Magic Johnson on Making Lakers Great Again

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Magic talks about his plans to help make the Lakers great again as Head of Basketball Operations, reveals who called him when he got the new job and talks about his ongoing rivalry with Larry Bird.
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Magic Johnson on Making Lakers Great Again




21-Apr, 2017




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rajesh daviyal
rajesh daviyal 3 kun oldin
Kobe should be back for a season or two and play with LeBron and win his 6th. Hope.
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood 17 kun oldin
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez 2 oy oldin
Skip to 3:40
Williamson Z
Williamson Z 5 oy oldin
The half million dollar wink
JSYM 5 oy oldin
Celtics have 17 magic
MrJre4491 6 oy oldin
So the celtics have 17 rings the Lakers have 16
barnyardian22 7 oy oldin
go to 3:25 to see why he was fined *wink wink*
J Knox
J Knox 7 oy oldin
3:35 - it was at that moment the world's largest fine was issued for a wink.
Corey Robinson
Corey Robinson 7 oy oldin
Kimmel should have known better than to bait him into making that comment about Paul George. That was reckless of him.
Calvin Sampson
Calvin Sampson 7 oy oldin
Tom Dewanaga
Tom Dewanaga 7 oy oldin
Bs fines
Jj W
Jj W 7 oy oldin
Magic is awesome.
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 7 oy oldin
He never had HIV or AIDS but good business man
Yousra Shuman
Yousra Shuman 7 oy oldin
Tied with the Celtics? Lol
ImEnity 7 oy oldin
Did that wink cost him 500k 😂
Twale TheKing
Twale TheKing 7 oy oldin
Haha that was an expensive wink though
number1fansince 7 oy oldin
Omg I love this man
Whats Updog
Whats Updog 7 oy oldin
I thought Celtics have 17 and Lakers 16 hmm
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 7 oy oldin
Boston is actually one up!
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer 7 oy oldin
What a man.
Christian 7 oy oldin
This guy played for the lakers and is president of their operations, but doesn’t know how many championships they have 🤦‍♂️ Memory loss must be a side effect of aids
Maker1Money 7 oy oldin
Magic got LeBron James....He made the Lakers Great Again!!!!!
GeminEye 7 oy oldin
I have never seen this guy mad. Or even have an angry face-always laughing and smiling. Only black man without a mustache that gets a pass from me. He’s the magic man
Nishchal Rai
Nishchal Rai 7 oy oldin
He had LeBron in his mind
DrWeeWe 7 oy oldin
The $500K wink
Lucians_Sword 7 oy oldin
Magic is always classy.
dandantong 7 oy oldin
one take productions
And that was moment we all realized LeBron was going to LA
Chirayu Desai
Chirayu Desai 7 oy oldin
Man got lebron...wow
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 7 oy oldin
Boom lebron to the lakers baby
Honza Sirmayter
Honza Sirmayter 7 oy oldin
Came here coz he just brought Lebron to LA
NothingToo Spiffy
He did it
John Bagay
John Bagay 7 oy oldin
A year and 3 months later. Magic brought lebron to L.A. hahah
DjHomer 2 oy oldin
Got fined tho, hope it was worth it
friedchickken 7 oy oldin
well, magic did a good job. landed lebron.
Andy Bugelli
Andy Bugelli 7 oy oldin
Imagine signing LeBron James within your first 2 years of getting your new job...
Cornrows Melo
Cornrows Melo 6 kun oldin
A 35 year old Lebron 😂😂 who wants to trade the Lakers Future for a player who’s injury prone... yeaaa
NothingToo Spiffy
AMAZING it's almost like Magic
Nelle Simmons
Nelle Simmons 7 oy oldin
He's one happy man.
Monty Uchiha
Monty Uchiha 7 oy oldin
He’s done it😋
Armando Montes
Armando Montes 7 oy oldin
And He Got LeBron 💛💜
A. S.
A. S. 7 oy oldin
Who’s watching this after LeBron signed with the Lakers?
Box 7 oy oldin
$500K fine for no reason, Paul George played his HIV ass
Box 7 oy oldin
Will Eaton
Will Eaton 7 oy oldin
Box well he got lebron
100spurs 7 oy oldin
Where's the $500,000 wink at???
Paul Zhou
Paul Zhou 7 oy oldin
Come back watch this after pg13 agreed to sign with OKC today, not even a meeting for the 500k fine.
trevon444 7 oy oldin
LA got fined 500K for paul George and they didn't even get him 😂
NothingToo Spiffy
trevon444 why did they get fined
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch 7 oy oldin
Magic Johnson! Listen to your own words!!!
J R 7 oy oldin
did magic forget the celtics have more championships than the lakers?
monta ellis
monta ellis 8 oy oldin
Next finals will be Lebron's Lakers vs the Celtics !
Dalton Vrekaj
Dalton Vrekaj 8 oy oldin
probably Donald Trump will make America great again faster than Magic Johnson will make the Lakers.
Lord JHarden
Lord JHarden 8 oy oldin
Remember Howard Stern trolling Magic when Magic had that horrible show? LOL i love stern, but that was epic and magic was a great sport!
R 8 oy oldin
What a joke, lol how to make the Lakers great again: not even 3 months at the job, receives a 500k fine. Draft Lonzo Ball over Mitchell and Tatum.. What more greatness we will receive from this man?
skiingrocks00001 8 oy oldin
If you can keep Brook Lopez and make him play more on the paint
Actor Kris Mavericko
HAHAHAA "IMMA BE WINK WINKING LIKE..." Most Charismatic Baller Ever.
Average Johnson
Average Johnson 8 oy oldin
Behind the Celtics by 1 in championships
ΒΞΔΝ 8 oy oldin
Lakers have 1 less title than the Celtics, Stop it Magic!
Eddy Shluger
Eddy Shluger 8 oy oldin
Love that man. Real Magic.
no one
no one 8 oy oldin
Hey Kimmel I need you to grab your checkbook and write one out for $250,000 to one Ervin Johnson Jr.
Dowinic 8 oy oldin
Magics smile is amazing.
The big laker fan
Uuuuum the lakers aren't tied in championships with the celtics
NallePu83 8 oy oldin
Boston Celtics 17 and Lakers 16 championships
notsure ifsrs
notsure ifsrs 8 oy oldin
3:41 Jimmy saw his eyes flash before his eyes lmao... he went home and washed his hands with acid
Austin Hawks
Austin Hawks 8 oy oldin
I can’t believe he got fined 500,000 for a wink
yung sniperzz
yung sniperzz 9 oy oldin
At least jimmy didn’t screw up the handshake after the joke
Author_Tiffany _Dionne
Fun interview!
Whatever goes
Whatever goes 10 oy oldin
lakers got fined half a million dollars for this interview
Eddie Aragon
Eddie Aragon 11 oy oldin
Magic is so opened a nd honest
Charlene Walker
Charlene Walker 11 oy oldin
Ever Quintanilla
Magic Johnson is the greatest laker
Ever Quintanilla
I would like meet magic one day
Ever Quintanilla
I know magic will make the lakers great again
Playing games
Playing games Yil oldin
Paul George gonna be a Laker no doubt.
hello world
hello world 7 oy oldin
Playing games lol
Ricky Rodriguez
Ricky Rodriguez Yil oldin
He got fined half million for this joke. NBA so rediculous shame on the association . Let’s go Magic he the man and a funny guy
Wang James
Wang James Yil oldin
So this is the video caused lakers to got fined 500k
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Don't the Celtics have one more championship than the Lakers?
carter ray
carter ray Yil oldin
Which other Denzel was he thinking??
Mr Mystical
Mr Mystical Yil oldin
There's my dads vavorite nba player when he was little
HK Z Yil oldin
Half a mil for a wink lmao
Derek Vandermark
He's so charismatic #magicforpresident2020
Izzy.stacks Yil oldin
He got FINED FOR $500k for this 😭😭
NETO JENKINS 7 oy oldin
IAC that’s charity money from Magic but magic know next time the wink Yu can’t do petty tho NBA
Josh B
Josh B Yil oldin
Tampering school didn't work out well..
Boognish Yil oldin
*wink wink* = $ half a mil $
Abier Alam
Abier Alam Yil oldin
a wink worth 500k lol
Albert Guarner
Albert Guarner Yil oldin
He reminds me of O.J. Simpson lmao
Justino Nunez
Justino Nunez Yil oldin
Tied with the Celtics??
Haoyuan Wang
Haoyuan Wang Yil oldin
Now we know he learned NOTHING from the school. Great fine from the NBA.
east bay925
east bay925 Yil oldin
this got them fined 500k lmao
elterrible john
elterrible john Yil oldin
That wink from Johnson costs the Lakers $500M, LOL 😂
jay poma
jay poma Yil oldin
Elterrible john comments a few months later from the lakers GM caused the 500k fine and magic only got a warning from this video
Pa Seedy Hydara
Pa Seedy Hydara Yil oldin
Elterrible john I guess they failed to mention no wink wink at players in tampering school 😂
Potato Chip
Potato Chip Yil oldin
Elterrible john 500k*, 500 million would be way to much
JohnniiiBeGood Yil oldin
I stopped watching after he said the Lakers are tied for NBA championships...wtf
jonah howell
jonah howell Yil oldin
Whos watching this after the lakers got a 500k fine
djotechnique Yil oldin
$500,000 for a wink
Pablo Morataya
Pablo Morataya Yil oldin
Can't believe the league fine the Lakers for this. Magic did nothing wrong. What next? The league will sue Kimmel for having Magic in his show?
Lavish Glass
Lavish Glass Yil oldin
It was probably the Orlando Magic’s doing😂😂😂seeing as Disney is their sponsor and they own the world
jay poma
jay poma Yil oldin
Pablo Morataya Palinka, the Lakers GM got the 500k fine a couple months after this. They only got a warning for this.
D- Teddy
D- Teddy Yil oldin
D- Teddy
D- Teddy Yil oldin
at 3.00 MIN
J M Yil oldin
Larry Bird fan here. Magic is a class act. Nothing but respect for this great man.
Chris Chan
Chris Chan Yil oldin
I was thinking back then Magic's "wink" just crossed the line of tampering, he said "you just can't say 'I want you to come to the Lakers' ... *wink ... you know what that means" ... well, to me that basically just negated the first sentence "you just can't say". To do this on national TV, everyone may think it's a joke, but not to the Pacers owner. This coupled with Paul openly said he want to go to LA, had greatly diminished his trade value coz nobody wants trade their assets for a one year rental. If I were the owner of Pacers, of coz I would be sour. And thanks to the wink wink comment, Magic became a easy target. Good Luck Magic.
Chris Chan
Chris Chan Yil oldin
so this is the talk show that may potentially costs the Lakers draft picks or even bar them from signing Paul George
1KRAZM F Yil oldin
This was not tampering, he was joking.
SJ R Yil oldin
Who’s watching after they got tampering charges kinda because of this?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Yil oldin
Why is kümmel always interrupting the people he interviews?
Lion Jones
Lion Jones Yil oldin
Letterman was better in fainting laughs
Torron Brown
Torron Brown Yil oldin
Magic Johnson laugh is funny asf
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