Magic Johnson Debates LeBron vs Jordan

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In this exclusive interview with Patrick Bet-David, NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson who is now an immensely successful entrepreneur, shares his thoughts on the game, balancing your personal life and what it takes to succeed in business. Subscribe to Valuetainment for more epic videos: bit.ly/2aPEwD4
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8-Fev, 2017

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EGarrett01 21 soat oldin
The actual topic is at 44:00.
LVC 1212
LVC 1212 4 kun oldin
The man had to stand up from his seat to drive home his point how great Michael Jordan is... From one of the NBA's greatest point guards of all time, that writes finis to the discussion on who is the G.O.A.T.
MrRedwhite12 11 kun oldin
This was good
Pepper Gut
Pepper Gut 15 kun oldin
Raised up poor but didn't have poor dreams. That was powerful...
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 19 kun oldin
I always liked magic he's been thru some stuff, and percivered 💪💪 beast smart, humble, and super generous with dropping game🙏💯💯🗝️🔥 thank you thank you 🏆
ice koo
ice koo 20 kun oldin
每個時代的規則都不同所以不用比較 現在NBA的規則簡直就像投籃比賽而已 感覺都是意思一下的防守跟進攻 沒有什麼張力 感覺跟摔角一樣都像表演性質 就比賽強度的話 現在NBA是投籃比賽而已 這樣比較的結果就知道誰的質量高了 一個人幹嗎要跟神比呢
Qamishli Syria
Qamishli Syria 26 kun oldin
Magic is absolutely magical he is so charismatic and so humble so down to earth. thanks Pat for this inspirational vid.
TheSands83 26 kun oldin
One thing people look past with lebron vs jordan. Not the stats or titles or awards..if u were growin up watchin jordan people talked about this god of basketball. So i start watchin him n it was about the moments..my first memory of a moment was he dropped 63 in garden alltime playoff record..then im watchin 89 n hes got the ball with the series on the line do or die n he drives n hits the "shot".. Has the iconic jump n ehlo falling as he pumps his fist. Then he finally gets finals after getting past the bad boys who he fought for years n never gave up never joined them or another team to beat them..he gets finals n has the iconic switch of the hands off the glass on lakers n magic who he took the crown from n that series of the best. 92 dream team n finals vs blazers n people saying clyde was his equal n a better 3pt shooter . so jordan drains 6 3pointers n drops 35 in first half game 1 in gives the iconic shrug. He was just magic n created these moments on the biggest stage. He comes back n has the best team ever 72-10 n wins titlecon fathers day after his fathers murder a few years earlier n why he retired. It was watching a storybook career a hollywood script..then 97 finals he hits the game winner in game 1 of 97 finals. Then utah ties it a 2ca piece. Gets food poisoning b4 game 5. N comes out n has a iconic performance sick as a dog n hits the game winning 3 with 25seconds left....then his last year as a bull they know its over after 98 n hits the shot over russel to win title in game 6...the rivarly with knicks n ewing dunk...lebron doesnt have all this he has the block n ray allens 3
FradoLok 27 kun oldin
Pat please interview snoop dogg. That would be different.
malski826 Oy oldin
Pat your a really good interviewer.You know how to ask the right questions in respect to what people can use in add to their lives.Of course you also had the right person to ask and it was majic and i dont just mean majic Johnson alone.
malski826 Oy oldin
Great great interview.
Siscast Oy oldin
lol what's with the crowd reaction cut
Patrick Oy oldin
This guy Ervin “Magic” Johnson is my favorite athlete and favorite Basketball Player.
NkrumahTure Oy oldin
I'm the youngest boy in my family too. I got five older brothers....I am always the little brother.
orravalb Oy oldin
Damn DAMN GOOD interview
Mark Anthony Vasquez
Magic really true to his word. He got Lebron to play with the Lakers now. I wish he said Kd or curry somebody else. Lebron not playing defense anymore.
Wis Dom
Wis Dom Oy oldin
Lebron can win 10 rings in this era and i'm STILL taking Michael. That is how SOFT this era is!
monica franklin
OK I'm home
Direk Sky
Direk Sky Oy oldin
This is Only for all the people who have a high IQ level if you'r mind are below average stop reading this ! MJ is a GOAT at his time Lebron is a GOAT at his present time too But over all Lebron's attitude the charity being a good person a team leader carrying a trash team into his shoulder it's a different level ! We can't never be compare them by their time because it has never gonna be the same enviroment , JORDAN can fly but LEBRON body strength power is different than anybody Their mentality is almost equal If jordan have a signature fadeaway shot Lebron have a signature chasing block shot Mj can score a lot but the King with his size can score too maybe he is not better scorer like Mj but its not all about lot's of points the most insane ability of lebron King is he is a complete player he can rebound , he can handle the ball he can pass the ball a center forward with a speed and skill ! but most specially is he can manage to bring even a worst Team into playoffs or into the finals there is only one scientific method will gonna give us the answer if who is the real GOAT ! IF Lebron can still play at the age of 36-38-40 and still with a good level of basketball gaming debate is over ! He is gonna be the one The advantage for Lebron KING is always there because he still have time to proved this debate Nba rings is not included or a reason to be a goat . How about ROBERT HORRY with 7 rings he is a goat too ? Old school basketball is different from now ! We can never be improved all things by moving backward basketball now is Scientific , Lot's of new ability and body conditioning are already improved today ! Just imagine , Before in old school NBA they are using arrow and the time improved everything from shoe to jersey and even player in Lebron's KING era they are already using gun and tank This is the era where Center players are so strong that can hanndle the ball and can shoot the ball from 3 point line imagine a team like chicago bulls With a player like Dennis Rodman that can shoot 3point accurately and a two player like Reggie Miller that maybe 3 times better shooter than him with sick handles and also a player like scottie pippen with size that can handle the ball like a point guard This is the GSW team Only the KING bring down this team with a record of impossible come back 3 team from east to west This is a strong message coming from the KING he had lot's an apportunity to joined other strong team or super team imagine MJ also played into three different team on his time a team like cavs and Lakers
Big B
Big B Oy oldin
"Growin up poor... but I didn't have poor dreams".... Damn bro! That's what it's all about! God BLess You Magic! RESPECT!!
Matty C
Matty C Oy oldin
Pat didn't like sitting while magic was standing or blocking him from camera view lol awesome interviewer awesome channel REALLY!!! lol
Chip Griffiths
Russell never lost in the NBA finals and won 5 more championships. Scoreboard. The true GOAT!
Transporter Transporter
Wow, I cant believe how I miss this interview in UZvid. So much content, is like a Treasure find!
Daniel 2 oy oldin
All the professional basketball players will tell you that Jordan is a much better player than LeBron James. There are perhaps two like Aiza Thomas and John Stockton who hate Jordan they saying that Lbaron James is better
Christopher Hitchens
Top Five of All Time: PG: Magic Johnson SG: Michael Jordan SF: LeBron James PF: Tim Duncan C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
MrAceFab 2 oy oldin
that's magic .. you can't reach grateness without beeing a man MAX respect to MAGIC !!!!
Jonny Arnett -NBA YouTuber
I respect how Magic gave an honest take on Jordan Vs LeBron, considering this was in 2017, and Magic knew he was gonna be in the running for LeBron in Free Agency the following season.
Madz Amer
Madz Amer Oy oldin
ENRIQUE R 2 oy oldin
Magic 9 finals, a pitty he had to quit nba too soon. The best all time. :)
Patrick Archuleta
Even Bobby knight tells us when jordan played for usa against magic Isiah and the rest of olympic team jordan was the best player and competitive he has ever seen.
Fausto Valdez
Fausto Valdez 2 oy oldin
Isiah? he was not in the olympic team.
washburn11000 2 oy oldin
If LeBron is the best player than why isn't he on Magic's all time starting lineup? MJ is tho....
Shawn Mathew
Shawn Mathew Oy oldin
washburn11000 if we are being objective as a lebron fan reason why lebron isn’t on the starting 5 is because they need shooting which bird is way better, they already have passing with bird and magic, Jordan is a scorer from midrange in which he is better than lebron and Jordan is a great defender as well, so where can lebron fit in this team if magic is bringing it up the floor and facilitating and Jordan being the go to guy with bird being the sniper, lebron is an all around player but with an all time team his all around skills aren’t needed, while birds 3point shooting will be far more valuable and needed
yoe91 2 oy oldin
strange thing here: at times I get vibes of Jerry Seinfeld from Magic. Something about the way he talks and the pauses he takes in between sentences, his cadence etc... every now and then reminds me of live Jerry Seinfeld.
shawn seawood
shawn seawood 2 oy oldin
Real talk
yoe91 2 oy oldin
10:00 but but, but white privilege though.
William Koscielniak
I absolutely agree with Magic about Phil Jackson. In fact I'd go so far as to say that Phil was more important to Jordan and Kobe than they were to Phil. Neither win as many rings without Phil Jackson, and if they don't win as many rings they aren't as high up on the GOAT list. It wasn't until Phil Jackson came along that Jordan learned to really become a great team player, and that was necessary for him to win a championship. Once he learned how to become a great team player he was unstoppable, but he had to learn first and Phil Jackson was the most important person in teaching him to do that.
NINJAGUAR 2 oy oldin
Magic is a puppet & a liar!
Indrajit Taliwongso
Magic, Jordan, Bird, Duncan, Hakeem/Jabar
Cobet Vidanes
Cobet Vidanes 2 oy oldin
James queen of drama, johnson mother of drama. AIDS acquired immune drama syndrome
Alberto Rosales
Alberto Rosales 3 oy oldin
Pj Williams
Pj Williams 3 oy oldin
Great stories
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 3 oy oldin
38:55 THANK YOU SIR! People just want to put everyone in the present game on a pedestal, to me not even close the best PGs are Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 3 oy oldin
MJ is the GOAT Kobe is GOAT 1A LeBitch ain't even top 10 nor close to being the GOAT at his position!!!
John Trappin
John Trappin 2 oy oldin
That's why they compare bron and mj in goat debation Kobe ain't mentioned just stop and deft top 5 hating pussy
Lucien Rutayisire
Great Interview. Thanks Pat
Get it Fixed
Get it Fixed 3 oy oldin
great interview I have to say first interview a heard of Magic, "I grew up poor but I didnt have poor dreams" favorite quote, great sincere guy, but I dont know why Patrick kept pushing with the Lebron James thing.
Test Flyer
Test Flyer 3 oy oldin
The MJ vs LJ debate is a BS conversation. Basketball is a team sport; whoever has the most rings wins. Bill Russell was in the league for 13 years, and has 11 championship rings. He didn’t care about being flashy, and he wasn’t selfish with the ball. All he cared about was getting the win. The endgame is that he has almost twice as many rings as MJ has. End of conversation. If MJ or Wilt want recognition for individual achievement, then they should have gotten into boxing.
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 3 oy oldin
Imagine Shaq trying to back down Wilt... Ha, ha, ha... Shaq might not even score at all in a game against Wilt.
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 3 oy oldin
I give Bill Russell my All Time PF spot... don't hate, it's where I want him.
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 3 oy oldin
I'd take Elvin Hayes in a heartbeat, over Timmy D.
rhard007 3 oy oldin
There is no debate. Lebron transcended Jordan a long time ago. He is a better player, a better man. Don't give me the ring argument .. Russell has 11, remember him, Wilt, the greatest of all time.
Mistah Unknown
Mistah Unknown 3 oy oldin
Magic is known for switching up on who he thinks is the GOAT. When LeBron wins his Lakers 1 ring, LeBron will be his GOAT. Lol.
Poli Gonzo
Poli Gonzo 3 oy oldin
A 360 dunk man he never did it in a game f.... Didn't have a chance to see that move 😔
Unlimited 3 oy oldin
Why does his dad still work, he's got hundreds of millions
Jason Keith
Jason Keith 3 oy oldin
I could listen to Magic talk all day long! He is a great storyteller as well as a very humble human being. Love the story of how him and Larry became friends.
nia pellegrin
nia pellegrin 3 oy oldin
Did cookie give you that look when you told her you have HIV from cheating on your wife a thousand times.
Ary Munoz
Ary Munoz 3 oy oldin
people can say or compare who ever they want to MJ but noone will ever catch Jordan..Jordan's name and legacy are unreachable he is unmatched and incomparable and putting his name in any type of debate is absolutely a huge insult period.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 3 oy oldin
Jordan was trash
Virus Xtal
Virus Xtal 3 oy oldin
I agree with Magic on Bird being better than Magic.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 3 oy oldin
yeah Larry is better than Magic at losing
The Universe Galaxy
magic johnson was better then jordan
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 3 oy oldin
Jason Keith he was
Jason Keith
Jason Keith 3 oy oldin
The Universe Galaxy no.
olijadu 4 oy oldin
You know u are dealing with a special guy when u have zero thumbs down in the comments.
Harvey Cannon
Harvey Cannon 4 oy oldin
He broke my Heart a couple times as a Sixer fan, but just a cool Dude. What an inspiration for all. Magic may be even greater after basketball because of what he's done in the community, true black history as a living legend.
vince lawrence
vince lawrence 4 oy oldin
How would a USA President handle his job if he thought like magic, and the other part of the government had the same mind set,, could it be up every year. Getting America as a hole on the same page. Leaders with a great attitude , if you have millions of dollars why act like a snotty nose kid on the corner in a large inner city. Just go Higher. 8-6-18
vince lawrence
vince lawrence 4 oy oldin
Damn Magic first time seeing this video, I heard you was killing in business, this is 8-6-18, you're a bad man on and off the basketball court, and today you have that super star that you needed. Just Win
Yara Jamal
Yara Jamal 4 oy oldin
My favorite player🙌🏻Magic❣️
true guru
true guru 4 oy oldin
why did you say you were literally glued to magic? That is abuse of the word literally. guys please stop using that word it's ridiculous now .
Prodigy Sl
Prodigy Sl 4 oy oldin
Shaq said they offered him shares in Starbuck when it was just openning, he told they no because his people doesn't drink coffee. He regrets it to this day.
Prodigy Sl
Prodigy Sl 4 oy oldin
"When the have to change the game because of you"...THAT'S CLEARLY MJ =GOAT & LB = GOAT2.0. The Golden Girls had to create a SUPER TEAM to beat LEBRON. And STILL...the KING never went to Rockets to join Harden & Paul.
Prodigy Sl
Prodigy Sl 4 oy oldin
Curry is CRAP!. Tell THEM MAGIC
Jason Keith
Jason Keith 3 oy oldin
Prodigy Sl greatest shooter of all time.
Shawn Carter
Shawn Carter 4 oy oldin
Incredible interview. Very inspiring.
Savy Invester
Savy Invester 4 oy oldin
Magic is the fucken man. One of the great interviews ive seen. Hes a truely special human being.
Bubbly Joe
Bubbly Joe 4 oy oldin
Amazing conversation! Magic Johnson is an inspiration! Really love the beginning that pointed out the importance of having mentors. Regarding the LeBron vs Jordan conversation, the latest All-Star GOAT Index on Hickam's Dictum ranks Jordan above Lebron by a fraction of a point (almost dead even), check it out here: hickamsdictum.com/the-g-o-a-t-basketball-index-all-star-edition-vol-1-d86c57575da
IRWIN ROMMEL 4 oy oldin
We're lucky to have living legends like Mr. Johnson-i hope all the young players in the nba take the time to learn all they can from x-players like Magic!
Lydia Moore
Lydia Moore 4 oy oldin
Magic i love you darely as i pray
Lydia Moore
Lydia Moore 4 oy oldin
Magic is the most intellegent of all
Teleplace2 4 oy oldin
Magic always was a special Soul..
Teleplace2 4 oy oldin
The NBA was rooouuugh back in the day. Basically Hockey rules back then. Know blood, Know Foul!" IT'S NOT GOOD TO COMPARE
Leonard English
Leonard English 5 oy oldin
Team work!
ghandidecv 5 oy oldin
Great interview...I want to be an interviewer
C J 5 oy oldin
Funny because LeBron is a Laker now.
James Mayer
James Mayer 5 oy oldin
Magic is biased towards Jordan, because the more you discount Jordan’s legacy the more you discount Magic’s legacy
Melvin Meyers
Melvin Meyers 5 oy oldin
Jordan could play with anyone and win. James needs help and cries
Utubermensch21 5 oy oldin
Well now you got Lebron...let's make some "magic!" 👍😉
junesixteen1 5 oy oldin
Wow what a great interview
CodeBreaker 5 oy oldin
Lebron over Bird
CodeBreaker 5 oy oldin
Lebron over Bird
Cherose _18
Cherose _18 5 oy oldin
need to watch it again to understand every word he is saying coz it is really moving, and inspiring.. one of d best interviews w/ one of d best interviewer..(Patrick) u did a good job.. and Magic is someone literally u can look up to.. in every aspect of life he truly brings Magic 😍😍😍
Goldmonkey DOV
Goldmonkey DOV 5 oy oldin
Cant get enough magic. Family values, one of the best dishers the games ever seen. . . played all 5 positions, and a nice moral guy to boot.
Ab Mo
Ab Mo 5 oy oldin
his sister was my high school teacher and i never knew about it
Michael Bedell
Michael Bedell 5 oy oldin
Magic....you just f-ed up $154M dollar. You would have done better with the teams money by going to Vegas and putting that $154M in a slot machine than throw it away on a washed up quitter like LaBum!
The NDstructible1
PG Magic SG Jordan SF Bird PF Duncan C Kareem 2nd Team PG LBJ SG Curry SF Durrant PF Hakeem C Shaq Now this isn't about how I rank them but players I think that would play well off each other.
Shane Walsh
Shane Walsh 5 oy oldin
Magic fucked a guy in the ass and got AIDS
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 3 oy oldin
was it you?
superdeejaycool 5 oy oldin
LeBron want never be no J never plus he washed 👆 sportscasters was saying he is the greatest ever to play bull crap lies.
Katanabe Autoni
Katanabe Autoni 5 oy oldin
FINALLY someone qualified to put to rest this Le Bron James goat nonsense!!! Pat had to emphasize the point " I have to ask you Magic"! LoL as Magic was already shaking his head no! Don't even ask me. LOL Michael Jordan the true GOAT from another GOAT! hahaha Le Bron could never do that move MJ did on David Robinson or the Lakers! Not to mention Dr. J" Julius Erving who did an incredible move on Cooper. Btw, Julius Erving was MJ's Idol!
cold spring
cold spring 5 oy oldin
Remember Magic handing a Lakers jersey signed ....to the greatest player ever to 33? I do
E M 5 oy oldin
Great interview. Much respect on the way you handled this . Professional and easy going . Made it very audience friendly and not bias
Maurice Martin
Maurice Martin 5 oy oldin
I didn't have poor dreams.
De Re
De Re 5 oy oldin
You have to love Magic Johnson
red red
red red 5 oy oldin
smart man
Yoni Hackel
Yoni Hackel 5 oy oldin
Hey Patrick, I grew up watching Magic as well and I must tell you, this was an amazing interview with him. He is such a special person on and off the court. You asked great questions that kept the conversation flowing which got very informative information out of him. Thanks for doing that and I wish you and your company continued success.
Stephen Lacaze
Stephen Lacaze 5 oy oldin
Great interview
Capellan Brad
Capellan Brad 5 oy oldin
Why would LeBron want to go to a team lead by a guy with AIDS??? Magic still had AIDS right !!! Why does no one remember that he cheated on his wife and got AIDS ??? I hope that LeBron gets smart and doesn't risk his life by catching AIDS from the Lakers.
Gerard Cianfarani
in Celtic fn...butt love Ervin..butt..if he didn't have his great talent. to bring him e ere he is today..i know he did the hrd..work...but come on..if he couldn't play great hoops..to get him in the race. he great fmily...he wouldn't be nowhere. like he is today..no wy..bdketbzll..brought him here..very easy..for him to sy..gols...we don't make millions..
Allen D
Allen D 5 oy oldin
Let's not forget, at the time had Michael Jordan not retired from basketball in his prime at the age of 30 to play baseball for two years he most likely would have won 8 rings instead of 6. Let's keep it 1hunnid...
Shawn Mathew
Shawn Mathew Oy oldin
And the magic did eliminate the bulls the year Jordan cane back
Allen D
Allen D 5 oy oldin
megatron, yessir without a doubt! The LeBron vs Jordan debate is a joke and is so laughable on so many levels. PLEASE... LeBron is not even on Jordan's level there's no comparison! Jordan played in an era of real men against some of the best defensive players to ever play the game (Detroit Pistons famous "Bad Boys") and played against a much higher level of competition especially in the east. LeBron is playing in an era of 18 year old boys who play globetrotter style ball shooting three pointers and playing absolutely "NO" defense! Unlike LeBron Jordan was an assassin who wanted to rip your heart out and a fierce competitor who refused to lose and never ever laid down and quit on his team (as LeBron has and continues to do). Jordan played in an era when there was loyalty to your team and never looked to switch teams whenever the going got tough (as LeBron does). Jordan said he couldn't imagine calling Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and saying hey guys let's get together and play on the same team! Just imagine how many rings Jordan would've won if he did??? This is why Michael Jordan is the GOAT! Enough said... Haters never die they just multiply, it's time to put down the haterade.
megatron 5 oy oldin
Allen D you really believe they would of beat the rockets in 1995.give me some of that what you been smoking.
King Vlad2000
King Vlad2000 5 oy oldin
Dude is so damn humble it's insaaaaane! For someone to be THAT accomplished and never put himself on any kind of pedestal speaks volumes on how great this man actually is. I just love Magic!!!
J Black
J Black 5 oy oldin
He ain't want to say the wrong thing cause he tryna recruit lecramp this summer lol