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Mahalia - I Wish I Missed My Ex

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Produced by Maths Time Joy.
Additional production from Swindle.
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1-Iyn, 2018

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hawenam 8 soat oldin
It feels like a month of 91 again. :)
Jaylynn Barrios
Jaylynn Barrios Kun oldin
I love how she referenced the song txtin by WSTERN
Ryan Jost
Ryan Jost Kun oldin
Ryan Jost
Ryan Jost Kun oldin
Haaziq Silver
Haaziq Silver 2 kun oldin
That Pharcyde vibe
Rachel Kelly
Rachel Kelly 3 kun oldin
This is so relatable it hurts.
Felipe Mendes
Felipe Mendes 4 kun oldin
I cant get over of this song
Hanna Rj
Hanna Rj 5 kun oldin
franksinanta 5 kun oldin
nicole g
nicole g 6 kun oldin
Damn did she have to lipsync her lyrics backwords too? thats some talent
にょステ 6 kun oldin
1315 dislikes? cant believe my eyes.
Iso Tonik
Iso Tonik 6 kun oldin
the production on this is just so amazing
Tecpatl Huetosotontli
Haaa!! Bringing back so many memories of H.P...... 👊🏾... got the chills up those stairs ...once a studio for us artist building sound and power.!!! Thanks again.!! First time hearing seeing this music.. majik.!👊🏾🎆
Grape Jam
Grape Jam 7 kun oldin
Cool chord progression
sandra Stephanie
sandra Stephanie 7 kun oldin
I watched your video and it got to me a bit! I almost gave up on my ex after we recently broke up but through a man i met here on youtube (DRALBERTLOVEWORLD@gmail. com), i was able to get back with my bf after he helped cast a love spell. At first I was doubtful but my goodness, it worked like magic. Anyways, just thought i should share, if this can be of help to someone then it would make me happy.
Nicole Time
Nicole Time 7 kun oldin
She reminds me of jordyn woods in a weird way🤧
Elizabeth Elliott
Elizabeth Elliott 8 kun oldin
I like this song but the video makes me cringe. I like the reverse effect in most cases but here it just seems out of place and makes her look weird while she's walking around. Would have been better if she had looked a little bit smoother or graceful but it just looks like she's walking around with a rash or something.
kyro youssef
kyro youssef 9 kun oldin
Loser Loser
Loser Loser 9 kun oldin
my airpods are dying
Dnomyar Akunawik
Dnomyar Akunawik 9 kun oldin
Ugly, fat negro bitch.
Nate B. ChillinG
Nate B. ChillinG 11 kun oldin
Love how much love is shown to Pharcyde on this visual esp to a dope song
VideoFanatic13 11 kun oldin
Real ones picked up on the WSTRN cover
meCayla lynch
meCayla lynch 11 kun oldin
Texting, texting, texting troubling me all over my phone all night this ain't love you're troubling me you're wishing you were still miine
Athena Edang
Athena Edang 11 kun oldin
have you ever rejected somebody you liked so much ahahahahimdumbahahahaha....
Instagram Models
Instagram Models 11 kun oldin
Here at 5.7m views 96k likes 123k subs
Instagram Models
Instagram Models 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one who just now hearing this?
ajs ajs
ajs ajs 12 kun oldin
2:25 beat transition smooth af
ajs ajs
ajs ajs 12 kun oldin
gwan gyal repesent leicester❤❤❤❤ what a g
A Jones
A Jones 12 kun oldin
Official Niah
Official Niah 14 kun oldin
this video is so creative 😍😍I LOVE IT
Dolis Tarina
Dolis Tarina 14 kun oldin
And Realized, so difficult unremember ex
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly 14 kun oldin
Dallas T.V
Dallas T.V 15 kun oldin
Confusing ass video but overall it was still tuff 👏🏼
sandra Stephanie
sandra Stephanie 7 kun oldin
dallas..I watched this video and it got to me a bit! I almost gave up on my ex after we recently broke up but through a man i met here on youtube (DRALBERTLOVEWORLD@gmail. com), i was able to get back with my bf after he helped cast a love spell. At first I was doubtful but my goodness, it worked like magic. Anyways, just thought i should share, if this can be of help to someone then it would make me happy.
akillah Proctor
akillah Proctor 15 kun oldin
I love finding good music on accident.😍
Bravo Zulu
Bravo Zulu 15 kun oldin
Best believe 2019 will bring even more amazing things for you Mahalia. Sending Thanks, Love and continued Success from the USA for your amazing music.
군수미 15 kun oldin
Michael Porter
Michael Porter 16 kun oldin
Kierra Burkett
Kierra Burkett 17 kun oldin
dian john
dian john 18 kun oldin
this song🔥. No one I dated has the title of ex that meant I cared lol. They fall in the category of anonymous.
Ella-Jo Lui-Viti
Ella-Jo Lui-Viti 18 kun oldin
Queen Netshivhulana
Queen Netshivhulana 18 kun oldin
cool video
xLISTOEx Taliban
xLISTOEx Taliban 19 kun oldin
Too many missed called too many texts
Chūsei shin to sonkei
Idk if she did or not but I feel like she should’ve won some grammy’s one for best new artist & for best single if that’s even a category.
Amanda Murphy
Amanda Murphy 20 kun oldin
Must take so much dedication to learn every word backwards cant wait for her concert in march
Samu the unicorn
Samu the unicorn 20 kun oldin
Feels 😊
HONEY 20 kun oldin
idk wh but this is giving me 2016 vibes
GeneralLeia 20 kun oldin
This is one of my favorite songs i just hate the video it just irks me.
Mandy M
Mandy M 21 kun oldin
S 22 kun oldin
Can’t get over how creative the video is and addictive this song is
Jordon Anderson
Jordon Anderson 23 kun oldin
Its A good song bit towards the end its just a rip off of WSTRN - txting uzvid.com/video/video-_IoI0cP0wOs.html
christopher Williams
Thank you sending the song this definitely represents the truth and a little deja Vu 2
T-Jin 23 kun oldin
why is the lip syncing off?
Beauty H.
Beauty H. 23 kun oldin
The video makes me uncomfortable I don’t know why but I love her voice
andre chea
andre chea 23 kun oldin
Great sign Atlantic 👻
Geo Mantilla
Geo Mantilla 25 kun oldin
This video is so HARD.
Saharabeats 25 kun oldin
Idk who this is but this is fire !!
Sanjae Whyte
Sanjae Whyte 25 kun oldin
She stole that hook from a jamaican song....
ZAR SAM 20 kun oldin
Sanjae Whyte it’s called sampling. That’s what a lot of artists do.
SHughes 16
SHughes 16 25 kun oldin
Good song but has anyone noticed how the bridge for this song is the same as Wstrn - Txtin’ which was realised in 2017 Mahalia - Wish I missed my ex - Texting, texting, texting Troubling me all over my phone all night This ain’t life, you’re troubling me You're wishing you were still mine I’m the only one you wanted But I can’t follow where your heart is Calling till the morning, nananana Wstrn - Txtin’ - Txtin', txtin', txtin' Juggling me all over your phone all night (nah, nah, nah) It's your love your juggling me You don't know that you been all mine (nah, nah, nah) I'm the only one you wanted (nah, nah, nah) I can follow where your heart is All night 'till the morning Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
Loh 25 kun oldin
this music is soooooofuuuuuuckingoooood
What I Seek
What I Seek 25 kun oldin
My dumb girlfriend sent me this SMH
William Orr
William Orr 26 kun oldin
Women can't rap sorry
GeorgiaEsther Official
Had this on repeat all day!! 🔥💗
Leonardo Tulang
Leonardo Tulang 28 kun oldin
daaaamnnnn 🌟🌟🌟
Leni Cleveland
Leni Cleveland 29 kun oldin
I was like why is she walking weird but then I realized everything is in reverse
goldwincs 29 kun oldin
I wonder how practical they did in making this reversed video. Did she really learn to mouth her lyrics backward?
Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne Oy oldin
this is prolly the best music video ever created
TheSitherin Oy oldin
Wow I'm surprised people knew who Pharcyde was...nice homage though!!
Marimba Digital
The Pharcyde Vive!
donnysee Oy oldin
We NEED Mahalia on NPR Tiny Music Desk Concert!! Let us get her on it, so lets get as many signatures we can!!!! www.ipetitions.com/petition/mahalianpr
Justin Balamom
damn i miss i wished my ex
Leticia mainegirl
Koopalola Oy oldin
Amazing song! This video proofs that a smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear.
Traveling Uke - Brooke Palmer Music
SUCH a great hook - I've had it in my head for weeks ( in a good way lol ) 💖
Marlene Andrade
How did you do this video!? With mouthing the lyrics going backwards😲
elynah 123456
elynah 123456 Oy oldin
Mini Marvelous
I love how they make the video go backwards. It looks cool.
Daileny Alice Higginbotham
THE #1 new artist I’ve found this entire two months. 😍😩
Sakeena Hassan
i love this song but the video puts a person off big thumbs up
great song it moves my emotion :)
Infinite Records
WOUHAAAA ! Respect !
Luna Oy oldin
Still amazing in 2019 too
서영 Oy oldin
Justtyty Oy oldin
forget her lol (my ex)
Mel Terry
Mel Terry Oy oldin
The fact that she had to learn her lyrics BACKWARDS 🤯💯🙌🏾
Jazmyne p.
Jazmyne p. Oy oldin
Damn I broke up with my ex now I'm missing him🙄🚮
Kellis RB
Kellis RB Oy oldin
Imogen Thompson
i dont like the music video at all but the song sure yh
john lothian
john lothian Oy oldin
I love this and the reverse video #awesome
gabby lit
gabby lit Oy oldin
On my block vibes
Lily Ritchie-Cruickshank
This must've been REALLY difficult to film
joseph jones lv
She next up 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
i dare you to subscribe !!
It took me way too long to realise this video was in reverse. *The walk thoo* LOVE THIS VIDEO SO MUCH💘✌
rob snoop
rob snoop Oy oldin
lets all help Mahalia tell everyone to sub and view she amazing
khisanth75 Oy oldin
This is really cool, fresh and soulful. nice.
Chloe Oy oldin
idk how i got here but i’m glad i did
tania sultana
tania sultana Oy oldin
this video needs more explanation than the actual song...
Kim Horton
Kim Horton Oy oldin
Like the track but I don’t wish I missed my ex 😅
Kiarya Torres
Kiarya Torres Oy oldin
My fav song everrrrrrr❗️❗️❗️
petra ;
petra ; Oy oldin
great voice thoo
Priscilla Gonzalez
You are beautiful
Alexx Catt
Alexx Catt Oy oldin
She snapped lol
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