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HI SISTERS! Apple just dropped the brand new iPhone X and one of the biggest features on the phone is the new Face ID, which unlocks your phone using only your face. Some are excited, but some people are super nervous about it, so today I decided to pick up a phone for myself and put the iPhone X to the test. Watch as I try to cheat the system & test out how much makeup I can put on before it won't unlock for my face anymore! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 2 soat oldin
Omfg you look 2 years oldddd
Hanging out with Huck
By 8:55 i didn’t know it was you
Kathy Monzon
Kathy Monzon 9 soat oldin
At my school i will literally scream “hi sisters” and they say “hi sis” lmao it sounds cringy but in real life it’s cool
Grace’s World
Grace’s World 11 soat oldin
If doesn’t matter if you have makeup on it focus’s on the bones in your face
Casey Christie
Casey Christie 18 soat oldin
I know I'm commenting this really late and the new iPhone xs is out but it dosent us the camara to look at ur face and unlock its like little projected projecting Dots on. ur face and the longer u use it the more it's learns ur face so please do another video on this and instead try to unlock the phone then do ur makeup witc has me sister shook and then unlock it
Malahni Roemen
Malahni Roemen 19 soat oldin
You are just like me or I'm just like you but only one way i guess is how you can say that whait what uh anyways i talk fast to when i do my makeup when i talk or whan i have to give presentation at school
Katie Hudgins
Katie Hudgins Kun oldin
0:29 me when my friend tells a really lame joke
Harriet Watts
Harriet Watts Kun oldin
Hey sis you look amazing as always xxx I think that foundation is a good match if him did a slightly darker shade xxx you are a 👸 queen xxx
Kit Melton
Kit Melton Kun oldin
Your thumbnail is a whole mood...
Maggie G
Maggie G Kun oldin
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle I'm not doing that lol
DHawk Kun oldin
Can someone explain to me why did they skip iphone nine I didn’t understand
madeline pierre
madeline pierre Kun oldin
Ok I’m sister confused?! I was thinking and.. Do you wear makeup to school?🤪
Squishie Kittie
Squishie Kittie Kun oldin
To be fair.....
Pëwdìëpíē 666
8:16 *miranda sings wants to know your location*
Miruna Cristiana Grigoras
Love you James😍😍😍
Antonella Villacreses
He kinda looks like Troye sivan
freskkie .e
freskkie .e 2 kun oldin
*jeffree saw james using kat von d’s make-up* Jeffree: dont you ever dare collab with me ever again
2girlswithcurls _
2girlswithcurls _ 2 kun oldin
Why does James look like a 14 year old boy in the thumbnail
Hellen Williamson
Hellen Williamson 3 kun oldin
He looks good with and without makeup
Izzy O’Gorman
Izzy O’Gorman 3 kun oldin
Annie Ella
Annie Ella 3 kun oldin
You must try not to open your eye
Anayiah Johnson
Anayiah Johnson 4 kun oldin
U did not do eye shadow
mc meatpuppet
mc meatpuppet 4 kun oldin
Back when James had more accurate foundation
Izzyofficial 4 kun oldin
I love dem lashes
Lienne Casey
Lienne Casey 4 kun oldin
Kathleen Curlew
Kathleen Curlew 6 kun oldin
I think you should have tried contacts on ur eyes I feel like it would not work as u have tried everything else
Sandra Lindalen
Sandra Lindalen 6 kun oldin
9:32 you have liked your own picture??😂
biggiams 6 kun oldin
always makes my life great
Tahlia D
Tahlia D 6 kun oldin
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle HA I GOT YOU
Charlotte Diedrick
Charlotte Diedrick 6 kun oldin
All James needed was a twin. The dolan twins had got their hands on an X on the first day and the phone was compleatly fooled they can get in to each others phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanner Is The Bug
Tanner Is The Bug 7 kun oldin
How about a video?
The Pøtatø King
The Pøtatø King 7 kun oldin
Just a bit of a tip, I turn up my volume (I'm on desktop) to 50 because you're videos are quieter than any other video I would watch. You should get a more sensitive microphone because yours is very quiet.
Brooke Austin7
Brooke Austin7 7 kun oldin
8:33 Miranda sings never heard of her
Nathaniel Kat
Nathaniel Kat 8 kun oldin
7:34 now that’s a sister echo
Jenna Schmidt
Jenna Schmidt 8 kun oldin
Who else is watching this in2019
Milee Travis
Milee Travis 8 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Catie Cute
Catie Cute 8 kun oldin
James Charles bio:Lets be bffs Me:*messages James 1million times*SISTER WHERE IS MY TEXT BACK
ScienceInSchools 8 kun oldin
Omg when I looked at that contour I burst out laughing But James I don't want to be rude when saying that it is just so different from Ur normal approach. Not saying U can't be different tho. Xoxo
Tiffany Serene
Tiffany Serene 8 kun oldin
Looking gorgeous girl
Samantha Gomez
Samantha Gomez 8 kun oldin
It works based off your bone structure
Thatonegirl 233
Thatonegirl 233 8 kun oldin
My only question is if I had a twin sister would it recognize her
Morgan Rand
Morgan Rand 7 kun oldin
Thatonegirl 233 yes
Rose Mae
Rose Mae 9 kun oldin
Sunglasses don’t work you not same wit them on apparently
Alice Goudge
Alice Goudge 9 kun oldin
Y know it scans your retinas+iris
Itzyourgirlcookie !
You are so pretty without makeup 😍😍😍👌❤️😘 your eyes are so crystal blue :3💙
Ioana Giurgiu
Ioana Giurgiu 9 kun oldin
What's the number of that contour brush?
Fangirl 06
Fangirl 06 9 kun oldin
The iPhone X scans ur bone structure so makeup doesn’t make a difference cuz it doesn’t change ur skull,just thought I would tell y’all.LOVE U SISTERS
Jordan Britz
Jordan Britz 9 kun oldin
The iPhone 10 is based on face structure, so you need a lot of makeup
Kylie Grace
Kylie Grace 9 kun oldin
Face ID scans your eyes and face shape! I think you should try a different eye color or something! Love you vids and your personality!❤️
JellyMan 200
JellyMan 200 9 kun oldin
Stop trying to act like a girl everyone knows your 💩a boy
Ariel Tobar
Ariel Tobar 10 kun oldin
Jullyane Almeida
Jullyane Almeida 10 kun oldin
the phone id is based on your eyes not your face
Vanna Logan
Vanna Logan 10 kun oldin
Is it just me or when we see old videos doesn't any like o my God he's like a baby
MissGrace4 10 kun oldin
I really want you to make up Ian to look as much like you as possible, and then see if you can fool the faceid.
Trista Brunner
Trista Brunner 10 kun oldin
Sister james I love you from the bottom of my heart and hope someday to meet you I always try your tutorials you are the most talented person I've ever known you should be like sister Bob Ross Love you sister❤❤❤❤❤❤ That was really heartfelt
LpsReesiePieces _07
LpsReesiePieces _07 11 kun oldin
I would cry if you replied to my comment! ❤️😭 I love you soooo much
Johanne K. Jørgensen
The worste is that you are pretty whit that makeup look
Medy Vlog
Medy Vlog 11 kun oldin
Sooo cool
Crazii Wolff
Crazii Wolff 11 kun oldin
*lIkE ThOse blUe LipS* =_=
Russ Harvey
Russ Harvey 11 kun oldin
I have the iPhone 10 XR
Jenna Brewer
Jenna Brewer 11 kun oldin
I think you should add latex to your face and see if it still recognizes it.
cElEsTeP P
cElEsTeP P 11 kun oldin
The reason it recognises you no matter how much colour or makeup you put on you is because the camera would use light beams to go around your face to find the 3D face shape, not the colour. If you put on prosthetics, then it won’t recognise you either
Janell Navarro
Janell Navarro 11 kun oldin
5:09 Dolan Twins shook
Alois Trancy {Juuzou}
XDDDD Sister James, youre so shook. Lmfao
Bere Arellano
Bere Arellano 12 kun oldin
LOVE YA ♥️♥️
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell 12 kun oldin
*the Dolan twins are SHOOK* Ilysm sister James ❤️
Rebecca Holmes
Rebecca Holmes 12 kun oldin
Ian not allowed instagram
Bella Bananas
Bella Bananas 12 kun oldin
Yasssss is queeeeen
Frances Davies
Frances Davies 12 kun oldin
when you want to open your phone at a massive party or something and it doesn't recognize you with make up so you have to scrub off your make up to get it unlocked 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
tovilovis 12 kun oldin
kay. jay. cee.
kay. jay. cee. 12 kun oldin
10:10 "Alright gays,"
CHIUAHUA LOVE 12 kun oldin
correct me if im wrong but i think that a face scanner scans the eyes so that if you face changes it will recognize ur eyes
Sara Studios
Sara Studios 12 kun oldin
James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles James Charles
Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis 12 kun oldin
I'm watching this 10 at night on a school night
Seems Gavin
Seems Gavin 12 kun oldin
The dot projector on the face ID maps out your face structure, not how you you look as in makeup and wigs lol im a nerd
Faith Kelley!!!!
Faith Kelley!!!! 12 kun oldin
Welp. Those doppelgängers gonna have fun on his phone! 😂❤️
Gladys Potter
Gladys Potter 12 kun oldin
9:06 I am sister shocked that James didn't say Sister Stumped
SmileyBlue26 13 kun oldin
James the IPhone learns your face you should have done it at the end 😂
aaliyah mooney
aaliyah mooney 13 kun oldin
you should changed your brow shape it could of helping
Dolphins Are Awesome
The Dolan Twins are QUAKINGG😂😂
Isabelle Janssen
Isabelle Janssen 13 kun oldin
I look for the first time at your video’s and you just talk like super fast😂❤️
The Golden Life
The Golden Life 13 kun oldin
James says the steps as if where gunna do this
Ash Playz
Ash Playz 13 kun oldin
You got no makeup on :o
Alice Wonders
Alice Wonders 13 kun oldin
2019 anyone
Gia Legacy
Gia Legacy 13 kun oldin
You need to do full face of highlighter
Mia Freed
Mia Freed 13 kun oldin
Anyone watching in 2019?😂
Charlottay Leung
Charlottay Leung 13 kun oldin
Why does it always nerve me when he puts on bake poweder, because to me it looks like he forgot to blend
Explorer Cookies
Explorer Cookies 13 kun oldin
This is kinda random but you have really beautiful eyes
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 13 kun oldin
6:38 lol
AstroX Studios
AstroX Studios 13 kun oldin
He’s scared to go out to public but millions are watching this video XD
Zoey Ross
Zoey Ross 13 kun oldin
Isis Arana
Isis Arana 13 kun oldin
8:54 keep on watching trust me 😂😭
Owen Trice
Owen Trice 13 kun oldin
LOL they actually skip nine because it was the 10th anniversary so they wanted it to be up to date with the anniversaries
Darrian Stoneking
Darrian Stoneking 13 kun oldin
Imagine getting up two hours early or more to do you makeup but like by the end James looks good like if i knew how to do my makeup like that I would get up early too lol
Zeng Chen
Zeng Chen 13 kun oldin
Your eye color is the same thing every time you use your new phone 📱!
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 13 kun oldin
ok James i really want you to see senegence because it is a natural makeup that is really good for your skin it is cruelty free and it last all day and is everything proof if you do see this it is a cream to powder but if you put it on right it will look good so if you do end up trying it out my mom sells this stuff could you please order from Rebecca Miller/Radiance by Rebecca/Legends and Unicorns on facebook please do it i think you will really love it
Amani A
Amani A 13 kun oldin
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
Aanya Kollipara
Aanya Kollipara 13 kun oldin
It wasn’t realized in 2017 it was realized in 2018 right?
Abcdefg Hess
Abcdefg Hess 14 kun oldin
It works cause you keep doing it in the video the phone adapts with your face
TheBossOfBread 14 kun oldin
They skipped iPhone 9 because it was 10th anniversary of the iPhone
Sara Lehtinen
Sara Lehtinen 14 kun oldin
Omg i didnt even realise that you overlined your lips so much.. I realised when you started laughing. (I skipped the makeup part xD)