Mad Lib Theater with John Cena

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and John Cena perform a dramatic holiday scene they've written together using Mad Lib words.
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Mad Lib Theater with John Cena
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7-Dek, 2017



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RINA PACHCHIGAR 10 soat oldin
"All you have to do is to look within your perenium"
Sabrina Latham
Sabrina Latham 15 soat oldin
"A shiny little anus" I'm dying
marcusjuarez29 23 soat oldin
Guys, always remember, when you're feeling bad, look deep into your perineum.
DeL 7
DeL 7 Kun oldin
Run to ur room and start running😂😂😂😂😂😂am dying OMG😂😂😂😂
Wirley Gacha
Wirley Gacha Kun oldin
They forgot to include the word... -anus...
Jsue Rupe
Jsue Rupe Kun oldin
Lmao Holy Balls... I loved it ❤😘💞😍❤😘💞😍
Milk Dee
Milk Dee 2 kun oldin
Suit Cena
Brooklyn Dooley
Brooklyn Dooley 2 kun oldin
“stay golden pony boy.” do you want to kill us?
Tamashii 2 kun oldin
Bad Lip Reading
Raeanna Bugg
Raeanna Bugg 3 kun oldin
I just want to point out that "Stay Golden Ponyboy" is from "The Outsiders" book, when Johnny was dying.
Naveen Kumar Theagarajan
This is legit the funniest mad lib theatre by Jimmy Fallon!
Coffee Mania
Coffee Mania 4 kun oldin
"I ran to my room and started running" I'm dyinh
Savannah Pruett
Savannah Pruett 4 kun oldin
"Nooooo...it's the *space between*" #DEAD
Maxmilian Schönbäck
cena didnt act like he had to think before giving his answers, exposing this segemnt as scripted (like every part of any talkshow).
Fala José
Fala José 5 kun oldin
Dear Apple Co, We don't give a fuck that the new Iphone camera can control the focus on the background of photos. Give us more battery and more storage space, you ass wipes. Sincerely, The Internet.
Colin Richardson
Colin Richardson 6 kun oldin
Seeing this makes me so happy John Cena keeps his hair short
Ava 6 kun oldin
Jimmy:*Wheese*Stay golden Ponyboy John:Truer words have never been spoken Me:*dies of laughter
Santiagø Møriarty
That Outsiders reference tho
Ren Seales
Ren Seales 6 kun oldin
Rudolph had a shiny anus, I blame Prancer.
Sayalee Rakh
Sayalee Rakh 7 kun oldin
Paranium?? Paraniem????
Jack Caregan
Jack Caregan 7 kun oldin
These two are the best duo I’ve ever seen
HazukiGaming 1
HazukiGaming 1 8 kun oldin
So I ran to my room and *started running*
Naama Shaham
Naama Shaham 8 kun oldin
hazard 11 kun oldin
CopyCat Music
CopyCat Music 12 kun oldin
5:56, John prepares to keep his laugh under control 🤣🤣
chinchilla 13 kun oldin
*s t a y g o l d e n p o n y b o y*
chinchilla 13 kun oldin
Uhhlaneuh 14 kun oldin
I love John Cena!
Joe Turner
Joe Turner 15 kun oldin
Who knew John would actually have that much hair now in real life as he was wearing in this skit lol
ARMY TAE TAE 15 kun oldin
2019? hahahahaha
ayushi 15 kun oldin
Fallon's lost his mind. Who's he talking to?
Geoffrey Adams
Geoffrey Adams 15 kun oldin
Stay golden Ponyboy. 😂😂
Tamana Shah
Tamana Shah 16 kun oldin
😂 had a shiny anus 😂
Tessa Rosenberger
Tessa Rosenberger 16 kun oldin
Umm he said Brie Bella’s dog name cuz Nikki loves Winston😂❤️
Diego Borja
Diego Borja 17 kun oldin
“I left Santa a plate of ballpark hot dogs and a glass of rob roy” I’m going to do the same thing
Nando Molinar
Nando Molinar 17 kun oldin
why does jimmy look like Silvio Dante from The Sopranos in the wig lol
Jimuel Ladao
Jimuel Ladao 17 kun oldin
that shiny anus tho
Nora Brandt
Nora Brandt 18 kun oldin
"Remember, you're your own snowflake!"
Boris von Cookie
Boris von Cookie 18 kun oldin
pokemon princess
pokemon princess 19 kun oldin
The song was the best part......
pokemon princess
pokemon princess 19 kun oldin
It's hilarious 😁😂🤣😁😂🤣😁😂🤣
FBI Agent
FBI Agent 19 kun oldin
I don’t see anyone who’s is Jimmy talking to?
Kea 20 kun oldin
Perineum lol
Ripe Avocados
Ripe Avocados 20 kun oldin
we need will ferrell
Rabies Kid McEdgeLord
Why do all of his body parts have to do with buttholes?
Biscuit 20 kun oldin
Winston and talon? I see John cena likes overwatch
Marcel Kreuzer
Marcel Kreuzer 22 kun oldin
What is the first adjective John Cena said ?
samantha libby
samantha libby 23 kun oldin
Why Johnny, WHY 🥺😢😢😢🌅🌅
Stephanie Paniagua
Stephanie Paniagua 23 kun oldin
The space between 😂
Syed Shahriar
Syed Shahriar 23 kun oldin
That was THE best mad lib ever 😂😂😂
Jassem Ahmed
Jassem Ahmed 24 kun oldin
John Cena is a kind of guy that can give u a good user name
Anna Stepanova
Anna Stepanova 24 kun oldin
I don't know who that is but he's hilarious 😍
Kayla Newbill
Kayla Newbill 24 kun oldin
Stay golden pony boy. My favorite book. And I am 16.
darkdoctor2017 24 kun oldin
I cant see the guest
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson 24 kun oldin
‘DRAGONS!’ Looks to the sky with childlike wonder.
iPriyank 25 kun oldin
His name is John Cena .....music..!!
SpookyFartMart DoTheStankyLeg
*Stay golden, Ponyboy*
Main Man
Main Man 25 kun oldin
People claiming that this had to be scripted because Cena was too quick witted have never seen his improv promos.
Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll 25 kun oldin
I ran to my room... AND STARTED RUNNING
Peggy Classe
Peggy Classe 25 kun oldin
Peggy Classe
Peggy Classe 25 kun oldin
Ilovegolf84 26 kun oldin
Why is there a floating Christmas sweater
Manu 26 kun oldin
Gekser 28 kun oldin
Damn that was *_good_*
A E 28 kun oldin
"falafel"! that's what i would say if i stubbed my toe.
Sean Gilbert
Sean Gilbert 28 kun oldin
Shreyansh Solanki
Shreyansh Solanki 28 kun oldin
Every episode with John is so entertaining
Mateahtheunicorn 28 kun oldin
I love to spend time with my dragons.
melan choly
melan choly 29 kun oldin
Sksjfjfj the outsiders reference
Aniyah Michelle
Aniyah Michelle 29 kun oldin
John: I ran to my room and started running Me: Dying slowly of laughter
Meme Queen
Meme Queen Oy oldin
Rasha Naji
Rasha Naji Oy oldin
has anyone noticed on 7:02 jimmy sounded like chris evans
Vanessa5467 Plays
Jimmy’s laugh is so weird and I love it.
Jacob Sargent
Jacob Sargent Oy oldin
John keeps breaking the fourth wall
Archiee x
Archiee x Oy oldin
My pet ball python is named Winston!
Shuga Oy oldin
i don't see john.. where is he?
The Requiem
The Requiem Oy oldin
John Cena is the most fun guy to play games with, officially.
The Interceptor
He quoted the outsiders by SE Hinton, I love him, “Stay golden Ponyboy”
Susan Regan
Susan Regan Oy oldin
2:14 I cried
2chap Oy oldin
Stay golden, pony boy.
Eli Laulaupea'alu
Aya Omer
Aya Omer Oy oldin
John's so cringey
Leah Bunting
Leah Bunting Oy oldin
Are thanos and john related?
Jonas Butler
Jonas Butler Oy oldin
I am legit crying and crying from laughter. This was just golden.
Hybrid Guy6000
And live from New York, It’s Saturday night live!!
Kermit_Edits Oy oldin
*I don’t believe in Santa clause* *FFFLAFFLE*
bella mills
bella mills Oy oldin
not to be that person, but it’s stay gold... j sayin.... that’s the tea sis
CrazyLama284 Oy oldin
Rudolf the sea weed green nosed wwe superstar had a very shiny anus
Black Hole9
Black Hole9 Oy oldin
OMG ITS JOHN CENA (da da da duuu)
Jump for Joy
Jump for Joy Oy oldin
Anyone else wondering who Jimmy is talking to? I can't see anybody.
Connor Patrick
3:08 when you are fucking yourself hard but can’t keep it hidden
nbs_j3ph3ry Oy oldin
John Cena is so calm when he ses it xD
Tyler Sharek
Tyler Sharek Oy oldin
The outsiders
LyLy Taec
LyLy Taec Oy oldin
U're the Best Cena
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Oy oldin
amazonalexa 00
1:02 the face you make when you fart 😂😂
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen Oy oldin
Nature’s first green is gold her hardest hue to hold her early leafs an hour but only so an hour then leaf subsides to leaf so eden sank to grief so dawn goes down to day nothing gold can stay Stay gold pony
JoeDotPHP Oy oldin
His answers are so fast, it's beautiful. John is funny as hell. My favorite wrestler of all time. Great guy.
The Shereen Show
Is it just me, but does Jimmy's laugh sound like Elmo's. It's adorable!!!
uma maheswari
uma maheswari Oy oldin
I want more of these Mad Lib Theatre scenes
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