Los Angeles Lakers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights - January 9 2019 - Lakers Pistons

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Lakers vs Pistons Full Game Highlights
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10-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 46
arabicenglish 2 kun oldin
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Takeshi Wan
Takeshi Wan 4 kun oldin
way too many buzz here on this channel. really hated this AD friendly experience! 4 ads in 10 min video? NO WAY
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng 5 kun oldin
Fuck Blake sucks nowadays not even fun to watch how is he worth 30 mil?
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound 5 kun oldin
Teenage Tattoo club
Remi Martin
Remi Martin 5 kun oldin
Michael beasley 19 pts, 4 ast, 2 rebs has impressed Lakers with his readiness despite missing a month.
Adam 6 kun oldin
They are better without lebron
Gian Anton Amor
Gian Anton Amor 6 kun oldin
Yasha Mashiach
Yasha Mashiach 6 kun oldin
nice i knew la didnt need laflop
jdm_boi559 6 kun oldin
Zaza Pachulia sneaking up behind Kyle Kuzma ready to injure him next @ 9:48-9:50. Lmfao
Justin Rico
Justin Rico 6 kun oldin
They sleep on Beasley he was good when he played his last year with the knicks
Lang JayJay
Lang JayJay 6 kun oldin
Yo this Laker team got me going...LMAO nice work they looked like a mean machine.. can't wait
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen 6 kun oldin
lmao those jersey's are cheap because they are fake look at the utah Jersey the back of the neck tag with that stitching is fake lol.
kilrassclown 6 kun oldin
Lonzo Ball = elite D. Kooz points is "nice", and i love Kooz, but Lonzo played some hella D, h-e-l-l-a D. In my view, he is the best defending guard in NBA, even better than Avery, and some pretty nice assist to go with it. I think the reason he is so effective defending is because he never makes it personal, and never goads the oppo into playing back at him. he is just "doing his job" and i think the other guards realize that and it makes it hard for them to react emotionally. they seem to "accept it" and that it's not personal, etc, but the way it's translating is they're allowing Lonzo to do just that - play insane D. Same goes for Hart and, at times (most of the time I'd say) Contentious-D Pope. And they are the key for this season, their D will determine the fate of this team and if Ingram can get in there and get back to his level of D late last year, and i see he is getting there, then they will do very well.
StylezYung 6 kun oldin
This is a result of Waltons great coaching and roatation scheduling. He just needs to figure out how to use LeBron and Rando on the team
John-boy 6 kun oldin
Yesssss! It's great to have Kuzma and his scoring back and then some tonight. Ball getting more aggressive out there (even shoving Hart around???)Ingram good all-around game and Beasley on fire in the 4th. Blake Griffin with a "grown man move", or grown man charging four in my opinion.
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 6 kun oldin
AD scared to go to LA cause he do t an a be looked at like how people look at KD. He cares too much about his appearance to be selfish and chase a ring.
Alvaro Diaz
Alvaro Diaz 6 kun oldin
What if kuzma would of played the whole game how many points do you think he would of gotten? I think 54 points that woul have made Lebron seem useless like he is LEbron better sit down and watch the game he’s trying to take credit for the lakers win when kuzma is on fire he burns lebron
benchkie oliveros
benchkie oliveros 6 kun oldin
How can you say that damn I think you know nothing about basketball 🏀 😂
Russel westbrook
Russel westbrook 6 kun oldin
Dont ever speak the king name like that again. Number five on the top ten leaderboard of ALL TIME. Enough said
Eric Sales
Eric Sales 6 kun oldin
Russian Bot lakers or lebron fans?
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 6 kun oldin
Bruh they beat a shitting pistons team gtfo. When kuz drops 41 on a top 5 team then you can talk. Til then Lebron is the catalyst that has inspired these young players and has made them a contender.
changersbanger 6 kun oldin
The Zo dime after the Kennard block💪
XXVII SKET 6 kun oldin
Alen P
Alen P 6 kun oldin
I like how coach took out Cuzma 3d and didn’t let him play last 12 minutes u don’t no with high egos even tho Cuzma could of hade 55 points..keep everyone in check only Bron can go score 50 lol
Magic Spaceman
Magic Spaceman 6 kun oldin
He doesn't want to get injured
Sibusiso Mngadi
Sibusiso Mngadi 6 kun oldin
ADS first? Crapping all over the screen and six ads in 10 minutes = one EVERY 70 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a turn-off...........
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 6 kun oldin
Sibusiso Mngadi if you’re trying to be turned on I suggest a porn site
Ho Patrick
Ho Patrick 6 kun oldin
Seriously? 6 ads in 10mins vid ?
Uklm Ngubane
Uklm Ngubane 5 kun oldin
redbull gives you wings right...lol ..lo
Take all that shit off the screen
Kai Jackson
Kai Jackson 6 kun oldin
IQ Zo 🔥🔥🔥🔥❗️❗️❗️
shaabo Squeezy
shaabo Squeezy 6 kun oldin
as a lebron fan.. i have to admit they move the ball around better when he is not on the floor
Lang JayJay
Lang JayJay 6 kun oldin
No u got shite all wrong bro...kuze was playing don't u forgot about that..they didn't have a smart player accept Ingram Who I think he's sucks but people says he's the one
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 6 kun oldin
As a basketball fan I have to admit that kuzma dropped 41 on a shitty team and the system they run without Lebron is the same system the difference is that the lakers have progressed and been motivated since Lebron showed up.
Candace Carter
Candace Carter 6 kun oldin
shaabo Squeezy and they easily lose without LeBron
Mdama 6 kun oldin
shaabo Squeezy theyre playing systematic basketball, with LeBron he is the system
Monee Boiii
Monee Boiii 6 kun oldin
It's such a team game we play idk who to give credit too! Bruh get my boy mike beas some more PT. He's a fuckin baller. Zo kuz...shit everybody..good shiiit
funrsguysandmore 6 kun oldin
Beasley 🔥🔥
Diogenes Arauz
Diogenes Arauz 6 kun oldin
4:05 Lonzo wants that ball quick to push the pace...Hart is going to learn though. His teammates will learn that every second counts.
trh hrhrhrhrh
trh hrhrhrhrh 5 kun oldin
why he push him like that
Diogenes Arauz
Diogenes Arauz 6 kun oldin
Mitchilla yep you right...
Bryson Cornes
Bryson Cornes 6 kun oldin
Mitchilla 6 kun oldin
Hart was calling a timeout..
Isaac Ramirez
Isaac Ramirez 6 kun oldin
Beasley was cooking these mfs like it was nothing he’s a walking buckets give him like 8-10 mins a game dawg lmao 🔥🔥
Jacquelyn Wolfe
Jacquelyn Wolfe 6 kun oldin
Kuz was on fireeee
Connor Lopez
Connor Lopez 6 kun oldin