Luka Doncic WANTS THAT MVP Trophy! Full Highlights vs Suns 2019.01.09 - 30 Points, 6 Reb

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Luka Doncic Full Game Highlights | Dallas Mavericks vs Phoenix Suns | January 9, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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10-Yan, 2019

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Luka doncic best player in the NBA already
I think Luka should get MVP of the League MVP of the All-Star Game and the stars stars trophy
mrrickstur 8 kun oldin
Would be crazy if he somehow wins ROTY and MVP in the same year
PlatinumState 10 kun oldin
Higher point average than his age. Crazy stuff
Unarcadia Arcadia
Unarcadia Arcadia 10 kun oldin
He's going for it that's for sure
Spoon Fixer
Spoon Fixer 10 kun oldin
Luka is not winning mvp. Wake the fuck up. Roty for sure. Mvp is hardens to win. Jokic has a better chance at mvp that luka.
MrCrewsernator 10 kun oldin
Luka is sick but I ain't letting this man take youngest mvp ever from 🌹
Mo Z
Mo Z 10 kun oldin
The 3rd pick of the draft, LMAO i'm still laughing since i watched the draft
Lars Degereux
Lars Degereux 10 kun oldin
What’s his 2k Rating atm?
erik puka
erik puka 10 kun oldin
Jayson Tatum my ass
Ricardo Feced Ibañez
That's the reason why Luka speaks 4 languages: 1) Slovenian (native language) 2) Serbian. This language used to be spoken in the former old Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia) between 90's and mid of 00's. In additon, other languages similar to Serbian were more often spoken after Yugoslavia breakup government. Serbian is similar to Slovenian and other dialects 3) Spanish. Not so much to say about that; he speaks like a native Spanish because he lived for 6-7 years in Spain and, when you are a child, you pickup faster any language. He also understands our culture, humour, typical manners and Spanish behaviour 4) English. In Europe you learn speak English at early age (7-9 years old approximately) os could be considered absolutely necessary. Enjoy Luka.
jiveAt5 10 kun oldin
White Power✊🏻
Mus Mal
Mus Mal 10 kun oldin
hes on the second worst ranked team in the west tho
real nigga
real nigga 10 kun oldin
Nastiest step-back in the game period!
nate conanan
nate conanan 11 kun oldin
You know he is going to step back but you cant still stop him... just plain nasty
William Zhao
William Zhao 11 kun oldin
It's obvious to me that those African American men aren't even trying.
Carlos Fernández
Carlos Fernández 11 kun oldin
Sergio Llull was his másterHALA MADRID!!!
Energy Matterz Zone
Energy Matterz Zone 11 kun oldin
No body outhustles like the black man the NBA is a setup all about ticket sales and promoting the star players there is no more defense this makes it easy to promote a certain player trust and believe if defense was being played u would not see this blow puts including the puppet refs are really fucking up sports
kvng Quan
kvng Quan 11 kun oldin
Luka is the best rookie pg I’ve seen since kyrie Irving.
dustin barlow
dustin barlow 11 kun oldin
He is obviously getting better. It is also painfully obvious that DSJ holds him back as well as Carlisle who forces their pairing. I am hoping DSJ misses another game, I enjoy winning.
Toned Bronzed
Toned Bronzed 11 kun oldin
Just wait for n mayweather to accuse him of something because he is white
NothingToPointOut24 11 kun oldin
The Hawks GM should be slapped on a daily basis for giving up this kid.
WHO DAT 11 kun oldin
Demitrio2015 Demitrio2015
His stepback is legal unlike Mr traveling harden
Mahdi Knicks
Mahdi Knicks 11 kun oldin
Would have been a Knick if I was the GM.
Luka doncic best player in the NBA already
Finally another great player comes to the league it's about time this is what a real great player looks like since Michael Jordan Larry Bird the big ol Wilt Chamberlain this is what it look like not just an ordinary player
JDE 11 kun oldin
I am a huge Luka fan, but no way is he an MVP. First, you can't be MVP on a losing team. Also, look at the Lakers w/ out Lebron. Not a huge Lebron fan, but he's clearly more valuable because w/out him, they are a sub 500 team. Will Luka be an MVP one day? I'd bet money on that.
brian henry
brian henry 10 kun oldin
Dude kuzma scored 40 pts the other day. The Lakers would have been better without LeBron, cause they're younger players can't grow wijth him
Igor19485 11 kun oldin
You can just see by his way of playing and the way that he smiles after scoring a basket that he's having a time of his life. He loves playing basketball so much and that's one of the reasons that makes him so good at such a young age.
Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez 11 kun oldin
Luka doncic alias "mirlo blanco"
Russel Keith
Russel Keith 11 kun oldin
Makes it look easy
Hunter Grey
Hunter Grey 11 kun oldin
Dirk + Nash = Luka Doncic
Don A
Don A 10 kun oldin
Spot on
juju 32
juju 32 10 kun oldin
Hunter Grey I see him as a 2019 version of young Larry Bird
JBDRUMMERBOY 360 11 kun oldin
Rookie of the year
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 11 kun oldin
Keep kleber at starting 4, move Barnes to 3, Wesley 2, doncic 1. Dsj main scorer off bench. Dirk needs to sit. Mabey come in for like 3-5 mins.
sebastiano Reinoso
sebastiano Reinoso 11 kun oldin
the slower you move to the basket the more time you have to make high IQ plays..Luka Doncic haters are like premature ejaculators.
indian viking
indian viking 11 kun oldin
Luka "pistol" doncic
George Bol
George Bol 12 kun oldin
If they don't make the playoffs this year...its alright cause they've made lotta strong statements this season
Awi Kush
Awi Kush 12 kun oldin
give the rookie the mvp you deserve it bro
Nermin Babic
Nermin Babic 12 kun oldin
Good job 👍 Luka
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now 12 kun oldin
One of the most NBA ready rookie players in a long time. Just to think he is only 19!!!
WatchNo Face
WatchNo Face 12 kun oldin
How can someone avrging under 25 be MVP and certain dudes going over 30 ppg this year? Lmao bruh Luka Nice AF and is already an allstar but cmon man I hate you fcking youtubers how tf if he MVP ?
Cc J
Cc J 12 kun oldin
I don’t know why he attract me
Gorilla 12 kun oldin
Easy MVP
Claudio Info
Claudio Info 12 kun oldin
maybe all star, but mvp no way
chris law
chris law 12 kun oldin
Better than Zion!!!
cmontalvo194 12 kun oldin
Best rookie of all time?? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nex_Xus 12 kun oldin
super luka like in backyard ......more to come
Brendan A. MacWade
Brendan A. MacWade 12 kun oldin
Had the Mavs lost to the Suns at home, I'd be quite sad.
Chris Yim
Chris Yim 12 kun oldin
Luka >> Ben
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 12 kun oldin
Luka good but not that good he ain’t getting no damn mvp this year roty is already his even tho I don’t like Greek freak game I’m sure he will get mvp this year
ale-la-pazza1 12 kun oldin
Luka got ROY in the bag, time to set his sight on the All-Star Game, vote for him!