Madden NFL 19 - Official Reveal Trailer

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Available August 10th. Madden 19 challenges you to achieve gridiron greatness with the introduction of Real Player Motion. With all new ways to play and new legends, including Terrell Owens who makes his return to Madden Ultimate Team. Get your popcorn ready!

Pre-order today and receive the Hall of Fame Edition three days early on August 7th. *Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Learn more: x.ea.com/46645

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9-Iyn, 2018

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Noah Soat oldin
Trash trailer eagles won super bowl and now u have eagles looking bad in the trailer
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy 3 soat oldin
I will be taking a knee on this one.
The Man
The Man 3 soat oldin
It’s magic the browns scored on a good team wow
August Cheng
August Cheng 3 soat oldin
Fuk u Madden u suck
micah weems
micah weems 6 soat oldin
EA can you change the scoreboard different color or something new been looking at the same one for couple of years now
Orlando MJ
Orlando MJ 9 soat oldin
The graphics tho!!!!
A well organized paper towel
What's the difference between this and madden 18?
SSJRONNIE 1 11 soat oldin
Why madden trying to make the bad teams last year look good😂😂
Leon Taylor
Leon Taylor 13 soat oldin
Looking forward to madden 19.
Antoine Bennett
Antoine Bennett 14 soat oldin
I just wanna know can you catch ? 😂
J New
J New 14 soat oldin
Madden 09 looks amazing
Tom Scott
Tom Scott 15 soat oldin
Be done 7
Kingleo14 16 soat oldin
0-16 still making it in the Madden NFL 19 trailer 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Александр Кочнев
Good! bring back more NHL on your PC! Pre-order want do!
Louisiana A.K.
Louisiana A.K. 19 soat oldin
All I ask is that they give up the sole rights to the nfl and allow some competition in the football games area. May the best game win.
Charlie Lawson
Charlie Lawson 19 soat oldin
If this is the best quality footage they could find to put in a trailer, we’re all fucking doomed
J B 19 soat oldin
Do they kneel during the anthem?
Matthew Dolente
Matthew Dolente 20 soat oldin
Make Madden 2 disks. One for MUT etc. the other for franchise, superstar mode. That way it'll be less crammed and more space to devote new features and play.
Nathaniel Rieder
Nathaniel Rieder 20 soat oldin
Prolly the shittiest trailer for madden ever.
Zack Wilson
Zack Wilson 22 soat oldin
Looks like another piece of trash from EA...
Dewayne White
Dewayne White 23 soat oldin
Nothing changed but the date and time!!!!
313C Kun oldin
It’s like the game got even worse hope you go bankrupt
Jarvaris Kennard
t.o on the cover
Torrey Bauer
Torrey Bauer Kun oldin
Please tell me that Mayfield is not on the cover of the game!!!! Bad enough the Browns are terrible. Now we have the curse of Madden!!!! Oh well as an Ohio native I am used to disappointment.. Just hope that I am wrong ...????
Oscar theLeoFan
Oscar theLeoFan Kun oldin
Fifa 19 looks better
Infamous Money Hunter
Hey EA if your mediocre developers are having trouble making madden on the switch just port the WiiU version of madden 13 and call it madden 19. Just make sure it isn't a total failure of a port like wwe 2k18. Also I like your new motto: EA - We out here chasing dat money!!! It's much better and honest than "it's in the game".
Niick Young Jr.
Niick Young Jr. Kun oldin
Might as well turn this into a battle royale game.
Gage Jernigan
Gage Jernigan Kun oldin
the eagles d is too good to let a rookie run it over EA...
ROB TEX Kun oldin
Can't wait for more opi dpi pass interference calls, oh wait they were non existent in most of the game well pretty much the whole game
dad bro dude
dad bro dude Kun oldin
It's the same game year after year but this time they did some shading. All of the movements that were showcased in this trailer have been in every madden since madden 25. I remember when Madden actually tried to make good games instead of just trying to trick morons into buying new games every hear. Now that they own the rights to NFL they ruined football games for the consumer and profited off of dummies with deep pockets. I will never purchase another Madden for as long as I live. #hotgarbage #dumpsterfire
Devon Araeb
Devon Araeb Kun oldin
EA should start releasing PC versions as well.......
Mark Heltman
Mark Heltman Kun oldin
They're making another one? Cool
Joseph Collazo
Joseph Collazo Kun oldin
Sounds like Omar is speaking. "Ayyo, leason here Bey.If you come at the king, you best not miss.
Odin Martinez
Odin Martinez Kun oldin
Can't wait for this
Dylan Porter
Dylan Porter Kun oldin
I've been saying it forever. They're just gonna keep on spitting out this trash and not change anything because YALL KEEP BUYING IT. #boycottmadden
jordan fick
jordan fick Kun oldin
Saquon running looked dumb as hell 😂
Mecaela Culberson
Madden 09.2
Trollasaurus Rex
Madden 15 looks cool....oh wait.
Drew Cromartie
Drew Cromartie Kun oldin
Bro Saquon Barkley runs like a duck on here wtf?
Joe Thomas Jr
Joe Thomas Jr Kun oldin
I know they got at least 1,000 from me...
Joe Thomas Jr
Joe Thomas Jr Kun oldin
They make millions on us every year...And it's the same old thing. Just looks a little bit better... Wake up.....
Javier Preze
Javier Preze Kun oldin
Too bad sorry ass madden graphic where suppose to look like this since 1st gen Xbox and it still looks the same .... I wish 2k could put madden out of there missory
I hope they added to franchise mode
Hawkeye 03
Hawkeye 03 Kun oldin
Why does he look so weird when he’s running?
Savage 21
Savage 21 Kun oldin
Put a 1st person
bob101 Kun oldin
Very meh
D Cash
D Cash Kun oldin
I need to know if we are going to have custom stadiums in 19 MUT. Why give us uniforms but still have to play in generic team stadiums??
In all seriousness this looks like madden 10..
Jaden May
Jaden May Kun oldin
Who else is playing Madden while watching this??
Mubeth Praditya
Mubeth Praditya Kun oldin
there is no game's rival so ea free to make this
god Kun oldin
why is there a gap delay when u run lol
Mag- nos7s
Mag- nos7s Kun oldin
Bring back the 2k football franchise.
Terelle Hunt
Terelle Hunt 2 kun oldin
That mess up this was post to be about the eagles
Daniel Spannknebel
Daniel Spannknebel 2 kun oldin
Yea great hype now take off all the bias UT settings and compensation n il believe so tired of ur pre set even team cheats when you have a 99 overall team and a 80 overall team can run ur team over somethings wrong. LISTEN E A if you want madden to survive and not die then take off all filters of gameplay and make it all user skill based and not have cpu compensate for noobs to keep it even.. Madden 18 was biggest rip off ever with power ups .packs etc to get nothing in return and lazt but not least give the bucs players some more respect with there ratings how am i suppose to compete against cheat brady with a trash winston card , let user create UT name , logo , stadium and chemistrys making it more flexable and personal will put yalls game thru the roof and like said in beggining no morr hidden height settings , celebrayion and compensation . .if this 19 is not fixed im done with madden for good which is sad bcuz ive played madden since day in 80s and its a shame to not enjoy ur favorite game you dont have to taje my word but you see how fortnite took half ur customers bcuz its free , legit , seldom lags or glictches and doesnt extort its customers over every item nickel or dime.
Luis Angel Guillen
Luis Angel Guillen 2 kun oldin
Graphics look like madden 12
freddy sims
freddy sims 2 kun oldin
Chris Betha
Chris Betha 2 kun oldin
So you put T.O on the Cowboys AND show footage of the Giants and Barkley running all over the Eagles? The disrespect is fuckin real. I swore we just won the SB
daniel russell
daniel russell 2 kun oldin
Gonna be another dumbass story line where you don't play any NFL games in it just some dumbass game show
Broncos Stampede
Broncos Stampede 2 kun oldin
Dear E.A For Madden Overdrive??.....KEEP SEASON MODE!!!!!...Thank You.
I-am TheRealWill
I-am TheRealWill 2 kun oldin
let’s be honest, only reason I’m gettin this is because of Lamar Jackson lol
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 2 kun oldin
I preordered that boy today
Tony Sky
Tony Sky 2 kun oldin
Basically change the cover on madden 18 and then put it on the shelf.
Garrett Robbins
Garrett Robbins 2 kun oldin
Straight cash homie
Garrett Robbins
Garrett Robbins 2 kun oldin
I'm just here so I don't get fined.
Alpha Sierra Alpha
Alpha Sierra Alpha 2 kun oldin
Wait! Did the Browns player catch it? I must know.
Niles Keller
Niles Keller 2 kun oldin
why they do burkhead like that
Santi Cause_YT[SC]
Santi Cause_YT[SC] 2 kun oldin
BOONK GANG 2 kun oldin
I’m only here for 2k
Dorail Crayton
Dorail Crayton 2 kun oldin
admittedly that was boring... it looks the same as last yr😞
Mikael DaPiedade
Mikael DaPiedade 2 kun oldin
Still haven’t taken a page from Fifa and given the Madden players authentic NFL gear, cleats and gloves and most likely side line players will still look like 2D wallpaper....
Expo 2 kun oldin
if they don't put the animation where their helmets come off sometimes when you tackle them I'm not buying this
King Chris200
King Chris200 2 kun oldin
Because when I make a person On career mode I want to play the pro bowl after the super bowl
James 2 kun oldin
NCAA 16 over Madden 19. #BringBackNCAA
King Chris200
King Chris200 2 kun oldin
In madden 19 can you bring back the pro bowl when you are in a career mode
James Stanfield
James Stanfield 2 kun oldin
Oh please, it's just going to be a carbon copy of last year's game. But I'll probably still pay the $60 for it. 😂
Literally nobody cares about madden
Beaver Man
Beaver Man 2 kun oldin
Does anyone else think that the creators of madden need to make the game, you know...... fun?
The rolling Stoner
The rolling Stoner 2 kun oldin
Madden the only place you see the browns beat the steelers😂😂😂#bleedblackandyellow
Donald Mcrae
Donald Mcrae 2 kun oldin
this looks sick
customer care
customer care 2 kun oldin
Hit me up if anyone needs beats for anything #soundcloud #namgungssi
Michael Jordan Keane
Pc version ??? ❤️❤️❤️
BravoM 98
BravoM 98 2 kun oldin
I have madden highlights on my channel and I can't wait to play this 🤙🏼
Ryan Herron
Ryan Herron 2 kun oldin
it should be eagles instead of giants cause giants SUCK!
Kyle Adrien
Kyle Adrien 2 kun oldin
Dak completing a pass. You can tell this is just a game
Aaron L
Aaron L 2 kun oldin
Im so ashamed of myself dumping so much money in this game years ago...
Pat Morrow
Pat Morrow 2 kun oldin
Cowboys always shoved down our throats. Seeing cowboys in the preview makes me not want to buy this game
Elzay X
Elzay X 2 kun oldin
Sho game play
Bryan Maclean
Bryan Maclean 2 kun oldin
Bring NCAA back plz
Joel Potter
Joel Potter 2 kun oldin
IF CP3 did hurt his leg Houston would be the champs
Bryan Maclean
Bryan Maclean 2 kun oldin
Y'all can waste your money on this garbage. I'm getting the new Spider-Man game instead
Jalen_Bell 3 kun oldin
0:46 so no one noticed baker mayfields helmet..
EbatesAKAdaBoy 3 kun oldin
How come madden 18 looks better 🤣
Dee34th 3 kun oldin
They never gonna get it.
Travis Macord
Travis Macord 3 kun oldin
the bums at #EASPORTS choke again smh😑 you didn't change gameplay physics so now we have to deal with another year of bs pre determined animations that are plaguing the game!! still no d lineman moves and you can't even iron out your glitches with total control passing and make it work like it's supposed to!! MUT is ruining Madden!! make a decent game and stop trying to rip everyone off jamming garbage MUT packs down kids throats, you make me sick #easports
LOU KIDD 3 kun oldin
What do they have against tattoos smh
Johnathan  Green
Johnathan Green 3 kun oldin
Know this gonna be trash if the browns beat the Steelers
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez 3 kun oldin
Why are the Browns in this, weak fucks
Band Boi
Band Boi 3 kun oldin
This remind me of blitz the league somehow
Senpai Wolfy
Senpai Wolfy 3 kun oldin
Can you just update stats on players and change the names on Jerseys instead of making me spend 60 dollars a year for a new Madden?
N8dawg 270
N8dawg 270 3 kun oldin
Is this gonna be another copy and why do the graphics look worse