Lonzo Ball vs Patrick Beverley CRAZY Beef Highlights (2017.10.19) - Calling Lonzo a "B#tch"

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20-Okt, 2017

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Fikrlar 2 872
FrappMocha Oy oldin
love Bevs intensity. but Ball can play ball. just give him time.
swaggy p
swaggy p Oy oldin
Fuck pactrick Beverly
S Johnson
S Johnson 2 oy oldin
I think Lonzo's weight is perfect. He moves like a gazelle very quick. Beverly appears to be high on sumthin!!!! Like something seems off. Picking a fight just because I dont get it. Ghetto!!!
Peter Bryan
Peter Bryan 2 oy oldin
Let's see how tough Beverly now that Lebron is in Lakers.
lucky C bro
lucky C bro 2 oy oldin
Ball is garbage
Siale Gang
Siale Gang 2 oy oldin
Beverley became irrelevant after this game lmaoooo
Evan Bushong
Evan Bushong 3 oy oldin
In this game lonzo has class his dad not so much
Matthew Cardona
Matthew Cardona 3 oy oldin
Lonzo got bitched😂
C Taylor
C Taylor 4 oy oldin
He did get a move on him though.
Derek A
Derek A 4 oy oldin
Beverley is trash lmao
Saul Viera
Saul Viera 4 oy oldin
Fuck Lonzo Ball He's A Choke Get Him Out Of L.A. So The Circus Could Follow Him The NBA Is Tired Of His Yuck Mouth Dad
Danny Ocean
Danny Ocean 4 oy oldin
When you know you can't be a star and you've been playing in the league for quite some time... Pick on the blue chip rookies. Still no one is buying a Beverly Jersey.
sean24833 5 oy oldin
Byrie Irving
Byrie Irving 5 oy oldin
Cant wait to see Colin Sexton vs Patrick Beverly
King Bharp
King Bharp 5 oy oldin
Its sad that you are a mediocre veteran in the league punkin a rookie LOL. Who are you again? And where is your ring? And when will ever be a true starter mr. irrelevant? Answer that on your way out the league in two years
Michael McMullen
Michael McMullen 4 oy oldin
Bharp That Dude I mean, offensively yes. Defensively he’ll naw lmao
King Bharp
King Bharp 4 oy oldin
Michael McMullen Yeah but at least from a player thats worth mentioning. Not some wannabe trash bitch who plays well vs mediocre teams 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ just saying
Michael McMullen
Michael McMullen 4 oy oldin
Bharp That Dude lol, he a top 5 maybe top 3 hell maybe top 2 perimeter defender fam, rookies get this alllll the time, it’s nothing special
Shawn VanOmmen
Shawn VanOmmen 5 oy oldin
I would have punch that motherfucker out
Reliablethreat 5 oy oldin
Patrick Beverly is a fake tough guy. He only gets crazy with the little dudes. I've NEVER seen him act all big and bad with someone bigger than him!
AJS,jr AJS,jr
AJS,jr AJS,jr 5 oy oldin
Panzy ass boy. Doesn't have one mean bone in his body. That's ok he won't be a lake in 4 days.
rowan bassai
rowan bassai 6 oy oldin
Ryan young
Ryan young 6 oy oldin
Patrick Beverly is just a low down, crack head,bitch
Mohamed A
Mohamed A 6 oy oldin
If Tony Allen, kawhi and Beverly in same squad the other team ain’t going past 10 points 😭😭
Jason Chukwu
Jason Chukwu 7 oy oldin
Lonzo will do better against him next time they meet, I guarantee it
tetrakings 7 oy oldin
Wasn't this the beginning of the Lakers making the playoffs? (per Lavar)
arwin silva
arwin silva 7 oy oldin
yyyeesss beverly!!!!!!!👍👍👍
zaggaona 7 oy oldin
Lot of tough people in the the league, you got to make them respect you by doing you.
aaron dan
aaron dan 8 oy oldin
fuck patrick beverley
Andrew Decker
Andrew Decker 8 oy oldin
lol love it beverly, treat lonzo like the bitch he is had him running to daddy
Christopher Gutierrez
Lonzo is trash
Calliou 8 oy oldin
When you Run Into a try hard On Fortnite Lol.
Caesar O.
Caesar O. 8 oy oldin
Is Beverly going to get on the court again? The clippers are a tiny franchise.
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 8 oy oldin
PB a bitch
Bill Sahagen
Bill Sahagen 8 oy oldin
This is what Beverly does. He gets in your head during the game. Mainly with pushing and talking shit. Gotta be like Stockton in this case, just ignore everything he says and take the bitch hits. Its gonna fuck his game up. Gary Payton mentioned it in a bio. Payton had an identical personality on the court. If you ignore those type a players, they get busy trying to frustrate you and forget to play the actual fuckin game. Less assists, more missed shots. Bball psychology.
Shot Science
Shot Science 8 oy oldin
Nothing out of the normal from Patrick Beverley
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 8 oy oldin
A 30 yr old picking a fight with a teenager.... u real bad🙄
Michael McMullen
Michael McMullen 4 oy oldin
L. W. It’s rookie hazing, and when you gotta Dad like Lonzo does you gonna get a lot of it. It was his welcome to the nba game against a top 5 defender, it was to be expected
Bee Zo
Bee Zo 5 oy oldin
Half the time Bev is injured so .................He should stop acting like he's a badass.
iiCookiezz 9 oy oldin
Patrick just don't like anyone be argued with lebron, dywane, I think bosh like wow
John the Pinoy
John the Pinoy 9 oy oldin
LOL!!! Where the haters at now??
YA HIBACHI 9 oy oldin
If that bitch don’t shut up while we’re trying to watch a fight
You are Better than me
Pat Beverly did a tony allen tribute
Jahangir Jadoon
Jahangir Jadoon 10 oy oldin
Patrick Beverley doesn't know HOW to DEFEND properly without fouling and hacking which doesn't get called because refs are told to be lenient on him as his unorthodox techniques during defence are not sportsmanlike nor are they legal in any way at all something is wrong with the eyesight of the refs because he does the dirtiest shit I've ever seen and shouldn't be allowed in the NBA
Mario the freaking best like crazy 2
Beverley just mad Becuase he got traded and he though he stay with James Harden and win a ring
STARMAN 2029 10 oy oldin
Lonzo has upside,, beverley sucks and will remain that way FOREVER
Romain 10 oy oldin
L. First team all defense fym?
Grizzely Gang
Grizzely Gang 10 oy oldin
Called him a bitch to his face
Grizzely Gang
Grizzely Gang 10 oy oldin
Fuck these soft ass bitches
ZE7379 10 oy oldin
beverly is a shit player, disgusting, but lonzo was calm and try to do his best without calling anyone somthing rude. thats what good players does.he will become a great player soon, he is young
Romain 10 oy oldin
L This isn't a "be my friend" type of league
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 10 oy oldin
Damn thats reall hate on on lonzo im not even a fan but no need to be a hater
Алекс Кирк
Dont like dicipline
Aria 11 oy oldin
They don't have beef
Karl Anthony-Towns
Karl Anthony-Towns 11 oy oldin
Tbh tho lonzo teachin when pat was reachin on that one play at the foul on the floater
William Garcia
William Garcia 11 oy oldin
This is how Ball conditions his kids to make em better. He deliberately makes the whole world including nba players hate them so they can be put through the meat grinder in hopes that that will make them better players. I guess thats a good tactic buy we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. He already had his youngest kid (high school) get humiliated by college players and treated like a bitch. If you think about it, this guy Ball is actually playing everyone by using the media in this way (talking all the shit).
Orland 0z
Orland 0z 11 oy oldin
I searched up have kyrie ever been locked down this is what i get 😏😂😏
Jeremiah King
Jeremiah King 11 oy oldin
he says my shit not bitch
System Administrator
Hi haterz! Ball is dope
Anime is Simple
Anime is Simple 11 oy oldin
Patrick Beverly took notes, he definetely learned this from Lance Stephenson
Darion Williams
Darion Williams 11 oy oldin
I know all the light skins are butt hurt about this game 😂 Beverley had him on clamps don't argue with me 😂😂
okir rama
okir rama 11 oy oldin
The day when Patrick Beverly became lonzo's father 😂😂😂😂
Anime Tev
Anime Tev 11 oy oldin
Yo is Patrick Beverley High 😂😂
Pure Jokes
Pure Jokes Yil oldin
Wonder where that was against Westbrook
Nolan Armstrong
Nolan Armstrong Yil oldin
He's a really good passer
Jeremy Refior
Jeremy Refior Yil oldin
I love pats defensive attitude. We miss him in Houston.
Kevin C Martinez B
beverly sucks d*ck just for that..............Lonzo it's gucci asf keep doing the good job
bombfirst157 Yil oldin
Beverly's a bitch ass hater
jacob guzman
jacob guzman Yil oldin
Patrick Beverley is the scum of the nba who signed with the shitty ass clippers. he should be ashamed of himself. also should give his paycheck for getting hurt for the rest of the season 2 weeks in.
Wally Byers
Wally Byers Yil oldin
I agree, Ball like his father is a cocksucker.
imGoof E.
imGoof E. Yil oldin
This is what you guys call beef? This looks like ball to me...
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel Yil oldin
Gotta love Pat Beverly.
Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker Yil oldin
Lakers were fooled by this family
Hubert Chung
Hubert Chung Yil oldin
The Lakers wasted there money on lonzo Ball. Expensive mistake for the Lakers
Seth  Michael
Seth Michael Yil oldin
He doesn't say bitch it looks like he's saying "u ain't shit"
Swagneto013 Yil oldin
I feel like Beverly is not doing this on purpose
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Yil oldin
because of his father, almost everyone wants to destroy him. 😥
Brandon Williams
Bruh Pat ain't have to do that
Tc Linn
Tc Linn Yil oldin
Yep, watching Patrick Beverly play is like watching ballet. I love the facial sign language.
David Camille
David Camille Yil oldin
Lonzo is a bitch🤣🤣🤣😌😌😌
Alfonso Montoya
Alfonso Montoya Yil oldin
David Camille L
Mess1ah8x Yil oldin
I know he's young but watching Lonzo really makes me miss Kobe. Even at 19, Kobe would have sooner been dragged to the bench kicking and screaming before letting Beverly pull this kind of shit on him. There's no way he wouldn't have attempted to destroy him out there. You either have that dog in you or you don't. Lonzo is pretty anti confrontational and very laid back, but he's got to understand he's swimming with sharks now. He needs to find that inner fire and play with the mindset that he's being backed into a wall. Come out swinging. This passive shit is like blood to sharks. He's gotta start going back at these guys and playing with a chip on his shoulder. He plays like a man that's marked but doesn't accept it. Your fate was sealed the moment you became a Los Angeles Laker. Embrace that you have a bullseye on your back and become the villain everyone wants you to be. You can't force these guys to like you but you can damn sure earn their respect.
A D.I Yil oldin
krusty need some energy
Aidan Clendenin
Aidan Clendenin Yil oldin
Pat Beverly homeless lookin ass
chris jones
chris jones Yil oldin
Lonzo to me has a UGLY ass style of play, his handles is ugly, shot got damn he looks like he trying too hard to look cool
Slicc Jefe
Slicc Jefe Yil oldin
He needs to wear nikes again
Roast God
Roast God Yil oldin
you know that gd shit needa come out yo name real quick
john w
john w Yil oldin
Damn...If I see 1 more of this Ballhog glove ad BS....I am going to buy 1 and burn it on a youtube video... Yeah....Lonzo ball is a BUST... and Magic is going to look bad....Ball family HYPE is now quiet...where is loud mouth Lavar...all of sudden no talking from him...lol
Knight Rider
Knight Rider Yil oldin
Bev is one ugly ass nigga.
james martin
james martin Yil oldin
Benefit of the doubt, Im sure he is a good kid. His father is a dick though.
canna bliss
canna bliss Yil oldin
Ugly ass shot
AA Dodge
AA Dodge Yil oldin
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto Yil oldin
Lonzo looks like Drake with Down syndrome
PinkAlien Yil oldin
Lonzo, the most overhyped, overrated, and out of his depth player.
monley Lopes
monley Lopes Yil oldin
but he is a bitch
mookeychase0907 Yil oldin
Patrick is better off in LA rather than playing in the shadows of a ball hoggin 2 guard. That was disrespectful to me,PB is a solid PG...
Epic Wiso
Epic Wiso Yil oldin
nbs I fucks with lonzo. much respect frfr. quiet but deadly. U have to watch out for people like that 💯 that's a fact
Beverly is just going to be a stepping stone for lonzo
Aaron VanOppens
Aaron VanOppens Yil oldin
Talk is cheap
Aaron VanOppens
Aaron VanOppens Yil oldin
Still didnt get a reaction from ball tho. So basically pat waisted his time. All talk.
Ellis X
Ellis X Yil oldin
Why do this Clown wear tight Ass uniform ... FuCKING NERD Ball
Chaziel Sunz
Chaziel Sunz Yil oldin
People calling Beverley ass, but anyone of those star guards he defends he makes it tough on them. He gives them that work. Westbrook included, yeah westbrook might get 30 after about 50 shots lol
FULLmeltHASH Yil oldin
LOLOL im watching clippers vs grizzlies right now.. conley dropped almost 30 points on beverlys bitch ass. LOLOL and on the other end he shut his BITCH ASS OUT!!!!.. looks like beverly is sipping conleys c*m off the floor like a little BITCH.. and 3 days ago steph curry did things to beverly I CANT EVEN TYPE IN HERE cuz they'll delete my account LOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. looks like beverly can handle a skinny pale little rookie kid... but when he faces a man.. he ends up sucking j*zz off the floor like a c*ckold BITCH begging for a hot load on his BITCH ASS FACE, LOLOLOLOLOLOL
FULLmeltHASH Yil oldin
I dont read replies so shove it up ur daddies p*ssyh0le bitch
Jorge Lara
Jorge Lara Yil oldin
All these haters don't know about Beverley's past he sucks ass been with almost 3 or 2 different teams cause he is ass and he always fighting with good players cause he know he ain't gonna be good at basketball like lebron
Jorge Lara
Jorge Lara Yil oldin
HATERS on Beverley's dick huh stay with him the whole season you gonna want a new daddy
Elijah Pierre
Elijah Pierre Yil oldin
Why patrick beverley always starting stuff?
Ryu Ken
Ryu Ken Yil oldin
see how pat moves the ball and doesnt try to be hot sauce
Ryu Ken
Ryu Ken Yil oldin
my nigga just needs to pass the ball and dribble with his HEAD UP. his teamates just standing there wide open watching him struggle