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Madison Beer - Hurts Like Hell (Feat. Offset)

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I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell,
I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell

My baby said he loved me
My baby said he need me
Gonna eat sleep and breathe me out
Til the end (yeah)
But then my baby went bad
I guess he had a relapse
Had to sneak, cheat and bring me down
It had to end

My baby falls asleep in his bed
Fingertips on the edge
He left me for a girl, but he regrets
Leaving me

And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
You shoulda never let me go
I know I’m messing up your mind
The devil got you good this time
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)

My baby said he loved me
My baby had it easy
Let him touch, kiss and please me, all
Night and day, yeah
Remember when we took that trip to Cabo
24 hours then we took it to the Chateau
How does it feel to do it on your own
Missing me

My baby’s all alone in his bed
Fingertips on the edge
He left me for a girl, but he regrets
Leaving me

And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
You shoulda never let me go
I know I’m messing up your mind
The devil got you good this time
And I hope it hurts like hell (ahhhhh)
I really hope it hurts like hell
Drop tears from my eyes. I can’t cry, I’m on fire.
Cheatin’ night N night. No more flights. You got caught in the hype.
Ain’t take my advice. Got the steak, the fork, and the whole knife.
No more ice. In a course on a jet on flight.
You so trif. I can’t trust you schist. You gon’ miss this pipe.
Billie Jean I think I’m Mike. I’ma miss her in the bed.
Fucking up my head, fuck it up like lice.
I hope it was worth it. Jumping on dick like Kermit.
It was picture perfect. Til the bullshit had surfaced.
Looking at you like a clown, looking at you like a bird bitch.
I don’t even want you now, you can go live on the curb bitch
I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell, uh
I really hope it hurts like hell
I really hope it hurts like hell




14-Noy, 2018

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Ranym 41 daqiqa oldin
idk why but im feeling this song
Jazmin Alonso
Jazmin Alonso Soat oldin
Looks like a chuckie moment
Patryk A. Grzybowski
Came here after hearing you in League of Legend's KDA song! Well done!
Daniel Soler
Daniel Soler 3 soat oldin
Me: i'mma fuck your ass all night long Girl: no, it HURTS LIKE HELL
It is I
It is I 3 soat oldin
It is I
It is I 3 soat oldin
Alvina Melnik
Alvina Melnik 4 soat oldin
she’s so talented and gorgeous
roan divinagracia
roan divinagracia 4 soat oldin
Sound like Britney Spears!😍😍😍😍
Loudes Gamble
Loudes Gamble 5 soat oldin
I love u
Carter Rose
Carter Rose 8 soat oldin
I have my period and my bellyache hurts like hell :(((
Swamp Hawk
Swamp Hawk 8 soat oldin
Beer is awesome.
ros marin
ros marin 8 soat oldin
who else thinks the lyrics are trash?
JØHNNY 10 soat oldin
The video concept 🔥
George Doucherson
George Doucherson 12 soat oldin
Madison Beer looking like an upgraded Megan Fox
Adriana Hristeva
Adriana Hristeva 14 soat oldin
0:55 fave part
Oscar Santiago
Oscar Santiago 14 soat oldin
Next genius artist interview?
I'm You, You're me
I'm You, You're me 15 soat oldin
my pussy had a relapse? :'(
Kim Fujoshi
Kim Fujoshi 15 soat oldin
I'm waiting for a kda new song........ok bye
Ranvee Choompong
Ranvee Choompong 16 soat oldin
58:00 It look like she doing handjob 😂😂😂
Daniel Mh
Daniel Mh 18 soat oldin
only offset's verse: loopvideos.com/rsuKmbYokuk?from=142&to=181
ka bob
ka bob 19 soat oldin
Shes so fcking gorgeous like wtf she looks exactly like megan fox in some parts
Jake Trnka
Jake Trnka 19 soat oldin
She is fucking sexy I would never cheat on her
Natalie 20 soat oldin
Gosh I like the melody so damn much
Jessica Sullivan
Jessica Sullivan 21 soat oldin
Sold your soul for a music video.. the infamous bath
juan campos
juan campos 21 soat oldin
thought that was a young Nick Cage for a sec
Lili A
Lili A 21 soat oldin
I hope y'all dislikes go to hell 😂
Naimisha Gatiganti
Naimisha Gatiganti 22 soat oldin
Is this song about jack ????????????
Paul Jose
Paul Jose 22 soat oldin
When your sublings wish bad luck upon you for taking their stuff
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 22 soat oldin
When u wake and find out she used the dildo On you
Gabriel Vr
Gabriel Vr 23 soat oldin
Horrivel. Pause..
Alexandra Cohen
Alexandra Cohen 23 soat oldin
I am only here because she is hot and well OFFSETTTTT. He made this whole song her lyrics were awful lol.
Recent AgagFix
Recent AgagFix 23 soat oldin
Is this sweet but psycho ? XD
anthony fox
anthony fox Kun oldin
please stop this horrible shit of a mess
Michaela Barber
Michaela Barber Kun oldin
I know Offset gotta be talking about his side bitch and not Cardi! 😤
Ruben Stoti
Ruben Stoti Kun oldin
Came here from k/da
Sl4y3r _
Sl4y3r _ Kun oldin
Derek Wilderness
This is great symbolism and poetic justice with vision
MC Ramonstro Ofc
Bone thugs eternal
Selin Kun oldin
An Lv
An Lv Kun oldin
Joh Prodigy
Joh Prodigy Kun oldin
Sounds like ima slave 4 u Britney lol
Moody Libra
Moody Libra Kun oldin
5 seconds in and already like this song
leslie knope
leslie knope Kun oldin
People should look up Selena Q’s “fotos y recuerdos.” You’re welcome if you were wondering where her “oh” came from and couldn’t think of it at first!
Martina Verde
Martina Verde Kun oldin
JJGachaGamer Kun oldin
The first song I heard in 2019 😁 gives me chills😇 but it's really good
爱莉杏菜 Kun oldin
Good song
αмαzιηg ѕυвlιмιηαlѕ
Anyone come here because of pop stars form k/da
Nason The Beat
Nason The Beat Kun oldin
SynicalNoah Kun oldin
When you step on a Lego.
Kat B
Kat B Kun oldin
2:23 it seriously sounds like he’s saying “dry titties from my eyes”
Nason The Beat
Nason The Beat Kun oldin
Who Tha Fuck Is This Bitch ?
Nason The Beat
Nason The Beat Kun oldin
INSOMNIA FOREVER that’s really cute that you stick out for her
Madison Beer a beautiful singer whos much better than you
Shehroz Islam
Shehroz Islam Kun oldin
fck quinton
fck quinton 2 kun oldin
Prod by who ?
Chordnificent 2 kun oldin
Idk how I had missed this...Mad should have way more hype around her releases cause her stuff is always good but underground
Ashwin 2 kun oldin
offset was onset
ACAEDEN LEE 2 kun oldin
ACAEDEN LEE 2 kun oldin
alvaro sanchez
alvaro sanchez 2 kun oldin
Madison... Ivy??
yow yow
yow yow 2 kun oldin
i love how the video starts with candles and ends with candles
Marianne Balilo
Marianne Balilo 2 kun oldin
For you Leroy Arriola
EMELEPHANT Em 2 kun oldin
Lyrics to dead: In the description
dav dav
dav dav 2 kun oldin
I swear to god i thought i seen Madison ivy LOL
lizard king
lizard king 2 kun oldin
Yo wtf Offset doing here. He killed that hoe but this shit caught me off guard.
vein kracken
vein kracken 2 kun oldin
Looking at u like a bird bitch
Polo2 Polo92
Polo2 Polo92 2 kun oldin
Bad guy the white man good man the black man lol this is new
Rylie Koscielski
Rylie Koscielski 2 kun oldin
2:07 Jughead who?
Colby 'Nerd Bashing' Covington
D savage fucked her
Under the attic
Under the attic 2 kun oldin
She's literal ly perfect looking...
Santino Augi
Santino Augi 2 kun oldin
offset goes off
Ashlyn Campos
Ashlyn Campos 2 kun oldin
Wow 😯 🔥
Ashlyn Campos
Ashlyn Campos 2 kun oldin
Wow 😯 🔥
haotao_alt 2 kun oldin
Is the migos dying?????????????? or is 10M alot for them
Faegan Mara
Faegan Mara 2 kun oldin
The Shade....
Ignacio Orozco
Ignacio Orozco 2 kun oldin
Don't chase a bitch, replace her.
elena m
elena m 2 kun oldin
this deserves 100M views wtf
Seven Nycholle
Seven Nycholle 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought she looked like Melania Trump in the thumbnail?😶 Anyway the song is fire tho!
XxGraciexX 2 kun oldin
I remember when she came out with the monster high song in 2013
YETT3Y 2 kun oldin
Darian Johnson
Darian Johnson 2 kun oldin
She is still trash don't @ me either because I don't care her actions have spoken much louder for her that the tea💁🏽
Maple •_•
Maple •_• 2 kun oldin
Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell
Hazz Peanut
Hazz Peanut 2 kun oldin
she really looks like evelynn from KDA in the first bath tub scene
CrazyPixel1999 2 kun oldin
i just love listening to this song while I lick the peanut butter off my dogs ass.
Mercyre 3 kun oldin
She can get it anyday.
Danika Larsen
Danika Larsen 3 kun oldin
It’s called nose job, lip fillers, and a good ol eyebrow lift. Your not ugly girls... your just poor.
Keiron 3 kun oldin
I love this song sooo much
Love, SunshineGirl
Love, SunshineGirl 3 kun oldin
She reminded of a woman in white.
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix 3 kun oldin
Jizz offset burns the floor😍❤💕
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix 3 kun oldin
I only know madison since she's on the K/DA and since offset is here one of my fav. Rapper😍😂
Aryba F
Aryba F 3 kun oldin
She’s helllaaaaa scandalous I didn’t like her before but jeeezzzz this woman keeps releasing bangersssss
Good Hunter
Good Hunter 3 kun oldin
This is fuckin garbage. Was listening to migos then this autoplays when im in the shower. Fuckin made me run to turn it off soaking wet.
Melania Martinez-Dash
She looks pretty but her music isn’t that good that’s just my opinion don’t come for me 😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
Jason MC
Jason MC 3 kun oldin
Why did you copyright me 😂😂😂
cloudy animated
cloudy animated 3 kun oldin
I'm gonna REVERSE this song and see what I get
yaya diallo
yaya diallo 3 kun oldin
offset adlibs 😍😍😍😍
kz h
kz h 3 kun oldin
This music video reminds me of Jennifer body for some reason
Shawn Nm
Shawn Nm 3 kun oldin
3:18-3:22 literally me watching my life fall apart
Juan Florez
Juan Florez 3 kun oldin
She is fine as fuck
Susan Storm
Susan Storm 3 kun oldin
She is just the thing that can make pull the trigger
luntu vee
luntu vee 3 kun oldin
She has a voice like ariana grande's🔥
Celal A
Celal A 3 kun oldin
This video was literally everything and more I'm obsessed !!!