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Mahalia - I Wish I Missed My Ex

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Produced by Maths Time Joy.
Additional production from Swindle.
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1-Iyn, 2018

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Manuel Andre
Manuel Andre 2 soat oldin
cool song but she ugly
Matrix Tools
Matrix Tools 3 soat oldin
this has to be one of the coolest / most original video ideas ever. i'm here for the video!!! and the song aint bad either!
Kamila Plachetkova
Kamila Plachetkova 11 soat oldin
Kristena Sessoms
Kristena Sessoms 12 soat oldin
Dope song!
Jea 13 soat oldin
Yall ever broke up with someone yall never even dated...lmaoooothatshithurtsooo
Tiphaine Valero
Tiphaine Valero 14 soat oldin
Am I the only one who notice that she sings the lyrics of "Txtin" (a song ft Alkaline) at the end ???
Lex W.
Lex W. 22 soat oldin
Such a cool music video. Damn
Brandon Cason
Brandon Cason Kun oldin
this whole video had me trippin
No Cabron
No Cabron Kun oldin
Awesome video. Song is decent. Voice has much potential. I wanna here more instruments.
Bubbles Aries_Luv
If she wore skates it would flow just right 💖very cute 💅🏾🧝🏽‍♀️💗
w Shabazz
w Shabazz Kun oldin
.. babe', u lit !!
JEM Kun oldin
wow damn !!
Fit addict
Fit addict Kun oldin
a video can ruining a song terrible video!
Michael Arenas
Michael Arenas Kun oldin
I guess these guys are not dope then. hip hop roots. uzvid.com/video/video-wqVsfGQ_1SU.html
taah felixx
taah felixx Kun oldin
Eu briso no clip
Olivier Dajon
Olivier Dajon 2 kun oldin
Une voix magnifique merci c'est un réel plaisir de vous écouter
Living Like Jaida
Living Like Jaida 2 kun oldin
I love this song🔥🔥🔥🔥💕
pineapple head
pineapple head 2 kun oldin
I love this
this is waaaay too dope!! so happy i stumbled across this and you, youre fire!
Deairra Williams
Deairra Williams 3 kun oldin
Song a whole mooood 😩
mar costa
mar costa 3 kun oldin
najmaj 3 kun oldin
2:05 - 2:22 🤣🤣🤣 reminds me of an old lady 👵🏾
Next Up Sounds
Next Up Sounds 3 kun oldin
I feel good I don't miss my ex 🤷
Joti Buttar
Joti Buttar 3 kun oldin
This deserves more viewssssss
5str lvr
5str lvr 3 kun oldin
My ex sent me this song in a text. 👍😏
UNO 4 kun oldin
This song is dope especially the beginning with the group vocals layered
J Theory
J Theory 4 kun oldin
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥dope
Faiz Iqbal
Faiz Iqbal 4 kun oldin
the most fucked up song title i have ever read.. lol
ImSOraphael 4 kun oldin
Damn she dope
Queen Essie
Queen Essie 5 kun oldin
It toke forever to make this song well music video
Christina Buckley
Christina Buckley 5 kun oldin
Finderz Keeperz
Finderz Keeperz 5 kun oldin
Amazing Vibes from this one!
xoxoduh_ 5 kun oldin
Why she walking like that tho
Jada B
Jada B 6 kun oldin
Artists like this need to be at the award shows not fake butts
Nez D
Nez D 6 kun oldin
Is she referencing Wstrn Textin'? dope
Ashley Pierre
Ashley Pierre 6 kun oldin
i love how she got the lyric from "txtin" WSTRN 2:27
zoey alanaa
zoey alanaa 6 kun oldin
Obsessed 💞
MeechieTheGreat !
MeechieTheGreat ! 6 kun oldin
I Love this Song and im big of your music
Emerson Araujo
Emerson Araujo 6 kun oldin
Brasil S2.
Yusrah Ndumbogani
Yusrah Ndumbogani 6 kun oldin
This is amazing
samsam2004 6 kun oldin
The pharcyde - drop
No Filters With Shelly Love
Thank God for UZvid I dont even listen to regular radio.
No Filters With Shelly Love
I love it
Nita kin
Nita kin 6 kun oldin
Vernon am here for you. see you on future~
Nita kin
Nita kin 6 kun oldin
nice song by the way. thankyou
Sunshyne Harmony
Sunshyne Harmony 6 kun oldin
Un Original
Un Original 6 kun oldin
Wtf I know exactly where this was filmed at
Alvatrox Marc
Alvatrox Marc 6 kun oldin
very nice voice.
Seren Powell
Seren Powell 7 kun oldin
I love this song 😍😍
BJ. Moore
BJ. Moore 7 kun oldin
Highland Park baby!
Шустрый Родригез
awesome video
ShadowSlayer 7 kun oldin
This is so underrated
Reynold Johnbaptiste
You be like bae come over
deanna diaz
deanna diaz 8 kun oldin
I met her at her concert in LA about a week or two ago and she's SUPER sweet and down to Earth! I'm so lucky to have met her. She's a genuine artist ❤️
Kristen Williams
Kristen Williams 8 kun oldin
Will you have another tour coming to the States? Specifically, Seattle, Washington?? :)
Ms. Lauryn Hill
Ms. Lauryn Hill 8 kun oldin
She's so talented. Love her 💚💚
Otis Dobbins
Otis Dobbins 8 kun oldin
I see the concepts from the Pharcyde album are that video 😑😑
B. Harris
B. Harris 8 kun oldin
William Argus
William Argus 9 kun oldin
Melissa Gordon
Melissa Gordon 10 kun oldin
First of all REWIND. Loove. So dope.
Mensah Kofi
Mensah Kofi 10 kun oldin
#Pharcyde nice clip nice song
Grant Gregson
Grant Gregson 10 kun oldin
The dungarees and air max 95s though 👌
Ordelie Mayuma
Ordelie Mayuma 10 kun oldin
i hear this song in the radio i and i think this is my new fav song
Lesly Ornelas
Lesly Ornelas 10 kun oldin
she filmed this video in my hometown, holy fuck.
Lesly Ornelas
Lesly Ornelas 7 kun oldin
Ms. Lauryn Hill Highland Park
Ms. Lauryn Hill
Ms. Lauryn Hill 8 kun oldin
Lucy Kerr
Lucy Kerr 11 kun oldin
Last time I checked this song had 800k views and now it’s got 2m damn she grew so fast😍
heymaria123 11 kun oldin
PhuckHue2 11 kun oldin
big ass titties
Glorious Pinckney
Glorious Pinckney 11 kun oldin
How is this not on billboard 🙄
Neto Yumi
Neto Yumi 11 kun oldin
Wilson Russels
Wilson Russels 11 kun oldin
Elda Ramirez
Elda Ramirez 12 kun oldin
Micah Willis
Micah Willis 12 kun oldin
This gives me a Aaliyah first album vibe.
Ms. Lauryn Hill
Ms. Lauryn Hill 8 kun oldin
Ix.louis_e.d1462 •
Love the song but the music video
Shaheed Patel
Shaheed Patel 13 kun oldin
I thought she just had a weird walk/groove until I realised the video was produced in reverse 😂
SparksNStyle 13 kun oldin
Wow thank you Sabrina claudio suggestions 😍
sarah a
sarah a 14 kun oldin
Yo, this is dope, I hope she blows up, she deserves it. 🖤
KHRISLYN ! 14 kun oldin
why am i just now finding her music 😭
Holly R
Holly R 14 kun oldin
Whoa, subscribed at 0:13.
Vitoria Silva
Vitoria Silva 14 kun oldin
Quê voz gostosa de se ouvir!!.
Həyat Hacıyeva
Həyat Hacıyeva 14 kun oldin
1 More Time
1 More Time 14 kun oldin
Dope track!
Eddie Toga
Eddie Toga 14 kun oldin
Daniela Vaz
Daniela Vaz 14 kun oldin
Seth Little
Seth Little 14 kun oldin
I just commented the 667th comment, so now it's no longer 666 comments. Thank me later.
THE EBO. LIFEONLY 15 kun oldin
Dim Chords
Dim Chords 15 kun oldin
00:58 electric relaxation, a tribe called quest ...
Naturally Dope
Naturally Dope 15 kun oldin
I love love love this song So relatable
Allaina Maddah
Allaina Maddah 15 kun oldin
Yo my grandpa said oh she’s got a good freakin voice there
Zwaks 15 kun oldin
Must have felt awkward recording your movements in reverse so that they'd appear forward when rewinding.
Lethabo Masuku
Lethabo Masuku 15 kun oldin
Been on repeat 😩💕🔥
Angela McElroy
Angela McElroy 15 kun oldin
This reminds me of the group 'Phacyde' drop video.
Y Z 15 kun oldin
So fun!!!! So glad I found her
Brianna Hall
Brianna Hall 15 kun oldin
Maria Palomo
Maria Palomo 16 kun oldin
She did the vid in Highland park, ca old stomping ground!
sara jamal
sara jamal 16 kun oldin
I literally watched her explode, this is so surreal! Congrats, Mahalia!
Young Penny
Young Penny 16 kun oldin
What Drug Did I Just Take?
Fajri Armansya
Fajri Armansya 16 kun oldin
Adriane Aytch
Adriane Aytch 17 kun oldin
She sound a little like Erika Badu. I will be playing this song!😀
CAT [ . V . ]
CAT [ . V . ] 17 kun oldin
I want watch this video revers
Kandyce Rogers
Kandyce Rogers 17 kun oldin
This beat gives me black church vibes. Awesome lol 🙏😍😍
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 17 kun oldin
This is VERY dope. Takes me back to an enjoyable time. Well done....you definitely have a new listener here.