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Chance the Rapper, Lil Xan & more friends of the "Self Care" rapper take to social media to react to the sad news that he has died from an apparent overdose.
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/966525/mac-miller-dies-at-26-lil-xan-chance-the-rapper-and-more-stars-react
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Mac Miller Dead: Celebrity Friends Mourn Late Rapper | E! News




7-Sen, 2018

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valentina Garcia
Wahid Rashidov
Wahid Rashidov 2 kun oldin
Wtf is lil xan doing even? Lmfao
Seldom Scenn
Seldom Scenn 2 kun oldin
Just say No to drugs
Fi fgin Macias
Fi fgin Macias 2 kun oldin
Ho nyhp
King Utu
King Utu 2 kun oldin
He not dead
Ta Da
Ta Da 3 kun oldin
Fame is but a fruit tree, so very unsound, it can never flourish, 'til its stock is in the ground
The Mocha Kitty
The Mocha Kitty 3 kun oldin
So many beautiful people dying rip x rip mac
Nassim Attoumane
Nassim Attoumane 4 kun oldin
shadowfox HD
shadowfox HD 4 kun oldin
This drug problem is very serious Don't do drugs kids
Mason Bentley
Mason Bentley 4 kun oldin
Use me as the dislike button
James Kesl
James Kesl 4 kun oldin
He OD'd......he was a drug addict, no sympathy.....he should not of been doing drugs
justin case
justin case 5 kun oldin
don't do Ariana Grande.
purple cloud seeds
purple cloud seeds 5 kun oldin
He would still be alive if he could have just smoked cannabis.
VIKAS KUMAR 5 kun oldin
I don't like his music🙄 RIP
THE MAYOR 5 kun oldin
jayvonty hardison
jayvonty hardison 5 kun oldin
First xxxtentacion now Mac Miller? Come on these rappers are dying from drugs to car accidents to shootings. This world really needs to change. R.I.P Mac Miller.
Kristyle Tibbie
Kristyle Tibbie 5 kun oldin
he's going to get to see my homie x rip Mac and x
english iranian
english iranian 6 kun oldin
This mutha fuckin junkie is still n trending?
The Egg
The Egg 6 kun oldin
Didn't know he was a druggie. Shame, just got into him too. :(
Somber Forest
Somber Forest 6 kun oldin
I blame Ariana
I’m stupid, but
I’m stupid, but 6 kun oldin
Is this Lew from Unbox Therapy?
MUTE8 6 kun oldin
Drugs suck
Starius2 6 kun oldin
daguchful 6 kun oldin
This dude was the definition of white trash.
The Pyro Dude
The Pyro Dude 6 kun oldin
Never heard of him !
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman 6 kun oldin
why aint nobody mourn like di5 when a black rapper dies? BRLM!
Mohmed Osman
Mohmed Osman 6 kun oldin
Kelley Two Feathers
If I dated ariana grande I too would have turned to drugs.
Sarah Eubanks
Sarah Eubanks 6 kun oldin
When I heard this news my heart will break
Dave Brown
Dave Brown 6 kun oldin
Next...step right up..
Dave Brown
Dave Brown 6 kun oldin
Dumbasses keep doing them drugs morons....rich , famous and dead....
The Chico & Poppy Show
Very sad but dont ever forget that there are regular people dying from” illegal “drugs too. and as someone with chronic pain’ ‘ dont use these tragedies to take away my legal pain medicines that i need to survive. i take them as perscribed and never abused them...ever. many others just like me
Original Wasta
Original Wasta 6 kun oldin
Personally, Iv heard absolutely none of his music. But rip man, some of these comments are just disgusting. 🤢
Lucky SOB
Lucky SOB 6 kun oldin
Danger Level 10
Danger Level 10 6 kun oldin
So many rappers dying young these days, and they're not even gangster. Shows how great an influence rap can be.
大中华0 6 kun oldin
DEZN94 6 kun oldin
Yo he die OMG😱
Logan Hunt
Logan Hunt 6 kun oldin
Hah lol kids fuckin retarded.😂😂
D 6 kun oldin
Who’s Mac Miller?
Machine gun DAD.
Machine gun DAD. 6 kun oldin
He used drugs he died. Next
Big Gavin
Big Gavin 6 kun oldin
Goes to show you .you can have all the money in the world and be miserable .you wont find happiness and peace in any material things not money not drugs not friends not anything.that peace and love only comes from knowing Jesus Christ.he already knows you .he just wants you to know him.
Kevin Jerrell
Kevin Jerrell 6 kun oldin
Who cares, he did it to himself.
Wouldn't It Be Cool If
Maybe you don't do drugs so that maybe you don't die of a drug overdose. I dont know if that's how it works though.
Daniel Valenzuela
Daniel Valenzuela 6 kun oldin
Yeah, ads!
Mister Majestic
Mister Majestic 6 kun oldin
It's all Ariana's fault!!
#LifeofMarkMelissa Riversidebell
If you retards are so defensive about this idiot overdosing, then you should have reached out to his connect..but this clown could careless if any of you would OD. That's his problem,he brought that upon himself.he knows better.should have wore his Red Ribbon from Red Ribbon week from school.say no to drugs!. But this dummy has money and can get the pure stuff.i don't feel bad,not one bit.
II_Karma4You_II 6 kun oldin
lol drug overdose cracker bald head he got what he deserved, every drug addict will get what they deserve for putting themselves in that shitty sitiuation in the first place , you think hes going to heaven after that? lol keep dreaming, rest in shi bih
triggerrick 6 kun oldin
I never understood how celebrities can praise other celebrities that commited suicide by their own hands or by an overdose, junkies are some of the lowest people on earth.
Niño Malo
Niño Malo 6 kun oldin
He had a good run was a rapper, was famous, smoked weed, fucked ariana grande ¡boy what else could u ask for! REST. IN. PEACE.
Thagoodlife10 6 kun oldin
Who cares
Noky Lin
Noky Lin 6 kun oldin
jc18137 6 kun oldin
I like to take this opportunity to thank drugs for all their contributions to society, may they keep rocking on.
Obersturmbannfuhrer. SS.
Well, one less Jewish puppet poisoning the minds of the future generations.
Max —————
I see the media is making a profit.
Ryleigh Hunt
Ryleigh Hunt 7 kun oldin
This is crazy, I just watched a music video with him and Ariana. Didn’t know about this R.I.P
Andro _
Andro _ 7 kun oldin
It's funny reading the comments trying to tie in Ariana grande's happiness to Mac's drug usage... Fun fact, Mac actually made peace over the break up. Mac most likely died from a bad batch of drugs he was using recreationally, not for depression or anything negative. It also dosen't help when vids like this are selective with the info they share...
Chris V
Chris V 7 kun oldin
who dis
Whodey! 7 kun oldin
Mac Miller killed himself.
Taco Salad
Taco Salad 7 kun oldin
Anette Marquez
Anette Marquez 7 kun oldin
RIP Mac. PS: her voice is so annoying.
Nitro Express
Nitro Express 7 kun oldin
no more Mac Daddy on Ridiculousness. sad.
Kay Jay
Kay Jay 7 kun oldin
Too Many Dads
Too Many Dads 7 kun oldin
Dead diller
thisguyrighthere3 7 kun oldin
this guy is more famous for dieing than for music
Dean 7 kun oldin
treating an addict like a victim just enables the habit. people intend best, but an addict's brain isn't working right. they'll always choose their substance(s) of choice over family and friends. drugs are a personal choice. can't blame someone else for a drug habit. if you need help, seek out professional help.
Hamid Hasani
Hamid Hasani 7 kun oldin
He had court wen I did
Vogue Of Today
Vogue Of Today 7 kun oldin
Need N' Direct
Need N' Direct 7 kun oldin
RIP Mac Miller!! Legendary Rapper that left us one of the most streamed albums before he passed. Check out his Latest Album on Amazon amzn.to/2QjS5gm
no anime
no anime 7 kun oldin
Half the comments on this video end with smh
5602jerry 7 kun oldin
how sad one less druggy
Francisco Barboza
Francisco Barboza 7 kun oldin
This really sucks, he was way too young and talented. PS. This speaker is annoying af, had to immediately turn down the volume.
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger 7 kun oldin
Edward J
Edward J 7 kun oldin
Good no loss to society
James Coates
James Coates 7 kun oldin
LR Music
LR Music 7 kun oldin
Poor Ariana....Sad news..Hope she feels better soon
Trash Console
Trash Console 7 kun oldin
I'm not even about to get on the band wagon cause I've never heard of this guy but it still sucks that he passed so rip I quess
Bruh-Bruh Ayy-Dee East9Squad
Blame Himself He's The Idiot That Was Poppin' Pills, Don't Blame Ari For Him O.Ding She Wasn't Puttin' The Pills In His Mouth. No Sympathy For Fiends
Jüdäs 7 kun oldin
Meh. Not like he had no clue what he was risking.
Dog Peen
Dog Peen 7 kun oldin
Can’t believe he’s gone
Johnny Funnbutt
Johnny Funnbutt 7 kun oldin
Millenial looser.we all are rappers at this point
Johnny Funnbutt
Johnny Funnbutt 7 kun oldin
Not a rapper.Rap killer.
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 7 kun oldin
Ariana sold her soul to the illuminati and this is the blood sacrifice they called for.
Zeaiclies 6 kun oldin
We the Order of the Illuminati, have never killed anyone and will never kill Anyone ever! Ariana is not a member of the Order of the Illuminati. Please stop spreading lies and nonsense about us. Also, no one can sell their soul.
5% TINT 7 kun oldin
Just die all
Brandon Sullivan
Brandon Sullivan 7 kun oldin
R.i.p. mac. We had the best times together
allthatihave14 7 kun oldin
FCN_ Art
FCN_ Art 7 kun oldin
Oh look another rich and famous person unhappy with his life...is anyone gonna mourn the hundreds of people that die in the streets everyday as well or we just gonna ignore them?🤔
Max 7 kun oldin
If i like this video am i liking EW or liking that he died?
Kirby Little
Kirby Little 7 kun oldin
Another dead rapper.......life is getting good once again 😄😄
MrShannon1982 7 kun oldin
no 7 kun oldin
#dontcare #whocares #idgaf #fuckmacmiller # macmillerisgay #funny
ProjectfullCurcit 7 kun oldin
It’s not Ariana’s fault, but I can’t help but feel sorry for MAC man. I know what that heartbreak feels like. It’s more then a breakup when she leaves and then 6 weeks later she is engaged with another dude. Like that messes with your head. RIP
The Matt
The Matt 7 kun oldin
Bye bye, junkie. ⚰️
Milo Davis
Milo Davis 7 kun oldin
Plot twist, Mac Miller killed XXXTentacion and Drake is actually a Russian Spy.
joshua richardson
joshua richardson 7 kun oldin
Dam still doesn't feel real ...
Austin Denotter
Austin Denotter 7 kun oldin
MAASTER-_- Q 7 kun oldin
My favorite white rapper of all time the goat @mac miller
Scott Tangents
Scott Tangents 7 kun oldin
Without Mac Miller mixtape “Faces” I wouldn’t be here.. this death really hit me smh!
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 7 kun oldin
Dewayne Anthony Velez
This was an inside job ... like 9/11