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I can't believe this day is finally here!!! The first ever Jeffree Star concealer is long overdue and I'm so proud of what I've created. From the formula to the custom packaging, I wanted my first skin product to make a statement. The concealers have a range of over 30 shades & there are 2 color correctors! Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Fragrance free. Talc & Paraben free. Anti-aging properties.Retail price: $22.00
The setting powders come in 8 shades. Blurring. Soft focus effect. Weightless. Retail price: $22.00
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12-Apr, 2019



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Fikrlar 45 663
TheMetallicaMonster 56 daqiqa oldin
Pleeeeeaaaazzzzzeee restock Sarcophagus and Peach Goddess!!! 😭😭 I will buy the crap out of them!!
Briana Castillo
Briana Castillo 57 daqiqa oldin
I finally get a concealer for my olive undertones. I can’t wait to rock C6
BrriiiBrriii Soat oldin
I agree! It gives me nostalgia. It reminds me of Sailor Moon 🌙 and yes very very Barbie. Love the packaging. Waiting on my concealer to get here💕
orestis ou
orestis ou Soat oldin
I am in love
Kelsie Moore
Kelsie Moore Soat oldin
Ur a freak
Kelsie Moore
Kelsie Moore Soat oldin
+minnie and my I know right f u
minnie and my
minnie and my Soat oldin
OMG that such a big compliment💗
Samantha Dunkling
I totally think you should do a "HOW TO" Video on how to do your AMAZING eyeshadow! I'm definitely a beginner :'( Unfortunately I dont know how to do smokey eye or eyeliner wing or anything
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith Soat oldin
Where did you get the unfollow shirt????
Damian Boysaw
Damian Boysaw Soat oldin
I love your videos!!😎😍
annie marie
annie marie Soat oldin
completely blown away, you should be so PROUD 💗
Briana Castillo
Briana Castillo Soat oldin
I love both of them together 💙🖤
Brenda Pena
Brenda Pena Soat oldin
can you pleeeaseeee do a look with LEXLIE LES DO MAKEUP PALLET 💗💗💗
Demi Leigh
Demi Leigh Soat oldin
its official, if jeffree releases a foundation line, he will destroy every other makeup brand ever
Jessie J
Jessie J Soat oldin
I want one of the concealers so I can transform into a Sailor Scout AND be super fabulous! D=
Jada Miller
Jada Miller Soat oldin
So why the fuck would I buy this if it’s not crease proof
minnie and my
minnie and my Soat oldin
Then don't
katherine liu
katherine liu Soat oldin
Wouldn't it be cool if jeffree has refillables? you can buy the 22 dollar concealer and once you finished using it you can get a refill and applicator with a cheaper price. cause throwing out a concealer every time I used it, especially knowing most of the money went into the packaging seems a little wasteful to me (lol I just hate throwing out pretty stuff)
Brooke Martin
Brooke Martin 2 soat oldin
I know you’re an alien reveal your secrets
KaffeinatedENT 2 soat oldin
C'mon with the shades Jeffree! I😍😍😍
Roblox Roleplay Vids B
I’m loving the purple/violet like hunneey 🤤🤤
Mollymae Kelly
Mollymae Kelly 2 soat oldin
Not your synonyms ooof we love intelligent literary come backs 😫
Asila Qassimali
Asila Qassimali 2 soat oldin
WHat even
Sam Samson
Sam Samson 2 soat oldin
*Jeffree, can you react to the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon? Season 2 is coming out on April 26.*
liora golovatenko
liora golovatenko 2 soat oldin
I wonder when the stock will be refilled, my potential shades are all out of stock so quickly xD
Daggath 007
Daggath 007 3 soat oldin
Allison Sturm
Allison Sturm 3 soat oldin
Omg! This comedian Brandon Farris was trying to use the concealer and a liquid lip and he got the confused. 😂 you HAVE to see it!
William sandberg Jensen
GIRL, that packaging look do LIT
Artistvsworld 3 soat oldin
Omg! Thank you! I’m an olive undertone but I’m really fair!
Jordan Thrasher
Jordan Thrasher 3 soat oldin
Jeffeee!!!!!! I have a question if you even see this but are the products from Jeffree Star cosmetics on amazon real I have just bought both nude mini bundles and the thirsty pallet I and I know this isn’t your problem it was my choice to buy them off there but I was wondering if they were real before I used them especially with this whole concealer issues going on. Thanks xoxoxox
The toy kids
The toy kids 4 soat oldin
I love you sooooo much and I would appreciate if u would like this , like this comment of u aant jefree to like ur comment xx
Bozzypoo Xx
Bozzypoo Xx 4 soat oldin
I love you sooo much and I’m so happy for you and you currier 💋💗😁
Sydney Jarrett
Sydney Jarrett 4 soat oldin
Could you review the Game of Thrones palette that is coming out soon?!
Linsey Khan
Linsey Khan 4 soat oldin
Jeffree Star is my hero! I seriously want to be able to do my makeup like him! So BEAUTIFUL
gloomy lia
gloomy lia 4 soat oldin
take a shot everytime jeffree says hi
Alex Del toro
Alex Del toro 4 soat oldin
Wise you da best
Pachia Lo
Pachia Lo 4 soat oldin
Jeffree! You should do a video on how to know what’s your undertone !
Zoe Ramos
Zoe Ramos 4 soat oldin
Any one els think that gabby and Jeffery should switch make up routines...
Brianna Alcaraz Cardenas
yessss queeeeeennnnn
Brianna Alcaraz Cardenas
you are right
Keri Reibsome
Keri Reibsome 4 soat oldin
TheMrsAVS 4 soat oldin
Can somebody tell me what contacts brand he’s wearing?!?!?! They look so natural and beautiful. Please!
Nguyễn Thái
Nguyễn Thái 4 soat oldin
Cross-interaction of people to help each other develop prestige
Juan Jo Zumbado
Juan Jo Zumbado 5 soat oldin
15:39 Does someone else hear that sigh? Ghost was also shook
Chitty Chitty Bangtan
Officer: so you deny taking drugs? Me: 24:47 uhhh ya Officer: *into walkie talkie* yup we got her
Leo Gonzales
Leo Gonzales 5 soat oldin
How many ounces is your concealer
WtfIsAJace 5 soat oldin
I'm LIVING for C6, I'm Italian with olive undertones but still very pale, and I can never find the right shade. Thank you JS
Red8Twist 6 soat oldin
Loved how you referenced sailormoon haha
Svea PearmanCovers
Svea PearmanCovers 6 soat oldin
Jeffree I am thinking of doing a cover of prisoner on my ukulele I think that your music is amazing 😍 and I know you probably won't see this comment I am so excited
Lyn Love
Lyn Love 6 soat oldin
pandiepowerrr roblox,minecraft
Ik ben Nederlands, en ik wil weeten is zij een man of een vrouw en heeft ze nou borsten of niet zeg het me alsjebieft? 🌈😅❤️💋👍🤩👑
kkk Ha
kkk Ha 6 soat oldin
lalaa thao
lalaa thao 6 soat oldin
I really love you asmr video
Breandan Parker
Breandan Parker 7 soat oldin
Racist much?
let’s do it baby i know the law
i want a shade called: “Law and Order” “Judge Judy” “C5” “Leaked C5” “Lawsuit” “Professional Break In”.
Janna Palander
Janna Palander 7 soat oldin
You are beautiful!!😭😭😍😍
vincX 7 soat oldin
Eeeeeee is this a guy?
Cyan Sifuentes
Cyan Sifuentes 7 soat oldin
Do a bare minerals full face I want to see if Jeffery star approve
Megan Underwood
Megan Underwood 7 soat oldin
I’ve never been huge on make up tbh. The foundation always made my eczema itch. I have a birthmark that only shows up when I put on blush (like wtf) so I just stuck to eye shadow. But Jeffree Star makes me want to try make up.
milhouseburns springfield
t h e r a p e u t i c
Mery Love
Mery Love 7 soat oldin
26:49 is it just me or is that arm on the far left practically blue? None of the shades go with it. Somebody hand that person a Smurf shade.
emzipemzi88 8 soat oldin
LOVE your hair Jefree!!!!!
Megan Crocker
Megan Crocker 8 soat oldin
Hi...........Iam sorry that someone broke into your warehouse.........that mirror is everything!.........can you make those for us.........that be so,...cool!.........I love it!.......I would definitely want it and buy it.........can’t wait to try your stuff out........maybe we can use the concealer to say welcome back to my channel.........love ya!!!
Hannah Rosenblatt
Hannah Rosenblatt 8 soat oldin
JEFFREE!!! Please please make foundation to go with these concealers!! 🤗😍😍
Rosy Rogue
Rosy Rogue 8 soat oldin
Post another videooooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ missing yaaa
Amber Rogers
Amber Rogers 9 soat oldin
libby lib
libby lib 10 soat oldin
Bilal Gamer
Bilal Gamer 10 soat oldin
Gayyyyyyy cunt
Jungkook Army
Jungkook Army 10 soat oldin
I like your hair
Seth Hamilton
Seth Hamilton 10 soat oldin
Jeffree, am saying it you should run for president one day
Sarcxss V
Sarcxss V 10 soat oldin
I was about to say that the concealer model reminded me of sAiLor moOn
Emily Mintern
Emily Mintern 10 soat oldin
This concealer looks so good and the colour range is amazing I can never find a shade light enough for me but still worth he right under tone ! Not sure about the price though I wonder how long it lasts ?
Celia Rivasplat
Celia Rivasplat 11 soat oldin
Hey Jeffrey I wanted to wish you a happy 4:20 I was in the hospital getting a tumor removed from my rib . So yay now I’m home and can blaze up cancer free woot woot ....... xoxoxo
CrouchinBunny 11 soat oldin
I really want the concealer but I dont know which one would suit my skin 😭
amy li
amy li 11 soat oldin
please review the moschino x sephora makeup collection!!
Jonathon Melendez
Jonathon Melendez 11 soat oldin
I thought Jeffree didn't Fuk with Gabby...he was part of the jealous squad.....????
Tracy Slechta
Tracy Slechta 12 soat oldin
Your boyfriend is so cute!
Lust the Avaricious
Lust the Avaricious 12 soat oldin
You know what the world needs?A Taco Bell/Jeffree Star collab. He could have a palette with shade names like 'Fire Sauce' and 'Baja Blast'. I would buy that shit.
Gem Trejo
Gem Trejo 12 soat oldin
I think I might be C5.... 😱🖕 Fuck those people 🙄 I'm definitely getting me some of this OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shahad Alfa
Shahad Alfa 12 soat oldin
Best of luck
Steven James
Steven James 12 soat oldin
Scary face
Shanna777 13 soat oldin
Ooooh i Hope you can send me a set of your powder and concealer. 😂😍🙏 love lots from the Philippines.. God bless you.. 😚😚😚
p p
p p 13 soat oldin
This guy is weirdo . . I'm business owner too.
Zapricorn 13 soat oldin
I know this is random af but PLEASEEE finsish the lollipop tattoo🙏🏾
Ядерный пацан
Ой бляяяяяяяяяяяяяяя куда я попал спассииите
Delp *
Delp * 13 soat oldin
TFs wrong wit this niggas hair 😂
Victoria Vicuna
Victoria Vicuna 13 soat oldin
Can’t wait to try the concelors ekkkkkk!!!😆
Michael Prescott
Michael Prescott 13 soat oldin
Bro u shaved off ur eyebrows and look like a skeleton lay off the dope I don't know why this was in my recommendations but it was take care and god bless young man
plant girl
plant girl 14 soat oldin
How does this concealer work on acne? Does it make it worse?
Yingjie Wong
Yingjie Wong 14 soat oldin
Where can i get the concealer in Malaysia T-T I really wanna try it out!!
Olivia D
Olivia D 14 soat oldin
Tht olive" ❤
KP4LIFE 15 soat oldin
Jeffree please do a review on Les Do Makeup’s new palette!!! It launches tomorrow! We gotta support our girl from my state! Texas!!! 👏🏼👏🏼❤️
Fox Tale Blog
Fox Tale Blog 15 soat oldin
Please please please can you recommend what range of concealers and powder colours should professional makeup artists have in their kits!!! I HOPE YOU SEE THIS!! Thanks in advance ❤️❤️
MellaBell70 15 soat oldin
JUST a heads up My notification Bell has always been clicked but for some reason UZvid is sending every video from all of my UZvidr's I'm subscribed to and have the bell on it's sending the notification emails to my spam folder.
Denae Jarvis
Denae Jarvis 15 soat oldin
Just received my concealer (C2) and setting powder (Fair) and I am so impressed! Best I've ever used! I am nearly in tears because I am so proud of you, Jeffree! Thank you for creating colors light enough for us pale people! I am always the lightest shade in every foundation and finding a concealer that is light enough is hard to find! Most times, it's the same color or even darker than my foundation. I am a supporter for life! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! ❤
josh martínez
josh martínez 15 soat oldin
I think james chales 2x
George Hernandez
George Hernandez 15 soat oldin
Gaibrel just wants more follows and Ruin you but he can never
Sienna Orvis
Sienna Orvis 16 soat oldin
Who else has never seen Jeffree without makeup
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 16 soat oldin
I watched other reviews over the concealers and powders and it looks like he made a bomb ass product. No surprise here. Go Jeffrey once again!
KatiV 16 soat oldin
Maybe its the fact that I'm drunk hut I cant even tell the concealer exists when they first out it on bc it looks like a perfect version of their skin Idk
ZAYDEN ROSÉ 17 soat oldin
I wanna buy that concealer!!!
skysworld 17 soat oldin
"its so bizarre , that you want to be a star, but every one that is just doesn't quite fit in"
Trinity Rives
Trinity Rives 17 soat oldin
This is REALLY cheap for the quality he put into it like come one anti aging, moisturizing ,light ,full coverage ,many shades ,beautiful packaging
SiegHeilFuhrer14/88 SS
You Demonic fucking Demon.
SiegHeilFuhrer14/88 SS
+Vivian Anne I'm glad you like it Spawn of Satan.
Vivian Anne
Vivian Anne 17 soat oldin
Nice troll account you've made for yourself
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