Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

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Are the "healthy" low fat chips actually worth it? Today we're determining how low fat chips stand up when they're pitted heard-to-head against their regular, full-flavor counterpart. GMM #1457
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9-Yan, 2019

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valeria aguirre
valeria aguirre 3 soat oldin
Baked hot Cheetos taste better than the original and that’s facts
Ariel Hallmark
Ariel Hallmark 4 soat oldin
I want links sweater!!!!
Kaden Jack
Kaden Jack 7 soat oldin
Anyone else only able to think about Doctor Mike’s video about foods with less fat while watching this?
jasiel leiva
jasiel leiva 8 soat oldin
I'd rather eat brains than pringles
Taryn Thranduilion
Taryn Thranduilion 11 soat oldin
I'm highkey really rooting for one of these to be good enough bc I have chronic issues that mean I can't intake much fat so WOO COME ON LOW-FAT DON'T DISAPPOINT ME
Roman Bukins
Roman Bukins 11 soat oldin
7:50 That is not how it works at all... In the long run salt actually makes you less thirsty. Salt helps you retain fluid in the body (you pee and sweat less) which is why high sodium intake is a contributer to high blood pressure. More fluid=more pressure
Roman Bukins
Roman Bukins 11 soat oldin
I actually prefer oven baked crisps for the taste :)
libsybum 16 soat oldin
I have a condition where I have to eat loads of salt. Pretty much as much as I can handle. So low sodium crisps is a no for me!
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin 18 soat oldin
Lightly salted always tastes better in general.
DurpyRainbow 004
DurpyRainbow 004 19 soat oldin
Is the mythical pullover hoodie crystal wash coming back in stock? 😰
Jeremy Henley
Jeremy Henley 20 soat oldin
SWEET CHILLI HEAT!!!!!! best Doritos!!!! 🇨🇦
Joey turner
Joey turner 21 soat oldin
Anyone notice links nails are painted?
Epicwarlava Gaming And Viewing
Move this show to NBC.
Jon D
Jon D Kun oldin
Potato Chip Rock! That's here! 8D
awwwkitteh Kun oldin
I love lightly salted lays. I too prefer it over regular lays
Brandi Mullins
Brandi Mullins Kun oldin
You know, after eating reduced fat chips for over a year now, I can honestly say that i like them better. Especially the baked lays/ruffles. Its to the point where the regular ones are too salty and fatty. I love the flavor of the baked ones.
Ryan Monteith
Ryan Monteith Kun oldin
Omg you guys are sooooooo good at ping pong Like actually way better than me!
Jabb Throne
Jabb Throne Kun oldin
Hmmm have you guys ever tasted a plain potato. Yea it barely has any taste. So yes it does taste fatty 😂
ISpeed Up
ISpeed Up Kun oldin
Am I the only one who likes the reduced fat sweet chili chips better than the sweet chili ones?
THE_ G0AT_G0D 000
They have those reduced fat sweet chili Doritos at my school
Brooklynn White
Brooklynn White Kun oldin
The lightly salted plain Lays potato chips are way better than the original ones. The original ones are like eating a salt lick compared to the lightly salted ones.
dark sonic
dark sonic Kun oldin
Voodoo Mama Juju. What am I gonna do?
Jayda Steele
Jayda Steele Kun oldin
i have never seen Pringles in a bowl before😂
dudedude873 Kun oldin
Where can i get rhetts shirt?!
#diyMATT Kun oldin
The last time i had a fat free chip it had Olean in it. 10 mts later my shoes were filled with a sudden and unexpected oily discharge. I'll take the full fat chip thank you.
Alyssa Sawyer
Alyssa Sawyer Kun oldin
What’s the app they used?
عبدالله بسيوني
Nice shirts
Stacey Noffke
Stacey Noffke Kun oldin
I prefer the baked Tostitos Scoops over the original.
Welcome to the low fat chip taste test, where the winner we pick isn't even a low fat chip, but a low sodium chip. We make so much sense.
Patsy Kiniry
Patsy Kiniry Kun oldin
i'm glad they're making videos like this idk what it is but it just feels right yknow
Idk Idk
Idk Idk Kun oldin
it's actually not healthy to drink to much water in a short amount of time
wiiztec Kun oldin
Reduced fat sour cream and onion pringles actually taste better than the original unfortunately reducing fat is actually less healthy contrary to conventional wisdom
Jose Gonzales
Jose Gonzales Kun oldin
Baked hot cheetos are better than regular Cheetos imo
Sean D
Sean D Kun oldin
It's not a chip but reduced fat cheezits are where it's at
Cass'Mosha Amoroso-Centeno
I think they are biased. I would have preferred if it was a blind taste test
Mvdhatter 2 kun oldin
I’m i the only one that loves the baked chips more like the hot Cheetos and ruffles
Elea 2 kun oldin
Backyard Wiffleball
The reason why they are low fat is because there is not as much, making you not consume as many calories.
Scarlett DarkEagle
Scarlett DarkEagle 2 kun oldin
*lumpy root bulge* *you just disrespected that potato*
Carson Lawrence
Carson Lawrence 2 kun oldin
I like baked Cheetos a LOT more than original...
gluby queen
gluby queen 2 kun oldin
Gmm squad where you at?
LevaOrel 2 kun oldin
Baked lays/ruffles, the original flavor, are far superior to the original.
Rhinopocalypes 2 kun oldin
I just want to bring up that fat isn't inherently bad for you. The only fat that is bad for you is Trans and rancid fats, saturated it neutral and unsaturated it good for you (as long as it isn't rancid) These chips can be better for you since they aren't taking fat our really, they are just not frying it. Oils (fat) heated too high go rancid and are very bad for you, that's why sometimes saturated fats like butter are better. Thing is you need to watch out because many "low fat" foods take out fats that don't need to be taken out and replace them with sugar which is much worse for you.
Georgia W
Georgia W 2 kun oldin
Also Link drinks 8 glasses of water a day?! And I thought I was a water freak
Georgia W
Georgia W 2 kun oldin
Link: nobody eats the whole bag Everyone watching this video: *understatement of the century*
Vapor 2 kun oldin
that hoodie is awesome!
Nickflix 2 kun oldin
Baked chips and healthy chips are sooo good
CometGirl 2 kun oldin
4:20 Did anyone else think "if you made a serving of RUFFLEY 15 chips" ?
Brogan Rigby
Brogan Rigby 2 kun oldin
0:30 rip to that potatoe
GamersofHelaman 2 kun oldin
what if the diffrentses they and cencing between the two are bios knowing which one is which so there going at a sumption on which is better
Danaamot 2 kun oldin
Doritos are corn, not potato. This test in invalid. :D
Kannibal Kandy
Kannibal Kandy 2 kun oldin
Good boy Rhett. Your thoughts on the low fat being a sham is correct. Caloric intake is more important to watch rather than the fat. Fat is the component in food that helps to let a person know they are satiated or full when eating. When you have something with less fat in it you keep eating and eating and eating, and that’s where the calories will get you because you are more than what your body might need at the time.
figuresk8ter2000 2 kun oldin
Baked ruffles are so much better
Angelica Simmons
Angelica Simmons 2 kun oldin
I actually really like the baked lays and baked ruffles more than the regular because they are less greasy.
Megan Smith
Megan Smith 2 kun oldin
I personally like the baked chips better than regular.
Haley Rox
Haley Rox 2 kun oldin
This should have been a blind folded game .
Isabelle L.
Isabelle L. 3 kun oldin
I eat baked chips just because I hate very salty chips
NorrixxTV 3 kun oldin
i like how the best tasting chip was the one that was reduced sodium and not reduced or low fat.
Roon 3 kun oldin
The Praetorian
The Praetorian 3 kun oldin
IDK baked ruffles cheddar is like cocaine.
Kyle Schmelzer
Kyle Schmelzer 3 kun oldin
baked cheetos > regular cheetos
Kevin Shannon
Kevin Shannon 3 kun oldin
I don’t understand why people make low cal junk food if u want low cal stuff just eat celery
Dark Judge
Dark Judge 3 kun oldin
Wish this was a blindfold test
Fiona M
Fiona M 3 kun oldin
Studies have shown that unless you naturally have high blood pressure (and even then) the amount of salt you consume doesn’t affect your health as long as you drink enough water so you don’t get dehydrated. And your body lets you know when you’re dehydrated, it’s called thirst.
Prerna Baheti
Prerna Baheti 3 kun oldin
The test should have been blind folded
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
That's a half hour of laundry 🤣
Hannah Hyde
Hannah Hyde 3 kun oldin
Can everyone just remember that we are watching two grown men eat chips
speakerofthestars 18 soat oldin
At least its just chips this time...
xx_urmumgae69 3 kun oldin
this video is personification of millennials
Vanessa Victoria
Vanessa Victoria 3 kun oldin
i think it’s better to try it blindfolded?
Chronic Kid
Chronic Kid 3 kun oldin
Spicy sweet chili doritos> literally any other chip ever
Emily Womack
Emily Womack 3 kun oldin
We had to have the reduced fat Doritos in our school cafeteria
Mokel Entertainment
i drink 5+ bottles of 16.9 OZ of water every day, just cause we dont buy anything else to drink and this is all we have xD
Jenny Moldovan
Jenny Moldovan 3 kun oldin
Common myth that potatoes are unhealthy, unless they're fried or covered in cheese like people do they're not
Shelley Griego
Shelley Griego 3 kun oldin
This made me so hungry that I had to pause it at 5:00 in to get some potato chips
Larry Miller
Larry Miller 3 kun oldin
You don't want to mess with an Irishman potatoes
Carlos pinilla lopez
I'm glad he didn't drink more water since there is risk of water poisoning
Thomas Stilley
Thomas Stilley 3 kun oldin
Strangely i always find myself watching these at nighttime
Gandek 3 kun oldin
Baked>Non Baked
Ashley Day
Ashley Day 3 kun oldin
Lay’s baked tastes better.
Richard Derrick Dyck
Please do will it salsa
kick 4 kun oldin
It’s a fact that baked chips are better than regular. The first time I heavily disagree with the boys
Gabriella Louise
Gabriella Louise 4 kun oldin
I live on a small hippie island, my drive way is 4 minutes there and back, now getting to the mailbox, that’s like a 10 minute walk
Darrian Weathington
That rock snapped after that video and all those kids are dead, The End... life huh?
Conor Mccabe
Conor Mccabe 4 kun oldin
Link's hoodie's lit af!!😎😎
RedBlanket24 4 kun oldin
9:15 Link said shit lol
Joshua Payne
Joshua Payne 4 kun oldin
Hi Brynn!!!
Coconut Cream
Coconut Cream 4 kun oldin
U read that if you drink 16 cups of water a die it can kill you!!!
A Potato
A Potato 4 kun oldin
some potato abuse warning would've been nice
Thomas C
Thomas C 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one who gets hungry from these videos?
Raphael Robles
Raphael Robles 4 kun oldin
Reduced fat Doritos are garbage. That’s all they offer at my school
DeadMoNeyProductions BP
I’m waiting to buy that sweater please restock
Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward 4 kun oldin
That’s a lot of pattern fellas
lithiumkc8 4 kun oldin
Playback speeds: 0.50x = Drunk Normal = Stoned 1.50x = Cocaine 2.00x = G/Meth
:.:Save Ferris:.:
:.:Save Ferris:.: 4 kun oldin
This was actually a really informative taste test - if I ate chips regularly this would save me a lot of time trying to decide which "healthier" chip is worth buying. Also, the unique comparison examples (jogging for 4 extra minutes, etc.) were interesting to think about. ✌️
CL3AN N M3AN 4 kun oldin
13:11 sounds like the start of a song
Nathaniel Connolly
Nathaniel Connolly 4 kun oldin
Links sweater is fire 👌
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas 4 kun oldin
Somebody explain me what is Kettle chips really?
Boaltaren 4 kun oldin
Yeah, I’m not a fan of the new intro
Metolse 4 kun oldin
Who else thinks GMM is on a comeback?
Shark_Burritos 4 kun oldin
When did the intro change?