Mad Lib Theater with John Cena

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and John Cena perform a dramatic holiday scene they've written together using Mad Lib words.
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Mad Lib Theater with John Cena
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7-Dek, 2017

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Fikrlar 4 113
Queen Allene
Queen Allene 7 soat oldin
This is hilarious
Katie Baranauskas
Katie Baranauskas 10 soat oldin
The Guy With No Channel
John’s wearing the Dude’s cardigan! 😂
Ariana Dumbledore
Ariana Dumbledore 12 soat oldin
Isn't it Stay gold Ponyboy? Ah well still was AWESOME
Ramen Crusader
Ramen Crusader Kun oldin
John is amazing and hilarious
you’ll never know!
6 8 0 1 decades 😔✌🏻
Lavender Stories
Lavender Stories 2 kun oldin
I made one up I ran to my room and Started Twerking
Evan 2 kun oldin
stay golden pony boy im sad now
Who is Jimmy talking to? I can't see him.
Captain Derp
Captain Derp 2 kun oldin
The best answer was easily stay gold pony boy #TheOutsidersIsTheBest
Twister 2 kun oldin
Cozy Lewis
Cozy Lewis 3 kun oldin
Lets go with quoting Outsiders! Like if you know what I am talking about!
Orin Devo
Orin Devo 3 kun oldin
Why is jimmy talking to himself?
look here i am done
• CelesteDoodles •
Woah I’ve discovered a new series
danica paige
danica paige 4 kun oldin
the best guest ever
danica paige
danica paige 4 kun oldin
the best game ever
ava norby
ava norby 4 kun oldin
Maia Mayzel
Maia Mayzel 4 kun oldin
GOLD***** not goldEN
Fafa wood
Fafa wood 5 kun oldin
my nickname is Falafel so it was strange for me to here that.
Clarissa Emily Covey
Joshua Dottin
Joshua Dottin 5 kun oldin
"Stay Gold Ponyboy" i just finished reading the Outsiders
Taylor Dean
Taylor Dean 6 kun oldin
Hands down, one of the funniest mad libs ever!!! 😁😁😁
DirtyChimichanga 6 kun oldin
why is jimmy playing mad libs with himself
Dine's Diner
Dine's Diner 6 kun oldin
Ok great answers but at 2:10 it’s not stay goldEN pony boy, it’s stay GOLD pony boy
Morissa Duke
Morissa Duke 6 kun oldin
*in a sing-songy voice* "It's the space between..." XD
Fortnite Certified
Fortnite Certified 7 kun oldin
"I'm your brother and late night host" what does late night host could mean here?? 😂😂😂😂
garbage Day
garbage Day 7 kun oldin
I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS!!!!!!!!! TEACHER MY NAME ISNT DAVE ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 😂😂😂😂😂
Carina 7 kun oldin
5:42 6:00 7:05
Hyper Potatoe
Hyper Potatoe 7 kun oldin
So I ran to my room and... *Started Running*
Jack The Italian Sausage
Anyone else think that the wig he’s wearing looks like the way his hair is now ?
lillyana shelton
lillyana shelton 8 kun oldin
Love it
Sunshine Tae
Sunshine Tae 8 kun oldin
I ran to my room and... started running.. I died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Will Thompson
Will Thompson 8 kun oldin
Cena went from taint to protractor REAL QUICK
Miguel Ugalde
Miguel Ugalde 8 kun oldin
With who??
Angela Bird
Angela Bird 8 kun oldin
Omg he sounds so posh x
AcidDome 8 kun oldin
Why is Jimmy Fallon talking to himself?
The Fennec Fox
The Fennec Fox 8 kun oldin
Have I ever mentioned how much I love John Cena???????????????
The GuyWhoDoesEverything
"So I ran to my room and... started running." Lol
Lensa Ali
Lensa Ali 8 kun oldin
I chocked @5:48 😂😂
Haroon loves Mamma, Baba. !!!!
"Little bro, I am gonna tell you the same thing Dad used to tell me every night before bed" . . . . . . " *STAY GOLDEN, PUNY BOY* "
HoleOfAssYouAre Yoda
Ponyboy. His name is Ponyboy.
Homo Sapien
Homo Sapien 8 kun oldin
Jarjar Rodriguez
Jarjar Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
"Stay golden pony boy"
Langford_artist 9 kun oldin
John Cena's hair now actually looks like that.
Alice Liu
Alice Liu 9 kun oldin
When John said Winston I cried.
Kathaya rose
Kathaya rose 9 kun oldin
oh, John Cena. My Jhope biased birthday buddy
Emilia Loza
Emilia Loza 10 kun oldin
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Adrian Martin
Adrian Martin 10 kun oldin
Chase 10 kun oldin
Stay golden pony boy were Jonny’s last words #victimofachirchfirebchewassavingkids
Josue David
Josue David 10 kun oldin
John cena gots a strange addiction to anuses Is that the plural to anus
Lemah Othman
Lemah Othman 10 kun oldin
WonSomethingAtLeast 10 kun oldin
Is... is John Cena... clever? Holy shit.
element 1304
element 1304 10 kun oldin
Why can't cena be like this in wwe, he's such a legend
morgan johnson
morgan johnson 10 kun oldin
Mihle Mtshwane
Mihle Mtshwane 10 kun oldin
Joe Santagato
Pretty P Johnson
Pretty P Johnson 10 kun oldin
The ending sounded like he broke on set!! lol!😂
Nir Ronin
Nir Ronin 10 kun oldin
Meek Meek
Meek Meek 11 kun oldin
Dayum Jon Cena is so sexy!!! Mmph!
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This is the best
Bailey Sanderson
Bailey Sanderson 11 kun oldin
Gosh I love john cena just as a cool person, literally havent watched any wresting and I only know him in movies from daddys home.
Evie-Ru Trout
Evie-Ru Trout 11 kun oldin
Wow! He answers instantaneous, but they are so UNIQUE.
Betta Werewolf
Betta Werewolf 11 kun oldin
Winterfire 101
Winterfire 101 11 kun oldin
YES the outsiders!!!!!!
Emi McBride
Emi McBride 11 kun oldin
stay golden ponyboy is a quote from s.e. hinton’s the outsiders
Ren LaSalle
Ren LaSalle 11 kun oldin
I really wish the anus lined up with "you have to look deep deep in..."
Ren LaSalle
Ren LaSalle 11 kun oldin
"Can I say anus?"
Barrier Boy
Barrier Boy 11 kun oldin
wow this makes me think cena's smart
soh songhen
soh songhen 12 kun oldin
Stay golden pOnYbOy The outsiders reference lmao
Keely Hildebrand
Keely Hildebrand 12 kun oldin
Plays John Cena theme
Psychonaut75 12 kun oldin
John Cena is EVERYTHING. I'd say we must protect him at all costs, although he can protect himself just fine.
FandomsAddict 12 kun oldin
I cried. “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” I completely lost it. Johnny... 😢
Pedro García Bouzada
John cena jumper is the one from the big lebowski
Ale Fuentes
Ale Fuentes 12 kun oldin
Stay golden Ponyboy ♥️ oh I love him 😍 I still cry to this day for Jonny ♥️
adwicked Go
adwicked Go 12 kun oldin
Can't get enough of watching this . . John Cena is soo good
MarK HoRRoR 12 kun oldin
🎄Ruedolph The 🎼SEABREEZE Nosed WWE 🎼SUPERSTAR Had A Very 🎼Shiny ANUSss😝🖖🏻
Claire Boyle
Claire Boyle 5 kun oldin
MarK HoRRoR this had me laughing so hard.
Lukas van Klinken
Lukas van Klinken 10 kun oldin
Goddamn Santa is perverted!
Andre Breville
Andre Breville 13 kun oldin
The parinium. Hahaha.
Kreepa King
Kreepa King 13 kun oldin
Everyone’s talking about John cena but I don’t know what people are talking about I CANT SEE HIM
Kartik Aman Saraf
Kartik Aman Saraf 13 kun oldin
The last time I laughed this hard was when I saw Adam Driver crush his enemies to the ground in SNL!
Maddie Mello
Maddie Mello 13 kun oldin
Teacher my names not Dave!!!!!
Maddie Mello
Maddie Mello 13 kun oldin
Decorating the Christmas protractor, hanging the puppy’s on the mantel, and spending time with all my pet dragons!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Maddie Mello
Maddie Mello 13 kun oldin
I’m going to tell you what dad told me every night before bed, stay golden pony boy lolololol
Maddie Mello
Maddie Mello 13 kun oldin
The fallen tallen lololol
Maddie Mello
Maddie Mello 13 kun oldin
We’ve been writing letters to Santa do the last... six eight oh one decades lol
Hello Hannah
Hello Hannah 13 kun oldin
I was scream wheezing hahaha
selah caldwell
selah caldwell 13 kun oldin
Addison Willis
Addison Willis 13 kun oldin
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this... I always come back for “I ran to my room and started running” and “Stay Golden, Pony Boy” 😂
kezia sunil
kezia sunil 13 kun oldin
Denise Vaz
Denise Vaz 13 kun oldin
This is the funniest thing ever literally couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂
Cutsyfuf Burrow
Cutsyfuf Burrow 14 kun oldin
But... I wanna be Winston.
Arti Sharma
Arti Sharma 14 kun oldin
Shiny anus😂😂😂
Nina 14 kun oldin
Sara Stiller
Sara Stiller 14 kun oldin
He didn’t say falafel aaah 😂😂
César Sandoval
César Sandoval 14 kun oldin
6801, I see what you did there John.....
Farhana Raisa
Farhana Raisa 14 kun oldin
its actually "Stay gold, Ponyboy", not stay golden. I know cause I'm going to have a quiz on it tomorrow so......
Nina 14 kun oldin
Farhana Raisa haha thats what I said but after I read the book and watched the movie in class I became obsessed with it oops so now when everyone says stay golden I feel like screening lol
JJ Prince
JJ Prince 14 kun oldin
Not Alexis
Not Alexis 14 kun oldin
6801 decades lolol
Furthest Pit
Furthest Pit 14 kun oldin
The least funniest word became the most funniest, 'So I ran to my room and Started Running'
DC Long
DC Long 15 kun oldin
The only thing more fake than wrestling is John Cenas personality. #douchenozzle
em // squjshy
em // squjshy 15 kun oldin
Nani is a shortie uwu
"It's the most *Flemboien* time of the year"
bella nettleton
bella nettleton 15 kun oldin
When he said stay golden ponyboy I almost started crying!!!!! JOHNNNNYYY T-T