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Mahalia - I Wish I Missed My Ex

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Produced by Maths Time Joy.
Additional production from Swindle.
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1-Iyn, 2018

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Hailey Elizabeth
Hailey Elizabeth 8 soat oldin
I’m in love 🤗
TÆHŶÜÑGÏË 12 soat oldin
rahh, thats the girl from brotherhood!!!!
This song should get air play in the US .
chocolatechip pie
Camari Sanders
Camari Sanders Kun oldin
i love this chord progression so much ah
Beastieboy 3 kun oldin
Punto Muerto
Punto Muerto 3 kun oldin
Jaju Warsame
Jaju Warsame 5 kun oldin
She’s kind of looks like Kylie’s best friend jordyn woods
Anathi Yolanda Nyangintsimbi
favvvv song
Brad Spence
Brad Spence 6 kun oldin
Anyone after me
•tilly •
•tilly • 7 kun oldin
Thiago Antonio
Thiago Antonio 7 kun oldin
Bananas in Pyjamas costume
YESKAITLYN 7 kun oldin
so glad i found this
April ajkd
April ajkd 8 kun oldin
WSTRN-Txtin' ft Alkaline
dupont george
dupont george 8 kun oldin
i never recall her put your pride off sometime
Jennifer Sanchez
Jennifer Sanchez 8 kun oldin
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beautiful dreamz
beautiful dreamz 9 kun oldin
Aye big up wstrn i love them
MoLi CoSitA
MoLi CoSitA 9 kun oldin
Brenda Nunes
Brenda Nunes 9 kun oldin
🇧🇷 💛🎶
Rosiene Souza
Rosiene Souza 11 kun oldin
Viajo nesse som! ❤❤❤❤❤
Kevin. Creates
Kevin. Creates 11 kun oldin
who is the director or videographer
Kevin. Creates
Kevin. Creates 11 kun oldin
yo this video is amazing. the long shots and the talent she has walking backwards to walk forward and saying the words backwards.
Natalie Larkins
Natalie Larkins 12 kun oldin
This shit just makes me smile
Levar Morris
Levar Morris 12 kun oldin
she reminds me of Noname for some reason and she's so beautiful 😍
Portalfan12345 12 kun oldin
Yo, am I crazy or was that intro bit added recently. I swear it wasn't in the video when it came out.
lulu wisher
lulu wisher 13 kun oldin
omg i just became yoiur biggest fan
nyieme frankline
nyieme frankline 13 kun oldin
She did the Coldplay scientist reverse🔥🔥🔥🔥
Goldhonney 13 kun oldin
Is it bad that I play this song in the car when I'm riding with my ex boyfriend giving him the side eye? I LOVEEE this song!
Sena 14 kun oldin
だいすきすぎる// i love this song🙆‍♀️💖
Santiago Augusto
Santiago Augusto 15 kun oldin
This song is sooo good
dvrhhjhccy 15 kun oldin
Damn this is what I call good music !!!!
jessica impert
jessica impert 16 kun oldin
shes so pretty i stan
Skepta 16 kun oldin
inspired by pharacyde - the drop, i see
h.mcck 16 kun oldin
The universe put me on this jam for a reason.. as a warning ⚠️ Damn I wish I miss my ex 😌🖕🏿
Dayshawn Alexander
Dayshawn Alexander 17 kun oldin
so dope! I have to write about you.
Lorna Asoba
Lorna Asoba 17 kun oldin
So talented, I heart you sm🤩
Javon Green
Javon Green 18 kun oldin
This beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥
II cArDs cHoRuS ll
II cArDs cHoRuS ll 18 kun oldin
Her shoes I love them 2:53
Suad Mahfouz
Suad Mahfouz 18 kun oldin
When your ex drags you into a “situationship” with him far after the relationship is over. Heart is starting to feel numb.
CanOnlybeRee 18 kun oldin
The corus of the song is the same as the song from a western ft akaline 🤔
180f e707
180f e707 19 kun oldin
love this song i hate my ex
Alive Phone
Alive Phone 20 kun oldin
I love her already
Yourboyeggs 20 kun oldin
great video!
Vanessa A.
Vanessa A. 20 kun oldin
Underrated shit💖💖💞💞💗
David Chol
David Chol 20 kun oldin
Brought here by the Chicken Shop date with Amelia 😂
Briana Cherry
Briana Cherry 21 kun oldin
My ex isn't even worried about me but i love this song lol.
Sydney Metlae
Sydney Metlae 21 kun oldin
Sydney Metlae
Sydney Metlae 21 kun oldin
The best song I have heard this year so far
II cArDs cHoRuS ll
II cArDs cHoRuS ll 22 kun oldin
My new song,she she should collab with Ella Mai. This is giving me street beat soul music vibes.
Isabel Bonifacio
Isabel Bonifacio 22 kun oldin
I saw her at the Rudimental concert here in London!! She is trully great!! I sang her song like it was my last time to do so! I loved it!! Thank you sooooooo much!!
Ham 22 kun oldin
Anybody who pays homage to The Pharcyde Drop video is alright with me.😊
eefaimz 22 kun oldin
2:48 WSTRN reference???
Aymeric Chevallier
Aymeric Chevallier 23 kun oldin
Every time I hear this song I start to move S/o from France
KandyKainePowdah 23 kun oldin
What nationality is this girl? she looks like my little sister legit
Queen Of R&b Lauryn Hill 👑
I think she's mixed (black and white parents).
Rachel Carter
Rachel Carter 24 kun oldin
I love this 🔥
iGetzHighh 24 kun oldin
Texting texting texting troubling me all over my phone all nightttt, that wstrn mix thooooo UK representttt
CharlesRome92 25 kun oldin
Whose else is singing this but still missing them singing "Damn I miss my ex" 😅😅😅
cyrusjerome 26 kun oldin
Pharcyde did the reverse, and Shad K did the alleyway.. Still dope tho!
Dylan Hamme
Dylan Hamme 27 kun oldin
That milkman at 1:34 tho
JAGUARAWR 27 kun oldin
I knew this area looked familiar, this is near where i used to live!
Bee Att
Bee Att 27 kun oldin
I automatically thought of the Drop video (The Pharcyde)! I love it. Dope song, too!
Ane Emelia sings
Ane Emelia sings 28 kun oldin
damn i really like this song
Ilona Kinga
Ilona Kinga 29 kun oldin
Love this video, so funny... You really need to speak on backforward ? My new favourite singer
Boost Sullivan
she's so freakin cute
freesince1865 Oy oldin
highland park =)
Tim Touch
Tim Touch Oy oldin
Legit the coolest video in ages, great song. Big ups.
Fred Rey
Fred Rey Oy oldin
Imagine WSTRN on the remix! 🔥
FreeMose X
FreeMose X Oy oldin
Im in love Mahilia , marry me...
Amber Collicoat
Love it
Star Oy oldin
Fka twigs???
Itsss.jordan Vlogs
Idk why I clicked on this but I don’t regret it.
SK Vibemaker
SK Vibemaker Oy oldin
NEW interview with Mahalia >> uzvid.com/video/video-8QMdifbQfJA.html&feature=youtu.be ALSO Talks: · Rise over the last 2 years · Mixed race struggles growing up · Her retro soul influence · The vulnerability of Seasons E.P. & more
Carolina Sant'Ana da S. Dias
Casandra Lopez
I know what her fit reminds me of, beettlejuice.
Anton Dechand
Anton Dechand Oy oldin
Somebody else really GETTING DOWN to that G-Funk drop at the end?
Kylie Reheiser
my anthem right now... for real
Xquavius Ellison
I love how everyone just runs backwards in reverse but she just skates in reverse? 😂
Rexkiddo Oy oldin
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priscilla Kasaboglu
Hallo Sarsar!
Grind City London
what are u wearing
Lucy T
Lucy T Oy oldin
KyristalKool Kidd
She looks good, but am I tripping or did she gain some weight?
Abadkarma Oy oldin
here's my new cover guys :) : uzvid.com/video/video-V6YF_aOtaVU.html
Sol Gomes
Sol Gomes Oy oldin
💗💗💗 much love for this girl
Britney Danquah
i always come back to this song its so gooooooooood!!! this needs to be seen more
philly Oy oldin
Reminds me of the Pharcyde drop video
Renan Pinheiro
K. R. Simmons
K. R. Simmons Oy oldin
She is so damn talented and beautiful.......I'm in love.
rouge one
rouge one Oy oldin
2010hien Oy oldin
While everyone's moving backward she keeps moving forward. Her mind!!!!!! I stan!!!!!
Anna Oy oldin
I wish I missed my ex sounds more like I'm trying not to miss my ex
Mesha Capone
Mesha Capone Oy oldin
Dory Explory
Dory Explory Oy oldin
I wish I had an ex to miss😭😅
Chalese Anderson
Lucas Freitas
Lucas Freitas Oy oldin
세영 Oy oldin
Love it💙
Sagal Oy oldin
The song is good. But the music video is very werid and unnecessary backwards. I don’t get where she was going with it, it’s out of rhythm
This song in 8d should be amazing
Rida Pasag
Rida Pasag Oy oldin
this music video makes me feel uncomfortable because everyone looks uncomfortable lolll
WWE is BETTER than NJPW! New Japan SUCKS!
I hate this hipster crap. Just do mumble rap and trap music so you can get MORE views!
Raveena - Honey
6 oy oldin