Luka Doncic's Step-Back is UNSTOPPABLE | Every Signature Shot for Mavs Rookie

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Everyone wondered if Luka could get his go-to shot off against NBA defenders. Safe to say he's answered those questions.
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21-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 336
Tiny Channel
Tiny Channel 3 kun oldin
James harden start taking notes 📝 that's how u do u real stepback
federico scopel
federico scopel 5 kun oldin
Imagine Luca with a number 13....how many Ft?
Mariano Neto
Mariano Neto 5 kun oldin
This guy is the real deal!
nash 7 kun oldin
Better than James harden
As U RuKaVu
As U RuKaVu 7 kun oldin
High IQ basketball player
Joaquin Ceredon
Joaquin Ceredon 7 kun oldin
This is how you do a proper step back.
Pascual Castillo
Pascual Castillo 8 kun oldin
Look at the Net go Swoosh
Farming 4G
Farming 4G 8 kun oldin
Uh.... I think Drose managed to block it a few nights ago, but Luka was still clutch in that game yet.
Renato Kovačič
Renato Kovačič 9 kun oldin
goran dragic and luka doncic HELLO NBA all stars
Wavemaker 10 kun oldin
I also tried this step back but I fell backwards.
Tentacle Hostel
Tentacle Hostel 10 kun oldin
Watch it in 144p for a real Slav experience.
Black Triangle Music
looks so easy...for him
7tachyon 11 kun oldin
Luka is already GOAT.
Paolo Valdez
Paolo Valdez 11 kun oldin
Like who think that Doncic is the rookie of the YEAR
el Juke de Palma
el Juke de Palma 9 kun oldin
rookie of the century
T Games
T Games 11 kun oldin
He should teach harden the correct step back
Kevin Kissoondath
Kevin Kissoondath 11 kun oldin
This guy is 10 million times better than DSJ...no doubt to him...but Luka is the team....
mel calalas
mel calalas 11 kun oldin
Rokies but play as a veteran,the next superstar of NBA
mel calalas
mel calalas 11 kun oldin
Harrison Wills
Harrison Wills 11 kun oldin
Literally if he already has his dribble there is no tell that he is gonna do it. Off the catch he throws a cannon step to fake the drive but off the dribble he is so on balance. Plus his pace is like this constant medium. Not too fast that you can tell when he is trying to burst and not so slow that the defenders can shut it down
JjOpoku55 12 kun oldin
Lol he was born in 99 Shit is crazy dirk was my favorite player now dirk passed the torch I’m def getting a jersey
Jacob Seligman
Jacob Seligman 12 kun oldin
Amazing Luka ❤️❤️👌🏻👌🏻
Carlos Spence
Carlos Spence 12 kun oldin
I like luka already💯🔥
Xeno 13 kun oldin
ROTY no doubt If atyton steps his game up a lot then he will have a greater chance
Darian West
Darian West 13 kun oldin
This kid is younger than I am....
High Lonesome High Lonesome
Damn..the way he moves, handles the ball and shoots with such confidence. ..reminds me of a young Larry Bird. Love it!
Chrizzz 13 kun oldin
Where’s James Harden Double Step-Back Signature move?
bogart pogi
bogart pogi 14 kun oldin
Fade away 3pts.. damn! Halleluka..
adrian Gonzales
adrian Gonzales 14 kun oldin
38 secs made 3 people look dumb
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar 15 kun oldin
i think we weren't allowed to stop on a two step carry back in the days. it was either a two step carry and a jump or a travel.
Pik6sso 16 kun oldin
His step back is clean but sometimes it seems like he does it unnecessarily
Agnostic Realist
Agnostic Realist 16 kun oldin
0:15 - 0:17 is so fast, it doesn't seem like it is, but for Wiggins to fall back that quick and try to recover and the shot is off, really tells and shows you just how fast he moves.
goldeneyestryker 10 kun oldin
Agnostic Realist I think he’s very precise with his movements, has a little bit of a quickness to him with his change of pace moves but he uses his opponents athleticism against them with the step backs while they’re trying to recover from penetration
Tommy Loika
Tommy Loika 16 kun oldin
Diego Savage
Diego Savage 16 kun oldin
3:49 I see that Luka is copying Harden’s step back step back 😂
Neil Sashti
Neil Sashti 17 kun oldin
Harden’s step back is better but at least Luka’s is legal😂
Jeremy Alan
Jeremy Alan 17 kun oldin
he's actually still travelling I think...
Packercards 12
Packercards 12 18 kun oldin
Luka is going to be like a lebron on the cavs and win championships
Baki MC
Baki MC 19 kun oldin
Јебе их са тим уназад ко мале мајмуне,хахахахаха
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 19 kun oldin
If Doncic adds the stuff Harden does to win free throws to his game would seriously be an MVP on Hardens usage
Kirk Meyers
Kirk Meyers 20 kun oldin
Until LaMelo comes on the scene, Luka the GOAT
Rap Bern
Rap Bern 20 kun oldin
The Jesser of NBA
SuperArab 20 kun oldin
For those who say finally someone who does a legal stepback, aside from one obvious one this year hardens stepback is legal and the fact that he does it well is crazy. When he does his "double stepback" he takes the first step while the ball is in the air before he gathers it, then takes the second step with the ball. It's the same technique as a stutter step layup and is very hard to pull off on balance.
lew ozordep
lew ozordep 20 kun oldin
this is the legit stepback..
cooljay21 20 kun oldin
I can't imagine how Harden thinks when his signature shot can be done by a rookie..
Bar Squad
Bar Squad 20 kun oldin
3:30 that was the side step. We should see that more often.
Daemon Ely
Daemon Ely 21 kun oldin
roger peet
roger peet 21 kun oldin
I know how to stop that step back move. A 2by4 to the shins would work just fine.
Mitt Obama
Mitt Obama 21 kun oldin
What was Hawks thinking?
Zhou Chen
Zhou Chen 21 kun oldin
his triple threat is also good
Haliel 22 kun oldin
3:30 GOLD
Jonah McDowell
Jonah McDowell 22 kun oldin
slow as fuck with no real athleticism and he’s still eating, an actual hooper