Magic Johnson reveals Lakers' expectations, how to beat Warriors | First Take

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Magic Johnson joins First Take to discuss his expectations for the Lakers this season, Lonzo Ball's progression and if he sees any weaknesses in the Golden State Warriors.
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18-Okt, 2018



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P Diddy
P Diddy 10 kun oldin
“We are a playoff team”
AlvanC1 13 kun oldin
Tragic Johnson
Hoze 14 kun oldin
Inferior Akai
Inferior Akai Oy oldin
Who’s back here watching this in 2019 while Magic is offering to trade all these young players he was just talking about LOL
asencion divinagracia
Lonzo Kuzma Ingram ...and the Lakers need more chemistry...training... Warriors....and Steve Kurt invest so many years...to produce nowadays... Top shooters like curry...
Emperor Oy oldin
Stephen A Smith is the greatest!
F&M Vlogs
F&M Vlogs Oy oldin
This exactly y AD not go in to the Lakers
Edward Harmon
Edward Harmon 2 oy oldin
Magic is my fav NBA player of all time
Mig Mill
Mig Mill 2 oy oldin
Magic said " Kevin Durant is the most unstoppable player in the NBA " which makes KD the best player in the NBA not lebron James 🤣😂
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller 2 oy oldin
All the Asskissing Steven A do to Jordan how come Jordan never been on the Show ?
veazy v
veazy v 2 oy oldin
His plan is to keep his young core and sign superstar free agents....it's not working. Make a trade 😂
Bryan Baquita
Bryan Baquita 2 oy oldin
You need shooters... not ingram and lonzo
Bryan Baquita
Bryan Baquita 2 oy oldin
Majic why you keep lonzo and imgram ... ther not good.. look for better shooter... i dont see ingram is good... i thing lonzo is your cousen...heheheheh
kennyb50 3 oy oldin
Kellerman is really starting to bother me. They asked Magic what other player was key besides LeBron. Magic starts explaining that it was Ingram and Kellerman , the expert , cuts him off and inserts Lonzo into conversation. Dude is annoying as fuck. Kills me when guys who have never competed know more than players and coaches.
Victor Tang
Victor Tang 3 oy oldin
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Victor Tang
Victor Tang 3 oy oldin
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Cleon French
Cleon French 3 oy oldin
Magic is very influential person, very smart and he the know how to get it done. I am seeing improvements in the Lakers and once the players are more confident, hard working and more committed, to add Lebron has a high benchmark. It will be exciting to see what will happen.
Christopher Moffett
The video game James bull crap, he get away with travels and charges and get phantom calls. Give the bum shooters and shooters and play makers yet if they can't defend everyone by themselves while he does nothing and let him get his stat line. Then be the one to seal the deal at the end and turn around and give him the credit then you're a bad teammate to him. The guy is trash over 20000 fast break points though. Wish Kobe would have not passed on the break he would have around 40000 points, Himself
Christopher Moffett
yet Kobe with tens of thousand hockey assists and averaged 5 assists gets called a ball hog and he never had the amount of shooters and play makers they give this bum James.
Anbesa25 3 oy oldin
"I just finished saying that" lmao
Manuel F
Manuel F 3 oy oldin
Not showtime till they win those rings
Smash With Mee
Smash With Mee 3 oy oldin
Magic saying he got the aids cure secret weapon😂🤣
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless 3 oy oldin
Lebron and lakers aren’t goin nowhere
Duoch Irkz Nemesis IV
Fu Bullshit two faced hypocritical S.A.S
Abasi Akan
Abasi Akan 3 oy oldin
Molly, Molly, Molly SMH 🙄
George Miles
George Miles 3 oy oldin
4:53 and slow it down to .25 speed and count Curry’s steps after he dribbles
Qballnz 92
Qballnz 92 3 oy oldin
Beal and A Davis
Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers 3 oy oldin
Defense will beat the Warriors, as simple as that.
Darko Naumoski
Darko Naumoski 3 oy oldin
Why are they yelling? It doesnt make the argument stronger if you are loud.
Jerry Washington
Jerry Washington 3 oy oldin
If Draymond is the glue, take him to LA with you, the Warriors don't need him! By the way, just give us McGhee back and we'll call it "Even Steven".
Jerry Washington
Jerry Washington 3 oy oldin
People rarely acknowledge the quiet presents of J. McGee and the impact he has with his inside game, both defense and offence. It May have been the very reason the Warriors won the last championship. L. James quit driving to the rim because of McGee presents there.
Chubby Channel
Chubby Channel 3 oy oldin
Conflict of Interest Magic is part owner of Dodgers with the owner of the warriors
JorgeHD 3 oy oldin
Trade lonzo,he is trash
Mz. Cece E.
Mz. Cece E. 3 oy oldin
Luv Majic💯🐐👑❤
Lee Hoti
Lee Hoti 3 oy oldin
That's a fucking bust😁😁
Trey Man
Trey Man 3 oy oldin
Listen To Weather FnG Showtime uzvid.com/video/video-OnSiLDFRNoI.html
Vic C
Vic C 3 oy oldin
Magic you are Delusional if you think you will make the Play off!!😱
raul ruiz
raul ruiz 3 oy oldin
Spencer Dinwiddie to lakers 2019
Daddy 3 oy oldin
Anyone can beat them when currys gone 😂
Murtaza Kash
Murtaza Kash 3 oy oldin
go in the kitchen and make them a sandwich. don't interrupt
Loloyskydoysky 25
Magic, randle is better than ingram.
Kyuubee 3 oy oldin
Boi lakers on fire right now 8-2 L10
zyl zyl
zyl zyl 3 oy oldin
Always trying to kick MVP , ALL STAR , OLYMPICS AND PURE CHAMPIONSHIPS ......... KOBE ...... Black Mamba , to the curve ....... Really !!!!!!!!!
Kswag 3 oy oldin
I got aids
drwnpadilla 3 oy oldin
Magic always has something up his Sleeve that's what makes him a champion and that' what makes him a very successful business man
JCL C 3 oy oldin
On point Mr. Magic!
Gondu Sumfin
Gondu Sumfin 4 oy oldin
Stephen A needs to get bitch slapped with the biggest horse cock available
Toni Garza
Toni Garza 4 oy oldin
What about the spurs shit we’ve already beat them twice
clayton jackson
clayton jackson 4 oy oldin
playoffs ha...LA...That mere 1 point win really boosted their confidence..LBJ really sold himself well. Magic needs magic to pull this off
Brandon Bandstra
Brandon Bandstra 4 oy oldin
Love how Magic doesn't have to yell
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 4 oy oldin
The young lakers with older veterans is a nice mix.. Now Tyson comes in to add more shot blocking like he did other night on final play of the game, this team can be very dangerous
SchlipWitDaBread 4 oy oldin
KD to LA next year
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 4 oy oldin
Oh please you ain’t gonna make the playoff.
Benjamin Gabriel Bacolod
Screw you!
Incredible World
Incredible World 4 oy oldin
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Sami Khan
Sami Khan 4 oy oldin
Dam didnt evwn mention boogie
ShadowMamba95 4 oy oldin
I will say this, it is very interesting to see what happens after the regular season...
jymes h
jymes h 4 oy oldin
The splash brother will break the record of chicagobulls for being the 6 time champion
Im Thrillz
Im Thrillz 4 oy oldin
Like the confidence, but Magic got too much dip in his chip bro😂
hannes3d 4 oy oldin
so much ass kissing .... Lakers may make the playoffs but conference finals ....i doubt that kuzma is way better than lonzo and JaVale McGee is also better fit to give the lakers a better team lonzo is one of the worst shooters in the nba ...so why guard him he dosn't attack the paint for layups and dunks and he can't throw even if his life depends on it ...
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave 4 oy oldin
Why are they not playing Zubac?? Hes like a young marc gasol
Vaishnav Negi
Vaishnav Negi 4 oy oldin
Maybe magic is counting on playoff LeBron and playoff Rondo.....they both are so clutch......... and get real Ws.
Michael jok
Michael jok 4 oy oldin
Giveeeeee zooo the balll
Cap G
Cap G 4 oy oldin
Lakers to finals? HHAAAAAAAAA
907 gonefishin
907 gonefishin 4 oy oldin
Dear Magic, I have a question, were you a weak ass player? And how long did it take you to be consistent? Your draft pick is...🤡
Shaq Lee
Shaq Lee 4 oy oldin
Lakers will make it to finals
LeThanos 4 oy oldin
why do we keep comparing thins why just discuss on how the team/player are doing
Willinoy Sitorus
Willinoy Sitorus 4 oy oldin
magic publicly say brandon the most important player after lebron. hmmm a stratrgy to omcrease brandons value and then trade him.
Jayson Belo
Jayson Belo 4 oy oldin
irving need lakers
Hincha Escarlata
Hincha Escarlata 4 oy oldin
This team ain’t no playoff team lol 😆 The Lakers need the best of the best period. The jersey of the Lakers has a lot of weight so if you ain’t the best, you’ll be out the door
A. Styles
A. Styles 4 oy oldin
D Oz
D Oz 4 oy oldin
Hahaha the lakers are missing the playoffs
JionvanZ TV
JionvanZ TV 4 oy oldin
Kuzma, Ingram and Lonzo are the beast three but for now they need to work hard a lot of times ^_^
Hash Money
Hash Money 4 oy oldin
lonzo, kuzma, Ingram and steveson don have playoff experience. exclude them.
Hash Money
Hash Money 4 oy oldin
+Jay Clipz But not succesfull playoff experience
Jay Clipz
Jay Clipz 4 oy oldin
Stevenson has a bunch of playoff experience
Ty Heir
Ty Heir 4 oy oldin
Lonzo is key right now. The more of an outside threat he is, the more the midrange opens up for lebron and ingram
ben chan
ben chan 4 oy oldin
Stay healthy magic
Syirine 4 oy oldin
Is this supposed to be a joke?
Dan Balares
Dan Balares 4 oy oldin
(2 weeks later) Can't even beat Raptors without Leonard. Say what?!?
Goody Guitar Man
Goody Guitar Man 4 oy oldin
LJ need a Lube Job...Batman had Robin
Keyboard- Troll
Keyboard- Troll 4 oy oldin
Wishful thinking?
kristoffer ian sanchez Santilas
Lol they will not go in a playoffs with that line up
ian albaran
ian albaran 4 oy oldin
lakers fans are delusional. get over it. you don't have a chance against warriors. heck Lakers can't even make it to the playoffs for sure. this is coming from a spurs fan.
MiLK SOP 4 oy oldin
SAS has to yell and be a goofball. Shaq & Kobe weren't showtime. They had no facilitator getting 10-12 assists a night. They played a low post triangle offense where several players got 3-5 assists a night and one guy gets maybe 5-8 a night because he ran the triangle best like Pippen on the Bulls and Kobe on the Lakers..
PAHartis 4 oy oldin
Is Stephen A having a seizure or is this how he talks?
Last scene missin
no dis, but i would love kd over bron for the lakers. u can count of kd to make clutch shot and free throwss but lebron is more then enough cant be too greedy.
Kevin M
Kevin M 4 oy oldin
Magic's outfit is cold.
Zain Merchant
Zain Merchant 4 oy oldin
I really wanna slap steven A...... God i dont have a issue with his quesiton... JUST THE WAY HE TALKS... I REALLY WANNA SLAP HIM AND TELL HIM TO ACT NORMAL...
David Parker
David Parker 4 oy oldin
Magic yelling at Lebron through Luke. Why is Lebron waiting for the end of the season to start balling? His team won't be able to pick up on his leadership that late in the game because they all got something to prove. It will be uncomfortable for him to take over games and let them rally around him soon. WTF Lebron? You are about to blow the help that Magic got you. You might as well have Kevin Love and JR Smith again. You played better with them. Bad for ticket sales too!!!
LoGiK 101
LoGiK 101 4 oy oldin
What if Kobe came out of retirement 🤔👀just saying ...
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 4 oy oldin
That's why Magic gets paid the big bucks; I don't see it
Thuglife1wife 4 oy oldin
Magic looks like hes supposed to have hair
Susanna Billson
Susanna Billson 4 oy oldin
Doesn't mean LeBron is on Lakers they're going to playoffs this year. Lakers ain't go nowhere. This Lovely Showtime team will sit on the bottom of the barrel. Sorry Magic I'm a big fan of Lakers.
Daily Enzo
Daily Enzo 4 oy oldin
stephen A needs to let go of that hairline man lol that shit is so far back lmao
ImGodsSon 19
ImGodsSon 19 4 oy oldin
Majic looks like a giant baby 😂🤣
DJ THE SHOOTER 4 oy oldin
I've been a Laker fan for FIFTY YEARS and some change. Magic was a greater player than LeBron James! With the addition of DeMarcus Cousins, if healthy, it is impossible for any team to beat GS. If the Lakers were serious about beating GS, they would have asked LeBron to come cheaper and retained Julius Randle. Not only that, they should have signed Cousins. Then you have a serious shot. Now you have no shot.
jliveslife 4 oy oldin
The way Curry's playing this year he won't have a chance against Lonzo ball Lonzo is just playing possum until that Golden State matchup I can see Lonzo going for 85 10 assist 10 rebounds 5 blocked shots of course I'm just guessing realistically it could be more.
James Vaughan
James Vaughan 4 oy oldin
Draymond green is one of the most over rated basketball player in the history of basketball. Him and rondo.
James Vaughan
James Vaughan 4 oy oldin
Every thing he said about Brandon Ingram I think about Kuzma. Kyle is by far better than Brandon.
Wes Wes
Wes Wes 4 oy oldin
This is a playoff team . 🤣 😂. We built a playoff team. Hilarious. Magic you better go back to the drawing board . Are you smoking 🚬 let me know . And what type . You are out of your mind
Romz Riverz
Romz Riverz 4 oy oldin
Going to playoff is a dream for lakers...
Sean Kim
Sean Kim 4 oy oldin
Nicks Kicks
Nicks Kicks 4 oy oldin
Lebron should be running true point . Hart, Ingram, kuzma & McGee starting line up. Rondo and lonzo running 6/7 man with beasley's & Stephensons & kcp scoring off the bench
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