Magic Johnson seeking to lure LeBron James to Los Angeles Lakers | SportsCenter | ESPN

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Chris Connelly examines how Magic Johnson can sell LeBron James on the idea of coming to Los Angeles to join the Lakers during his 2018 free agency.
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29-Iyn, 2018



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Larry Aldama
Larry Aldama 9 oy oldin
24K InfO
24K InfO 9 oy oldin
A K 9 oy oldin
LeBron is a puppet of the globalists. He needs to step off the plantation and help America.
Chill Bill44
Chill Bill44 9 oy oldin
Well, well, well
Notorious One
Notorious One 9 oy oldin
Doesnt magic johnson got aids?
coronaflo 9 oy oldin
No , he is HIV positive which is not Aids
Sally Long
Sally Long 9 oy oldin
FCUK ! leborn ! Not Happy with Bitch leborn coming to the Laker... Been a Lakers fan since Show Time era
Calvin Sampson
Calvin Sampson 9 oy oldin
Lebron good choice, you are in good hands with Magic, and my Dad is a huge Laker fan
twotwentyswift 9 oy oldin
The Lakers are so bad they won't make the playoffs even with LeBron. From NBA finals to early summer vacations and 154 million dollars! Well played LeBron :))
Rico Man
Rico Man 9 oy oldin
Bring kobe back
Bill Ho
Bill Ho 9 oy oldin
Well, that literally just happened mates!!!! 💯
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 9 oy oldin
Savannah was the lure to LA. Not Magic.
Daniel Bonfadini
Daniel Bonfadini 9 oy oldin
He did it LETTS GOOO
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 9 oy oldin
Conceited Lakers lose again. History and location are overestimated. LeBron and Kawhi are going to be Sixers.
qlatypus 9 oy oldin
la clippers < NCAA team
Alfonso Montoya
Alfonso Montoya 9 oy oldin
LA Clippers Hold this L
Joker 9 oy oldin
Lebron is the king and the goat wherever he goes we should be happy for him 👏🏾
mark price
mark price 9 oy oldin
Can't wait to hear the headline from Lavar Ball:" Lebron not carrying his weight"
GOODFELLA 9 oy oldin
LeBron's not welcome in LA.
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 9 oy oldin
All this talk Lonzo Ingram kuzma Randle young legs lebron can still run Pg too lebron played 30-35 minutes a game he will be rest more energy Gsw barely but the Lakers this year going to overtime
che che123
che che123 9 oy oldin
Keep Lebron an his bandwagon fans in cleveland
Ohio Against The World
yes this is completely logical, to keep talking about LeBron being in "win now mode" while your answer for his free agency is that he's going to a *35-win team* simply because their jerseys say "Lakers" on the front of them. funny thing is, not a single source close to LeBron has ever once mentioned anything about the Los Angeles Lakers. "but he owns a home in LA, so there's your evidence!" yeah? he's owned a house in LA for 10 goddamn years.
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 9 oy oldin
He ain't going there magic Johnson it will ruined his legacy
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 9 oy oldin
Go to Miami heat king james
Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony 9 oy oldin
I don't think that it's about the GSW anymore....It is all about staining the minds of those who only look at the championship argument as the model of greatness. The GSW are no longer the news.....It is all about Lebron...and he has just been swept. IT IS KD's FAULT!!!!
LeBron James
LeBron James 9 oy oldin
Fuck i look like don't convince me over this dude magic and the city of LA 👑
logan WM
logan WM 9 oy oldin
As a Democrat ewwwww
Wow this is big news lol
Stefani Belieber
Stefani Belieber 9 oy oldin
#The Angeles Lakers 💪😎❤
Joni 9 oy oldin
Lonzo needs to go. Not because of him, but his father. LeBron doesn't want to be with Lavar. Nobody does honestly
Planet Brucifer
Planet Brucifer 9 oy oldin
Plz go to Philadelphia
Lakers fans don’t want Bron. We want PG and Lenard but don’t want the last two good years of LeBron and his drama stripping us of all those your talented kids
Joshua Goodwin
Joshua Goodwin 9 oy oldin
There's no magic pill
vanilla beer
vanilla beer 9 oy oldin
The heck LABAR? Hahaha for senator lmao!
star fire
star fire 9 oy oldin
So now he's chasing kobe
Vortex Records
Vortex Records 9 oy oldin
The dream factory?? Which lame as thought that was cool
Jesus Montemayor
Jesus Montemayor 9 oy oldin
"strive for greatness" with a rocket emoji after it? HOUSTON ROCKETS!!!!!
Noey Terrazas
Noey Terrazas 9 oy oldin
Christian J Lopez Mercado
These videos are really pathetic.
Viralocity 9 oy oldin
Why did you have to ruin your piece with ....Lavar ? .... really?
charlotte barnes
charlotte barnes 9 oy oldin
Yes lebron is 33 but look how hes out scored rebounds assists in ever game hes beat the young players
charlotte barnes
charlotte barnes 9 oy oldin
We love the magic j
levitra21 9 oy oldin
*Breaking News* No it isn’t ....
dejesus32 9 oy oldin
But Magic and Rob said they weren't going to make a big push for him. Lol. Funny that this video is more about ESPN wanting this than what the title suggests.
Rasetsu Bass
Rasetsu Bass 9 oy oldin
if Magic is wise, (well he isn't), he should kick Lonzo Ball and his swamp ass foul mouthed negro dad LarVa Ball to the curb so that LeBron and Paul George could at least consider signing with the Lakers.
A E 9 oy oldin
Yep, LeBron is a racist.
PaPaNiNo GarGAr
PaPaNiNo GarGAr 9 oy oldin
As the Rolling stones would say, " YOU Can't always get what YOU want ". LOYALTY is becoming a Lost art.
Z Fu
Z Fu 9 oy oldin
It's AIDS boy.
Kalani Lokua
Kalani Lokua 9 oy oldin
Run for Senate? Lmao
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 9 oy oldin
Even if I supported the Lakers like I did from 1990-1992, I have a very bad feeling about this. I think it's all about making money. It's how I felt when Wade left Miami for Chicago and then Cleveland.
515ventures 9 oy oldin
I highly doubt that Lebron James can Make America Great Again. Lol
Brian Collins
Brian Collins 9 oy oldin
Could espn shill for the Lakers anymore?
Christian Ramirez
Lonzo is trash. Never put lbj and magic in the same sentence with him again espn, are you mad???
Geoffrey B
Geoffrey B 9 oy oldin
lets be real, lebron's gonna be president one day
LAKERS GURL 2019 9 oy oldin
Blah blah blah.... ESPN is Satan!
Crypto Dwayne
Crypto Dwayne 9 oy oldin
Fucking Communists Democrats is not something worthy of aspiration
GEMINIVice1 9 oy oldin
...I don't want him to come to our Lakers because we have a young squad that are still growing and have shown potential. Another few seasons on their own and Lakers could be playoff contenders again (and that's w/o the services of the league's posterboy). If Lebron comes to town...it isn't going to be cheap for the Lakers and they're focus is going to shift from developing the young talent they have to bending over backwards to satisfy James. And when they lose...James isn't going to be held accountable for anything. The Lakers organization, coaching staff, and the rest of the players on the roster are going to be credited with all the blame....the last great to play with the Lakers (The Black Mamba) is going to be drug through the mud even more by all of Lebron's fans when he loses as well (stat sheets don't tell everything that happens in a game----but some ppl don't care, Lebron's blind fans in particular), because they have to justify their LeBron James in some way. And after that is said and done...he'll leave for another team, like he always does. While the Lakers will be left rebuilding from lottery picks again, instead of developing the young talent they currently have. Instant gratification is not the way.
Joe Galvan
Joe Galvan 9 oy oldin
16 Championships Who said the Lakers Suck? Lol Come with the Argument I'll Rip You Apart
Marz Q
Marz Q 9 oy oldin
LeBron is my absolute favorite player, but at this point I would LOVE to see him retire and give the media a 🖕
Dime 9 oy oldin
No loyalty
YeazyNation 9 oy oldin
He no Jordan so I guess he wanna be Kobe SMH
YeazyNation 9 oy oldin
Kobe the 🐐
YeazyNation 9 oy oldin
He going to Knicks
Eidref 9 oy oldin
I laughed so hard when they mentioned lavar.
baltazar25ab 9 oy oldin
Thats digusting!! Lebron james need leave..i dont need lebron james be Lakers or champions no way!
trebledc 9 oy oldin
Media is hyping lebron nothing special at all. Kawhi is the deal.
Pac man
Pac man 9 oy oldin
Ray Felix
Ray Felix 9 oy oldin
they can' t still beat gsw or rockets
Brian McFarland
Brian McFarland 9 oy oldin
im PUSHING SOME ONE TO COME TO THE CLIPPERS i know we will get someone just don't know who I believe we can get Kawhi and Russel Westbrook if not Paul George and but DAM IT CLIPPERS GETTING SOMEONE TO DONT SLEEP ON MY CLIPPERS YALL it JERRY WEST ... he got 5 titles to LAKERS so I know he has something up his sleeve to WEST AND NEW ARENA IN INGELWOOD man come on #NBA #LAClippers #ESPN
sleep less
sleep less 9 oy oldin
Senator James... hmmm...
AkAk Ak
AkAk Ak 9 oy oldin
Ball/thomas George/chadler Leonard/Kuzma James/Wagner Randle/Bryant/zubac hopefully lakers roster 2018-2019
Fuck What You're Talking About !
Lakers suck!!!
GuhThatsGG 9 oy oldin
I always been laker fan not some bandwagon guy. I gotta say lebron do a lot for the lakers on and off the court. Without doubt ESPN is pushing for there ratings to be RIDICULOUS but this was well put together and I think well get kawi and it be showtime reincarnated I'm pushing for Magic
ßøi •
ßøi • 9 oy oldin
LeBron is going to the magic. Magic doesn’t gotta chance to get him.
ßøi •
ßøi • 9 oy oldin
Why take LeBron when you can take LaMelo and LeAngelo 🙃 and go ahead and hire Lavar as Coach. Hands down the right move
Westside Willie
Westside Willie 9 oy oldin
Reminds me of "will Brett Favre retire?"...... do we have anything else to talk about?
Pro Black
Pro Black 9 oy oldin
Kobe comeback to help lebron, kawhi win nba championships i see a 3 peat in lakers future
Melvin Johnson
Melvin Johnson 9 oy oldin
You ain't gonna lure James if the the only thing you got is first round bust Lonzo Ball and big daddy LaVar exploiting the situation.
Dr Yosef Ben- Jochannan
Lol bad analogy! Alexandra was ran out of Africa by a woman on a elephant. Hahaha, yea he concord Kemet but who didn't. They where like France of Africa.
KUSH LIFE 9 oy oldin
Magic Johnson do not take LeBron James you have better choices either Leonard or Paul George we don't want LeBron he's a team Hopper
xDELTAKILLx 9 oy oldin
Magic has something up his sleeve and I trust him! Go Lakers
MrLOWBOTTOMS 9 oy oldin
Where do I sign?
Jerry Huang
Jerry Huang 9 oy oldin
Make him part owner of the Dodgers and it's a done deal.
Mr Steeze
Mr Steeze 9 oy oldin
Hey Lakers fans... would you trade Luol Deng + pick(s) for Carmelo Anthony? Naturally, Melo moving depends on if you can get Lebron but would you if it was available?
c capri
c capri 9 oy oldin
if lebron came to LA, beat the warriors, THEN beats the celtics as a laker. goat
HAZZARD 9 oy oldin
Lavar has absolutely nothing to do with this smh
HAZZARD 9 oy oldin
ESPN is recruiting him to LA as well. The NBA is rigged.
Krypt 9 oy oldin
Fuck lebron go for kawai Anthony Davis and PG. Trade ball better keep kuzma
Keith B Jones
Keith B Jones 9 oy oldin
Who cares same shit every year let him go where ever he wanna go life still goes on SMH
Daddy 9 oy oldin
Boofy Goat
Boofy Goat 9 oy oldin
Hombre Consejo
Hombre Consejo 9 oy oldin
Ive got Labroniexty
GodBarrierDjinn 9 oy oldin
Damn Magic has 5 rings??
roter13 9 oy oldin
This entire segment was kind of creepy...
Victor Vasquez
Victor Vasquez 9 oy oldin
Danilo Cachola
Danilo Cachola 9 oy oldin
If the Lakers does not land two max player. . . BLAME PAUL GEORGE. . . for waffling; back and forth, sending mix messages. George needs to just shut his mouth and stay in OKC, because all along he was angling for the money, not championships.
EDROCKSWOO 9 oy oldin
HIV johnson
C. Royal
C. Royal 9 oy oldin
ESPN is Fake news...They are trying their damnedest to get LBJ to LA...IS THE NBA and ESPN and LAKER in Cahoots to get LBJ there...Y'ALL LOOK PRETTY THIRSTY LOS ANGELES (ESPN) SMHL
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods 9 oy oldin
Lol espn definitely needs the ratings because all their shows suck right now
Leon Lai
Leon Lai 9 oy oldin
Sign 2 superstars is good. Keep the young cores as supporting casts. please Lakers, dont trade too much for kahwi
The Universe Galaxy
Julius Randle Paul George Brandon Ingram Kawaii Leonard Lebron James Kyle Kuzma Lonzo Ball Luke Walton Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers
TheMk002 9 oy oldin
Would love to see Lebron in Lakers yellow though! Oh yeah Snoop Dogg suck a big dick
Young Sinatra V
Young Sinatra V 9 oy oldin
I forgot this 🅱igga has HiV
Lil Brad Brad
Lil Brad Brad 9 oy oldin
ESPN STOP TRYING! Lebron Has Probably already made his decision of where he is going a week ago.
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