Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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"Mary Queen of Scots" stars Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Is Margot Robbie British? How do you pronounce Saoirse Ronan? Was Margot in a soap opera? Robbie and Saoirse answer all these questions and more!

"Mary Queen of Scots" is in theaters on December 7
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Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




4-Dek, 2018

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LORDE 2729
LORDE 2729 Soat oldin
coolest name?? Saoirse Ronan .
Eddie Ortega
Eddie Ortega Soat oldin
3:21 That Anchorman reference🤣
rmp5s 2 soat oldin
Who else watched the "how to pronounce Saoirse Ronan" part...like...5 times?
Anderson Benjamim
Anderson Benjamim 3 soat oldin
Saoirse ronan = pearl of steven universe in live action
Liberty Bruce
Liberty Bruce 6 soat oldin
oh hey my name means liberty too
Ani Smo
Ani Smo 8 soat oldin
I just realised that Saoirse was the protagonist in "Souls", just when they asked for Twilight 😄🤩🤩 I remembered her eyes glowing 😍
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 10 soat oldin
Saiorse Ronan: Saiorse means freedom. Britain: *triggered*
harpa lindal
harpa lindal 10 soat oldin
I’m 12 feet lol
Madison T
Madison T 10 soat oldin
Trevor Moran
Major Tom
Major Tom 11 soat oldin
To be honest i thought Margot was a MILF above 35, but in stating MILF, she does not look old in a bad way AT ALL.
Vivek Tammana
Vivek Tammana 11 soat oldin
How did margo meet soirse? . . . . When an australian walked into an irish bar
koy 12 soat oldin
Thanks Wuurd. bye! lol
Zandra White
Zandra White 14 soat oldin
her green ring is 20k
regenbogenjohnny 14 soat oldin
12.9 feet is about 3.93192 meters
toomuch4em 15 soat oldin
I forgot how to say "Saoirse" like 5 seconds after she pronounced it lol
shelbyrea 98
shelbyrea 98 15 soat oldin
12 foot 9??
Alfee Rahaman
Alfee Rahaman 22 soat oldin
So beautiful both of them
jake ksi
jake ksi Kun oldin
Margot Robbie nude
wind wanderer
wind wanderer Kun oldin
that Saoirse Ronan's ding ding ding tho.
serenityq26 Kun oldin
i forgot how much i used to love saoirse. she keeps doing movies i dont watch so she's faded into obscurity for me.......maybe ill check out this mary queen of scots on dvd
serenityq26 Kun oldin
KNEW IT! everyone who acts does neighbors in australia lol
maham meher
maham meher Kun oldin
Margot Robbie was in neighbours!?
deks räikkönen
Beauty comes with wacky, 100% of the times
Hitoshi Igarashi
Saoirse Ronan has only one flaw: she stops talking every now and then.
emily M
emily M Kun oldin
Lovely bones?
Marco Macedo
Marco Macedo Kun oldin
Margot you're wonderful, Ronan you're a mess as your name, can't even pronounced
Terje Solem
Terje Solem Kun oldin
Is Saoirse Ronan related to Ronan the accuser?
Adeline Kun oldin
I really like their accents
Skemooo Kun oldin
Margot eyes tells me she is onto some substance.. sad .
Jack Villacorte
Jack Villacorte Kun oldin
don't worry Saoirse, I'll be your husband
Dhruv Anand
Dhruv Anand Kun oldin
Why saoirse Ronan is not on Instagram🙁
Laurel S
Laurel S Kun oldin
Classy babes
cayogator Kun oldin
is margo robbie a trans-gender
Saurabh Dalvi
Saurabh Dalvi Kun oldin
12 foot 9 😂 you could get 2 ppl in that height
Mae Standley
Mae Standley Kun oldin
She’s 12foot 9 😂😂
Isa Bella
Isa Bella Kun oldin
Margot is very beautiful, but i' m ALWAYS wondering who is dyeing her hair. She can afford someone who has a clue what to do. So why? Also just natural hair colour would look great.
Saoirse Crowe
Saoirse Crowe Kun oldin
My name is Saoirse aswell
Manu Vásquez
Manu Vásquez Kun oldin
Saoirse es guapísima y extremadamente talentosa, tengo un crush con ella que no paro de ver una y otra vez cada una de sus películas... Es la mujer más hermosa del universo estero! 😍😍
Jelly 2 kun oldin
They have no chemistry tbh with u but I love Saoirse so much
Abby S
Abby S 2 kun oldin
queens 😍😍😍😍
Chris M
Chris M 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed the hickey on Margot Robbie?
Ashley Bellerose
Ashley Bellerose 2 kun oldin
12 foot 9 hahhahahaa please be joking! If you actually don't know that's awful. Sure she's joking haha. Is sarosia ronan on call the midwife. Off to google. Probably wrote that wrong Update no she was not But she was in the host and that's why she look familiar to me
TheChraxGalore 2 kun oldin
Could you imagine a 3 way with those two?
anna x
anna x 2 kun oldin
i think saoirse is trevor moran every time this comes up in my recommended
Batool Abu Arida
Batool Abu Arida 2 kun oldin
Is it only me who noticed the I don’t-know-maybe-hickey on Margot’s neck? Love them both 😍
Yustin Suqui
Yustin Suqui 2 kun oldin
“sOuNDs KiNdA tHe sAmE”
sumgee 2 kun oldin
1:48 Fun fact, Saoirse Ronan wasn't in Twilight but she was in this awful movie called The Host which was based on a book written by the same author.
Peter Burman
Peter Burman 2 kun oldin
Soarise quotes Anchorman = I'm in love.
J K 2 kun oldin
Blonde Noah Cyrus right there.
Margaery Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell Kun oldin
Uhhhh, nope, Margot and Saoirse are naturally beautiful, Noah looks one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre's faces.
Dominic Cleveland
Dominic Cleveland 2 kun oldin
Could this be more boring?
Dekido 2 kun oldin
Saoirse Ronan's accent literally the best in hollywood. And it's so iconic when people keep asking how to pronounce her name.
Greta Oto
Greta Oto 2 kun oldin
Go make movies in your own country. Your movies suck, anyway.
Cassidy Leonards
Cassidy Leonards 2 kun oldin
Think the difference Saoirse was trying to say Irish pronunciation is SEER-shuh but Americans say SUR-shuh.
carmela adolfo
carmela adolfo 2 kun oldin
omg!! love margot's reaction when she saw the question "is Margot Robbie alive" hahahaha so cuteeee
G George
G George 2 kun oldin
I wanted "where margot robbie"
mithilesh reddy
mithilesh reddy 2 kun oldin
12 foot 9 , just believe.
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 2 kun oldin
she aint Irish, she American
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 2 kun oldin
one last thing. I love them both. Even Robbie, you pretty-and-you-know-it mofo.
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 2 kun oldin
When she said 'March' I thought she said 'marriage'. /accents [hearteyes]
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 2 kun oldin
Saoirse's gentle Irish accent makes me...
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 2 kun oldin
fuckin NEIGHBOURSSSSSS. the source of all Aussie actors.
John Hooyer
John Hooyer 2 kun oldin
I basically just watched this video to listen to Shersha's accent. It is so amazing. English accents are overrated; Irish is like the sun blotting out all of the other stars.
damaka 3 kun oldin
all I see are beautiful eyes... my goodness
MarkOB3 3 kun oldin
Did she say she 12ft 9???
Ilyz Amn
Ilyz Amn 3 kun oldin
Saoirse Ronan definitely have one of the beauty eyes in this world.
CC 3 kun oldin
Oh my god I’ve been freaking out because I turn 24 next week. I love Margot and to think she said that makes me so happy
RCDubya 3 kun oldin
Margot is definitely most attractive, but there is something about Saoirse...
nicsedane 3 kun oldin
Love their accents so much
Solomon Yaakobov
Solomon Yaakobov 3 kun oldin
Fake snobbish girls.
Jimmy Anderson
Jimmy Anderson 3 kun oldin
they are so fake
Dara Chavez
Dara Chavez 3 kun oldin
I always end up having questions to google after these videos. Like was she in lovely bones? Yes she was.
Ana De la Cruz
Ana De la Cruz 3 kun oldin
I'm watching it just for their accents.
Noraa 노라
Noraa 노라 3 kun oldin
I love Saoirse Ronan’s sense of humour sjsksjs
kay x
kay x 3 kun oldin
Do people really think Margot is 38?? Wtf lmao
Booksaremybag Kun oldin
She literally looks way older than 28
NewBerlinWall 3 kun oldin
Booksaremybag Kun oldin
+Pan Jones yes!!!!!!!
Pan Jones
Pan Jones Kun oldin
No.is SAOIRSE!!! a GODDESS! !!!👑
Booksaremybag 3 kun oldin
LOL NOOO. Even Sophia the robot has more going for her.
samuel Moryosef
samuel Moryosef 3 kun oldin
margot robbie. i love
Booksaremybag Kun oldin
Meh. Saoirse is tops!
959 3 kun oldin
Soairse has got that special kind of beauteousness..
liam mathuna
liam mathuna 3 kun oldin
Saoirse couldn't pick the obvious Sansa Stark choice for GoT, because Sophie Turner was picked instead of her for Jean Grey in X-Men because of Turner's twitter following.
Booksaremybag Kun oldin
Saoirse never auditioned for Jean Grey, she was in talks for Scarlett Witch.
dobbleochicken07 3 kun oldin
Omg they’re so cute I love them
Kiara Sotres
Kiara Sotres 3 kun oldin
I thought Saoirse Ronan was Trevor Moran when I saw the thumbnail
ryn 3 kun oldin
dang this is an accent explosion
David Turner
David Turner 17 soat oldin
Australian and Irish? Not really. Fairly common to be honest.
jai elizaga
jai elizaga 3 kun oldin
Goodness! My ears! Their accents are just eargasmic.
Dachdog 3 kun oldin
I would love to see the movie. But again, another rated R.
Megan Troche
Megan Troche 3 kun oldin
I love Saoirse's name. I think it's a beautiful Gaelic name.
Booksaremybag Kun oldin
Me too but my most loved Gaelic name is Sorcha (pronounced Sore-ka) which is very similar to Saoirse.
Ryan McCann
Ryan McCann 3 kun oldin
Most attractive Wired Autocomplete Interview ever! 😲😍
Octo Panda
Octo Panda 3 kun oldin
I thought Margot was younger than 28
Yavitsono Nakhro
Yavitsono Nakhro 3 kun oldin
Jeffrey J
Jeffrey J 3 kun oldin
Hot & hotter.
Reign Mac
Reign Mac 3 kun oldin
ClutchItOut 3 kun oldin
They both remind me of how girls should be
m I o . o I m
m I o . o I m 3 kun oldin
Margot is Cookie-Cutter hot! Soairse is That-Girl-In-My-Class hot!
Princess Sato
Princess Sato 3 kun oldin
bbh 3 kun oldin
John Doe
John Doe 3 kun oldin
Now this is a threesome I would love to have! Let me know ladies
上月佑和 3 kun oldin
They both looks like siblings ! Haha i bet Saoirse already know the top search, it must be how to pronounce her name 😂
Callee Torres
Callee Torres 3 kun oldin
2:52 straight fire
Bazzbian 3 kun oldin
Two power drinkers for sure
Antonio Fernández
Antonio Fernández 3 kun oldin
Best one so far
Jake Miller
Jake Miller 3 kun oldin
The amount of beautiful blue eyes in this is to dam high!