LOOT LAKE IS FLOATING?! FULL Season 6 Battle Pass! - Fortnite Battle Royale

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27-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 978
MLGAnimations GLM
MLGAnimations GLM 18 soat oldin
Season 7 anyone?
Chan 騎騎 Yuni
Chan 騎騎 Yuni 2 kun oldin
Who’s watching this Season 7
Yoshisepticnose 3232
4:04 lmfao
Liomar Leal
Liomar Leal 7 kun oldin
It’s my b-day
Urijah Hornberger
Urijah Hornberger 6 kun oldin
Master Craigron13
Master Craigron13 8 kun oldin
I love season 6 battle pass
Medard Newson
Medard Newson 14 kun oldin
Fuck you
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia 15 kun oldin
Remember the gta superhero tryouts video he now has powers
Char 20 kun oldin
“That’s a big ass hit box” 😂😂😂
Rini Ben
Rini Ben 22 kun oldin
Give me sitrep of Fortnite, over.
Rogelio Santos
Rogelio Santos 22 kun oldin
I wold do the same
Rey The jedi
Rey The jedi 24 kun oldin
Wait... if Kevin have babies...... WHO DID HE MARRIED WITH
Bob Stone
Bob Stone 24 kun oldin
Nice thumbnail dude, you an artist?
TGGZJoker 24 kun oldin
Use the cod like wrk or work?
Lucian X11
Lucian X11 25 kun oldin
Who else thought there was more than one person talking during the cinematic
Tyler Gaming 75
Tyler Gaming 75 28 kun oldin
Who is ready for season 7
Thecoolcreeperboy 3000
Kevin had babies
silas blankenship
silas blankenship 28 kun oldin
There is a castle by hauted
Lightning On_Edge
Marcel you know Michael Jackson your like the only person that I know who knows Michael Jackson
Elizardo Lopez
Kevin is dead but faked it and now its real he is dead!
FirstMeansFirst KD
when i saw the island i was like wtf???
lee hughes
lee hughes Oy oldin
something is happening tomwow it already changed a litlel
Epicfacemaster !
100 health 99 shield Time to drink a chug jug!!!!!
Kirsten Trezil
Scrappy doo was my dogs name... his head got hit by a car ;-;
DNX_ Kampfhuhn
missed the og music tho
Batdog Nearman
Doesn't look at og music but looks at floss music
blue purple
blue purple Oy oldin
You should check Derek Gerard
Splatoon Player
The name of the Camilion is Paskell
Julian Roman
Julian Roman Oy oldin
Did anyone see that llama 5:23
ッӨӨFッ Oy oldin
Bouncers are only in vending machines
Jenaro Munoz
Jenaro Munoz Oy oldin
A face cam would have been AMAZING
Ben Hawke
Ben Hawke Oy oldin
TheLord MayForgive
Dusk is totally the best ever, and her glider is so good💜🦇
Tristyn O'Neil
It isn’t the chamealeon from tangled because he didn’t have purple on him
Danielle Harre
The og music
Danielle Harre
The of music
[GD]Lake Oy oldin
You missed llama D:
0:20 the funny part about it is with skull trooper eating popcorn and im so sad I still dont have the web glider that you get when you win a game;(
Constantino Lop ez
Me because im Ninja
MBCLewis Oy oldin
How do you get the balloon battle bus back bling?
Idk i want it to
Derek Oropeza Obispo
Gotta thank llama sir he’s Kevin’s dad he named him
Filipe Flores
Filipe Flores Oy oldin
Anthony Perales
Look at his arm at 5:40
TotaledCrane267 Yt
Nice videos Basically
You know, i find it unfair that playstation are getting a ton of free skins and not Xbox... And yes, I'm complaining. IM ADMITTING IT
susanna rand
susanna rand Oy oldin
12.00 open walls😂
BlckDiamonds83 _
Check og remix
Boaz Kwalombota
You have the best looking video screens or whatever they're called
OneBeefy Burger
masterofgames 1241
I named the cube bob
M4nsfe4R the best
They put his castle in the game just for him 14:50
Sean Mcailiffe
FaZe YOUR MOM Oy oldin
I didn’t know there was more legendary gliders! 3:58
FaZe YOUR MOM Oy oldin
Don’t judge me plz
Tommy Oy oldin
You you OK LOL
Implode Skills
I hate when he dose not look at the og music
thrash1022 Oy oldin
I dont remember clicking this video but the running man stuff started and i was looking for my old friend the revolver i keep in my desk drawer
Dank Mems
Dank Mems Oy oldin
"Its a big map change dont get me wron-(shock) *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH*
HexoNova Oy oldin
the cube is the storm confirmed
Seo Clutch
Seo Clutch Oy oldin
*Marcel sees Calamity*"Okay....""Okay.....""Okay......""Okay......." *Sees max Calamity*"Oh....shit."
Alex 2007
Alex 2007 2 oy oldin
Was the guy raiding a llama in the thumbnail model after fin from adventure time.
TG Voyage
TG Voyage 2 oy oldin
its ok im also afraid of spiders. I don't want to land in retail/ pleasant ever again
Sanqueen Hines
Sanqueen Hines 2 oy oldin
You are cool
XxGacha IsabellxX
"Oh no yes yes no" lol
Dudurek369 2 oy oldin
*looks at the white dog* "Why is this one better than the other one?"
krmorken07 2 oy oldin
You should do ride the pony for the emote on that skin
Shawn Barron
Shawn Barron 2 oy oldin
I would be gryfindor
lizardbreath 7361
"Thats a big ass hit box" 😂
Sgt. James Morrison
I like how marcel didn’t see the castle
lindsey line
lindsey line 2 oy oldin
Fortnite is died stop playing it plz
Lightning_ _Tomato
Did you know that you can dance as a ghost
Christopher pearce
Dusk is thicc
Mohammad Saad
Mohammad Saad 2 oy oldin
I think Logan Paul payed epic games to put him in the trailer 0:20
obliviondaedra 2 oy oldin
shut up im poor
FerreTrip 2 oy oldin
Oh SHIT, they have a full anthro WEREWOLF now?!? Oh God but he's at the top of the tier there's no way I'd get it if I started now.... Especially if I have to pay real money ;w;
Kevin Ivany
Kevin Ivany 2 oy oldin
What did another Kevin do now?
Alfred Asare Antwi
Ok Ok Okay Okayy Oh shhi* that looks pretty- **Buys battle pass**
Food Clan
Food Clan 2 oy oldin
PurpleCat Girl12
PurpleCat Girl12 2 oy oldin
I have DJ younder and 5 more not that much tho
Amy Ralston
Amy Ralston 2 oy oldin
That was lagitness 😍😍👉
Bradley Moulding
Bradley Moulding 2 oy oldin
2:55 Erika Costell be like
Kishawn Swinger
Kishawn Swinger 2 oy oldin
Scales looks like Spyro lmao
Danielle Turner
Danielle Turner 2 oy oldin
The island is taking a ruins to make a volcano.
Adrian Leon
Adrian Leon 2 oy oldin
Bas can I play with you my name in Fortnite is Adrianleon2909
Ismelda Hernandez
Kevin made babies
Ismelda Hernandez
Look at him he got a big head little body🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fletcher Rider
Fletcher Rider 2 oy oldin
Marcel’s Castle! Make it happen Epic!
XxGalaxy DragonXx
Nice thumbnail
aaron lowndes
aaron lowndes 2 oy oldin
There's a castle in the game jus fur me.... 🤣🤣🤣 love it.
Pro Pro Estonia taavetolen2
Ammar Hall
Ammar Hall 2 oy oldin
Actually all of that is still there you have to look
Kxng Gamer
Kxng Gamer 2 oy oldin
How is the castle for marcel??
Kai Liz
Kai Liz 2 oy oldin
"Warwick from league of legends" I fucking love this reference
EnchantedBBQ 2 oy oldin
“Kevin’s a girl?!” I hope someone gets it
King _kris05
King _kris05 2 oy oldin
Marcel throw a Port a fort and then try to fly inside the port of fort it has to be in the circle
4 mill hype
Marcel is the only you tuber that I don't get triggered from because he actually sees the references that epic is hinting☺
Super Glitchy 4
Super Glitchy 4 2 oy oldin
Cronos 1235689 YT
No one noticed he missed the lama
The dog with hoodie
There is a castle near haunted