Makeup Lover Gets Tricked Into Destroying Makeup

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17-Dek, 2017

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Ebun/ Jane
Ebun/ Jane Soat oldin
This was sooooo satisfyingl
Tiny CB
Tiny CB 6 soat oldin
*the white table is quaking*
Ireland Gerlach
Ireland Gerlach Kun oldin
To me this video, is like watching an animal get slodered😢
CHLOE Teske Kun oldin
Wait if there powder on it why did she say that 🤔
i actually cried while watching this, the background music definitely added to the emotions tho
Kailyn Cat
Kailyn Cat 3 kun oldin
*Time to add the slime.*
Stop That
Stop That 5 kun oldin
*sephora has left the chat*
Madison Scheid
Madison Scheid 5 kun oldin
I was near to crying considering I am a makeup addict as well....it was rough 😂
Josie Allen
Josie Allen 5 kun oldin
Don’t press “read more” Your a savage😂😝
Carys Lamrick
Carys Lamrick 5 kun oldin
That pile of foundation is what I call a child’s beauty pageant
Emily and Olivia
Emily and Olivia 5 kun oldin
My heart
Smooth JamJen
Smooth JamJen 5 kun oldin
This is torture for make up lovers rip
shister um not today
she should've just said *no* lmao
dancemomsfan 101
dancemomsfan 101 6 kun oldin
Please just mail the makeup to me because I would love taht because I love makeup and I don’t have a lot of the expensive brands why spend that much and then do that
Lois Greig
Lois Greig 6 kun oldin
This is very sad because they have just bought makeup from a store and then they have destroyed the makeup but before it was in the store it was tested on animals and that’s just discussing because animals could have gotten killed in the making in that makeup 💔❤️😤🤬😡🤬
un known
un known 6 kun oldin
You could have give it to me
Zainab Shirazi
Zainab Shirazi 7 kun oldin
I love makeup too this was so emotional and such a waste 😭
Milk Cipher
Milk Cipher 7 kun oldin
(Secretly she loves this.)
Leslie Lundquist
Leslie Lundquist 7 kun oldin
$142 wasted
Amber Rizqin
Amber Rizqin 8 kun oldin
Idk why but i want to destroy makeup since i was little
Sunny Narwhal
Sunny Narwhal 8 kun oldin
*"My heart skips a beat whenever I see makeup."* **walks into sephora** *has heart attack*
Lucielle Guevara
Lucielle Guevara 8 kun oldin
I get you sister
dani b
dani b 8 kun oldin
Moon Girl xoxo
Moon Girl xoxo 8 kun oldin
Tbh I don’t like these video because they spend over $100 dollars on makeup that’s going to be destroyed but they won’t give Hannah (wine mom or worlds ok-est mom) some money to make a video?
Suzineeya 8 kun oldin
I love destroying everything so this was satisying
Ian Booth
Ian Booth 8 kun oldin
To be honest it’s funny to see her SAD BOIIIIIIIIII 🦉
CRYSTAL IVE 8 kun oldin
There Weakness Rlly huh.....? Ooohhh Revenge to sister hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!😈😈😈😎😎😎 mah sis is a make up lover
GirlDreamy365 8 kun oldin
Why does it look sooooooo it’s satisfying...
Krystyna Luna
Krystyna Luna 9 kun oldin
ngl but when she destroyed the too faced highlighter, it was slightly satisfying
Avi Du rand
Avi Du rand 9 kun oldin
Oh ya u can waste this much money but can't spare a dollar for a man on the streets livening out of a bot like wtf
Avi Du rand
Avi Du rand 9 kun oldin
That's what people do when they have a lot of money
PeterPlayz 9 kun oldin
Hacks: Wear red lipstick they make ur teeth look whiter(sources buzzfeed)
Jade Wilder
Jade Wilder 9 kun oldin
Painful to watch but kinda satisfying
DisappearingTacos 10 kun oldin
I love makeup I wear makeup everyday! :D
Aide Garcia Diaz
Aide Garcia Diaz 10 kun oldin
Lmao people are angry saying they could have gone to someone who can't afford it. C'mon its *makeup" . It's not like it's food...
The Sophie Things
The Sophie Things 10 kun oldin
Why do people spend like 30, 40, and between 50 Dollars just for makeup! Like dude!
Jasmine Solomons
Jasmine Solomons 10 kun oldin
What was the point of this video
DeathPool Warrior Cats!
Zhi Ning Peh
Zhi Ning Peh 10 kun oldin
I hope she managed to repot some
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh 11 kun oldin
That is such a pretty palette. 💐
As a makeup lover, 😭❤️
Thomas u. Elementary Tv
Niamh MacDonalc
Niamh MacDonalc 11 kun oldin
I would love to do this....... If I didn’t have to pay for the make up
Nails Ideas
Nails Ideas 11 kun oldin
Where I live MAC lipstick are 36 dollars
Matilda Muller
Matilda Muller 11 kun oldin
Well that was a waste of time, makeup and money
Sofía Hénault
Sofía Hénault 11 kun oldin
Seriously what was the point of this video
Ava J
Ava J 12 kun oldin
When she started doing the eye shadow it hurt! The eye shadow was so pretty!
david Prenaj
david Prenaj 12 kun oldin
Tbh this video feels like an asmr video to me lol
kokopops 12 kun oldin
This video is trash
Kavita Mohindra
Kavita Mohindra 12 kun oldin
0:23 that laughter though
Sarah Addagada
Sarah Addagada 13 kun oldin
This is new age medieval torture... Millennial torture?
Jazmine ' s hamster
Jazmine ' s hamster 13 kun oldin
I cringed at clinique
Yamilette Murillow
Yamilette Murillow 13 kun oldin
I showed this to my mom and when she saw the makeup getting destroyed she started crying and her face got all black cause of her makeup I said GIRLS CHILL
Kassidy Ali
Kassidy Ali 13 kun oldin
* *shows mom video* * *Mom* : *who's cleanin all that up?!*
Rhielle Everet
Rhielle Everet 13 kun oldin
Omg I would love to do that except that shits expensive
Areesha Azam
Areesha Azam 13 kun oldin
Shravya Neniraj
Shravya Neniraj 13 kun oldin
poor make up 😣😣😣😣
Tina Smith
Tina Smith 14 kun oldin
For me this is a dream
glcssi TV
glcssi TV 14 kun oldin
why couldn’t you just but drugstore makeup?
Maia B
Maia B 14 kun oldin
They spent $136.5 for her to destroy good makeup
Your Local Doggo
Your Local Doggo 14 kun oldin
Tbh this was satisfying. .w. dont kill me
Kyla Henry
Kyla Henry 14 kun oldin
*_slowly dying inside_*
sophia 0_0
sophia 0_0 14 kun oldin
random user that wastes your time
Rubbing red lipstick on a white table......
Icecream cones1581
Icecream cones1581 14 kun oldin
This girl cannot stop saying formula
Icecream cones1581
Icecream cones1581 14 kun oldin
Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dionna Bunn
Dionna Bunn 14 kun oldin
" formula"
Sophie Milich
Sophie Milich 15 kun oldin
Wtf someone took time effort and life to make that... that’s so sad... what a waist
supercool_ me
supercool_ me 15 kun oldin
can you do "A person who despises makeup destroys makeup" or "a person who despises makeup puts on a full face of it (makeup)"
Mursal Omar
Mursal Omar 15 kun oldin
I feel bad for her , but it was really satisfing
Jimver DeLea
Jimver DeLea 15 kun oldin
It’s me Me
It’s me Me 15 kun oldin
And then global warming was born
Maryfer Uribe
Maryfer Uribe 16 kun oldin
Why you had to do that
Meica Wyatt: make MORE!!!
I would honestly have so much fun doing this
I dunno
I dunno 16 kun oldin
lots of people can't afford expensive makeup and you just sit and waste loads of money and makeup
Ралица Иванова
I feel so bad for the anastasia palette because i want this one but can’t get it here in Bulgaria...
living meme
living meme 16 kun oldin
i love makeup and this gave me a heart attack
mya dimarco
mya dimarco 18 kun oldin
I needed to look away for the highlighter
Sugar _ Tubes
Sugar _ Tubes 18 kun oldin
Sorta satisfying 🤣
Maria Rojas
Maria Rojas 19 kun oldin
I'm so heart broken 💔💔
rclbeauty101 101
rclbeauty101 101 20 kun oldin
No offense but i can tell her hair is greasy
Jade Lyons
Jade Lyons 20 kun oldin
I hope she gets paid $100
Galaxy girl
Galaxy girl 20 kun oldin
I have always wanted to DESTROY makeup idk why cause I even use it
Dream_Killer56 7
Dream_Killer56 7 20 kun oldin
RIP the white desk😂
siracha sauce
siracha sauce 20 kun oldin
Ammara Omarshah
Ammara Omarshah 20 kun oldin
I enjoyed watching this 😎
momon reads
momon reads 21 kun oldin
Poor cissy
iiSparklez To2ii
iiSparklez To2ii 21 kun oldin
Yt Pl
Yt Pl 21 kun oldin
Waste of good makeup
CaseyTheGamerGirl 02
I feel so sad when she is broken the makeup 😭😭
Τhe gir! with the sung!asses
It is so hard... ..
Inas Bengrad
Inas Bengrad 22 kun oldin
roses are red violets are blue i liked m comment cause no one will do
BahanaNahana 22 kun oldin
What was even the point of this video?
its animehgal
its animehgal 23 kun oldin
This is physical pain for her XD
Ruth Burns
Ruth Burns 23 kun oldin
This is just a waste of money
SUgA KoOkIe 24 kun oldin
I wanna eat the makeup. I'm weird ik.
Shahd Ali
Shahd Ali 24 kun oldin
So hurtful how did she do it I’m not a makeup lover and I can’t do it
Fragile Jam
Fragile Jam 25 kun oldin
Why XD
stella owens
stella owens 25 kun oldin
This hurt me
Ava Hanley
Ava Hanley 25 kun oldin
I would have asked to keep the eyeshadow brush that came with the palette