuentes
Jorge Sifuentes Yil oldin
That's more like it
Clito Yil oldin
not a bust
AQUA VIII ' $ Yil oldin
He was putting on a show for his mom
Pablo Diaz
Pablo Diaz Yil oldin
Who would have the nerve to call somebody a bust after 20-something games? This kids special and whoever doesn’t think so should just shut up
Roxer Yil oldin
Real good game for him, loads of confidence
ChillPill Yil oldin
3:54 wait a minute..... did they take away points from the Lakers?? I'm confused.
Richard Edward
Richard Edward Yil oldin
Finally scored more than 10 points
Fuck Bitch
Fuck Bitch Yil oldin
subscribe to my channel Im posting top5 nba players of the day every day
Epic Sauce
Epic Sauce Yil oldin
It's all confidence with Lonzo. The man has the potential to average 12-7-5 or something
Kevin king
Kevin king Yil oldin
Lavars reaction at 2:07 😂😂
K Fam Adventures
3:35 Good time-out call by Coach Ball lol
K Fam Adventures
2:28 Melo: Watch me do that Lithuania
K Fam Adventures
So many light skinned brothers on one team.
K B Yil oldin
why does this have more plays than a lebron video where he got 25 and 17 assists! fuck this albino drake lizard ass nigga damn
Plug Itachi
Plug Itachi Yil oldin
Dude can hoop he just gotta shake them nerves
Dravenation1 Yil oldin
Lonzo doing work with that HOF Deadeye badge
treyvone scott
treyvone scott Yil oldin
People can hate lavar as a man that talks alot of dumb shit but i cant hate the man as a father some people playing basket ball and they dad not even there when they get home
MusicKnowledge1 Yil oldin
Im starting to see that he looks more comfortable out there better consistency leading to growing confidence keep it going (Triple B's all up in this thang man) with a father like Lavar you can achieve anything!
isaak celestine
isaak celestine Yil oldin
Luke walton the real bust
caleb Yil oldin
So glad I'm getting to see this generation of the NBA. I'll be able to tell my kids about these players
warriors fan since 2015 head ass
What y'all gonna say now? Did great this game
Ricky Yi
Ricky Yi Yil oldin
Haters still hate zo for last a few low point games. Idiot af don’t know shit about basketball! Who the fuck only look at points without understanding his pace control, vision, and passing just stfu! He’s hardworking, quicklearning, and improving. He’s calm, mature, and humble. Still hate a rookie? Gtfo arrogant weak ass!
Otto McConico
Otto McConico Yil oldin
Finally a decent game from zo
Adrian Skarpetis
Didnt Stephen Curry have his breakout game at MSG? What a coincidence LONZOO!!! 👊🏼 🅱️🅱️🅱️
Blake George
Blake George Yil oldin
@2:39 "Nobody's missing right now" "Nobody's playing defense right now" hahahahah
Ahmad Elgammal
Ahmad Elgammal Yil oldin
Will become the greatest PG of all-time guaranteed.
luis fella
luis fella Yil oldin
My boy is my age ,and he balling tf out! ,give him credit hes really humble, im tired of people saying he's a bust, patience is a virtue..
MAZINGER Z Yil oldin
If Lonzo upstages the King in Cleveland, social media will definitely explode.
MAZINGER Z Yil oldin
I bet Lavar already purchased those courtside seats to witness the coronation of King Ball.
MAZINGER Z Yil oldin
Lonzo will slay the King in Cleveland.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Yil oldin
all he has to do make his shots and that what he did tonight and had a great game
T Low
T Low Yil oldin
bus-bu-b-b-b-Big Baller Brand will replace Nike & Addidas as the main shoe brand in the NBA by 2030
Ensign Gaming
Ensign Gaming Yil oldin
That's what you get for wearing 2 leg sleeves. You get better and better af.
Gzim Jashari
Gzim Jashari Yil oldin
Ffs lakers first unit should be Lonzo Ingram Kuzma Nance Randle
Gzim Jashari
Gzim Jashari Yil oldin
Super Saiyan GanG just for the rebounds
D'Angelo Russell
Gzim Jashari no nance.... He can't shoot and doesn't space the floor
Rz Jake
Rz Jake Yil oldin
From the highlights can't see Knicks defending.
Yu Ryan
Yu Ryan Yil oldin
Bad D by Lonzo in OT..
Dan S
Dan S Yil oldin
Lavar...mama there goes that man. Someone sit him down, acting like a stupid father at a T-ball game
Cartie King
Cartie King Yil oldin
Ingram flopped this game, i think the presence of porzingus was getting in his head. If he would of dropped his normal numbers we would have easily won. I dont think we need to get paul george either, what we need is whiteside or anthony davis, a big ass athletic unstoppable force. If we had porzingus or one of those other guys it would be perfect
Not even close to a bust, you don’t know basketball if you ever thought that. Great playmaker. Height MisMatch for point guards, good speed and his 3 point shot is only going to get better. Lonzo Ball is 20 years old and on his way to numerous all star games and awards.
lil bug
lil bug 5 oy oldin
Kevin Riddell lonzo had a higher 3pt percentage than Westbrook last year, so obv not worst shoota in the leage
mr. indian
mr. indian 9 oy oldin
Dowon Kim we don't need him to get us to the playoffs, we have this guy some call king to do that.
Cedric Tuberville
Cedric Tuberville 10 oy oldin
He had a goood game
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball Yil oldin
Kevin Riddell Hes 33% from 3pt which is good for a rookie
Mubariz Maqsood
Mubariz Maqsood Yil oldin
its already gotten better look at his last 5-6 games, all tough matchups and hes shown up
Daniel Yil oldin
Lavar don’t need to sit court side no more 😂
Abram Monroe
Abram Monroe Yil oldin
All he gotta do is keep being aggressive
fredrich heart
fredrich heart Yil oldin
Sit down lavar
fredrich heart
fredrich heart Yil oldin
Bust? He’s a rookie playing like a rookie, he will be a good player in this league sorry haters
rakim750 Yil oldin
That dude is nice and gonna be great.
Fritz Kobe
Fritz Kobe Yil oldin
Lavar Ball had lots of highlights at the madison square garden.
Mike Love Thyself
Lavar ball is so animated lol, shit if I had that kinda support from my old man my hoop dreams would have been a reality too😞😢
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