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Demacia is built on a lie. All these noble ideals and promises of a brighter future - they were never meant for us. For too long have we mages had to hide in the shadows, and it has cost us everything.
It is time we stand up and fight back!

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25-Yan, 2019



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PROnewbie 10 kun oldin
They should've created an event for this. Demacia civil war
Galaxy Kun's Nightcore
When I saw this video I thought it was a teaser for a new VS event between garen and sylas BUT NOOO YOU HAD TO GIVE US A CATS VS DOGS EVENT...🙄🙄
ngo dat
ngo dat 12 kun oldin
bapanxu me
bapanxu me 12 kun oldin
As a mage myself i stand with sylas💜💙
Confused BOI
Confused BOI 13 kun oldin
They battle in demacia with magic? That isnt the best idea Also galio
Honey Marañon
Honey Marañon 17 kun oldin
Its time to give new champion damacia Darius laugh
CaptainHAX Gaming
CaptainHAX Gaming 21 kun oldin
So let me get this straight demecia was the villain not noxus?
CaptainHAX Gaming
CaptainHAX Gaming 10 kun oldin
Man Bunkers I mean lux I keep getting auto correct
Man Bunkers
Man Bunkers 17 kun oldin
+CaptainHAX Gaming liz? Who Liz? They hate mage bcus.. I dont read lore there is origins of it.. I only know thats they all hate mages
CaptainHAX Gaming
CaptainHAX Gaming 17 kun oldin
Man Bunkers but why tho Liz is a mage?
Man Bunkers
Man Bunkers 19 kun oldin
Demacia is good but they just hate Mages so much
Daniel Bórquez
Daniel Bórquez 21 kun oldin
The great mage rebellion starts now!
ShawN ReivZ
ShawN ReivZ 21 kun oldin
Demacia vs demacia All regions:*EATS POPCORN*
ShawN ReivZ
ShawN ReivZ 19 kun oldin
Yea like tthat
Man Bunkers
Man Bunkers 19 kun oldin
More like Civil War
ShawN ReivZ
ShawN ReivZ 21 kun oldin
Demacia vs demacia All regions:*EATS POPCORN*
Adnan AbdulAziz Abdalla
Isnt lux from demacia and she is using magic? Where is the story?
Man Bunkers
Man Bunkers 19 kun oldin
But Lux accidently let Sylas escape and he start up his revolution of Mages.. sorry bad english
SadBoy 22 kun oldin
She's hiding her magic according to the lore currently. Also the high rank/nobles have mage users but since the law is hypocritical, it only punishes the people in lower social hierarchy.
Emon Vi
Emon Vi 26 kun oldin
What if rito make a champion that's with Zoe and neeko passive and with sylas ult..... Wow that would be such a cancer
League of Anime 2019
I mean like you don't have to fight but, just tell them that some mages weren't evil so Lux don't need to hide anymore
Baldi Oy oldin
Helmet bro :)
EsperMan X
EsperMan X Oy oldin
Eren Ünal
Eren Ünal Oy oldin
Demacia internal riot
Friendly Rogue
anders is that you
**Ionia eating popcorn with Noxus** Better movie than Twilight
Haris Bokhari
Haris Bokhari Oy oldin
so bernie sanders vs hilary clinton. round 2. ive seen how this ends
Exavier Reyes
Exavier Reyes Oy oldin
The Demacian Revolution. I like the sound of that.
DRivorobotnik 77
What is a demacia? a miserable pile of secrets
jamal anthony legaapi
Not yet done sylas
jamal anthony legaapi
Please new damacia champion
jamal anthony legaapi
Why j4 was not in movie? Jervan is a king of damacia
Dzaky Fauzan
Dzaky Fauzan Oy oldin
anyone please tell me what technique that this video used?
Kayn The Cosmic shadow
0:00 to 0:02 Usa ppl: First time ?
??? : Save (de)Martha!
ONI employé #343
Magic is a tool for those who are too weak to carry a true weapon.
Marcelo Varela
Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder
James Li
James Li Oy oldin
Sylas Is the real righteous
I'm Groot
I'm Groot Oy oldin
its time for communist revolution and lenin will lead this revolution........... I MEAN SYLAS
Gail Hatherley
What�s Oprah doing on UZvid??
Dadang Sulistiyo
He's back at fortnite cause Apex wasn't getting views on UZvid?
rebecca cailon
you can't trickshot..
Gabrielly Bernardo
Stop playing apex??? Just fortnite whose with me like?
Charles L. Howard
Press this if you miss old Ninja
X Tch
X Tch Oy oldin
he didn�t even ask if she was ok...sad?
Deborah Marinkovic
Should ninja play fortnite or Apex legends? Like for fortnite and comment for apex?
yu qe
yu qe Oy oldin
No thumbnail??
gabriel bernal
I don�t understand the title of this vid because there were no trick shots but thx for the vid ninja and can you keep playing Fortnite it�s not the same with apex?
TheBlack N
TheBlack N Oy oldin
So there is civil war in Demacia and Noxus takes time to invade it and later on says we wanted to help. Sounds like Ukraine and Russia
Amanda Lord
Amanda Lord Oy oldin
mages of demacia UNITE
Nasyonal Sosyalizm Türkiye
sylas is comünist
不是你 2 oy oldin
l'homme est condamné à être libre.
sobber Sam
sobber Sam 2 oy oldin
longer plez?
Bones the Ninja
Bones the Ninja 2 oy oldin
Wow, this champ is sure easy to hate.
LORD AINZ MHP3RD 2 oy oldin
Garen has a cape?
Javi 2 oy oldin
Mr. Newbie
Mr. Newbie 2 oy oldin
make a movie pls!!
Yukina Light
Yukina Light 2 oy oldin
I will be honest I stand with Sylas here
Joel suarez merma
que hago aqui si yo hablo español? :v
Bruno Kester
Bruno Kester 2 oy oldin
Another versus event? Oh boy..
Klaksi 2 oy oldin
0:18 No Dignity
Javier Moldoveanu
When the event will start?
TheAppleJuice 2 oy oldin
Wait, Your saying that Sylas gets arrested becuase he's a mage but Lux doesnt? And you saying that Garen isnt a mage even thoa giant sword comes out of no where? ¨Hmmmmm
Stardust Samurai
Stardust Samurai 2 oy oldin
Overlord Yusuf
Overlord Yusuf 2 oy oldin
Voicer actor is so bad
MiranoKun 2 oy oldin
No I really like it
Beowulf Macbethson
United Demacian Sorcerer Republic If Sylas wins it means Zaun will end up manufacturing a nuclear weapon of mass destruction and Darius will fire it at Ionia.
Desgil Danphi
Desgil Danphi 2 oy oldin
So many Helmet bro
Ondy TV
Ondy TV 2 oy oldin
Someone says galio steps on whole mage army then aurelion sol steps on whole planet...
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 oy oldin
What did it cost? 0:21
Riotmaker ZeroNine
"And that's why Noxus Is Forever Strong." -Swain
Riotmaker ZeroNine
What if Sylas is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada of League of Legends????
Zaxyuino 1990
Zaxyuino 1990 2 oy oldin
450 BE Champ Vs 6300 BE Champ.
Corleonis Corneas
Why does he have British accent?
ben zohar
ben zohar 2 oy oldin
He's such a good speaker, you have to admit
Lucifer Broke
Lucifer Broke 2 oy oldin
I always hated Garen anyway
Gutsu 2 oy oldin
Funny thing is they can just exile such mages but no let us imprison them which produce hatred.
Cinnamon Panda
Cinnamon Panda 2 oy oldin
There is nowhere nice to live on Runaterra: -Damacia is a monarchy with radical ideals, opresses lots of people -Noxus is an empire that makes everyone fight and doesnt care about who dies, is very violent -Freljord is on a constant war between factions for power -Shadow Isles is full of undead monsters trying to take your soul -Ionia is constantly harrased by other nations and birb people is trying to kill you because of terrain disputes -Icathia is full of void monsters that devour all -The void is the nest of these creatures -Bilgewater has a revenant hunting people, civil wars, lots of violence and death, onlt the strongest survive -Piltover is constantly harrased by an anorexic girl with a machinegun and some others rufians while a girl with giant gloves tears trough the city to capture criminals -Zaun has all the crazy people and is full of danger with a wolfie hunting down people, a mad chemist experimenting on everyone, an oversize cyborg testing your resolve to live and lots of crime -Vandal City has...Teemo -Shurima is on a power struggle between a Doggy, a Croco, a crazy slave in some mind of a bdsm coffin, and a birb that wont shut up about shurima...shurima -Mount Targon...idk much about it
Sama Lass
Sama Lass 18 kun oldin
Well, erm... Targon has Pantheon, the cancer that can block autos and use Nidalee q as a point and click.
Cinder Spice
Cinder Spice 27 kun oldin
Cinnamon Panda mount targon: full of godlike immortals .... I think?
Berat Vural
Berat Vural Oy oldin
In targon Mages are hunting and sealing the god which is your last chance for survive in runeterra.
yea hi
yea hi Oy oldin
u just described almost all place on earth runeterra is an alternate earth when u think about it
Tej Mistry
Tej Mistry Oy oldin
Targon is a false heaven that preaches ideals like justice and protection, while also bring incredibly extremist. In targons eyes humans are flawed and all those who are noy "perfect" are worthy of death. Kayle's New lore showed us alot about that dark side. Not to mention they imprisoned the space doggo☹️
Caleb Sun
Caleb Sun 2 oy oldin
red deblack
red deblack 2 oy oldin
This is a Face of Demacia Who gives me something To think. Probably Sylas is right But Who knows.
ref resh
ref resh 2 oy oldin
oooo.this is warcraft 3 human camping
Formortiis Warhawk
Noxus wouldve gladly accepted all of them with open hands, as long as they kneel for Noxus ofc. Noxians do not discriminate each other. Noxus does not care for what you are. As long as whatever you do is for the benefit of Noxus, you wont have a problem. Swain also has a funny quote whenever he meets Garen on the opposite team. “Ignorant of the very MAGIC you bring into battle”
Shade Keigar Blacksky
"It's just as the spies describe. A pity I had them executed" -Swain ... Spies benefits Noxus via espionage, but had them killed by the current Noxian Grand General.... Doesn't seem good to me...
jomar del rosario
Meanwhile... Darius: Ha! (Dat short laugh) Noxians: ... (Awkward silence)
OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue
I think this kind of scenario would make for a good league of legends movie.
IceyColdXP 2 oy oldin
dam better make this a comic or some short movie or something
Spoopy D.
Spoopy D. 2 oy oldin
Sylas' lore ruined Demacia for me. At least Noxus doesn't lie about what it is they are and what they do.
Aldrich Evangelio
Is this German Vs USSR in a different universe?
The Sound of Lonliness
Bring the tyrrany down.
Kaan Blacksea
Kaan Blacksea 2 oy oldin
It's like Dragon age 2.... But only with more lol
joseph caisquin
joseph caisquin 2 oy oldin
100 times better story than twilight
TRASH 2 oy oldin
jp naranjo
jp naranjo 2 oy oldin
So when is the new *IVERN THE CRUEL* skin
LordVarreus 2 oy oldin
Memes aside: this does not parallel with the rise of the USSR. If anything this is closer to that of the French Revolution.
Dope AF
Dope AF 2 oy oldin
Where is lux?
Kasami Gi
Kasami Gi 2 oy oldin
Demacia always say no to magic and Sylas and other got lock cuz of that i guess. I think Demacia is the good one here. I read alot of champion history and it seem like Demacia always care of each other even stranger.
Von Pillo
Von Pillo 2 oy oldin
LoL: Demacia was built on a lie Game of Thrones: Robert's rebellion was built on a lie. I see what you did there riot
Taurus Capricorn
Taurus Capricorn 2 oy oldin
Conduits vs Army
Jen Raymundo
Jen Raymundo 2 oy oldin
The Knights of demacia vs The Mages of demacia
Đuro 2 oy oldin
Turning point Demacia when?
Ismaeel Sakr
Ismaeel Sakr 2 oy oldin
i have a question i thought demacians was all cool with mages after the return of king jarvan iv with shyvana as his bodyguard then y is sylas and other mages still prisoned
MRpigEPT LOL 2 oy oldin
Event incomming
Illyasviel von Einzbern
But if they merge they can win against noxus.Demacia's mages are sick
Richmond Gacusan
Richmond Gacusan 2 oy oldin
Shaggy on the thumbnail with his 0.1% power
SuckerKiss 2 oy oldin
hahah Tanks vs full AP army hahahaha I'd love to watch that xD lol
SKTT1 Saher
SKTT1 Saher 2 oy oldin
We wiat a fight and new rework
krPreistoric 2 oy oldin
Sylas is Vladimir Lenin of League of Legends
Janbert Guerrero
Janbert Guerrero 2 oy oldin
Oh, so thats why lux went near him
MrStar Nation
MrStar Nation 2 oy oldin
justine isleta
justine isleta 2 oy oldin
Why lux did not chase of demacian???
Skef Kef
Skef Kef 2 oy oldin
Imagine giving garen a cloak in game and making new quotes
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