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Madison Beer - Hurts Like Hell (Feat. Offset)

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I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell,
I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell

My baby said he loved me
My baby said he need me
Gonna eat sleep and breathe me out
Til the end (yeah)
But then my baby went bad
I guess he had a relapse
Had to sneak, cheat and bring me down
It had to end

My baby falls asleep in his bed
Fingertips on the edge
He left me for a girl, but he regrets
Leaving me

And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
You shoulda never let me go
I know I’m messing up your mind
The devil got you good this time
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)

My baby said he loved me
My baby had it easy
Let him touch, kiss and please me, all
Night and day, yeah
Remember when we took that trip to Cabo
24 hours then we took it to the Chateau
How does it feel to do it on your own
Missing me

My baby’s all alone in his bed
Fingertips on the edge
He left me for a girl, but he regrets
Leaving me

And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
You shoulda never let me go
I know I’m messing up your mind
The devil got you good this time
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
I really hope it hurts like hell
Drop tears from my eyes. I can’t cry, I’m on fire.
Cheatin’ night N night. No more flights. You got caught in the hype.
Ain’t take my advice. Got the steak, the fork, and the whole knife.
No more ice. In a course on a jet on flight.
You so trif. I can’t trust you schist. You gon’ miss this pipe.
Billie Jean I think I’m Mike. I’ma miss her in the bed.
Fucking up my head, fuck it up like lice.
I hope it was worth it. Jumping on dick like Kermit.
It was picture perfect. Til the bullshit had surfaced.
Looking at you like a clown, looking at you like a bird bitch.
I don’t even want you now, you can go live on the curb bitch
I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell, uh
I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell




14-Noy, 2018



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Fikrlar 8 301
YOunG. SHeeP
YOunG. SHeeP 2 soat oldin
The music just makes this track extraordinary!!!! 💗
Constancia Urbina
Constancia Urbina 11 soat oldin
Izabel Velazquez
Izabel Velazquez 14 soat oldin
Why in the beginning it looked like sweet but psycho
TS7 IS COMING 15 soat oldin
Sara Goeieman
Sara Goeieman Kun oldin
This is reality
Philip Matthews
Philip Matthews Kun oldin
2 vids at he same time same bath tub
mere Kun oldin
TangTheG Kun oldin
Lol who else knows her from RiceGum
Jazz G
Jazz G Kun oldin
Evelynn getting up to her old tricks I see :) someone needs to get another pink ward!
Melany Serrano Pepper
The bitch got what he deserved
Ryuu Rekka
Ryuu Rekka Kun oldin
this needs to show up in COAS
Mulm 2 kun oldin
Madison Ivy
Mordekaiser 2 kun oldin
U don't see the hype around this chick she isn't special or good at all
Vanny's Corner
Vanny's Corner 2 kun oldin
WHY IS SHE LIKE SO PRETTY!!! she looks like megan fox
Robert 2 kun oldin
I love this song and man is she smoking hot! She's the kind of woman that almost turns you straight... almost
Mandy Skipton
Mandy Skipton 2 kun oldin
I think Madison has a bath fetish
Camilla Tesafaye
Camilla Tesafaye 2 kun oldin
Getting a little bit of Ava Max vibe in here.
The Dustin Channel
The Dustin Channel 2 kun oldin
Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) vibes. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Deaconator22 Official
Plot twist. When she says I hope it hurts like heck, she may be talking about his STD!
Michelle's World
Michelle's World 2 kun oldin
Bubbly Grande
Bubbly Grande 2 kun oldin
Omg Madison is soooo freaking pretty omg
Pibblet Squad
Pibblet Squad 2 kun oldin
Written by Madison Beer 👏🏽👸🏽
jess skim
jess skim 2 kun oldin
Offset is the bird bitch
Seth God'sEvilson
Seth God'sEvilson 2 kun oldin
❤️❤️.. Lookin forward for her upcoming vids..
Faridamuazzamkhan Faridamuazzamkhan
Omg she sounds like ariana😮
abeer alazmy
abeer alazmy 3 kun oldin
Fucking goddess
Karla Guevara
Karla Guevara 3 kun oldin
Why everyone think she’s just an Instagram model
the eci
the eci 3 kun oldin
B**** I'm coming I hope it hurts like hell
TropicalParadise 3 kun oldin
And the sleeping masses continue to ignore what is in-front of their eyes. Lmao
Esteban Angel Gomez
fotos y recuerdos Selena Quintanilla
Esteban Angel Gomez
This song uses the same beat as Selena Quintanilla Song "Fotos Y Recuerdos" Nothing Original about this song!!!!
Brianna Richardson
Brianna Richardson 3 kun oldin
She is hella pretty like not gonna lie 😍😍 but her personality is like wow, you don’t see very many girls like that with personalities that are so amazing. This song is basically me after a breakup 😂
Jacqueline Hightower
I'm glad I clicked on this cuz I did not hear offset on hits 1
Heyloveplaysroblox 3 kun oldin
see the whole music video sees them roasting marshmellos me *WTF WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY ROASTING MASHMELLOS LIKE BRUH*
Goprocrazy 3 kun oldin
Vilaze 4 kun oldin
She'd make a great Zatanna(Sorry for the random comment)
Ari Kooki
Ari Kooki 4 kun oldin
1:53 .😱 sound like Ariana
MMD Heaven
MMD Heaven 4 kun oldin
Himanshu Parate
Himanshu Parate 4 kun oldin
Katelynn Snow
Katelynn Snow 4 kun oldin
He went to take a bath guess he had a real laugh
bLuE rOyAlTy.
bLuE rOyAlTy. 5 kun oldin
What if *Cardi B* planned this song and asked Madison Beer to intentionally *feature Offset* so make him feel terrible after?
Tyler Krawczyk
Tyler Krawczyk 4 kun oldin
Oh shit.
Tree Toxic
Tree Toxic 5 kun oldin
are you ava max?
Lucy 5 kun oldin
that feeling of your fking wisdom teeth coming out after seeing another girl get punched. aw man
Kayleigh Walker
Kayleigh Walker 5 kun oldin
I love it when a piece of SHIT women beater that can think they can just manipulate a women into thinking that ur the ones crazy. Not...bye bitch
the eci
the eci 5 kun oldin
I'm coming b**** hurt like hell
the eci
the eci 5 kun oldin
I'm coming it hurt like hell
BuZzbee 5 kun oldin
This song graphics are cheated😒😒😒 ...its same as song sweet but phsco
Arty crafty Girl
Arty crafty Girl 5 kun oldin
Is this for her ex jack gilinsky?
Chantel Luu
Chantel Luu 4 kun oldin
+Arty crafty Girl I think so
Arty crafty Girl
Arty crafty Girl 5 kun oldin
amaal H that's not what I meant. Was this for him because they were in a relationship but then they broke up
amaal H
amaal H 5 kun oldin
Arty crafty Girl someone else wrote the song
Build Up Gamerz
Build Up Gamerz 6 kun oldin
*The best friend of Sweet But Psycho*
Rebecca Jenson
Rebecca Jenson 6 kun oldin
damn why would anyone want to cheat on that goddess.
Aby Kezy
Aby Kezy 6 kun oldin
Offet definitely ONset in this song...
Anna Drennan
Anna Drennan 6 kun oldin
This is a great song I loved it like if I you agree if you want.💕❤️
hopeless sky
hopeless sky 6 kun oldin
I loveee the polt twist a the end she got him good!
Jefferson Deschamps
is it just me that heard “hurts like heaven” in some parts?
ericknomoney 6 kun oldin
Morte ao pênis
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 7 kun oldin
Offset is GARBAGE.
Paul Kearney
Paul Kearney 7 kun oldin
Oof she is BADDDDD
Melissa Darling
Melissa Darling 7 kun oldin
0:38 when she gets up from the tub... Bruh her back is amazing
Jonah Rangel
Jonah Rangel 7 kun oldin
She bad 🔥
Tre Mack
Tre Mack 7 kun oldin
Offset does a feature for just about anyone nowadays
Arun Theva
Arun Theva 7 kun oldin
Very sexy women
ESP4thaWin 7 kun oldin
Maaaan this song really grows on you.
Corey Louie
Corey Louie 7 kun oldin
Madison+bathtubs=fire song
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 7 kun oldin
This reminds me of *" sweet but psycho"* 🤷‍♂️
Sjalle Sieverts
Sjalle Sieverts 7 kun oldin
EmmaMonae Espinosa
EmmaMonae Espinosa 8 kun oldin
She’s so pretty, I actually like this song it’s badass😍😍🙌🏼💯💅🏼
kat Casey
kat Casey 3 soat oldin
True girrrrl
Deneen Isaacs
Deneen Isaacs 8 kun oldin
I can't help but laugh when I hear this song literally because offsets verse is so ironic
Akua Mprah
Akua Mprah 8 kun oldin
Thank you, next --Thanks exes for who she has become Hurts like hell -- She wants you to burn in hell Madison, marry me !!!
Vivian Do
Vivian Do 8 kun oldin
Shae Norris
Shae Norris 8 kun oldin
celebrities really do love baths
Chardai Adams
Chardai Adams 8 kun oldin
Aliyiah Norton
Aliyiah Norton 8 kun oldin
lovvee this,, 💕💕💕
Baby Gay
Baby Gay 8 kun oldin
I love this song
Mary Alice2.0
Mary Alice2.0 8 kun oldin
Madison beer is like emo Megan fox
Jazmine Reed
Jazmine Reed 8 kun oldin
Getting Jennifer's body vibes from this
Angelina Godwin
Angelina Godwin 8 kun oldin
I love this song. It explains basically the process of what a girl goes through after a break up. At first it's like, OMG he did me wrong, Im so said, blah. and then it smashes on the chorus which is basically, he did wrong, he let me go, bitch fuck you. You'd better be in some major pain or i'll make you feel my pain.
Catalin Besliu
Catalin Besliu 8 kun oldin
Those offset ad-libs really did the song
Vyla Is back
Vyla Is back 8 kun oldin
Madison be acting like Evelynn from League of Legends in this video. Get it?
Sprinkley donut
Sprinkley donut Kun oldin
Nadz Zeurbi
Nadz Zeurbi Kun oldin
Haha omg yea
Akm 001
Akm 001 Kun oldin
K/da-pop stars😁.
gata0190 8 kun oldin
She look like Megan Fox.. Sexy
skinny legend
skinny legend 8 kun oldin
so it turns out she likes to sit in bathtubs
Akira Menai
Akira Menai 9 kun oldin
Message: If you love America or God, you suck. Enemy Of The People. MSM
everything I need
everything I need 9 kun oldin
When your test was a fail
Hunter Kelly
Hunter Kelly 9 kun oldin
Best song out right now
Ira Green
Ira Green 9 kun oldin
Pop introduce to Hip Hop damn that rocks!!!!! 🤟🏾😜 i can rock w/ that! yeah that’s grea! 👍🏾👍🏾
Lauren Iacovino
Lauren Iacovino 9 kun oldin
this song is too damn catchy🤙🏻😂
leony perkins
leony perkins 9 kun oldin
Who is the boy ahhaha
Layla Cardenas
Layla Cardenas 9 kun oldin
Madison beer? hey madison gimme some of ur beer
breelyn 9 kun oldin
this song is for the bullies when you want to get them back
cOcOnUt hEad wHoOoO?
the last time I saw this bitch was when she made a song when she was 14, TF.
roma noor
roma noor 10 kun oldin
How can someone actually cheat on her or any other women. That means that they are not mature enough and that they don’t deserve you or your heart. Never cry because of a boy or someone who cheated on you. Just remember that you are better than them and that they are some pussies! They don’t have balls enough to just be with one girl and if they have balls but still cheat then their balls are really small. Smaller than a cell in your body!
Michel Link
Michel Link 10 kun oldin
So beautiful damn
LanceAlot 10 kun oldin
just realized she looks so much like Megan Fox lmao
blondewildangel1 10 kun oldin
No they look similar
ZPekena Noiada
ZPekena Noiada 10 kun oldin
sh4k1la 10 kun oldin
Kezia Damalie
Kezia Damalie 10 kun oldin
Love it 😍😍😍
whatewahoi 10 kun oldin
i feel like this is about Jack G 💁👀👐
Kayleigh Walker
Kayleigh Walker 11 kun oldin
OMGosh I ABSOLUTELY LUV THIS SONG!!! I can so relate 😂💀😅 this 💯 was so written about my lyfe and my struggles at the moment!!!
Alex Cullen
Alex Cullen 11 kun oldin
She is Very attractive , stunning 💥👍🏾😍🔥🔥🔥
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