Madden NFL 19 - Official Reveal Trailer

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Available August 10th. Madden 19 challenges you to achieve gridiron greatness with the introduction of Real Player Motion. With all new ways to play and new legends, including Terrell Owens who makes his return to Madden Ultimate Team. Get your popcorn ready!

Pre-order today and receive the Hall of Fame Edition three days early on August 7th. *Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Learn more: x.ea.com/46645

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9-Iyn, 2018

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Max Markert
Max Markert Soat oldin
I so happy
baby face nelson
baby face nelson Soat oldin
The graphics in madden 19 look worse than madden 18 and it's like pretty much 2019 now the graphics should be full video quality as good as TV by now they can easily scan each player in and scan each field and have the graphics look real think it's just one area 1 field they need to make not a huge level and each player only has to run and stuff pretty basic
WhoAmI ToU
WhoAmI ToU 2 soat oldin
God I pray it's better than 18. They completely ruined 18. It's so much slower and the ball carrier jukes SUCK. It's the slowest juke I've ever seen in Madden. I hated 18 and 17. They got 16 perfect then completely ruined it the next year. I won't buy this unless I can play it first
Alambe727 2 kun oldin
sound like a lot of cars running into one another terrible
mdub1303 3 kun oldin
This game is so choppy and unrealistic. Its like im playing a beta version
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 3 kun oldin
Fix dat hoe immediately
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 3 kun oldin
Fix it
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 3 kun oldin
Yo fix the fucking camera
Charles Bolanos
Charles Bolanos 3 kun oldin
16K people like being scammed and but raped by EA
Wesley Johnston
Wesley Johnston 4 kun oldin
That was madden 18 stop lieing
Brandon Hultine
Brandon Hultine 4 kun oldin
Still behind NCAA 14 you pathetic fucks
diamond 125
diamond 125 4 kun oldin
Please don't let it suck
Patrick Felipe
Patrick Felipe 4 kun oldin
Franchise mode: why can’t you upgrade a player trait???? Why u guys took that out??? Such a disappointment...
Jon Stenberg
Jon Stenberg 4 kun oldin
Wait, I can't play as a women like in BF5? TRIGGERED!!! lol. Watch out...this game is next for the SJW treatment.
Stuart Carrick
Stuart Carrick 5 kun oldin
I've never played a madden game b4 I'm just down voting for EA unethical business practices in marketing this shameless cash grab
TFrail 5 kun oldin
Is there a new feature where you can press X/A before the game starts to kneel for the Anthem?
Mike Divin
Mike Divin 5 kun oldin
How Has The Madden Franchise Survived To Madden 19 ?
Mike Divin
Mike Divin 5 kun oldin
When You Realize Madden 19 only has 3 players with tattoo scans still.....
Allen 6 kun oldin
All these ppl complaining 2 months ago freaking the hell outta this game right now
gnarCR 6 kun oldin
0:03 LOL why are the running animations still so laughably bad? It's 2018. Is it really so hard to get realistic running animations into a game?
Alambe727 2 kun oldin
no they just don't have to because you will buy it any way.
Joe M
Joe M 6 kun oldin
game sucks..already traded it in for $25
digbick hohoho
digbick hohoho 9 kun oldin
Love how eagles win super bowl but giants and cowboys be scoring on them hahahahaha . Dam madden mad
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 9 kun oldin
Fix the camera for defensive in franchise mode
pheoix 9 kun oldin
As a ucf alumni and dolphin fan. Seeing shaquem Griffin tackling a patriot makes my day!
DeadShotterr 10 kun oldin
The game looks way better than the trailer
ATTOM-IC 10 kun oldin
kamerontheking 12
kamerontheking 12 11 kun oldin
Bruh did I just that the browns just scored on the Steelers
Glenn Sharp
Glenn Sharp 11 kun oldin
Enable permission from my accounts and settings to get offers and make purchases
DboogieVerdun 11 kun oldin
EA it’s been years and you still can’t fix the bodies and the way they run.
Ahmet Sayar
Ahmet Sayar 12 kun oldin
Madden NFL 19 İnceleme ve Sistem Gereksinimleri oyunbros.net/madden-nfl-19-inceleme-ve-sistem-gereksinimleri/
David Carter
David Carter 13 kun oldin
Hey, I’m just happy Cleveland made it on there.
DJ Titheo
DJ Titheo 13 kun oldin
X Oritz
X Oritz 13 kun oldin
Fix how the players run EA
Jonathan Raines
Jonathan Raines 13 kun oldin
Do u have to preorder the hall of fame version to get it 3 days early or could I just preorder the regular version and still get it 3 days early
ian langford
ian langford 13 kun oldin
After playing Madden 19 extensively, I can say this is by far, BY FAR, the best Madden, the best NFL football game I've ever played. I admit to be a very cynical and annual Madden hater, but this year they really did knock it out of the park. It isn't perfect, and does still need work, but it is much much better than any other Madden ever made. I'll reply to this comment with details as to why I feel so highly about this game.
ian langford
ian langford 3 kun oldin
NO MA'AM No I'm not. I posted comments on some of EricRayWeathers videos talking about how I don't trust this game to every be properly developed and that this game would be just like the others. When I actually played it myself though I saw they for once actually much improved the game this year. It still definitely isn't perfect, I have my fair share of complaints. I still almost exclusively play 84ovr teams in MUT H2H even though my team is 79ovr so I always end up facing better teams. In MUT Squads the Special Teams are horrific, on punts whoever you choose to play as is basically gonna be taken out of the game because when possession changed your player will change direction like 3 times, which is also a problem after an interception. QB Spies seem to intercept any non high pass in the middle of the field. The naturally QB contain is still terrible, I had somebody rush for 35 yards on 4 runs against me using Tom Brady because the D-Line is so bad at naturally forming a pocket, so you basically have to manually QB contain every single play on defense. Quarter Flats defenders are terrible, they double team covered WRs in the middle of the field while leaving a receiver wide open in the flats. So the game has alot of flaws, but it's still much much better than games in the past, the only people who like 18 better are people with no real football IQ and don't understand how the game is actually supposed to work.
NO MA'AM 4 kun oldin
ian langford so in other words you're an employee of madden and being paid for your endorsement 😂😂😂. Both madden 17 and 18 are better than this game and that's not saying much for 17 & 18.
ian langford
ian langford 13 kun oldin
Play Rec matters to DBs this year, if you have a low play rec DB he will get burnt by play action, especially in cover 4. So if you like to play cover 4 alot(which is a very good pattern matching coverage this year) then you need DBs with good play rec. In addition to the new pattern matching versions of cover 4, all coverages have had significant improvements to logic in zone coverage. Also man coverage works better than ever, much better, and can be a reliable coverage to use in your scheme. Continuing on defensive play, the defensive line play is much improved. The line consistently stunts runs properly and hold gaps correctly. In addition the pass rush is much better which eliminates glitchy one play touchdowns because the pass rush comes in too fast for complex deep route patterns to break down the coverage shell, but at the same time it isn't too overpowered. If a runningback ends up downfield against a LB he will usually win the route like you'd expect him to so defenses must match personnel properly and be strategic with play calls. The pass rush still doesn't contain the QB very well so mobile quarterbacks are still a very big issue in the game but not to the point where it's game breaking, a good D-Line can usually do a good job of containment, but if your D-Line isn't the best you'll likely have to keep a QB Spy on the field against mobile QBs. On to offense, running the ball feels very weird is difficult to use at first, however after alot of practice the ball carrier moves are very crisp and smooth and more realistic than ever. I suggest not using the sprint button at all for awhile until you get used to how the players run and feel. Once you get used to it you'll love it, the moves look very very nice and feel awesome when you fake out a defender and at the same time they aren't overpowered like last year. Running the ball is very difficult this year, if you're a casual player you'll really have a tough time running the ball. This is because you need good IQ about running lanes and gaps this year to have an effective running game, if you have really good IQ in reference to the run game you'll have fun getting the run game going. If you don't have the best IQ in regards to it however you'll either have to get a very good offensive line or learn more about gaps and concepts, there's an in game mode that's pretty decent at teaching you actually, I believe it's called skills trainer, go to exhibition from the main menu and then select skills trainer, it also teaches you various useful concepts relating to nearly every aspect of the game. Franchise Mode made a great improvement with a new upgrade system. I personally love it, instead of using XP to upgrade specific stats you instead get skill points which you use to improve an aspect of the players game by improving several stats at once that benefit the scheme you chose to upgrade. MUT is much improved as well with faster solo load times and better solo commentaries. Solo battles, player upgrades using training points. New stats were also added to the game to further differentiate players which is always a good thing. Break Sack is a very good one which allows players like Deshaun Watson who are very hard to tackle to shed tackles the way they do in real life. There's also now Blocking Strength and Blocking Finesse which helps create more realistic line play in both the run and pass game. Like I said it isn't a perfect game, and alot can still be improved, but this year they really stepped their game way up. It is definitely the best Madden I've ever played by far, and I've been playing football games since 2005.
Anime Sports
Anime Sports 13 kun oldin
Tai Kamiya are being attacked by Alice Gehabich. The Fallen for Tai Kamiya.
5k Guerre
5k Guerre 15 kun oldin
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Garrett Stewart
Garrett Stewart 16 kun oldin
0:20 Any reason the Steelers Logo is missing?
Drews Gameplays
Drews Gameplays 16 kun oldin
Wow sexy play by baker mayfield 😕
Marylou Jeth
Marylou Jeth 17 kun oldin
Good game!!!
Jon Schnell
Jon Schnell 17 kun oldin
Do the players stand or kneel?
Justin Crawford
Justin Crawford 17 kun oldin
What do we actually know is gonna be new in Madden 19 ??? Sounds like a repeat with slightly better graphics and new draft class.
Antonetta Kowalewski
I don't know how to watch it absolutely free, However I registered last week on ScreenVariety Tv for $few/yearly. Streams on ScreenVariety is just amazing. I think you can't find better here. It's working on my mac and iphone. I'm not sure about linux or windows (i don't have any of them) but I think it should work there too. Look for ScreenVariety
MONEY GE3K 18 kun oldin
This looks unrealistic
gilbert the red
gilbert the red 18 kun oldin
Eugen Lovin
Eugen Lovin 12 kun oldin
gilbert the red lol. Dad, I can be a female with a prosthetic arm in BfV but in madden I can't? Why?Just because I'm a woman? You are right, this is wrong Later.......... Females added in madden, 200 euros for elite woman edition.
Quantez Spann
Quantez Spann 20 kun oldin
EA needs to add mouthpieces and other accessories to Madden NFL 19
ZainsGaming 21 kun oldin
Do the Madden games expect the gamers to know the sport beforehand or do they include some sort of tutorial for people who would like to learn the rules of football?
king emory
king emory 21 kun oldin
So when I do my own franchise player can I put tats on him and have an option of having one hand
koran202 21 kun oldin
Nobody cares about your roster update
Hunter Bailey
Hunter Bailey 21 kun oldin
I’ve never seen an athlete run like saquon did
Tommy_ 3000
Tommy_ 3000 21 kun oldin
Y’all want a free copy? Hit my channel I’m doing a giveaway
I’m just that guy Btw
Oh boi let’s go I need this game like today
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart 22 kun oldin
I love that Brady shows up just to throw a toss to Rex Burkhead (from what appears to be their own 25 yard line, no less).
Mark Pierce
Mark Pierce 22 kun oldin
The player models look like an absolute joke LMFAO
DERPYSQUID93 24 kun oldin
Better have Belichick as the head coach for the Pats. IM TIRED OF FRICKIN GRIFFIN MURPHY
CrazySponge2525 25 kun oldin
Change carson wentz rating 86 naw he was gonna be the mvp until he got hurt
Lulu Plug
Lulu Plug 25 kun oldin
Fix challenge system it’s been flawed for years with incorrect rulings
sjbros814 25 kun oldin
I can see this on Nintendo Switch, maybe Madden NFL 20 if not this one.
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson 26 kun oldin
The fact that these are pre-rendered for a trailer but the movement still looks choppy and ugly is kind of pathetic. The current gen consoles kick ass yet somehow you guys are unable to improve on your physics engine. How about introduce a 1st person QB mode and maybe a VR ready mode with it? How about improving so a receiver getting a hand on the ball doesn't send the ball flying 20 yards into a defender's hands? How about make it so that every other play isn't holding on the offense? How about improving the run-game dynamics so it's possible to have realistic 3rd and 2 situations with a stacked O-Line and they actually manage to push forward instead of missing the block within seconds? Make a better game, assholes.
Amari Lafirme
Amari Lafirme 26 kun oldin
Can u make this for last gen plz like if y agree
They should show fan presentation like they get a close up of them celebrating and pre game getting pumped up
Cookie 27 kun oldin
Looks just like Madden 18, 17, and 16 🤦‍♂️
Abner King
Abner King 28 kun oldin
I wish EA would have team stats as well as the individual ones. By that I mean if you put together a great defense or offense they should show you were you rank across the board against them legendary teams. Like defensively how I'm compared to 70's Steeler teams, 85 Bears or 01 Ravens or as recently as the Seahawks legion of boom etc.
Brad C
Brad C 28 kun oldin
This going to be your 30th madden game but you can’t make 4 skate games
life of aidan aj752
life of aidan aj752 29 kun oldin
Looks just the same bad graphics not realistic can't have full control in franchise mode. Look at nhl and MLB great realistic amazing graphics but madden could do a lot batter.
Jhon More
Jhon More 29 kun oldin
The graphics look like Xbox 360 graphics
creepytoast23 29 kun oldin
Game looks nothing like this... EA sucks
Dasean Dunham
Dasean Dunham Oy oldin
Should of put Philly on the cover since they won the Super Bowl
x 412 x
x 412 x Oy oldin
Close your eyes and listen to the first 10 seconds. Straight up sounds like a battlefield 1 trailer.
Good to see Player Mechanics and Graphics are still the same as Madden 10...
Kendel Benson
Kendel Benson Oy oldin
What happened to online Clubs, Top 100 being a competitive goal to reach, being able to invite people to ranked games in the lobby, what happened to the madden where your online level mattered, where your average opponent skill level mattered, what happened to the good and bad feedback that would sit beside your record determining if you where a legit baller or not, its all about fantasy now and not about bragging rights amongst the world it's more of bragging rights between your friends, i want the world to know my gamer tag and say that nigga WitnessTha-GOAT a beast bring back excitement to ranked play
ReMeDy Oy oldin
Bad running locomotion, check. Players on the sideline weren't paying attention, check. Trailer that fakes gameplay (ie. what's with these artifically-added sound effects?), check. Not done by 2K, check. Yup, looks like a Madden game.
rippetoe 38
rippetoe 38 Oy oldin
0:59 Favorite part
Ninja Is Cool
Ninja Is Cool Oy oldin
every year... DO YOU HAVE... DUN DUN DUN DUN!! ..... WHAT IT TAKES.... DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN! ....
King_German_II :
Can y’all just make madden 05 and 07 playable for current gen
Joe Lackey
Joe Lackey Oy oldin
Production meeting: "Should we include the Eagles in the trailer? It's probably a good idea considering they won the Supe-" "NO! WE WILL FEATURE THE WORST TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE AND ROOKIES WHO HAVEN'T PLAYED A DOWN!"
Robot Guy
Robot Guy 6 kun oldin
Joe Lackey are the Pats one of the worst teams now?
Lil Treyco TV
Lil Treyco TV Oy oldin
Can y’all give 2k a chance to make a football game
Jimmy Norwood
Jimmy Norwood Oy oldin
Why is EA graphics still so bad? It’s 2018 and they stuck in 2008.
Mitchell mcgirt
ESPN 2K5 is still better than madden,,I MISS THAT GAME
OG YUNG Oy oldin
OG YUNG Oy oldin
Vampi B
Vampi B Oy oldin
Irish is that you? 😂😂
Angel Avila
Angel Avila Oy oldin
Screen passes are too fucking OP
PresMo Oy oldin
hope the microtransactions pay off for my money
Amos Jr.
Amos Jr. Oy oldin
How do you hold the ball on a punt return?
HumbleBeast 00
Ayyyy madden 1,516,171,819 man guys I love buying the same game every year it shows how much EA really loves us 😊
Hoss Cartwright
Why aren't there any women in Madde NFL 19? Is EA SEXIST?!
Kofú Oy oldin
I dont understand this doesnt look like NBA
Miguel Lara
Miguel Lara Oy oldin
Cant wait go bears
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez Oy oldin
Fifa 19
grinDING yardage
EA should add some Trick Plays like the Philly Special and the flea flicker
Günay M.
Günay M. Oy oldin
Avion Greenidge
Is it just me or who else thinks they should bring the mouthpieces back??
Tommy B
Tommy B Oy oldin
make college football games again
Real Eagles Nation
Honestly why does Tom Brady have a better catching rating than nick foles...help me
DVJFan Oy oldin
The same garbage. You still have retards paying $60 for a roster update lmfao.
Kieran Showler-Davis
The players running looks extremely fake...
GZA036 Oy oldin
Bring back 2k, scum
Gavin Just Gavin
Madden 17 Looks Cool
Raul Rivas
Raul Rivas Oy oldin
All you idiots that are complaining are going to buy it anyway or else you wouldn't be here checking this game out. Just pay your 60 bucks for updated rosters and shut up already.