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Man On Cruise Finds Dog Stranded On Deserted Island | This guy was on a cruise when he saw a dog stranded on a deserted island and knew he had to save her. To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: thedo.do/plays. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels: facebook.com/PlayforStrays/.
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6-Avg, 2018

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The Dodo
The Dodo 2 oy oldin
To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: thedo.do/plays. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels: facebook.com/PlayforStrays/.
Nukenado Oy oldin
It’s one of the plague dogs
god bless you brother
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen Oy oldin
he Dodo
Renee Davenport
Renee Davenport 40 daqiqa oldin
Thank you
Aseya Soytan
Aseya Soytan 15 soat oldin
What a babe!! Love people like this 😭😭👏🏼
Sultanna 2.0
Sultanna 2.0 17 soat oldin
She is a skinny legend.
Ngablack2257 21 soat oldin
The thousand people who disliked this video have no soul
ira2581 Kun oldin
Anyone know the breed? Thanks in advance!
Goga Kun oldin
My dog look like this dog
Richard T
Richard T Kun oldin
Good on ya mate !
Justin Y.
Justin Y. Kun oldin
my favorite dodo video by far
Miyu Miyu
Miyu Miyu Kun oldin
. . . Darn if i saw that i'd be like A RAKE!!! and i'd probably run. . . nah i'd save it, rake or not lol.
Alexander Trejo
Alexander Trejo Kun oldin
The people that put dislike probably thought it said dis i like
Maria Slayinq
Maria Slayinq Kun oldin
The name though
Mike C
Mike C 2 kun oldin
Almost unbelievable
fun gamer games
fun gamer games 2 kun oldin
That dog is so so lucky I feel really bad for what happened to her
MsKeepdistance 2 kun oldin
They had dog food and toys with them? Just in case?
Geegee Sandoval
Geegee Sandoval 2 kun oldin
He looks like the dog from coco who agrees
Indira Kumar.V
Indira Kumar.V 2 kun oldin
God bless the man.
Ian Macdonald
Ian Macdonald 2 kun oldin
“And I couldn’t just let that happen.” You’re a Hero Hearted man.
Unicorn Princess
Unicorn Princess 2 kun oldin
She is amazing
iCursedGTS Gamer
iCursedGTS Gamer 2 kun oldin
1:35 The guy in the car was edited (Green screen) why? We all can see that the bushes behind the car didn't moving.
Ella Hartin
Ella Hartin 2 kun oldin
I am so glad they found her :3
Andres Meneses
Andres Meneses 2 kun oldin
RATUBA ポ鋭も 2 kun oldin
This makes us brazilians look bad 😔
desertcafe 2 kun oldin
I love you for that. Best to you both.
Josh Defleuriot
Josh Defleuriot 3 kun oldin
She has the Exact same bat ears as my dog
Phantom_Ninja 3 kun oldin
my parents would not take the with us but maybe my brother i would take her back and would try to sneak her on bored if my parents said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
TheFallsCapone 4 kun oldin
Hes from my neck of the woods , Good old northern irish man , best men on the planet ...
BouncingSylveon 4 kun oldin
He found a true piece of treasure.
Nellie 5 kun oldin
maxillrockx 5 kun oldin
You're a very good person
TroyaE117 5 kun oldin
Well done that man !
deborahmoses 5 kun oldin
Wow amazing and great
Brad Thompson
Brad Thompson 6 kun oldin
Was this dog sent to the UK? How long was she locked away in a quarantine center before being released? Rabies laws are too strict to just allow inbound pets free rein.
Darlene Lovre
Darlene Lovre 6 kun oldin
Thank You Sir What A REAL MAN. And to the people who wanted to leave the dog behind, are you really serious omg how could you be so cruel !!!!!!!
BTS fan Got7 fan
BTS fan Got7 fan 6 kun oldin
Just like my naughty puppy 😁
Life_with _Ava
Life_with _Ava 6 kun oldin
So so cute❤️
Sshy shy
Sshy shy 6 kun oldin
Negra? "That's racists"
Pearls Pets
Pearls Pets 6 kun oldin
Absolutely amazing
hop Scotch
hop Scotch 7 kun oldin
fck those people who originally left the dog and those assholes who tried to leave her behind again
Luna Monster
Luna Monster 7 kun oldin
God Bless ALL involved in saving this special 🐕
Johanna Geisel
Johanna Geisel 7 kun oldin
What a beautiful lady she became!
Felecity knaak
Felecity knaak 7 kun oldin
Poor girl I couldn’t imagine being left alone on that island I’m so glad you found her! She could have died and omg I hate the people who left the dog there again like 1. Who raised you 2.get a life 3.get a heart No offense?????
Priyanka Steele
Priyanka Steele 7 kun oldin
Cried happy tears
nunya bisnass
nunya bisnass 7 kun oldin
Not even aggressive though she's literally starving. That's a true keeper.
Little Wolf Cub
Little Wolf Cub 8 kun oldin
Wonder Woman as a dog
Doug Fresh44
Doug Fresh44 8 kun oldin
This guy is a good maan
Kgblast 9 kun oldin
I’m the original owner, damn I fucked up. Anyway I can have it back?
Puddi Panda
Puddi Panda 9 kun oldin
Awww, yaaay ❤
FlyingHydro 9 kun oldin
What breed dog is it?
no name
no name 9 kun oldin
Same happened to me in Brazil. I found my negrita the same way and brought to the US with me
Kat Richards
Kat Richards 9 kun oldin
Thank you for going to that island and finding her
AirFouly 10 kun oldin
So cringy when animal owners get called mom and dad. It's so pathetic
Command Gamine
Command Gamine 10 kun oldin
Command Gamine
Command Gamine 10 kun oldin
Aida Dominguez
Aida Dominguez 10 kun oldin
God Bless you. You save her life and we can see how's her progress. God have mercy to those who abandoned her in that dessert island.
Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson 10 kun oldin
awwwwwwww so sweet bless his heart💕💖💓❤️💗❣️❣️💟💝💞
Alexis Hamel
Alexis Hamel 10 kun oldin
Okay but why is no one talking about the guy who kept her for 5 months????
Oh Slytra
Oh Slytra 10 kun oldin
it’s ok if you cried
Albina Verbani
Albina Verbani 10 kun oldin
First of All God bless to you! U are a person what this world need!
Ben gesseret
Ben gesseret 11 kun oldin
God Bless.
Olivia and baylee Sings or plays
The disgusting people, who wanted to leave that amazing creature behind , are absolutely revolting i hope that when they got home they weren't happy for what they did cuz if i was on a boat with a dog i would just cuddle it as i habe a dog myself and i love her so much!
realityforlorn 11 kun oldin
Man, it's raining so hard in here, what's up with that?
Tankozek 11 kun oldin
now doggo can dronk bepis
Jayanth Prasad
Jayanth Prasad 11 kun oldin
may God bless u and ur family with health and wealth sir.hats off to you
Judy Allen
Judy Allen 12 kun oldin
You are an incredible man❤️❤️❤️
Richard Aponte
Richard Aponte 12 kun oldin
That's what we REAL HUMANS do!! Her name should be "AMAZONIA"..just a thought..
Nathan Robertello
Nathan Robertello 12 kun oldin
Ricardo Clarke
Ricardo Clarke 13 kun oldin
I would personally kill the fucka who left the dog in the first place , and leave there body's in the sun to dry up
Caprice Ocean
Caprice Ocean 14 kun oldin
Amazing dog and the ppl who had her for 5 months.
Catherine Bellaire
Catherine Bellaire 14 kun oldin
Thank You for sharing. Bright Blessings!!!
Good Bih
Good Bih 14 kun oldin
Coolest story of how someone got their dog
Ollie Morgan
Ollie Morgan 15 kun oldin
The cunts who trying to leave her behind again I hope they get deserted on an island with no food or water
Nikolas Douglas
Nikolas Douglas 15 kun oldin
These comments are so predictable hypocritical and like half of y'all are sitting there eating their $1 chicken nuggets and complaining about animal cruelty. Grow up. People in the Amazon have bigger worries than one of the stray dogs dying. Besides dogs don't belong there anyway, they're a problem for both, people and environment.
Teigan Conaghty
Teigan Conaghty 15 kun oldin
What breed is that dog it's so gorgeous
Brown Family
Brown Family 16 kun oldin
Bless your heart. Sometimes I love and appreciate animals more cause humans can be so cruel to abandon animals so thank u and bless you
chris dillon
chris dillon 16 kun oldin
save a homeless person, starving child, not a disease ridden dog. priorities are so fucking wrong
mizuhara Garnidelia
mizuhara Garnidelia 11 kun oldin
How about you do it? Fucking moron.
madeleine layfield
madeleine layfield 16 kun oldin
Monty Hibdon
Monty Hibdon 16 kun oldin
if only every dog could be saved
lifegoezon Obliedee
lifegoezon Obliedee 16 kun oldin
He probably did the resue for another purpose. Sounds like a machismo type. They need those reminders and accolades....not ever comfortable just knowing it themselves.
Nehfarius 16 kun oldin
Those other passengers that tried to leave Negrita behind again...why would they DO such a monstrous, barbaric thing? Here's this sweet, friendly, malnourished dog, and they just toss her back out?! What the hell is wrong with those people?!
Genericname123 16 kun oldin
Not all heros wear capes.
This man should get the metal on honor
Ice cold Gamer
Ice cold Gamer 16 kun oldin
Image if that was a real kid I would have cried my eyes out
Kayla Ortega 101
Kayla Ortega 101 16 kun oldin
I would’ve saved her, cared for her, give her my food, give her water, bond with her❤️😭 I’m literally crying 😭give this man around of applause 👏 ❤️😭 for saying this dog, I have a pure heart, and when I see someone suffering, I help❤️😭 yes I’m only 11 but when I’m older I’m gonna be just like this ❤️❤️😭😭 *wiping* *my* *tears* ❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️
MLG Doge
MLG Doge 16 kun oldin
I love people who help poor abused animals and i hate the people who abuse animals of any kind
clueless me
clueless me 16 kun oldin
if only all people are like him. what a wonderful earth it would be.
doggie218 crazy
doggie218 crazy 17 kun oldin
Wait... Lemme get my shotgun, my flamethrower, and an excuse for the police
Rayanna Howard
Rayanna Howard 17 kun oldin
policemanandrew 17 kun oldin
Thank you so, so much for rescuing this dog! You Sir, have a very, very good heart!
toddlaw88 17 kun oldin
I’m a girl I’m just on my dads account I would throw those people off xddddd
Esther C
Esther C 17 kun oldin
Bless this guy’s soul
Thomas Blond
Thomas Blond 17 kun oldin
That guy is fuckin awesome an so is the lady who took care of her for 5 months while he was trying to get her home. Cheers to both
B&B ACTIVE 17 kun oldin
People like you is what makes this world a whole lot brighter
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee 18 kun oldin
the people who tired to get rid of her could have had really bad allergies to dogs, or they thought she could have lice or ticks on her and they didn't want to have any, or they could be scared of dogs and because she was so hungry they may have thought she was going to eat a baby or something like that?
alphadawn2015 lennon
we need dogs, they need us. it's a simple as that and it shows in how this dog sort out a decent human to take care of her. what a beautiful dog, and a beautiful story
Sekryld 18 kun oldin
Melt my heart
Maria dimoulaki
Maria dimoulaki 18 kun oldin
Sweet baby 💗💗💗
Micheal Woods
Micheal Woods 18 kun oldin
You must have had Muslims on the boat with you they hate dogs
Heathens 18 kun oldin
*don’t know why people do this to animals aren’t dogs amazing say if u were sad and depressed wouldn’t a special dog cheer you Up licking your face showing how much it loves you everyday, who does that to dogs who ever treats their dog wrong you’re dumb u don’t deserve something so special*
Cristy Vandenhende
Cristy Vandenhende 13 kun oldin
Cats too!! : )
Dogdiamondgirl 18 kun oldin
oh my god
Lisa Marshall
Lisa Marshall 18 kun oldin
You amazing amazing man thank you id through them over when they our sleeping bastards
Eminem - Venom
11 kun oldin