Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2017.12.22 at Warriors - 24 Pts, 5 Rebs, 5 Asts, 5-6 3PM!

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23-Dek, 2017



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Fikrlar 387
1 2
1 2 Oy oldin
I'm so tired of lebron
tre thomas
tre thomas 4 oy oldin
We need this on Christmas
Muse Russell23
Muse Russell23 4 oy oldin
When will we see a game like this again
Dee 4 oy oldin
Muse Russell23 right. I miss this Lonzo. Also, he always has big games against the Warriors so who knows
on88keys 7 oy oldin
all the comments from fans none from real players who have hooped competitively
Dugong Dutae
Dugong Dutae 7 oy oldin
Almost 5 veteran SUPERSTARS VS. Rookies / Sophomores
Lamar Shipp
Lamar Shipp 8 oy oldin
The commentators are haters man.
OTW 8 oy oldin
Jacoby Boards
Jacoby Boards 9 oy oldin
We coulda beat these sons of bitches
Mike909ism 9 oy oldin
Lonzo Ball has always shot 40 percent from 3 until his rookie season. He just had to get adjusted to the speed of the nba. Lonzo can shoot, pass, and rebound the ball at a triple double rate. Best player in the drafts!
Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy 9 oy oldin
I still think his shot takes too long, idc what it looks like but he doesn't get it off quick enough or high enough. We'll see though
malik2spiff MEL
malik2spiff MEL 9 oy oldin
Liam McCarthy watch his sports science he shoot almost as fast as curry and klay
D Thomas
D Thomas 10 oy oldin
I hope we get this consistently next year !!
Blush Mathews
Blush Mathews 11 oy oldin
Future Legend #ZO
NACOTIC BEATS 11 oy oldin
Commentators are some haters talking about he needs to work on his shot while watching him start 4/4 smh
CosmicTKU Yil oldin
I would love to play on lonzos team
sweg Yil oldin
dude imagine if this guy has mamba mentality and just focuses on basketball instead of rap
He better than Steve Curry and Kidd put together.in my eyes I'll beat someone ASS they disagree with me FUCK the FAKERS Dow go my SAC TOWN KINGS 🙌🏀
Dashundra Wilson
i muted the commentators lmao
Brandon LURENZO Yil oldin
All his haters disappeared lmao
Tactical Advantage
Why is Larry nance playing for lakers and not the cavs
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Yil oldin
I’m finally impressed
zAnima_ Yil oldin
Dude he could play like this every game tbh he just needs to learn and be confident cause this the best team in the NBA and he played good af
Seba Berrios Arnau
He is still a kid that has a lot more to learn. And with this confidence that he is starting to have within a year he will be playing at a new level. Like if you agree
Naufal Fadillah
Naufal Fadillah Yil oldin
lonzo is starting enjoy the game
Blackn' Proud
Blackn' Proud Yil oldin
When Lonzo and Kuzma become more familiar within the offense and where they will be on the court this will be a beast of a team . oh n we got B\I and Nance and Hart and please don't trade Randle. A pissed Randle off the bench is what we need !!!
edward villanueva
Best all around rookie PG #BBB
al capone
al capone Yil oldin
Cant wait for his lowlights
Michael Le
Michael Le Yil oldin
Is it just me or do these commentators really dislike lonzo.
delusion brain
delusion brain Yil oldin
He would of been a bust if he kept playing like he was, good thing he got better.
David Gordin
David Gordin Yil oldin
First few weeks of straight lonzo haters in comments now they all gone?
YnRJRod Yil oldin
i wanna know why he had 24, 5, and 5 and this video is shorter than the blazers gm where he had 10 and 11 lol
ownedweezybaby Yil oldin
These commentators are annoying. Like stop downplaying other players.. Give props when they are due.
Jwxo Weeye
Jwxo Weeye Yil oldin
I believe lavar told him to act like Bust to get attention for BBB
ka en
ka en Yil oldin
getting better!!!! he can be Jason Kidd 1.5
John the Pinoy
John the Pinoy Yil oldin
Them commentators hating hard on Lonzo. Lol.
ACE King
ACE King Yil oldin
Klay got raped at 0:30
Jason Heilman
Jason Heilman Yil oldin
Wow these commentators are a-holes
uncle drewtastic!
Funny thing is he was one of the best shooters in the draft he just has too much pressure on him. Hopefully his scoring gets better now.
Theoakty Yil oldin
bust right? XD
Emery Murphy
Emery Murphy Yil oldin
The commentators are hating on him hard. Smh
pjmcray101 Yil oldin
Whatever Lebron told him must have worked. He has been playing better as of late. But I'm not gonna get ahead of myself like most of you all in the comments
khalis nasir
khalis nasir Yil oldin
He's getting real comfy...watch out!
1 .P
1 .P Yil oldin
Lil penny hardaway...
Spencer G
Spencer G Yil oldin
These commentators suck.
CrippledFries - Road To 100!
Ayo Lonzo Haters wya
NOT A BUST and fuck the GSW commentators are annoying asf keep hating
Khari Signal
Khari Signal Yil oldin
*Bust* where all these hatters starting to look dumb lonzo ball been turning up
4thquarter Yil oldin
Josh Jeffares
Josh Jeffares Yil oldin
Starting to come out of his shell. Lonzo fan since day 1
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin Yil oldin
“Bust” 😂
Logic 301
Logic 301 Yil oldin
I like how he’s playing now I’ve been liking him before he got drafted Idk why you guys call him a bust like people get nervous through couple NBA games and it take times to get use to the nba but now he’s getting there I can seee him attacking the rim not scared to take shots that’s what I like to see
Sharpshooter pro 19
Yo these warriors commentators really dissing Lonzo
Silver Wind
Silver Wind Yil oldin
this commentators are just haters... "everybody can get hot" stupid comment and also why bring up his shooting percentage every time he scores?? it's not like we don't know he started to shoot bad earlier this season smh
Purple Mxn
Purple Mxn Yil oldin
Are the randle highlights coming?
Adam Kahane
Adam Kahane Yil oldin
People forget what this man did in College... Like the man was a number 2 pic for a reason. Believe it or not his talent got him to where he is and not his Dad. So everyone settle your shit and stop being suprised. Rookies struggle early on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM
Ayomikun F
Ayomikun F Yil oldin
Kobe average 7.6pts his rockie year LBJ averaged 5.9pts his rockie year Lonzo Ball is averaging 7.6pts so far his rockie year but his a bust....
Ayomikun F
Ayomikun F Yil oldin
Tony Luna 2 months ago
zo BBB
zo BBB Yil oldin
femi adebayo um it's 10.2PTS 7.1REB 7.1AST
hector cervantes
The most complete rookie besides Simmons, already one of the best passers in the NBA, one of the best rebounding guards, plays defense, can handle the ball. All he literally has to do is work on the scoring.
AudienceofOne Yil oldin
Lonzo bum ass really dropped 24...Merry Christmas Lonzo dickriders
demoman87 Yil oldin
Always does well against the Warriors
Call Me Mister
Call Me Mister Yil oldin
Like I have been saying since day one. His shot wasn't broken and his form was not the problem. His confidence was shot and he was feeling the pressure. I knew he wasn't going to be stay down. Experience matters folks. Everyone expected him to light it up from day one and that's rare. If you are a hater or someone who was dumb enough to not understand that Lavar Ball was taking advantage of social marketing and buzz generation tactics you were an absolute moron.
Arcaus X
Arcaus X Yil oldin
Bro Lakers are starting to look good and if their lead player can be this good on a consistent basis, we might just have another dynasty
Sam Hill
Sam Hill Yil oldin
The announcers are as arrogant as the warriors themselves...
Blxck Jeezus
Blxck Jeezus Yil oldin
lsaye Yil oldin
when hes balling critics become crickets.
Lonzo Ball is better than Steph curry - spoken from a god
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson Yil oldin
This is his turnaround game. Mark my words.
JermaleTheGREAT Yil oldin
Nah, his game changed when he spoke with LeBron lol.
warriors commentators are the worst in NBA history
Liam Evans
Liam Evans Yil oldin
dumb question but why does he have different commentators than mine?
Joseph Lamicella
Joseph Lamicella 8 oy oldin
Different teams hire different commentators or TV networks whichever.
YungHomie Renz
YungHomie Renz Yil oldin
It seems like December is that month for players.
Dude Bruh
Dude Bruh Yil oldin
can't stand the warriors commentators
Lonzo da best rookie pg in the nba.
Ever Quintanilla
Not a bust his shot is failing and he getting better every NBA game he plays. He just needs time to get use to the NBA he will figure it out. As Lakers fan I'm really excited the direction this team is going in a great nice young core and Luke Walton as there head coach and the warriors style of basketball but in Los Angeles go Lakers.
Arsene Yil oldin
Smh these announcers kept discrediting him after every nice play he makes
Gary Sample
Gary Sample Yil oldin
Ummm why aren’t Ball and Kuzma’s highlights together?
John L.
John L. Yil oldin
I thought he's a bust and his jumpshot ain't gonna work.....
Euriqah Yil oldin
So what happens if he starts taking 10 threes a game, I wonder?
John Galvez
John Galvez Yil oldin
If you were steve kerr, you would let him shoot it too. 27% chance to go in per possession, that is a good trade off. Compare to having clarkson or kuzma make them.
tehron moment
tehron moment Yil oldin
John Galvez he's been shooting 45 percent from the field for the last couple of game I wouldn't lol
Okay Damn
Okay Damn Yil oldin
He’ll be a primary scorer on the Lakers. Ingram and Kuzma will be the first and second options.
Okay Damn
Okay Damn Yil oldin
Kobe Bryant that is what I said king. It’s a three headed dog 🐶
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Yil oldin
Okay Damn definitely not lol. I’m pretty sure kuzma will be the first option, Ingram second , Lonzo third
Aisosa Obano
Aisosa Obano Yil oldin
Lol he makes 4 and they still hate on his shot throughout the game I'm done with these commentators.
GUU DAY Yil oldin
Rafihboi Yusop
Rafihboi Yusop Yil oldin
Surprise Haters, Doubters and MotherF**kers. The Bust have been Ballin Lately.
I'm 6'2
I'm 6'2 Yil oldin
Randle is a beast
Evan Mendelson
Evan Mendelson Yil oldin
Hes been great
James Edward
James Edward Yil oldin
1:03 if he can he wil be BEAST
kevin taylor
kevin taylor Yil oldin
Honest question. Do you guys think the talk with Lebron made him realize you have to be aggressive every game ? It seems like he’s been getting into a grove ever since
BeastGamer2001 Yil oldin
No it started with the knicks game.
Euriqah Yil oldin
Yeah, but LeBron pretty much told him to block out the "white noise." So I would say it just gave him a confidence boost and with that came a slightly different approach to his game.
Solaris craze
Solaris craze Yil oldin
Edit:so it looks like lonzo isnt a bust
Solaris craze
Solaris craze Yil oldin
So it looks like lonzo isnt a busy
Wardell Stephen Curry II Stan
Haters gon switch up real quick watch
PreachersMist Yil oldin
Top 5 rookies excluding Ben Simmons (not in order): Lonzo Kuzma Mitchell Tatum DSJ
C-B-X Yil oldin
Dsj a bust
PreachersMist Yil oldin
uncle drewtastic! Lauri is good but he doesn’t impact the game like Lonzo does. But he is a really good rookie.
uncle drewtastic!
PreachersMist as much I like lonzo, it clearly is 1 Mitchell 2 kuzma 3 lauri 4 dsj 5 Tatum
PreachersMist Yil oldin
Isaiah Mitchell Kuzma and Zo are on the same team so it doesn’t matter who’s better. Zo is a better all around player than Mitchell but, Mitchell is a better scorer.
Isaiah Mitchell
Isaiah Mitchell Yil oldin
PreachersMist Mitchell and kuzma are better
RaiXVortex Yil oldin
Should of used ESPN feed
It’s all part of the process Lonzo Kobe went through that same process just keep grinding
Chris Adams
Chris Adams Yil oldin
Now everyone loves lonzo i said it once and I'll say it again where was yall was at when he dropped 3 points in summer league and yall marked him off as a bust amd WE kept trynna tell yall he isnt?
B. Myleek
B. Myleek Yil oldin
Chris Adams been fw Zo since Chino Hills.
Chris Adams
Chris Adams Yil oldin
Yo can score 50 points and gd will still make the highlights 1 minute😂😂
Donny P
Donny P Yil oldin
Absolutely NOTHING impressive about his game. Basic... Still no pull up J, no isolation, mid range, post... nothing. Just hype.
HP15 Yil oldin
Simmons Fans stay Salty my nigga. And Donavan Mitchell fans love one-dimensional scoring too
Donny P
Donny P Yil oldin
Ball fans stay on his balls...
Donny P
Donny P Yil oldin
HP15 D🌹was an MVP tho
What does ben simmons have then
YnRJRod Yil oldin
how is he one dimensional when he's most likely gonna end up avg probably close to 15 a game with 7 boards and 7 assists... and he plays pretty decent defense.
Oskar Von Reuenthal
The other warriors commentator is annoying I’m even not a fan of either of these teams... whenever I hear him he’s always downplaying other players like stfu dried up old prune
Felix Felicis
Felix Felicis Yil oldin
Oskar Von Reuenthal for real, he's such a hater
I hate those kind of commentators
Kevin Hsu
Kevin Hsu Yil oldin
Oskar Von Reuenthal dried up old prune. Lmaoo
Jewel Mendoza
Jewel Mendoza Yil oldin
Why are the warriors announcer always dissin' a player fam? like fuck you both! get kevin harlan and mike breen in there man!
Masharzard Yil oldin
Lonzo out here balling
SwankyStill Yil oldin
"Dearron better tho 39 points lol hahaha Lavar is dumb" Ya niggas really look dumb arguing over basketball in October and November everyone been knowing Christmas day is the official start to the season Zo hittin his stride right on schedule
Shemz Love
Shemz Love Yil oldin
That's what I'm talking about
Frank Hollender
Frank Hollender Yil oldin
Hanson Yil oldin
Last 5 games he averaging 17ppg 6ast 7reb 46 fg% 49 3p%
Cesar Castro
Cesar Castro Yil oldin
Hanson great numbers for a rookie. He’s coming along nicely. Shout out to Kuz as well.
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