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Luka Doncic Stuffs The Stat Sheet In Minnesota | January 11, 2019

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The Mavericks defeated the Timberwolves, 119-115 tonight in Minnesota. Luka Doncic led the Mavericks with 29 points (10-23 FG), 8 rebounds and 12 assists (ties career-high).
Which players owned the night? Catch up on all the top individual performances around the league in the Top Performers series.
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12-Yan, 2019

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Njgorlin 1
Njgorlin 1 4 kun oldin
This is Luka 🔥 👕🏀 👟 He is 0 overall 1 like = 1 overall for Luka
Matic Grašič
Matic Grašič 6 kun oldin
We looove Luka!! 🤩
人李氏 8 kun oldin
MVP in the future
Maza 8 kun oldin
Clutch machine Luka
JM CC23 8 kun oldin
Trae young is good but this guy is great! Hawks full of "what ifs" right now
Ram Ng
Ram Ng 8 kun oldin
this aint rookie of the year. this man is rookie of the DECADE.
Vladislav Dokic
Vladislav Dokic 8 kun oldin
"I don't care what they say about him. He will be a bust" - Stephen A. Smith
Vladislav Dokic
Vladislav Dokic 8 kun oldin
​+THE WOAT yes he did. search for his draft predictions and see for yourself. in the meantime check out this: Phoenix Suns insider John Gambadoro‘s harsh take on Doncic on draft night. cdn-b-east.streamable.com/video/mp4-mobile/yjpde.mp4?token=-mkcsveQkhqdsmcJB4KLkg&expires=1547430109
THE WOAT 8 kun oldin
Vladislav Dokic did he rly say that? Link?
Mr. Sanford
Mr. Sanford 9 kun oldin
Luka might be a rookie to the NBA, but the kid plays better than most of the veterans in the league.
Mr. Sanford
Mr. Sanford 9 kun oldin
Would have been awesome if Luka got to play with Dirk in his prime!!!
VKillzitFTW 9 kun oldin
Pray for jj 🙏
Stan Kormy
Stan Kormy 9 kun oldin
Vladislav Dokic
Vladislav Dokic 8 kun oldin
you mean "Lukemia" ?
PunchOut 9 kun oldin
Best rookie sense lebron james , what a beast
LeMagic James
LeMagic James 9 kun oldin
G1oria Borger
G1oria Borger 9 kun oldin
no way he can do this in the WNBA!
dzonikg 9 kun oldin
At least 3 ex Yugoslavia players should be all start this year Doncic,Jokic ,Vucevic
DXDwineJeremy 9 kun oldin
Unanimous Rookie of the Year
T Johnson
T Johnson 9 kun oldin
imagine rose and doncic on the same team.
StFidjnr 9 kun oldin
2 rebs away from a triple double
Tantan Duquita
Tantan Duquita 9 kun oldin
Asus Solis
Asus Solis 9 kun oldin
Luka doncic doesn't travel on his pull up 3 but he takes 4 quick steps including the gather. Harden does the same but backwards .
MCGREGORY13 9 kun oldin
Real Madrid train very good players...
Martin Onuegbu
Martin Onuegbu 9 kun oldin
Bruh... this guy, might just be the truth lol.. i have to admit
121212 9 kun oldin
This year rookie Ben is also ok
Cleth Camille
Cleth Camille 9 kun oldin
Luka "The Sick Dick" Doncic
Zakk Tisoy
Zakk Tisoy 9 kun oldin
ROTY !!! anyone remember, there was this another great european player who goes by the name of Toni Kukoc?
No Thank You
No Thank You 9 kun oldin
Imagine picking Marvin Bagley over this dude
Zoran L
Zoran L 9 kun oldin
It is a shame that this not finish in a basket.....uzvid.com/video/video-WXkK0_ofzag.html
Jaka Križnik
Jaka Križnik 9 kun oldin
Mi Slovenci!
mejo 9 kun oldin
In ponosni smo nanj!🇸🇮
Alfonso 9 kun oldin
Luka would fit very good with Klay Thompson.
FARMS bee 9 kun oldin
paco ramon
paco ramon 9 kun oldin
I hope Real Madrid got a good money from him.
j ga
j ga 9 kun oldin
Actually we got very little money. In my opinion the NBA act like a mafia because they dont pay transfer fees. Since the players have to pay out of their pockets the contracts have quite low amounts to break the contract. To me this is unfair and dosent allow european basket to grow.
alansmith888 9 kun oldin
This dude special. I was sceptical just like everyone else, I mean some euro dude with limited athleticism coming into the league. Thought it might take him a few years to develop. Instead he is having a rookie season comparable to the likes of Lebron James. Incredible talent.
Ronnie Popcorn
Ronnie Popcorn 10 kun oldin
Really? This is how you defend him in last seconds when he is on fire ? Really bad defence..
Vejs Cvetkovski
Vejs Cvetkovski 9 kun oldin
Not much defending you can do against Luka..
andressvelezz 10 kun oldin
He's taken the rookie of year if he keeps it up i know he probably wont win it but he should at least been considered for MVP
Andrés 10 kun oldin
Everybody lets pray that injuries never appear in his career. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 10 kun oldin
WTF is this guy made out of?
stephane GIRONCEL
stephane GIRONCEL 10 kun oldin
Luiz Filipe Kuster Silva
Prodígio, gênio
Sayo Saysana
Sayo Saysana 10 kun oldin
Luka is the best in nba right now
Alfonso 9 kun oldin
Pera Peric
Pera Peric 10 kun oldin
This guy was persuaded by his mother to play for Slovenia and not Serbia,which actually he wanted.His mother is Slovenian and father is a Serb dude,that was a basketball player also and now a coach.
mejo 9 kun oldin
DONT LIE HERE, HI IS SLOVENIAN NOT SERB. Only his grandfather was serb, father ( witch you morons caled serb) has slovenian mother and was born in slovenija and is SLOVENIAN!! You are disgusting with your serbian nacionalizm here!
Cheeriness B
Cheeriness B 10 kun oldin
I'm starting to like Maverick because of him... omailord I wkdnckcbkdb... help 😥
A S 10 kun oldin
Looks betta than jordan
Filip Mikuz
Filip Mikuz 10 kun oldin
And to think this guy was sitting in my friends living room years ago, here in ljubljana siska.
Paquette Stephen Brett
Dude could honestly end up as the true goat if he doesn't have injuries
Gurtej Garcha
Gurtej Garcha 10 kun oldin
Hawks have left the chat
Santiago Sanz Romero
In Madrid we know very well what Luka is capable to do. We'll never forget he was one of us. MVP of Euroleage season, final and Spanish league. Champion of Euroleage and Spanish league the same year with RM and he pulled the team when most of his teammates were out for injuries. Everything when he was 18-19 years old
Enrique Gallego
Enrique Gallego 9 kun oldin
Hala Madrid!!
House 720
House 720 10 kun oldin
Vamos Lukita!! Un dia mas en la ofina. Hala Madrid!!!
Bogdan Spaarkey
Bogdan Spaarkey 10 kun oldin
C'mon... Lonzo Ball is better than him..
carlito930 10 kun oldin
First year in NBA but he's not rookie. He already been MVP playing against profesional players, not playing against university kids. Is crazy he was numer 3 in draft, being the number 1 by far. But americans will continue disparaging everything is not american.
Marko Marković
Marko Marković 10 kun oldin
I love those myths how Europeans are soft, unathletic and basically busts. Regards from Luka, Jokić and Giannis