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Man On Cruise Finds Dog Stranded On Deserted Island | This guy was on a cruise when he saw a dog stranded on a deserted island and knew he had to save her. To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: thedo.do/plays. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels: facebook.com/PlayforStrays/.
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The Dodo
The Dodo 9 kun oldin
To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: thedo.do/plays. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels: facebook.com/PlayforStrays/.
Jeneciya Reyes
Jeneciya Reyes 7 soat oldin
God loves you
The Truely Felicity For Now
The Dodo poor dog it looks that it hasn't eaten in a while
Plain White Wrapper
Mark Pierce the amazon South American l guess
Alejandro Felix
Alejandro Felix 2 kun oldin
The Dodo to
Lightning The Dragon
Lightning The Dragon 31 daqiqa oldin
The thumbnail made the dog look like a horse
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 40 daqiqa oldin
In China or Merikkka
Lola Ortells
Lola Ortells 51 daqiqa oldin
! Ojalá que todos los perros que son abandonados corrieran la misma suerte que éste por dar con personas como tú! 👏🏻😹
kpzcbttp 51 daqiqa oldin
Oh God what a treasure she is. Just shows you what people are like when they said they didn't want her on the boat. God bless you kind sir.
Nala Maughn
Nala Maughn Soat oldin
In 0:49 there are people in the background like if you see them
Glanced Soat oldin
They could of gone anywhere but God lead them to go and find and help this pup in that exact position
sam kainatsky
sam kainatsky Soat oldin
When I find the people who tried to leave the poor dog there I’m gonna go full dishonored on them
big balls999
big balls999 Soat oldin
788 people with no souls!.. such a pity i gotta share the same oxygen as them😕... hope you and the hound have a wonderfull future 😊
Thomas Gladders
Thomas Gladders Soat oldin
She’s an absolutely beautiful dog! Right on!! ❤️❤️❤️
Shanae Lovelace
Shanae Lovelace Soat oldin
This story is so sad
Dusty Grave
Dusty Grave Soat oldin
Some of Dodo's vids are sketchy at best, but most, like this one are just amazing stories. She sure is a beautiful pup. I wonder about her breed? I'm guessing a mixture.
icewall flatearth
you are a very blessed man! your humanity is not so common anymore in people. thank you for sharing this wonderful video.
I can't find any words. GOD is shinning on you
wheelstandr Soat oldin
Awesome! I love it!
Sofia Leal
Sofia Leal Soat oldin
This is called KINDNESS & LOVE
Mr. Mista
Mr. Mista 2 soat oldin
788 old cat ladys disliked this video
Nanoblu Lovaolution
Nanoblu Lovaolution 2 soat oldin
God bless my friend. Thank you for helping animals.
grant smith
grant smith 2 soat oldin
I salute you sir for your kind heart.
The gamin payer Family
Omg thank you😃
TrippyLex 101
TrippyLex 101 3 soat oldin
This brings back my faith in humanity
Nanette Valencia
Nanette Valencia 3 soat oldin
Bless him for saving her
A. V.
A. V. 3 soat oldin
Wow!, I have tears of joy, she put on weight and now has a bright coat of hair...you saved her life. ❤
Shannon Feathers
Shannon Feathers 3 soat oldin
Beautiful man! Heart of gold! Wish all the happiness!
Nancy Villeda Santana
Crying my workplace. Nothing to see here.
Sally Lemon
Sally Lemon 4 soat oldin
The person who left this dog here is either an idiot, or just died here first.
Pat in the back good job (gives medal)
RookieBug 97
RookieBug 97 4 soat oldin
Does anyone know what kind of dog she is?
puppy lover
puppy lover 4 soat oldin
I love this video! But I don't want to be the 700000 comment saying he's a hero he is and the 2 who didn't want to should be thrown in the ocean, but what I really wanted to say is that she looked like a Halloween dog now she's happy healthy and I can't stand the thought of someone leaving here like that she was so happy when she saw humans that almost made my room a swimming pool.. ( made a fish tank though) when she was swimming in the water ( probably looking for food ) I made the kitchen a swimming pool she's one of those sweet smart dog breeds too
minxdiva 5 soat oldin
babyrazor 5 soat oldin
Good job Dad!
Mark Ivor
Mark Ivor 5 soat oldin
Well done man.... only for you that poor dog wouldn't be alive.... you should be very proud of yourself 👍🏻
Wolfpack Gaming
Wolfpack Gaming 5 soat oldin
Who disliked WHY?
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler 5 soat oldin
If my cat got stranded on an abandoned island, she'd be fine.
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler Soat oldin
big balls999 That's what the comment is pointing out, didn't have to diss me.
big balls999
big balls999 Soat oldin
Heather Chandler thats because its a cat you fucking idiot..
_gacha alexa_
_gacha alexa_ 6 soat oldin
Im so glad she got found
camee michelle
camee michelle 6 soat oldin
Awww😭😭 that is so awesome!!
Lisa D'Annunzio
Lisa D'Annunzio 6 soat oldin
God bless you and Negrita!
usma41 Artlab
usma41 Artlab 6 soat oldin
That guy has more compassion then anyone I have met.
issac82983 6 soat oldin
God bless you man that was good stuff you did.
issac82983 6 soat oldin
783 people must hate sunrises, rainbows, children's laughter, and love trump.
j hs
j hs 6 soat oldin
What a great story!
Switchellmobb 6 soat oldin
Everyone who disliked this video should be abandoned on an island to starve to death.
devona edwards
devona edwards 6 soat oldin
Maybe there is some hope for humanity
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh 7 soat oldin
Who? Who could leave a dog to it’s slow, painful death? What kind of SICK and TWISTED human must they be?? I’m so thankful he found her. They are perfect together.
Margalus 7 soat oldin
After they went back for the dog they should have dropped off the people that abandoned her and then abandoned them and see how they feel.
Becky R
Becky R 7 soat oldin
Bless you, you are a hero
Maura Arzamendi
Maura Arzamendi 7 soat oldin
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas 7 soat oldin
Deplorable Arab
Deplorable Arab 7 soat oldin
Thank you so much for saving that beautiful angel!! Absolutely beautiful story. You are a hero sir!
B.I's Melodrama
B.I's Melodrama 7 soat oldin
What if there were other dogs or puppies on the island hiding somewhere SEE THIS IS WHAT CONCERNS ME
SUQ MADIQ 7 soat oldin
Best channel on yt
Anonymous 7 soat oldin
Or they left that dog there on purpose and came back for it a week later just to make this video, those footages of the dog at good health could be before it got skinny.
B B 7 soat oldin
this is amazing and someone with a great heart. i would of done the same thing. i would never ever ever abandoned an animal.
bryan hurd
bryan hurd 8 soat oldin
What a good man you are,and what evil people those who tried to abandon her.
Pinky Boo
Pinky Boo 8 soat oldin
Thanks mate. I love people like you x
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson 8 soat oldin
That’s how all the horror movies starts with people or pets being found stranded on the islands. They act normal until....one day unexplained things start to happen, eyes start to glow etc 😂
fer t
fer t 8 soat oldin
Watch a good man
Eva Klaassen
Eva Klaassen 8 soat oldin
OMG! You are a very good man!
ASWJ's World
ASWJ's World 8 soat oldin
So cute
Jackie G. Lopez
Jackie G. Lopez 8 soat oldin
That just breaks my heart.. So glad she has a fur ever home
johnny b
johnny b 8 soat oldin
Now THIS is a dog rescue. Please stop calling adopting a dog a "rescue".
ChrisNYPilot 8 soat oldin
For me this highlights a very important truth, showing love gets love. That creature that so clearly loved me and accepted me from the first moment, should not suffer, I will save him. We protect what we love, but we also protect what loves us........at least we do if we are smart.
Ester Hudson
Ester Hudson 9 soat oldin
Brianna Avina
Brianna Avina 10 soat oldin
Ok so who's the guy that left her, i just wanna talk Actuallyyy nevermind..beat up
Tifford1 Bell
Tifford1 Bell 10 soat oldin
Good for you!
Song Girl
Song Girl 10 soat oldin
Thank you for this story 🌝
Michelle Parris
Michelle Parris 10 soat oldin
Thank goodness for being you and for keeping her forever.
109gnm 10 soat oldin
That's a great story with a wonderful ending. A curse on those who tried to abandon the dog from the boat.
jyoti jaiswara
jyoti jaiswara 10 soat oldin
Thank u very much guys. .thank you .😔😔
yesenia contreras
yesenia contreras 10 soat oldin
He or she is so cute
Carlos Milano
Carlos Milano 11 soat oldin
river shepherd
river shepherd 11 soat oldin
Dave Osterberg
Dave Osterberg 12 soat oldin
This is the best story, you actually showed the dog and how it transformed from a dog with a very bleak outlook to a happy dog with an apparently great dad. I really loved this story, that dog is so cool! Cheers
Hubris Hero
Hubris Hero 13 soat oldin
They’ll make a movie about that dog someday.
Kaian凯安 14 soat oldin
Video disliked by 775 cats
Mary Y
Mary Y 15 soat oldin
This is a wonderful kind man!!!
Sri Handayani Warsito
Sri Handayani Warsito 15 soat oldin
God bless you man and nagrita healthy and happy always...
FreddyB 2K4L
FreddyB 2K4L 15 soat oldin
I would take the dog & throw those heartless assholes off. Wtf is wrong with them?!? Assholes!
Lesvinx 15 soat oldin
I’d just shoot it
Sofia Ahmed
Sofia Ahmed 16 soat oldin
nice people 😭😢❤❤❤❤
Ringo Knight
Ringo Knight 16 soat oldin
So thankful that there are good people out there in the world trying to make it a better place for ALL
Punisher_ 80
Punisher_ 80 16 soat oldin
Beautiful doggo 😩
PC PastaFace
PC PastaFace 17 soat oldin
I would have missed her if I was the one who looked after her for 5 months
Lilly V Gutierrez
Lilly V Gutierrez 18 soat oldin
they poor baby. they love u so much thank u for saving her
Lilly V Gutierrez
Lilly V Gutierrez 18 soat oldin
omg poor dog wow
FT W 18 soat oldin
I would've pushed the passengers who didn't want her on board into the damn water and left them behind
okkultism 18 soat oldin
;( ❤❤❤❤
Celtic Gaelic Irish King
We Irish have a unique bond with nature and animals. We have compassion.
Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman 19 soat oldin
What a blessing; this would be a much better world if we Could all have the compassion this wonderful man has shared! This video has warmed my heart,you have given life...
imanol creeper
imanol creeper 19 soat oldin
Poor dogy 😢
Genezil Quimensao
Genezil Quimensao 19 soat oldin
Your such a good man.
nope nope
nope nope 19 soat oldin
Awesome story!
Dino_Sienna 1
Dino_Sienna 1 19 soat oldin
Cries happy and sad thank you for saving her 🙏🙏🙏
taw meh
taw meh 20 soat oldin
Omg I feel so sad
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman 20 soat oldin
Amazing thing you did.Thank you
Xbox Raids
Xbox Raids 20 soat oldin
I support you man,your a good person
samurai2871 21 soat oldin
A cat would look at the jungle and say I am home... Just saying. Amazon jungle and the dog can't find anything to eat? Well guess all that matters is that the dog is going to be alright and going back home. Meanwhile in a cave just off screen a starving man hangs on to dear life... his last words are "I am sure my dog will find help and be back soon."
Open-minded Skeptic
Open-minded Skeptic 21 soat oldin
Makes me feel so good!
sasha lmao
sasha lmao 21 soat oldin
who could possibly have thumbs downed this video
Kodiak Buckner
Kodiak Buckner 21 soat oldin
Thanks you for doing this my heart was melting and I couldn’t bare to see her like that anymore