Making a Ring that Subscribes you to PewDiePie & UnSubs T-Series using NFC

Patrick Adair Designs
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In this video, I make a ring out of a custom block of micarta that I made to look like PewDiePie's red and black swirl pattern that he uses frequently. I integrated an NFC chip into the ring and programmed it to subscribe you to PewDiePie and unsubscribe you from T-Series. This video was mostly for fun and to support the C.R.Y. charity, I hope you enjoy it!
My Ring Website: patrickadairdesigns.com/
My Ring Supplies Website: patrickadairsupplies.com/
Instagram: goo.gl/Awvokb
My Personal Instagram: goo.gl/DQAeWR
Facebook: goo.gl/9R3TTX

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5-Yan, 2019



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igor friendfriend
igor friendfriend 26 daqiqa oldin
Alia you could've made the intro b lasagna
ThinkGamer 4 soat oldin
Make More, And Give Away To India, As Faking It If Someone Who's Fans Of T-Series, Gave Them This, But Some OF Their Phone Don't Have NFC Feature, Just Like LG?.. I assume about it
SYANU KESH 7 soat oldin
Why everyone saying to unsubscribe t series, its also a good youtube channel
Onyx Gamin'
Onyx Gamin' 9 soat oldin
Any deals....
Onyx Gamin'
Onyx Gamin' 9 soat oldin
I will buy that ring for 31699999464946418618136161914681618131913191616292$
SuperSaood 14 soat oldin
The intro is godly
Me 16 soat oldin
The only thing that i wonder about this ring is the battery how is it charged?
Maths are my ruler
Maths are my ruler 17 soat oldin
My respects for this gentlemen
The Lego Dude!
The Lego Dude! Kun oldin
They should make a lord of the pewdipie rings
Shubham Malla
Shubham Malla Kun oldin
Secretly distribute this ring to an Indian 7 year old
Cole Futher
Cole Futher Kun oldin
10:17 for the ending results
BraxLinc Kun oldin
Next vid: making a ring that deletes t T-gays channel
caleb the cool
caleb the cool Kun oldin
Keep doing what you're doing
Kyle Nicholson
Kyle Nicholson Kun oldin
Dear Leader
Dear Leader Kun oldin
You should run around a big city wearing that
Micah on The mic
When i get married im gonna use that ring
Micah on The mic
And make it more red
Rip FilthyFrank
Rip FilthyFrank Kun oldin
What a legend.
Do a tutorial on how to make this
Ice 487
Ice 487 Kun oldin
This is it. Our final stand. It's time to use the big guns. It's time for the... *_SECRET WEAPON_*
Ice 487
Ice 487 Kun oldin
We need more of there things.
Sameh doll
Sameh doll 2 kun oldin
beware T_series is on to you
The Legendary Dominus
that intro.....
Anime Moments
Anime Moments 2 kun oldin
Nathan Heller
Nathan Heller 2 kun oldin
Take this to India
Thomas Bendure
Thomas Bendure 2 kun oldin
"Carefully, he's a hero."
Liezel Amante
Liezel Amante 2 kun oldin
the intro sounds (memereview)
Tilted Animations
Tilted Animations 2 kun oldin
Do next with a glove. If you are just walking up to a friend and arw just like *Click with a ring then you look weird. If you use a glove you could just be like. Oh hey have you seen this. And grab the phone and it looks less suspicious
Smooth OG
Smooth OG 2 kun oldin
*how much for*
Mr oof
Mr oof 2 kun oldin
This man Is a god
Tailos, le Maître Chasseur
Is that piratage ? Is it illegal ?
X4N3 GAMING 2 kun oldin
@PewDiePie look
ItzMighty Roberto
ItzMighty Roberto 2 kun oldin
Amazing. A hacking ring.
blacc egg
blacc egg 2 kun oldin
When your wedding ring doesn’t make your gf marry you *true t series supporter*
Saad Khan
Saad Khan 2 kun oldin
These contain don't care t series
Gaming Time
Gaming Time 2 kun oldin
the red and black swirl is actually lasagna
Gamer Child
Gamer Child 2 kun oldin
Well t will win
joman27 Ω
joman27 Ω 2 kun oldin
Make a Ring (with a Software that is pasting a saved Text, words/symbols) , that unlocks your account (if you typed the password on the software) without typing. ;D Or simplified:
TEKES FPS 2 kun oldin
t series wins never subscribe to pewdiepie
samuel ring
samuel ring 3 kun oldin
One ring to rule them all One ring to find them One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
Dark_ Tech
Dark_ Tech 3 kun oldin
this is how pew got this many subs 💩💩
Arya Monga
Arya Monga 3 kun oldin
Marc Correa
Marc Correa 3 kun oldin
Why does PewDiePie need my help? Isn't he a racist? Lmao
Kane Aguirre
Kane Aguirre 3 kun oldin
just give it to pewdepie :)
Banky Hayes
Banky Hayes 3 kun oldin
Are they for sale????
ELBOXY #1 3 kun oldin
9-year olds: soldiers 10-year olds: Captains 11: Commanders 12: Generals. PEWDIEPIE: Leader.
*0毒性0* 3 kun oldin
Take it to India
Itzgamer 95617
Itzgamer 95617 3 kun oldin
Can I buy one?
Mustafa Kaloshi
Mustafa Kaloshi 3 kun oldin
On a wedding we have free wifi let me put the password 😂😂
Kxtie :3
Kxtie :3 3 kun oldin
u can be really rich with that ring if u sell it for like millions of dollars or maybe like 150k dollars?
LEEMON 3 kun oldin
I want to buy it
King 3 kun oldin
Love the intro xdxd
Yashaswi Kulshreshtha
dislike comment to let not win pewdiepie
Yashaswi Kulshreshtha
I have the Seen the most beautiful dream, i could ever see, that is insome days pewdiepie is gonna loose
didżej aleks
didżej aleks 3 kun oldin
Importantbeagle 2035
How much would it cost?
Min Yoongi Gummy Smile
How about deleting t series UZvid channel 😂😅😁 Since t series is ahead to pewdiepie 😭
bossmaster767 4 kun oldin
He should run around at just pop it on everyones fingers, just boom boom boom subscribed
Mystery Animation
Mystery Animation 4 kun oldin
How much for the ring???!!!?!?!
BushDid911 4 kun oldin
Traitor you didn't add a link to pewdiepies channel
Ghosty_play Z
Ghosty_play Z 4 kun oldin
Sub to pewd or i will call the fbi to open up
Ghosty_play Z
Ghosty_play Z 4 kun oldin
T series are a b**ch lasagna
Jenson Burmeister
Jenson Burmeister 4 kun oldin
what if they dont have an account and what if they have multiple accounts
Michael_TV 4 kun oldin
thats lot legit to hack people cheating people is not nice
Алексей Закаблуков
Now give this to some indian
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy 4 kun oldin
This is what PewDiePie proposed with...
tyrone's hugots
tyrone's hugots 4 kun oldin
BTS means beat t series
Infamous TV
Infamous TV 2 kun oldin
tyrone's hugots it’s also means behind the scenes, bang tang songyeondan, bangtang boys, and many other
Merjun Amoncio
Merjun Amoncio 4 kun oldin
It did not
Little Chady
Little Chady 4 kun oldin
Go to india so that would make use because tseries is 2 thousand subs ahead of pewds
Fresh Avocado
Fresh Avocado 4 kun oldin
I wish PewDiePie will react to this.
Mini Superheroes
Mini Superheroes 4 kun oldin
The intro doe
Angel Squad
Angel Squad 4 kun oldin
Where can I get that
*He cares to put a meme at the end*
Jen Jimenez
Jen Jimenez 4 kun oldin
Wow people actually paid attention during tech class
another piranha for smash???
A true hero has risen
Shed Sky
Shed Sky 4 kun oldin
You should make millions of these
Connection 4 kun oldin
dont let T-Series get a hold of that
Tech Tube
Tech Tube 4 kun oldin
Sušenka s nutelou
Sušenka s nutelou 4 kun oldin
It's not bad to subscribe to t-series It's bad to say that t-series should be the number one
Fat Letterman
Fat Letterman 4 kun oldin
Where can I buy?
oliver brown
oliver brown 4 kun oldin
Saurons ring is used for good purposes :-)
Victoria Lepingwell
This company are ridiculous. Took my money start of December told me 4-6 weeks. After multiple emails and excuses it is nearly April and no rings. Had to open a PayPal dispute to get refund. Don't be fooled by their Facebook they delete and ban any unhappy customers.
Edward Tomlinson
Edward Tomlinson 4 kun oldin
Anyone else here after pewdiepie was overtaken
Sol Guendogdu
Sol Guendogdu 4 kun oldin
Damn you’re a genius
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts 4 kun oldin
Where did he get the nfc chip from
Nico06 · Nicodoff
Nico06 · Nicodoff 4 kun oldin
0:01 pewdie-a is born
Derpy Citron Ball
Derpy Citron Ball 4 kun oldin
Give it to mrbeast and PewDiePie will win
GOD KID 4 kun oldin
We need Mr.Beast to mass produce this and Ship it to India and so the real battle will begin
Itz Kasper! meow
Itz Kasper! meow 4 kun oldin
I just unsubscribed to you . I am from India
arborne17 4 kun oldin
goddamn hero
Gigglecakes :D
Gigglecakes :D 4 kun oldin
Pewds need this
Arham AKH
Arham AKH 4 kun oldin
it is fake
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain 4 kun oldin
So this is how pewdiepie gains subs
Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan 4 kun oldin
T series subscribers are only in india while Felix have all over the world.
Julija Vodanov
Julija Vodanov 4 kun oldin
Intro: meme meme review meme meme meme meme review
Shashank Naik
Shashank Naik 4 kun oldin
I am sure u go to hell
Ian Nordlund
Ian Nordlund 5 kun oldin
A new kickstarter!!!
Fesh 228
Fesh 228 5 kun oldin
Step 1 : Go to India Step 2 : Find people Step 3 : Attack their phones
Wabnb _
Wabnb _ 5 kun oldin
go to nyc with it lol
ツHidTheBush 5 kun oldin
Sell that ring for free boi
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