Makeup Lovers Try All-Natural Makeup For A Week

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"You could lick my face if you wanted!"
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Multicolored motion gradient background with seamless loop repeating in 60 Fps
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Thank you to Susie Wang and 100% PURE! www.100percentpure.com/



11-May, 2018

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Alexa Graves
Alexa Graves 3 soat oldin
But like how much is it
Ashley Italio
Ashley Italio Kun oldin
that black girl slays the game
Ashley Italio
Ashley Italio Kun oldin
when that white women took her makeup off she looked like a whole other person
Urmy Bashir
Urmy Bashir 4 kun oldin
Who came here for Alix 😍
Koala_Stephys Stephys
I will check the price first :D
Thayla May
Thayla May 5 kun oldin
RMS Beauty is a great natural brand for anyone interested 😁
Twixie 7 kun oldin
Thought they meant the look, not the product.
kadecer 8 kun oldin
They use "natural" and "organic" very interchangeably when that's not really the case. The brand 100%Pure is a natural brand, NOT organic
1Isbel 11 kun oldin
I love natural makeup, to bad I can't afford it,
aubrey Aubrey
aubrey Aubrey 13 kun oldin
Dude her eyebrows are green!! Sequoas did but all the rest of the makeup looked flawless on her edit: she said she likes the eyebrows?? Girl they are green!!
Camila John
Camila John 14 kun oldin
I always wear all natural makeup 🙌
ADELLA BOSEY 14 kun oldin
If an organic makeup company has a good range of colors that compliment melanin then yes I will buy
Liyana Garcia
Liyana Garcia 14 kun oldin
lilphilphil 14 kun oldin
What do you think my makeup is made out of? Guy: Uhh.. Don't say bugs. 😂😂 I love boys
Michelle Alvarez
Michelle Alvarez 16 kun oldin
Organic hair care please !!
Marvi Shah
Marvi Shah 16 kun oldin
Sabrina Wolcott
Sabrina Wolcott 17 kun oldin
They did that girl dirty when they zoomed in on her lips when she was applying lipstick
Laura Elisa Sánchez
Idk why people keep saying 'All natural'. I mean, chemicals are natural too haha
multifandom uaena
multifandom uaena 18 kun oldin
I see alex so i click
Karla Reyes
Karla Reyes 21 kun oldin
This store have Website?
Nguyen Minh Phuong
Nguyen Minh Phuong 21 kun oldin
"I'm often wrong so.." gurl same😂
roka Tarek
roka Tarek Oy oldin
Don't say bugs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Megan Jones
Megan Jones Oy oldin
I 💖 Alix sm!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖
Nala’s Lyfe
Nala’s Lyfe Oy oldin
Why does one of the girls look orange when she’s putting on makeup. That lighting is terrible on her.
Katie •
Katie • Oy oldin
So funny how much is spent on makeup and most people looking at you wouldn’t see the difference between expensive and cheap
Christy Harshbarger
I actually had a organic mascara. It separated really weirdly and gained a very strong sugary smell. It was weird!
Katrina Iniguez
Does anyone else think the bronzer looks muddy 🤔
Harjoban OwO
Harjoban OwO Oy oldin
Who’s the hot Asian guy at 5:55 ❤️🥰
G Behl
G Behl Oy oldin
Alix and nikkietutorials could be sisters😋
Fatima Oy oldin
Sequoia’s makeup looked so good 😍😍
Samantha Madronio
What happen to the white girl?
Enkhzul Erdeneshoo
Hi I’m sequoia I’m a makeup addict cringe already 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮
Naomi Clouden
Naomi Clouden Oy oldin
What about flies and bugs n stuff. Would they be attracted to fruit extracts? 🤔
Jessica Bowen
Jessica Bowen Oy oldin
The blonde is so funny....Awesome video
Amani D.
Amani D. Oy oldin
Sequoia is who I aspire to be😂frfr
heyitsnonaa 2 oy oldin
“Since I now know all these facts That I wish I didn’t know”😂😂😂😂i felt that statement
Masha Kovalchuk
Masha Kovalchuk 2 oy oldin
6:18 mood And she is damn stunning😍
Gabriellah Rios
Gabriellah Rios 2 oy oldin
I love 100% pure products. The only issue I came across is finding a shade for myself
aeronelise 2 oy oldin
What is this lip color called cause I NEED IT
GlobalTubeTruth 2 oy oldin
We are looking for new representatives for our complete line of cosmetics and wellness products. Contact us at 4naturalgreen@gmail.com or call 831-747-0200 for more information. We manufacture in America and need reps here but we also need international representatives. Contact us and get started today!!
H C 2 oy oldin
Sequoia looks 100% with or without the makeup. I couldn't tell when or when she didn't have it on
Anna D'Amore
Anna D'Amore 2 oy oldin
it’s Alix from tasty! 😍
I'm allergic to many fruits and some vegetables so I could *never* do this
Daniela 2 oy oldin
I've been using 100% Pure Cosmetics for a few years and I love their stuff!!
Sarah Ca
Sarah Ca 2 oy oldin
is that delamo mall
Shona rocks
Shona rocks 2 oy oldin
That blonde girl sounds so much like sapna pabbi❤
Unique Productions
Kenyada Haye
Kenyada Haye 2 oy oldin
Best skincare on earth!!
HEY STOB IT 2 oy oldin
When people with brown hair or brown dyed eyebrows are like: “My eyebrows don’t exist without makeup” and I’m sitting here with blonde hair and I’m like: ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
Neida Chavez
Neida Chavez 2 oy oldin
Alix is gorgeous I love her, she is honestly goals
Shanise W
Shanise W 2 oy oldin
Why did I think the thumbnail said orange makeup😂😂
What about eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow? We only saw foundation, lipstick, and eyebrows.
hi Dhami
hi Dhami 3 oy oldin
The time look so pretty 😙😍
Alaa Atari
Alaa Atari 3 oy oldin
4:11 im a makeup artist and hearing that physically hurt my brain....
Dana Korkola
Dana Korkola 3 oy oldin
I love that they pick the prettiest girls like wow
NikkieH14 3 oy oldin
I totally misunderstand the title😂♥️
Taiga AJ
Taiga AJ 3 oy oldin
Blond one look better and younger without makeup
Yulissa Canela
Yulissa Canela 3 oy oldin
Dang that girl said she had no eyebrows I have no eyebrows you lucky
Mesa Life
Mesa Life 3 oy oldin
I recently pitched all my make up and only buy "clean" makeup now. Ilia, and Jane Iredale are a couple favorites. If most people knew what chemicals were in the products they use, they would seriously be more cautious. Endocrine disruptors and carcinogens like crazy. The skin absorbs everything, so choose wisely. The best beauty is Health in the long run.
RinaVictor 3 oy oldin
I'm transitioning over to organic makeup since it is so good. I'm still looking for local organic cosmetics here in my country since the "known" cosmetics one is really good. My skin has been better since then. At least have the foundation, powder and lip gloss in your collection. It will serve you well!
Ranya Ry
Ranya Ry 4 oy oldin
Alix is so cute ..her laugh 😀😍
Vesa Hasani
Vesa Hasani 4 oy oldin
Alyx in the thumbnail is slaying my life😍😍😍😍
Amani D.
Amani D. 4 oy oldin
Okay why is no one commenting on that one girl looking straight up yellow🤔😂😂 I mean I don't know if it was the lighting or not but it's kind of scary
Astria Lucet
Astria Lucet 4 oy oldin
please don't say bugs 😂😂😂
melody whend
melody whend 4 oy oldin
Do you think it's possible like uzvid.com/video/video-1inJuv59uQo.html that non-organic makeup can stain our skin?
TheSnyf 4 oy oldin
Alix, my looooove ❤️
ether stars
ether stars 4 oy oldin
Is this ad lmao
Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole 5 oy oldin
The contour at 6:35......
Cassidy Green
Cassidy Green 5 oy oldin
Sorry but the background music was SUPER distracting. Cool video concept, but I just couldn't focus!!
Lauren Garcia
Lauren Garcia 5 oy oldin
Maille Kimble
Maille Kimble 5 oy oldin
I have Sequoia's sweater lol
Tasmina Kate
Tasmina Kate 5 oy oldin
I made the switch to organic makeup a few months ago when I discovered a local and decently priced organic brand. It improved my skin drastically, after suffering from alot of acne my breakouts disappeared. The coverage and quality is super impressive. Would definetly recommend organic makeup.
Den Forgo
Den Forgo 5 oy oldin
Where is that store at is it in Georgia
CherryJuli 5 oy oldin
Actually, not everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into the body. It really depends on the chemical components.
Emilia Lucyy
Emilia Lucyy 5 oy oldin
They’re both so beautiful
haileyxin 5 oy oldin
The thing is many people are open to organic products. The problems are 1. Availability 2. Price. I don't know about other countries but that's the main problem that we have. I love makeup so much and I would love to try organic ones. Except that I have those problems
Rosetta Wu
Rosetta Wu 5 oy oldin
I actually like them no-makeup makeup look, cause 1 you don't look fake and 2 I can actually wear it in class without the teachers knowing
Josie Howell
Josie Howell 5 oy oldin
both of these ladies are so beautiful!
Kyla Fuller
Kyla Fuller 5 oy oldin
My issue with makeup is that it's all kind of expensive. I would definitely go organic if it looked good.
Kristina w
Kristina w 6 oy oldin
Most of my makeup is organic and i am 14 years old.
wenwenjzx 6 oy oldin
I c alix i click lmao
Stefy Stefany
Stefy Stefany 6 oy oldin
im kinda wondering now how does it taste?
Stefy Stefany
Stefy Stefany 6 oy oldin
this brand haven't go through a lot of country yet ryt? i want to try it out TT-TT
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel 6 oy oldin
Sequoia is so beautiful!
Hannah Polizzi
Hannah Polizzi 6 oy oldin
okay was the girl at 6:37 the girl who played Valerie on Riverdale orrrr???
scary muffin
scary muffin 6 oy oldin
in europe we have a brand called alverde and their makeup is organic and has drugstore prices
Dahlia AL
Dahlia AL 6 oy oldin
ashlie 6 oy oldin
how expensive is it tho..? cause if she's about sephora range i'm about to get rid of all my current makeup and switch to pure
Madz sings
Madz sings 6 oy oldin
Isn't the blonde girl one of the producers from tasty
Sweeticing 2002
Sweeticing 2002 6 oy oldin
The black girl looked so pretty in the organic makeup 😍😍
Madi Tanner
Madi Tanner 6 oy oldin
YASS 100% PURE! This is the store! Their coffee eye cream is so awesome and their semi-matte cocoa butter lipsticks are so beautiful!! Also, two other great brands are Red Apple Lipstick, and RMS. RMS is great too. Rose-Marie Swift is the founder and she also is a Victoria Secret makeup artist!!
Valeria Azua
Valeria Azua 6 oy oldin
Omg I’m checking out this brand!!!
Vegan With Love
Vegan With Love 6 oy oldin
They're such beauties😍😍and funny and so kind😍
December Hartsfield
Is it just me or is Alex’s contour kinda muddy?
Claire 6 oy oldin
I only use Urban Decay, which is cruelty-free and vegan. ❤️🐰
Melinda Mayer
Melinda Mayer 6 oy oldin
She literally put on yellow foundation like that's not the right color stop
Hanna Perri
Hanna Perri 6 oy oldin
I would love to try organic makeup! 💄💋
Natalee Denlinger
I feel like Sequoia was trying way too hard to hate it at the beginning. The foundation matched her perfectly
shaquille steinback
I'm all for natural products but theres like no glitter or bright colors here I'm so bored 😩
mallory_claire 4
mallory_claire 4 6 oy oldin
Who else thought alix’s face look super uneven and patchy?... idk maybe it was the lighting
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