Mad 2019 Style Transformation Challenge ft. Jess | PAQ Ep #68 | A Show About Streetwear and Fashion

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PAQ is a show about streetwear, fashion, menswear and clothes.
You know what they say, “new year, new me”.
For the second episode of 2019 we wanted to do something different and test the boundaries of the boys’ individual style. Ultimately, you’ll never reach your maximum potential if you don’t push the limits and step out of your comfort zone.
For this week's episode the boys need to embrace something new and find a fit that they wouldn't usually wear. We’ve got London actor and model Jess Alexander as this weeks special guest and judge. She’ll be helping the guys pick a new fit and break some style boundaries along the way. Anything can happen so stay tuned to find out who takes home the win.
Massive shout to Jess Alexander for taking part in this week's episode.
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10-Yan, 2019

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PAQ 9 kun oldin
How do you think we should test and try new styles in 2019? Discuss below 🗣
Onion FunCub
Onion FunCub 2 kun oldin
PAQ , more Japanese designers. Imao.
Bernát Haupt
Bernát Haupt 2 kun oldin
Explore different fashion/streetwear cultures for example you could link up with the STORROR boys and make something special;)
Mandy Milton
Mandy Milton 2 kun oldin
I reckon you boys should do a Trans show, see who makes the best bitch 😂
Herzen Clerge
Herzen Clerge 3 kun oldin
this mans shaq looks like a vietnamese rice patty farmer
jcyrm 4 kun oldin
Do an only sale section on a chosen online store eg ASOS!
Jack blanco litchfield
Where is the location they were filming the outfit intros
Jasmin Cota
Jasmin Cota 11 soat oldin
he really rocks the color
Nona Owen
Nona Owen 20 soat oldin
WE STAN JESS! Her chemistry with the boys is insane! Everything flows so beautifully!
roscoes wetsuit
roscoes wetsuit Kun oldin
danny won that
Daniele Braun
Daniele Braun Kun oldin
Elias cardigan is absolutely horrible
Lucas Thurston
Lucas Thurston Kun oldin
I love Jess
GIRIBAE Kun oldin
can anybody link me to Jess's shirt when she was judging? A MAJOR need.
Onion FunCub
Onion FunCub 2 kun oldin
Danny's the best! Definitely!
Patrick Guerra
Patrick Guerra 2 kun oldin
Patrick Guerra
Patrick Guerra 2 kun oldin
Jayy Burger
Jayy Burger 2 kun oldin
lmao shaq looks like a farmer without the coat
Dom Trevor
Dom Trevor 2 kun oldin
Dom Trevor
Dom Trevor 2 kun oldin
No! 10/10!
Dami 2 kun oldin
"Turkwise" 😂
Arthur King
Arthur King 2 kun oldin
those outfits are horrible
noor mohd din
noor mohd din 2 kun oldin
Nanaナナ 2 kun oldin
obsessed with her leather trench and black/white fur jacket
Mandy Milton
Mandy Milton 2 kun oldin
Quick question PAQ stands for Previously Asked Questions?
Mandy Milton
Mandy Milton 2 kun oldin
😂 I'm right... Right?
Tasha Cullen
Tasha Cullen 2 kun oldin
Mandy Milton 🤷🏻‍♀️
minh quang
minh quang 3 kun oldin
Just wonder what is the background song at 19:30 when they show Danny's fits
Kevin Efreti
Kevin Efreti 3 kun oldin
Danny smashed that.
Macy Bradt
Macy Bradt 3 kun oldin
You guys should have nayva on and style them (or Vice versa)
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose 3 kun oldin
I need jess’ top ???
Niamh O'Donoghue
Niamh O'Donoghue 3 kun oldin
can someone tell me were jess' trousers are from during the judging bit ¿
La La
La La 3 kun oldin
PAQ styling kids pleaseee 😭 It’d be so cute
Potato Eater
Potato Eater 3 kun oldin
Where did Danny get those pants
George Lynch
George Lynch 3 kun oldin
she needs to be the fifth member. and big up the boogie art guy
Alice 3 kun oldin
elias' fit looks like emma chamberlain
itachi uchiha
itachi uchiha 3 kun oldin
jess is my crush for life jeeez
B 3 kun oldin
also yesss to danny's look!!
B 3 kun oldin
DEXXXXXX!!!!! ahh
Faye 3 kun oldin
whats the song on 19:22 ??
Kenny Kane
Kenny Kane 3 kun oldin
Danny's outfit is amazing!
rfZZ 788
rfZZ 788 3 kun oldin
This girl is stunning
Falon Pollet
Falon Pollet 3 kun oldin
yoo alex hit a blunt before that intro
Maelle Amis
Maelle Amis 3 kun oldin
Elias struggling to tame his bougee taste is too funny though 😂 and Dex in colour is the cutest
Inmydreamsimhunglikeabear 2
Elias seems like such a cocky twat and he has the worst style of the three
OptimusPrimal 4 kun oldin
style a fit with osiris D3s pls
Daisy 4 kun oldin
Shaq: No dungarees No turtlenecks No redesigning
nick Da swiftie
nick Da swiftie 4 kun oldin
not gonna lie shaq actually look like a scarecrow with that hair hat and fit but the fit HIGHKEY FIRE THOOOOOOOO 17:20
Meg Taylor
Meg Taylor 4 kun oldin
Loool as I saw the cut away of Danny’s outfit was saying how I wish he’d styled it with a beanie 🙃🙃 deffo shld of won, that jacket was amazing x x x
jpkpnv 4 kun oldin
6:15 "I used to wear all black." hmmmmm
snatched wig
snatched wig 4 kun oldin
13:27 where is Elias walking?
Anna Scarlett321
Anna Scarlett321 4 kun oldin
jess’ earings are fire!!!
Ivo Bancevic
Ivo Bancevic 4 kun oldin
Ayyy danny rockin Ronning :)
Pierce Bonham
Pierce Bonham 4 kun oldin
She got that weeknd wanderlust shirt on
Meci 4 kun oldin
19:08 why does he look like a character from GTA 5 online
BAMBAM IS BIG OK 4 kun oldin
Dex going from freak to s n a c c
Moa Toloue
Moa Toloue 4 kun oldin
SICK camera work while showing the outfits, keep it up!! Looove the creativity!!
powerhardy100 4 kun oldin
Resell for the Undercover shoes is 600 ? What is she smoking ? Its like 300-400 (depending on size)€
Abbey 4 kun oldin
Dex reminds me of Juice Wrld 😂
Ali Behrami
Ali Behrami 4 kun oldin
use dehner patrol boots plasese
Zoufriy0 4 kun oldin
10:50 yeeeeeee half that LMAOOOOO
Harry 4 kun oldin
the shoes at 10:44 are not £600 lmao
Paul Broggan
Paul Broggan 4 kun oldin
She low-key vibes with Dex
Adam Ockerman
Adam Ockerman 4 kun oldin
Elias was doomed from the start :/
lulu haki
lulu haki 4 kun oldin
Ugh I love Danny so much.
Luca 4 kun oldin
i want danny in sean weatherspoon 97's
Sif Froberg
Sif Froberg 4 kun oldin
thats not me man, man scared hahaha omg
will shanahan
will shanahan 4 kun oldin
anyone know the song at 15:10?? it's been bugging me for so long
michelle wyatt
michelle wyatt 4 kun oldin
He just called big bird “yellow bird” and I’m thoroughly offended and max uncomfortable 😂
Christopher North
Christopher North 4 kun oldin
Tom Grennan as guest judge?
Kicks Seven Five
Kicks Seven Five 4 kun oldin
dex won that for me boy looked fire
Manicha cha
Manicha cha 4 kun oldin
danny look like earth bendeing character
louve 4 kun oldin
i need id on the brand danny’s wearing, my french brain couldnt compute with danny’s thicc accent
jai bay
jai bay 4 kun oldin
Dannys on fire!
doon 5 kun oldin
shaq dressin like a gay italian clown
John Matheson
John Matheson 5 kun oldin
Shaq look like an odriscoll
Lord Olli
Lord Olli 5 kun oldin
someone who know's the name of the song when danny reveal his fit? Realxing beat,
M 5 kun oldin
that challenge intro was so fucking sick
William Gillis
William Gillis 5 kun oldin
What was that song that played during Danny’s shoot???
louve 5 kun oldin
everything about danny's fit is perfect oh my
Henri Heising
Henri Heising 5 kun oldin
Does anyone know what sweater Elias is wearing in the beginning and which Danny wears later as well? It´s kind of checkered with the colours: red. orange, purple, dark blue (and maybe some others). I´d be really happy if someone could tell me this cause imo the pullover looks hella lit :)
Henri Heising
Henri Heising 5 kun oldin
Danny wears it at 3:54 and Elias in the whole greeting scene (e.g at 1:33 )
Skating My mahn
Skating My mahn 5 kun oldin
Damn mami
Bubblier Baekhyun
Bubblier Baekhyun 5 kun oldin
Damien Daes
Damien Daes 5 kun oldin
Shaw has the worst fit and he wins 🤦🏻‍♂️ It was either Danny or dex
xuandi Wang
xuandi Wang 5 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me how to find the colorful sweater Elias was wearing when he was on the couch?
Ted did nothing wrong
how to be more fashionable 1.) be attractive
Angelica Bella
Angelica Bella 5 kun oldin
does anyone know what song starts playing at 19;35
Izzie Pearce
Izzie Pearce 5 kun oldin
Danny definetly should have won tbh I feel like she only had shaq win bc she knew everyone liked that jacket and wanted to play it safe
Izzie Pearce
Izzie Pearce 5 kun oldin
Danny definetly won wth
Games With Freja
Games With Freja 5 kun oldin
i’m so used to her having an american accent from penny on mars 😂♥️
Kustin Ch
Kustin Ch 5 kun oldin
Danny should’ve won honestly
Delaney Leonard
Delaney Leonard 5 kun oldin
y’all should do one where you create an outfit based around an era, like 1920s or some shit
Dini Govender
Dini Govender 5 kun oldin
Shaq is a pimp
WonderstruckSophie 5 kun oldin
Dex looked AMAZING in baby pink! Should definitely wear it more often!
Lottie Kennedy
Lottie Kennedy 5 kun oldin
whats the song at 15:11??
L.A. RISSA 5 kun oldin
The goth vibes that Dex is giving me are everything 😭😭😩🖤
L.A. RISSA 5 kun oldin
*« It’s uncomfortable cause it’s basic »* i feel you so much Elias 😂😂😂😂 hate looking basic
Lorenzo. t.
Lorenzo. t. 5 kun oldin
Everything is insanely overpriced at the hype sneaker store.
Street Is mean
Street Is mean 5 kun oldin
Streetwear episode with scarlxrd PLEASE!!!
deathvalleyfob 5 kun oldin
I already know Danny was robbed
Irmak Özügüzel
Irmak Özügüzel 5 kun oldin
i absolutely adore how much work and effort and thought they put into their videos
Harry Quinn
Harry Quinn 5 kun oldin
God elias is a cunt
Accedeli 00
Accedeli 00 6 kun oldin
Not even 5 min in and I already lost my shit with this beef brewing between Jess and Shaq SKSKSKSK
valeriaxcx 6 kun oldin
Shaq’s hair looks like that good kush
Christian Hills
Christian Hills 6 kun oldin
does anybody know what pants Jess is wearing at the end?
asla nabila
asla nabila 6 kun oldin
Danny should tied his hair with that fit
Aaron D
Aaron D 6 kun oldin
Wait pls can someone tell me where I can get Shaq's floral "GROWING" hoodie? Pls?
Maddie Cunningham
Maddie Cunningham 6 kun oldin
where can i get shaq's coat tho?
Sarah 6 kun oldin
i really like what dex said about perspective
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