LUCKY BLOCKS Gun Game *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Thank you Headball 2 for sponsoring this video! Today in #Fortnite we do LUCKY BLOCKS in Playgrounds!
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11-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 2 425
Ramsey Chung
Ramsey Chung 7 soat oldin
I love head ball 2
Aaron Prasla
Aaron Prasla 7 soat oldin
Do prison break out in fortnight
Jacob Hart
Jacob Hart 9 soat oldin
Do one like this with ssundee and siggils
Reece Booker
Reece Booker 18 soat oldin
i was crossing my fingers so i liked and i used code crainer in the item shop i watch your vids every day
Frost_Matrix Kun oldin
Anyone see crainers minigun had 666 ammo
Anna Karbowniczek
Press read more
ninja dragon
ninja dragon Kun oldin
crainer looks like he is wearing lipstic
Mr. Smiles
Mr. Smiles Kun oldin
RealFalkon 2 kun oldin
Dont press to read more Now you have bad luck for 2019 like to undo
Kyel Andrei Gabriel Tan
Don't press read more. Your gonna be luck like more
Kyel Andrei Gabriel Tan
Your pro
Raissa Salonga
Raissa Salonga 2 kun oldin
Hey crainer the grey is common the blue is uncommon the green rare the purple epic and gold legendary
Amrosi Taha
Amrosi Taha 2 kun oldin
don't press read more (runic)watta ma suppose to do
Kylie Wiest
Kylie Wiest 3 kun oldin
Read carefully I wanna is a time for you you can pick it out for you you want me you can come pick it out I wanna was a way I can come over to you and I can come over and get it out to pick you you want me you to come over and get me you want me you can pick it out I will come over and get it out of my house is the way you want to come over to pick up your stuff I don’t have a phone you you want me you to pick it out I will get you a card or a gift for your mom if I can come over to your dads house I want you you to pick it out and then I will come over to you and I get you you want me you to pick it out I wanna was a good time I wanna is your time and you can pick up the beach or you want me you to come over to my mom pick you you up at your house is your day so you you want me you to pick it out and I can pick it out I will come over to you like if you read it all😌
yamen aljallab
yamen aljallab 3 kun oldin
guys go to 5:32 its so funny like if I am right
Entertaiment For You
keep trying
rich gaming
rich gaming 4 kun oldin
last round didnt count because he didnt kill Runic with the scar
gamer vilmer
gamer vilmer 4 kun oldin
Alex Day
Alex Day 4 kun oldin
Crainer has not won yet
gamer vilmer
gamer vilmer 4 kun oldin
WhAt Am I sUpOsEd To Do? SaYs RuNiC!
Raul Ramirez
Raul Ramirez 4 kun oldin
Runic sounds like Alex ace
Kids Miller
Kids Miller 4 kun oldin
Teacher:I don’t care if it’s to hard Runic:wha-what am I supposed to do!?!
Tianna Blanchard
Tianna Blanchard 4 kun oldin
Ha ha ha ha Ha🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tianna Blanchard
Tianna Blanchard 4 kun oldin
Ha ha Ha
Tianna Blanchard
Tianna Blanchard 4 kun oldin
What are you made from Spain to😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lucinda Hartman
Lucinda Hartman 4 kun oldin
Pick axe
Vas Constas
Vas Constas 5 kun oldin
What am I supposed to do
EH9 fortnite
EH9 fortnite 5 kun oldin
4 mill!!
Terrance Roberts
Terrance Roberts 5 kun oldin
Vanderlei Lima
Vanderlei Lima 5 kun oldin
What code
Twitch Purge
Twitch Purge 5 kun oldin
Look at crainers minimum ammo.. 14:42 edit: minigun
kiarah mendez
kiarah mendez 5 kun oldin
dont press read more.. you will see the season 8 battle pass like if u never got a victory royale
kiarah mendez
kiarah mendez 5 kun oldin
kiarah mendez
kiarah mendez 5 kun oldin
crainer... ur mini ammo is...... 666
Joshua Mc Donnell
Joshua Mc Donnell 5 kun oldin
Do a dance
William Brown
William Brown 5 kun oldin
4m noice
niko gaming
niko gaming 6 kun oldin
In headball 2 it says that hes from Denmark
COWBOYS DALLAS 6 kun oldin
Your a minigun madman
Saim Bhatti
Saim Bhatti 6 kun oldin
The devil is coming look at his minigun at 14:42 Like if you spotted it
Luke Young
Luke Young 6 kun oldin
Good job on 4 million
Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson 6 kun oldin
Tukaner Er seje
Tukaner Er seje 6 kun oldin
Ser du robinsamse?
Jamie Jin Playz
Jamie Jin Playz 6 kun oldin
how to get head ball 2?
Darth Zonic
Darth Zonic 6 kun oldin
I wonder why Crainer still calls it **NEW** Lucky block thingy, even though he's been doing it for three months... ;-;
xxbmx 6 kun oldin
Congrats on 4 million subs your the best!
Alex Burton
Alex Burton 6 kun oldin
Congrats on 4Mill
Cameron Dill
Cameron Dill 6 kun oldin
I saw that
Don’t press read more I’m not one of those nabs
Riley Phillips
Riley Phillips 6 kun oldin
Exactly 2k away
mojo78660 6 kun oldin
did anyone else watch crainer laugh in slow-mo