Lonzo Ball needs to be more like De’Aaron Fox - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith explains why it’s a problem for Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton to call out Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram and compares Lonzo’s lack of aggression to Sacramento Kings PG De’Aaron Fox’s high-energy game.
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8-Yan, 2019

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ZERO KID 54 daqiqa oldin
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eksentrysyti 12 soat oldin
You say you want a flashy team that wins a lot and wears yellow in today's NBA? They're called the Warriors... oops.
mauricio cassanello
mauricio cassanello 13 soat oldin
This Is one the only times i agree with Stephen A
Adam Illowsky
Adam Illowsky 19 soat oldin
He's still very young but definitely looks like the young lakers can't play well against strong competition
Bow Hunter
Bow Hunter 21 soat oldin
Lonzo doesn't have a motor. Just the way it is. Some people have it, some people don't
Aaron Degraff
Aaron Degraff Kun oldin
Lonzo is a bust
Ben Nava
Ben Nava Kun oldin
Ball is a Bust!! Thanks magic man 👎🇲🇽🥊
Randy Kun oldin
Lonzo has no passion.
Thomas World
Thomas World Kun oldin
Goat 🐐
Jae Kun oldin
Lakers should’ve drafted Fox 🦊 instead of Lonzo. They bought into the hype.
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 2 kun oldin
Lonzo is an imitation Gucci bag
Chris Bryant
Chris Bryant 2 kun oldin
LA should’ve took Fox like I said anyways but Zo gon get it consistently one day
J 3 kun oldin
Lonzo Ball needs to be like his Dad, Gelo and Melo... not playing in a Laker uniform
Charles M Rinehart
Charles M Rinehart 3 kun oldin
Lonzo only goes through the motions, and has no drive or determination. He clearly is only playground caliber.
Lol what was that .
A Nigga that Loves to Hate
He's softer than wet shit.
Junebugg !
Junebugg ! 4 kun oldin
Lonzo gots no heart for the game, he acts like he dont care and he's tryna be cool
CJ Little
CJ Little 4 kun oldin
Who knows how Lonzo and Fox's careers will turn out but there is no debate right now that Fox is better and has a much greater impact on the game. Of course if you look at stats it all points to Fox. But also he is leading a team over 500 that doesnt have a single all star in probably the most dysfunctional franchise in the league. One of the biggest overachieving teams thanks to him. Meanwhile Lonzo has the Lakers barely above the Kings in the standings and he has freaking Lebron. Lol no contest
Marcel Planter
Marcel Planter 4 kun oldin
Tf is Smith talking about.... Max said what's up with the Lakers.... Smith is just entertainment
Karl Balan
Karl Balan 5 kun oldin
lonzo ball’s game is like the #StockMarket ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️🔃
Cyril G
Cyril G 5 kun oldin
Lakers ran out of patience with DLo and Randle.
Bro Beans
Bro Beans 5 kun oldin
Lonzo is under to much pressure it’s obvious
Gerardo V.
Gerardo V. 5 kun oldin
Magic's first big mistake is drafting Lonzo Ball. D'Aaron Fox has balls Lonzo is going to be great in a small market team.
Deondre Micourt
Deondre Micourt 5 kun oldin
Trade lonxo he isnt sggresive i notice that he just sits at the three
Simon McQuinn
Simon McQuinn 5 kun oldin
Lonzo is garbage
Drew Harrison
Drew Harrison 5 kun oldin
I find it funny how people think ball is better than fox😂😂
Big YAAD Man
Big YAAD Man 5 kun oldin
Stephen A stop the Noise......Lonzo has nothing to do with the Team deciding to go in a different Direction......LONZO IS BETTER THAN FOX.....SCORING IS NOT EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY FOR A PG.
Big YAAD Man
Big YAAD Man 5 kun oldin
Lonzo is a typical CALIFORNIA GUY.
Damien Kinder
Damien Kinder 5 kun oldin
I saw an interview a couple of years ago where Lavar had all 3 of his sons showcasing their basketball talents on Fox11. And what I noticed in that video it wasn’t the 3 Ball brothers that were super excited about this opportunity, it was their dad who was elated about being on tv. So, what I gathered from that is Lavar was and is living out his basketball dream through his sons. The only Ball brother in my opinion that truly has a love for the sport is LaMelo, the youngest one. Lonzo clearly does not have a love for basketball. Sure he’s 6’6 athletic and a good passer, but he doesn’t eat and sleep basketball. That’s why he has admitted on the record, that he needs Rondo to push him and motivate him. It’s time to trade Lonzo‼️ What sucks is, he really has no trade value right now. Lebron, is not hurt. The Lakers have been using this time to rest Lebron and to also put on display and see who can play and who can’t play and decide who should be traded and who should stay.
mackman25 5 kun oldin
I know Zo is the truth but that man is obviously not in full season shape right now. Wasn't he hurt ?,ok I seen him dominate in spurts in that game then give up the ball and grab his shirts bent over. Let him get his conditioning up first before you talk down. They both need to be aggressive though
Jay Tinsley
Jay Tinsley 5 kun oldin
I think everyones forgetting the role of a point guard again since steph changed the game. Because Lonzo is having a great season, but whatever tho
Lonzo is the best rookie point guard out there period! An before his career is over he's going to be a Hall of Famer for sure. You can mark that down right now!
Alan Zheng
Alan Zheng 6 kun oldin
Stephen A. Smith TOTALLY WRONG. Have he actually watch Fox play? The ball is literally glued to his hand. He dribbles soo much before he does anything. He actually doesn't pair well with Lebron. You can see that with Rondo and Lebron on the court, it doesn't pair well. It doesn't make any sense. If your case was "if the Lakers had drafted Tatum instead of Lonzo"... then I wouldn't be here commenting on this nonsenses.
Xavier Stamp
Xavier Stamp 6 kun oldin
Lonzo a LA kid this showtime shit doesn’t excite him someone like Fox would salivate to the opportunity cuz he hasn’t been in that situation
BAC 11
BAC 11 6 kun oldin
Lavar hate Stevan a Smith now lmao
East Coast Boxing TV
Lonzo on thin ice
deumerik 6 kun oldin
Lonzo>Fox #truepg
Omar V
Omar V 6 kun oldin
These Laker fans need to stop thinking Lonzo is any asset to the lakers. If anything his not even a good trade asset.
Samuel Muriithi
Samuel Muriithi 6 kun oldin
Lonzo NEEDS to simply be himself and continue to work on his game. He doesn’t need to be like anyone else, especially someone that was in his draft class. We always try to compare players, instead of giving people time to grow and figure this game out. Lonzo will evolve. Every flower blooms differently.
Bj Majors
Bj Majors 6 kun oldin
I was pissed the Lakers didn't take fox I always felt was better and dude is lightning quick...
Oscar Ice
Oscar Ice 6 kun oldin
Anybody who says Lonzo can’t play just doesn’t watch the Lakers. He’s just inconsistent but IQ is off the charts. Defense above average easily.
JL 6 kun oldin
This guy is so fucking loud... Also, does this guy remind anyone of a character from the Family show, the Proud Family?? I forget which character, an uncle or something?...anyways he annoying af
Cleo Welch
Cleo Welch 6 kun oldin
Lonzo is a fuckn bum!!! Waist of a 2nd pick!!! He has no dog in him!!! Yall actin like hes Nick Van Exel
Degwin Sodo Zabi
Degwin Sodo Zabi 6 kun oldin
These idiots wanted Lonzo ball in that draft
Jerky Jones
Jerky Jones 6 kun oldin
Londo and Ronzo are my fave Lakers.
Raymond Garcia
Raymond Garcia 6 kun oldin
Shut up Stephen A. Smith.. You Trash. Stop Bashing The Lakers Lonzo Can Truly ball Hes just inconsistent so stop trying to Discourage the kid
Slots Addict
Slots Addict 6 kun oldin
Magic Johnson is a fucking jackass!!! Should of brought back Jerry West as a consultant when he wanted to come back but magic stupid pride didn't allow him too sad to say but the Clippers will land Kawahi and KD the snake next year they just might be champions before the Lakers will
DNZ 1014
DNZ 1014 6 kun oldin
Fox is fast going to the rim
Emanuel Frederick
Emanuel Frederick 6 kun oldin
Once again happy New Years to the both of you Steven A., both of you guys together doing a great job. I might be wrong in my opinion and yes what does one have to do with the other when it comes to motivation and having to drive in and wanting to be better in a position, but for some reason psychologically for some reason psychologically speaking ,. Lonzo's father interference, along with me attention he has been getting especially since LeBron James has gotten there Cryptid lazos psychological Drive if that makes any sense? As a start. Besides that Steven A you were 100% correct, there are hundred, thousands trying to make the NBA. Once again with all the attention before and after, and the changes that were made since the Bond James got there no, I believe has dramatically affected the mindset of Lonzo ball.. greatness demands greatness and if you cannot produce on that higher level to be rated as a superstar, you will naturally be relieved of that title. . There aren't I too many players that are hungry enough to sacrifice and do what it takes to be us to start and regardless of whether or not he has received all the Fast and Furious attention due to his father yeah, he even gets over it or he'll be buying a ticket to watch the game.
Brenden Cassanova
Brenden Cassanova 6 kun oldin
ESPN is so stupid 😂😂😂
G Lyle
G Lyle 6 kun oldin
All our guys need more effort and consistency....the defense is just terrible and the shooting is a light switch stuck in the middle🙄it’s the reason the fans are so fickle, cause there’s days where they go out there and GET IT-then they go 0-2 in the next game. Like we should be .500 without LeBron, and able to win 40-45 games with none of those other guys on the court. These guys need to REALLY improve
Juan Aguilera
Juan Aguilera 6 kun oldin
I just can’t my eyes off Molly’s fine ass like Jesus fucking 🤤🤤🔥
Travellin Ronzky
Travellin Ronzky 6 kun oldin
Bring de Angelo back for lonzo hahaha
Hec Henson
Hec Henson 6 kun oldin
How are you the best player in the world and you losing in the finals.. I dont get that..
Hec Henson
Hec Henson 6 kun oldin
How is lebron James the best player in the world? Il tell you who the the best in the world is everyone on golden state warriors...
Hec Henson
Hec Henson 6 kun oldin
You need to trade ball..m
Crazie 88
Crazie 88 6 kun oldin
Lonzo needs to cut the umpilical cord connected to his father and become a man in his own right and maybe the aggressive side will come out then
John 6 kun oldin
always wanted Lakers to get Fox or Tatum... not this dude with a broken shot. too late now.
Numero Dos
Numero Dos 6 kun oldin
Lol go cavs
Hush 6 kun oldin
Yall still pressuring this kid? Took him awhile for him to come out of shell cuz of the pressure media gives cuz of his dad and they still pressure the man boy is scared to mess up especially his shot. Im all for the criticism but how come we dont get stories from other point guards who are slipping a bit since their down on the dept chart stephen a has a point with fox being agressive but they aint in the same position to be compared to even tho this his job his point is more petty to me than observation fox literally just showed up to sac with the only pressure on him was to be a consistent point guard. Lonzo was drafted to bring back showtime and to be better than steph at 20. These analysts tho more dramatic then facts they just trying to sell this story for views cuz its lakers and its lonzo and its Ball family. Smh stephen a
Majik_58 6 kun oldin
Is LeBron James James has to drag the Lakers to the NBA finals like ge did in Cleveland trust me he'll do it
Majik_58 6 kun oldin
I love when these two baboons doubt LeBron James in the NBA playoffs my word it's going to be Lakers verse whoever to go to the finals in the west believe me
Darryl Dixon
Darryl Dixon 6 kun oldin
Lonzo's game fluctuates from Decent to borderline Bust. Comparing him to Fox is a joke. There is not a GM in the league that would trade Fox for a Lonzo Ball.
The Joker
The Joker 6 kun oldin
Lonzo was born with a silver spoon he don't want it
Josh thatdude
Josh thatdude 6 kun oldin
Crazy.... lonzo has been balling... wth are they talking about lol
Clint O'Donnell
Clint O'Donnell 6 kun oldin
Could have been worse... Markelle Fultz was also up for grabs.
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson 6 kun oldin
Man lonzo is lonzo he dont need to be no fox
HotBoi Von
HotBoi Von 7 kun oldin
The only thing Lonzo can’t do is score
Kanishk Joshipura
Kanishk Joshipura 7 kun oldin
He doesn't need to become like anyone, SAS. He's his own breed. Doing all the dirty work. His efforts don't reflect on the stat sheet, but he controls ball movement on the court. He knows his job and does whatever he needs to to get the fucking job done.
TalkIsCheap 90sBaby
Fox does to much but he can score but Lonzo is a way better player An makes ppl around him better
UNNA FOSS 7 kun oldin
Everyone running their mouth and hating on Lonzo will eat their words!
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 7 kun oldin
Does anyone remember Vince Young/Jeff Fisher, RG3/Mike Shannahan??? Their GM's wanted the franchise to be theirs but the coaches didn't believe in the players. Plus Walton isn't a good coach. Y'all talk about Lonzo got drafted off his hype,so did Luke with GSW nobody with some sense thought he was coaching that team frfr. Lonzo needs confidence from the staff not just b.s. media talk
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 7 kun oldin
From what I have seen, when the offense is being run by Lonzo, it clicks...problem is, Ingram/Kuzma thinks they are LeBron and tries to run the offense themselves...Lonzo isn't the problem this year...find a new topic to talk about...
Kenny Sa
Kenny Sa 7 kun oldin
the disrespect is real. How are you going to tell one grown man to act like another grown man?? let these guys be their own individuals
Beaver Mello
Beaver Mello 7 kun oldin
Molly’s back😭
KitPerezGTMACCON 7 kun oldin
it sure is nice too that Lavar Ball is not that noisy anymore
Yankee Suave
Yankee Suave 7 kun oldin
Lonzo been playing good the past few games without Lebrun the other players aren't stepping up!!
Incredible World
Incredible World 7 kun oldin
Very good video! Keep making good content and you can increase really fast! Subscribe to our channel then we will subscribe to your channel!
shawna bouchard
shawna bouchard 7 kun oldin
Fox juiced Lonzo when he was at Kentucky.......facts
father vs son 1 on 1 tv
Jamal Murray is better than fox and lonzo
4kilometers 7 kun oldin
Bron isnt the best player in the game
Genuine Gaming
Genuine Gaming 7 kun oldin
Fox has players on the court shootin 45 percent from 3pt so they cant help where as with ball they can help like crazy because theres not many deadeye shooters on the lakers
oscar manroe
oscar manroe 7 kun oldin
Lonzo Ball needs to be LONZO BALL THE SUMMER LEAGUE MVP.... Stephen A good for a walk men... u love Fox that's it
Baby Boy
Baby Boy 7 kun oldin
The mantle is too big for lozo.
lion micro
lion micro 7 kun oldin
Dough it's a kind of guy if he uses face I'd it could be used either from his face or his assq
Jermaine Mcintosh
Jermaine Mcintosh 7 kun oldin
lonzo i was ruting for you but i now lost faith in you. yu are taking too long to be good. lonzo = bust
Terrance Miller
Terrance Miller 7 kun oldin
No...tf... he doesn't 😑
Jordan Fadness
Jordan Fadness 7 kun oldin
Breaking news Lonzo needs to be a better shooter, better driver, and be more athletic, then he would be better.
King Vortex
King Vortex 7 kun oldin
Lonzo will be traded soon if he keeps not trying but his step back 3 and defense is really good. Lonzos chill personality comes off as not trying.
Pretzel's Wetzel
Pretzel's Wetzel 7 kun oldin
I can never hear what Stephen A is saying. Like, dude speak up for once.
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen 7 kun oldin
The Lakers should have drafted Doncic instead of Lonzo Ball. Smh.
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen 7 kun oldin
LeBron clearly doesn't have enough help. The Lakers need to pick up Melo and Kanter for the vet's min once they get waived.
Damond Barbee
Damond Barbee 7 kun oldin
London thinks he is as good as what his father has been telling him all these years.
Moonlight Graham
Moonlight Graham 7 kun oldin
Sacramento should’ve drafted Doncic and put him at the stretch 4. That would’ve been nasty. Fox, Hield, Bogdanovic, Doncic, and Cauley Stein🔥. Maybe too many playmakers.
Jamie Cramutola
Jamie Cramutola 7 kun oldin
Lakers need help maybe next year if they get another super star LeBron and the team won't make the playoffs they are a average team. I believe the rockets are the team to beat in the West and maybe the warriors if they get it together.
jaylovespti 7 kun oldin
Lakers effed up by not taking de'aaron Fox. Lonzo ball is a complete bust.
lion micro
lion micro 7 kun oldin
Lavar need to hop on
IMO Sports
IMO Sports 7 kun oldin
Is this Lonzo's 2nd season or 7th? I'm confused.
Nathanael Salinas
Nathanael Salinas 7 kun oldin
Ingram is sorry, yet he's had a better start to his career than: Kawai Leonard Giannis Antetokumpo James Harden Paul George Tracy McGrady
Syn Stilo
Syn Stilo 7 kun oldin
They need to stop with the with/without Lebron James shit. When the entire system revolves around you, of course that system is going to suffer without you