Madden NFL 19 - Official Reveal Trailer

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DatBoyy Patt
DatBoyy Patt 3 kun oldin
Bruh EA please stop makin maddens this game so trash
Tom Heavey
Tom Heavey 5 kun oldin
Yo, Omar coming yo!
For madden 20, I want it to have mouthpieces, oc and dc. And a setting before each game where you can change the presentation. As in you can change it to cbs. ESPN. Or fox. And when you change the game presentation it changes the scoreboard, and commentators
theTNTminecart TNT
theTNTminecart TNT 7 kun oldin
How about madden 20?
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 9 kun oldin
Circket is 2nd most popular sports in world and you did not make a single game on circket
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 9 kun oldin
You make every game but why you do not make circket game
Jacob Moncivaiz
Jacob Moncivaiz 10 kun oldin
Unplayable!!!!!!! :(
Carter Kubis
Carter Kubis 13 kun oldin
Why don’t they just release a new madden every 2 years so they can update the rosters once, then have more time to make the next better
Connor Jones
Connor Jones 14 kun oldin
This is the worst madden ever
Batuhan Avcı
Batuhan Avcı 14 kun oldin
Add combines at 2020
Fire Boy
Fire Boy 14 kun oldin
Player sold separately
Fire Boy
Fire Boy 14 kun oldin
Look like a battlefield trailer
The Dude
The Dude 15 kun oldin
Does anyone know why EA choose to not to have the 1988 Bengals uniforms? I mean if you are going to have throwback uniforms then why the hell not have them all.
Grayethan111 18 kun oldin
The trailers look better than the game
BomBinoMonkey 19 kun oldin
Why are the cowboys not 87 + they made the playoffs
Wee Squint
Wee Squint 21 kun oldin
I love this madden so much bro. It is much more realistic this year. It's so satisfying hearing and seeing more realistic hits and body types and tbh my favorite new feature is how each qb is them self instead of a robot
Josh Pinkley
Josh Pinkley 21 kun oldin
Trailer didnt mention anything new about the game!
over lord
over lord 21 kun oldin
KingKlutch13 22 kun oldin
ATTENTION: please like if you agree that this game got so much WORSE than previous years
Anthony Vergel de Dios
That’s the most worst trailer I’ve ever seen
Jackson Amon
Jackson Amon 24 kun oldin
1:00 that’s a lot of damage
Nick O
Nick O 25 kun oldin
anyone else disappointed in madden 19, graphics are worse the players look to meaty and the gameplay is slow and delayed. madden 18 doesn't have anything wrong with it in fact its better than 19 just out of date rosters
GAMEPLAY With Anurag
Make a ragdoll game for android
jomenazu9 26 kun oldin
They need to bring WEATHER back for online play!!!
Kuka Kohan
Kuka Kohan 27 kun oldin
do u have commercials breaks in this game
Deshaun Wilson
Deshaun Wilson 28 kun oldin
Best Madden game ever
Sremgg Icey
Sremgg Icey Oy oldin
maddens ass
Ben Hall
Ben Hall Oy oldin
We need a madden battle royale
Trendee Prod
Trendee Prod Oy oldin
So nobody noticed that Omar (Michael K. Williams) from "The WIRE" did the voice 😒😒😒
ChristoGlee boi
Nothing like the real game lmao
Randy Lee
Randy Lee Oy oldin
Terrell Owens is white
Alambe727 Oy oldin
this game has no 4k or HDR quality dont buy
Alambe727 Oy oldin
i waited until this game was cheaper and got it for $32. i returned it the next day it was too dark on the football field, no 4k quality, no HDR quality and just unplayable. why are people giving their money away for such poorly make game i dont know.
Tanner Otwell
Tanner Otwell Oy oldin
2k lets us update rosters for free
trenchkot buskitas
Tom brady looks sluggish again today
please don’t mess up madden 20 and actually bring back competitiveness and skill 🙏🏻
ItzVixey Oy oldin
the running animations.......
Djdudyyd Djhdhduf
Something else that I want is for there to be just a few college teams, we play as one of them and it’s in like the final four we play the two games and we get our recognition we go to the combine and depending on how we do in the combine and where we get drafted and how we did in college gives us our overall. We are finally in the pros now and there are two possible stories that can go from this, you start off starting or you work your way to start. A cool feature we can have is when we are getting money we can start buying things like a car or an outfit for when we arrive, gloves and what we wear pregame and during the game and some jewelry. Then the features we can have is us driving to the game from our home kind of free roam then us arriving to our stadium (something amazing you could have is stadium specific inside and outdoor driving to stadium looks). So we are at the stadium we all to our locker then we could go to the field for pregame and it’s like free roam at the stadium. Depending on fan interest we could go to the crowd sign autographs and take pictures. We can also dance with the music that’s on at the stadium. And we can catch, throw, run, block and play defense with teammates and coaches until the game starts. We could have interviews after the game and sign endorsements to be able to wear certain clothes and to be able to customize your fit like gloves and cleats.
Djdudyyd Djhdhduf
Madden next year somethings I want with plays. I want for the punt return to be able to have two people back to return. I want more possible plays throwing to the qb for example qb hands it off to the wr then that wr hands it off to another and that could be a play in it’s self but then they can throw it too. I want more franchise updates overall I just want it to be more fun. Please add playable combine and I rather have a story line for a mycareer then long shot. I love your customization it would be nice to have more. Can you also add OBJ’s cleats into the game. I want customizable arena jersey field cleats visors and how you wear your clothes. A community area with your player where you can play with other people like mypark in 2k. This is something I thought would be pretty cool at the end of the game have a top 5 plays. Also when it’s lateral time at the end of the game can you have a play called lateral or something where you throw it to someone and then each player has a button over there head that you can lateral to. Hopefully this is all in Madden 20. I’m a giants fan so I’d like saquon on the cover but it deserves to be Pat Mahomes or Todd Gurley (ps put like a certain amount of players people can vote for, for the cover and reveal it like you did in madden 16 that was 🔥🔥).
WOLF 1098765433
Baker mayfield needs a higher overall
Ryab Burrow
Ryab Burrow Oy oldin
Just bought this cause it was %50 off on market place.... still 100% regret spending even $5 on this trash it is absolutely the worst football game I have ever played please don't do what I did read these comments and "DON'T BUY" maybe we can get EA to actually make a football game worth playing if they start losing money off the madden franchise
Maxable football
Your game suck you suck at making games 2k is way better tour game is cancer
Elias plays 24/7
The most unrealistick part was when baker broke that tackle
O_P_ Clutch
O_P_ Clutch Oy oldin
*see's saquon run through tackle* "Omg he on eesports mode"
Chereka K.
Chereka K. Oy oldin
It is better than all madden games
Chereka K.
Chereka K. Oy oldin
Madden 19 is better than madden 18, 17, 16 and 13
freddy and foxy
freddy and foxy 2 oy oldin
I love the voice of this guy
stuntbounce 2 oy oldin
Plz release an demo of this 🙏!!!
Rayna Cozzaglio
Rayna Cozzaglio 2 oy oldin
Ea my account is not there please I need help it was a very very very very god line up
Leman 010306
Leman 010306 2 oy oldin
One of the worst maddens in my opinion
gary outlaw
gary outlaw 2 oy oldin
Fake trailer big you tubers think is real. Buy the game players move nothing like the trailer. Ea stop buy copies of y'all own game. Vgcharts has 2k at 1 million sold in 2 weeks compared to Madden 19 7 weeks. Which I know you guys bought.....
IKillZ_NiTeLiTe Gaming
cd3224 _
cd3224 _ 2 oy oldin
They need to give me a reason to buy this game. A roster update isn’t worth 60 bucks!!!
Plx ThaGod
Plx ThaGod 2 oy oldin
This game is fucking trash and it’s broken i swear to god i fucking hate EA
Dwayne K
Dwayne K 2 oy oldin
MagicTank Gaming
MagicTank Gaming 2 oy oldin
Madden 17 take your team all the way Madden 18 take your team all the way.... again Madden 19 take your team all the way...... for 10.99
Joe Write
Joe Write 2 oy oldin
The gameplay is straight up trash across the board on this game. EA give it up please
S3TH 3 oy oldin
What’s with the running animation
AnD rEw
AnD rEw 3 oy oldin
When it come out
Ismael Ramirez
Ismael Ramirez 3 oy oldin
The madden maldives coming soon
The Real KEN
The Real KEN 3 oy oldin
I hate how in franchise when you have a qb and you hand ball off the rb has terrible vision and runs into the lineman when there is a huge hole
Negrito Lopez
Negrito Lopez 3 oy oldin
You should add color visor in the game
Nate J
Nate J 3 oy oldin
This looks like MID
Jx son
Jx son 3 oy oldin
Ea go kys
العاب ذكاء وغباءدوت com
We wont reckoning kingdomes of amuler 2 ea .
FnF_DARKNINJA_ 3 oy oldin
Devlopers go kill urselfs horrible game actual hot garbage worst game of the year whoever plays this and actually likes it is autistic
Pew Pew Pew
Pew Pew Pew 3 oy oldin
Haven't played Madden in years. Can you play the whole team in season mode?
Vídeos Populares
I Just going to buy the 20 or 21 because is like te same game
Emigdio Andrade
Emigdio Andrade 3 oy oldin
An update with maybe some tattoos for create a player would be nice at least maybe single art or full sleeves or half sleeves would be a nice addition to the game
Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards 3 oy oldin
Guys check out RyanMoody21 channel
Chris Beckham
Chris Beckham 3 oy oldin
You guys suck. You simply duplicate the same game each year aka copy and paste and charge all of us 50 bucks? Con artists.
Nick The First
Nick The First 3 oy oldin
0:00 to 0:05 isn”t that noice pretty satisfying ?
Noctu 3 oy oldin
Johnathan Butler
Johnathan Butler 4 oy oldin
Like this if NCAA 14 is better than Madden 19. Explain why as well, hopefully EA will see
House M.D
House M.D 4 oy oldin
Is it just me? Or did that tell me absolutely nothing about the game.
FoxtrotFTW 4 oy oldin
Cmon guys you hate on madden but still play it and laugh at the stupid glitches and stand there in shock as your player makes a beast play
Sven Aul
Sven Aul 4 oy oldin
where are the save points in Longshot EA????? The save points are unfair as hell !!! Make svae points after each sequence. It is impossible to get further in the story cause it ended against the Texans. Cause 4 TDs in a row are impossible to get with your lousy random play calls. So make more save points! now!!!!
ian rapoport
ian rapoport 4 oy oldin
longshot is so short
Christopher Gonzalez
Garbage game. Have to play like 10 fucking hours just to play online. Don’t buy it. Garbage.
King Kong
King Kong 4 oy oldin
Bring back NFL STREET
Sam Hale
Sam Hale 4 oy oldin
Hey, so when the national anthem plays, are you guys going to give players the option of how many of the team kneels?
skyline gaming
skyline gaming 4 oy oldin
LEGENDS ARE BORN!!!!!! So True!!!!! I.M.O.
Kosog0NG 4 oy oldin
How come the people in Jacksonville, FL get shot when they play this game but nobody else does? That's so unfair!!!!
DaWildSpotter 4 oy oldin
What i like about this game is that king bach is in it
Alma Barboza
Alma Barboza 4 oy oldin
Looks good graphics
Alma Barboza
Alma Barboza 4 oy oldin
Griffin bahm
Oriol Andre
Oriol Andre 4 oy oldin
vailable August 10th. Madden 19 challenges you to achieve gridiron greatness with the introduction of Real Player Motion. With all new ways to play and new legends, including Terrell Owens who makes his return to Madden Ultimate Team. Get your popcorn ready! Pre-order today and receive the Hall of Fame Edition three days early on August 7th. *Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Learn more: x.ea.com/46645 Game Madden NFL 19 - 2018 (UZvid Gaming)
dvijay461 4 oy oldin
Bring back live weather!
Reynard Volkner
Reynard Volkner 4 oy oldin
Haven't bought a Madden game since 14. Not gonna lie, I miss playing Madden with my dad and brother. But... This literally looks like Madden 14 with SLIGHTLY better graphics and new celebration animations. Zzzzzz....zzzzz.... ^Thats me refusing to give EA any money.
Gamingsince86 4 oy oldin
I got that Madden 19 highlights, hit me up.
Kush Ali
Kush Ali 4 oy oldin
Is taking a knee in the game if not I can not buy this same game since for ever lol.
bluewhale18 4 oy oldin
Out of all the games to cause a shooting , it’s sport game !!??
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez 4 oy oldin
New update: Guns added
WEE WEE MEMES 24 kun oldin
Brian Lopez lmao
napadaj Oy oldin
Jacovien Daniels
Jacovien Daniels 4 oy oldin
Brian Lopez LMAO
Urkelfights 4 oy oldin
RIP Victims.
Nintendo Station 1
This game makes people violent, no way is my kids playing yhis
Too Ru
Too Ru 4 oy oldin
Worst madden ever.... madden 18 is way better, game is like a copy and paste... don’t let a player be 20 yards in front of the player your throwing to, that he’s not even guarding because the computer will jump 10 feet in the air and either smack it away or intercept it... your wr literally has to be wide open with nobody around him for the ball to actually get to him... whoever made this game, needs to stop... madden is done
NeonGifs 4 oy oldin
JackyZockt 4 oy oldin
RIP Madden NFL 19 Tournament 😭😢⚘