Making a Ring that Subscribes you to PewDiePie & UnSubs T-Series using NFC

Patrick Adair Designs
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In this video, I make a ring out of a custom block of micarta that I made to look like PewDiePie's red and black swirl pattern that he uses frequently. I integrated an NFC chip into the ring and programmed it to subscribe you to PewDiePie and unsubscribe you from T-Series. This video was mostly for fun and to support the C.R.Y. charity, I hope you enjoy it!
HERE'S THE LINK TO THE CHARITY RAFFLE: patrickadairdesigns.com/pages/pewdiepiecharityraffle

My Ring Website: patrickadairdesigns.com/
My Ring Supplies Website: patrickadairsupplies.com/
Instagram: goo.gl/Awvokb
My Personal Instagram: goo.gl/DQAeWR
Facebook: goo.gl/9R3TTX

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5-Yan, 2019

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Patrick Adair Designs
Hey guys, I'm doing a raffle for the ring in this video where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to CRY (the charity) If you'd like to join, click here: patrickadairdesigns.com/pages/pewdiepiecharityraffle Edit: we’ve already raised $3,000+ dollars! :)
slasher 342
slasher 342 48 daqiqa oldin
Song used in the video is Castles- Jak Like so other people can see
Nebulous Shade
Nebulous Shade 3 soat oldin
I put in 15 tickets (I know I won’t but) I hope I win 🤞🤞🤞
VIJAY SHARMA 8 soat oldin
+CarrotTimeGaming just search for meme review by PewDiePie and scroll it u will find it it's near 30sec
100,000 subs with no videos?
Umm can't I just make this mah self
ẞørn ẞíllìønāirë
paps boyo
paps boyo 7 soniya oldin
I'll take your entire stock
Salvador Viramontes
Salvador Viramontes 8 daqiqa oldin
I subed to pew die pie like a year ago
cxldblxxded 9 daqiqa oldin
w00fers 9 daqiqa oldin
okay youtube i wacthed it
JackAttack SC
JackAttack SC 28 daqiqa oldin
Explain this atheists. If there is no god, then how does this guy exist?
Rowan Carrico
Rowan Carrico 37 daqiqa oldin
B1ackout099 39 daqiqa oldin
Go to India with this ring
slasher 342
slasher 342 48 daqiqa oldin
Song used in the video is Castles- Jak Like so other people can see
Tomas Kibsgaard Larsen
Tomas Kibsgaard Larsen 50 daqiqa oldin
I cringed so hard at 9:50 when you put your finger inside the chuck of a spinning lathe. I would suggest not doing that in the future if you value your finger.
Supreme Solem
Supreme Solem 50 daqiqa oldin
you must make one for me so I can tap peoples phones and tAkE oVeR THe WorlD
PX.MikeHock Soat oldin
Invade. Soat oldin
can u sell these
Sk0dus Stuff
Sk0dus Stuff Soat oldin
make more so i can sub everyone at school
zemongrabber Soat oldin
go to india and give people this ring
Fidel Rangel
Fidel Rangel Soat oldin
First there were nukes now this weapon?
Peter Soat oldin
your gonna need a lot more rings
Ozzie Sanchez
Ozzie Sanchez 2 soat oldin
The 12k dislikes are the ones who go for T-Series...get lost!
Adan Velasquez
Adan Velasquez 2 soat oldin
Evan Scrano
Evan Scrano 2 soat oldin
Cool but can you make one that does the opposite of that?
Sujash Dewanjee
Sujash Dewanjee 2 soat oldin
12k dislikes IN YO FACE
Dheu 2 soat oldin
one ring to rule them all
SilentBeast 2 soat oldin
I subbed to pewdie pie and unsubbed from t series can I pls get a ring ???
DukezRages 2 soat oldin
I don’t need it......I don’t need it!........................I NEEED IT!!!
ChiaraAnimates 2 soat oldin
1000+ respect
ChiaraAnimates 2 soat oldin
Can you please make more for a reasonable price and sell them as merch? I really want it :D it’s beautiful
ChiaraAnimates 2 soat oldin
Can you please make more for a reasonable price and sell them as merch? I really want it :D it’s beautiful
Hentai Queen
Hentai Queen 3 soat oldin
Marry me
FIREY Waterpoison
FIREY Waterpoison 3 soat oldin
82 mil lets go...
Dark and Gothic
Dark and Gothic 3 soat oldin
Amazing concept but who is subscribed to Tseries
Samuel Etzler
Samuel Etzler 3 soat oldin
but how do you unsubscribe from a channel ur not subscribed too?
NBW Red 3 soat oldin
Jack Budden
Jack Budden 3 soat oldin
(Mr beast has entered the chat)
Nicholas Torres
Nicholas Torres 3 soat oldin
yo u should actually make a bunch of these and have it up on a website where people can purchase it without having to enter a raffle. ik for sure i would buy it. Like if u agree 👌👀
Kaitlyn Asher
Kaitlyn Asher 3 soat oldin
I feel like we're sending in spies to T-Series with that ring like a real world war
swiggityswooty27 38
swiggityswooty27 38 3 soat oldin
wait... in the example he was subbed to t-series before he used the ring.
Carter is awesome
Carter is awesome 3 soat oldin
I want 40
Amy AnimateZ
Amy AnimateZ 3 soat oldin
Mr. Beast needs to buy this ring and make a video of walking ups to random people and ask if they can look at their phone.
justin lowry
justin lowry 3 soat oldin
i learned how to make rings in school found this cool :)
Benny Barry
Benny Barry 4 soat oldin
PewDiePie should see this.
desirae Corral
desirae Corral 4 soat oldin
Jesus Uquillas
Jesus Uquillas 4 soat oldin
marian super
marian super 4 soat oldin
This was epic. Moving to the next mem!
No Ketchup. Just Sauce.
Him: *would you marry me?* Him: *shows diamond ring* Her: *no* Him: *shows the Pewdiepie ring* Her: *OMG YES*
Your Average Otaku
Your Average Otaku 4 soat oldin
Not all heroes wear capes
THEREDGAMER 4 soat oldin
All the dislikes are T Series fans
obama sin laden
obama sin laden 4 soat oldin
If you sold these youd make millions
I Tran
I Tran 5 soat oldin
11:05 is the part u want to watch
Can we get to 10,000 subscribers ?????
College: MIT Grades: A++ Degree: *Memeology*
Falcon Plays
Falcon Plays 5 soat oldin
Holy crap i want this
a spai
a spai 5 soat oldin
The perfect wedding gift.
Owlerrz 5 soat oldin
I need that as a marriage ring
AJ's Wonderful World
I bought 1,000,000 entries. I am 99% sure I’ll lose
tik tok on the clok
tik tok on the clok 6 soat oldin
*proposes with it* level 100 boss
Martin Høgh
Martin Høgh 6 soat oldin
TheBadJuju 6 soat oldin
There is no other way to help pewd-
Sam Mitchell
Sam Mitchell 6 soat oldin
Watches intro *Subscribes*
swishy _ fishy
swishy _ fishy 6 soat oldin
I want to see the program :(
Adan Ramirez
Adan Ramirez 7 soat oldin
One ring to rule them all!!!
silent Shu-Shu
silent Shu-Shu 7 soat oldin
The lords work 🤣🤣🤣
Joey Lopata
Joey Lopata 7 soat oldin
May i buy
Twex 7 soat oldin
I think you should just give it to pewdiepie
Dinostorm 55
Dinostorm 55 7 soat oldin
your textile teacher would be proud
micky mcD
micky mcD 7 soat oldin
My thum does a more reliable job
Etuber4 7 soat oldin
you're a legend 👌
Arin Godara
Arin Godara 7 soat oldin
A loyal sub for a long time now.... But Unsubscribed you right after seeing the title... Cause you know it's India vs The World, and we don't give up easily.
Brendan Legault
Brendan Legault 7 soat oldin
Okay. 1. the whole Pewdiepie vs. T-series thing is mostly a joke. This video is made as a joke too. The reason why so many people support Pewdiepie is because he's going to get overthrown by a corporation, and usually we like to go for the underdog, which is in this case pewdiepie. I feel bad that you see it as India vs. the world, but in all honesty, it's the underdog versus the corporation.
calin gheorghe
calin gheorghe 8 soat oldin
3.99 mil views
Timmathy Lee
Timmathy Lee 8 soat oldin
The fact that you was subscribed to t-series and no it already subbed to pewds lmao
Leash Freak
Leash Freak 8 soat oldin
Lance 8 soat oldin
Now make one that subs you to T-Series and unsubs Pewdiepie.
Gaming4 Life
Gaming4 Life 8 soat oldin
T gay.... P 😱😱😱
AT Games
AT Games 8 soat oldin
So much blasphemy and deception... JESUS CHRIST IS GOD!
Faruk Ahmed
Faruk Ahmed 8 soat oldin
Why so much hate towards T-SERIES ?
DANK MEMES 8 soat oldin
Adolfo San Marin Villarroel
those 12k dislikes where from that Indian server :v
Martijn Frenks
Martijn Frenks 9 soat oldin
Can't this be soled in India?
Sr. Haron
Sr. Haron 9 soat oldin
Sub in the t-series the best channel.
Is this how Sauron made the one ring?
BriskFTW 9 soat oldin
Gaming is the biggest channel
Kebra’s Life
Kebra’s Life 9 soat oldin
This is what the world needs
Divine Arts
Divine Arts 9 soat oldin
Can I buy one?
Prasad Choudhury
Prasad Choudhury 9 soat oldin
dislike from india...
CheeseTower 9 soat oldin
Hey! Is the code for the nfc chip available? I have like few nfc chips lying around
DownShot 9 soat oldin
What if we subscribe t series and unsubscribe Pewds using this ring
Jacob Pedersen
Jacob Pedersen 9 soat oldin
Next video: My Travel to India
November Roblox
November Roblox 9 soat oldin
what f they dont have an account on yt lol
Aldin Games
Aldin Games 10 soat oldin
Love the intro
9nikolai 10 soat oldin
But, it doesn't, though. It just redirects to the channels. Those who use the ring would have to manually sub and/unsub to Pewdiepie and T-series, which they would've done themselves if they wanted anyway. If this actually would've unsubscribed from T-series and subscribed to Pewdiepie, like actually hit the correct buttons and stuff (and ideally do it in secret), it would've been way better.
Got em
Got em 10 soat oldin
Give me the ring *NOW*
one world
one world 10 soat oldin
I dont have NFC in my poco phone :D
Daniella Nanjari
Daniella Nanjari 10 soat oldin
We are advancing as a society.
Leonardo Marchesan
Leonardo Marchesan 10 soat oldin
gay ring
elliot oxley
elliot oxley 10 soat oldin
I have migrated from pewdiepies Chanel .Coincidence?
ulaniec 11 soat oldin
ok but rembember now subscribe to Pewdiepie
DJ ocr
DJ ocr 11 soat oldin
This is awesome!
Sheep Lord
Sheep Lord 11 soat oldin
Okay, so it doesn't just unsubscribe you, you have to do it yourself. It just gives you the option to do that
Chev Jude
Chev Jude 11 soat oldin
all dislikes are from tseries fans
Dennis Thiha
Dennis Thiha 11 soat oldin
Give Mr.Beast that 😂
Miskyy 11 soat oldin
Nice video, but.. why you even had subscribed T-Series?
Nada S
Nada S 12 soat oldin
he will love you
Yee Lasagna
Oy oldin
Wakey Wakey...
4 oy oldin