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Mario slams bricks with his fist everyday, and we just take it for granted. Well not anymore! Today, Austin discovers the insane block-breaking strength of Mario's punch.
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3-Yan, 2019

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D maxwell
D maxwell Soat oldin
didn't know you were in chicago! I'm in Indiana! sick of this snow already.
CaptainNinjaKid 4 soat oldin
You gained weight
Zappo269 4 soat oldin
Mario = One Punch Man?
Lunaley 9 soat oldin
Yay! Austin! I wish you were my teacher and Miyamoto said that Mario is human only that he different cause humans are different
EpicDark EvilZebra
EpicDark EvilZebra 14 soat oldin
Mario is too power. BECAUSE A SPACE DRAGON IS NOT.
Burak Uyar
Burak Uyar 16 soat oldin
Hey austin if u want to make fallout 4 pixel mesurements(sorry ı dont have good english) ı found a 35 cm yard stick in the memory den
DRAKE TORGESON 17 soat oldin
make a theory about diablo 3
Elijah Perez
Elijah Perez 18 soat oldin
The real One Punch Man
Qing Yan
Qing Yan 18 soat oldin
"Danse Macabre" is used for BGM, I'm just happy to hear it.
Laura White
Laura White 18 soat oldin
The bricks in Mario are made of Mushrooms instead of clay. Because of the material difference would breaking a brick of mushrooms be easier then one with clay?
boi if you boo me, ima boo boo on you
THOT provoking
ChefForte Kun oldin
Has anyone ever pondered some of THE SCIENCE! Of the Clover See game Godhand?
Locky The Swifer
Danse mecabre is amazing
unknown memester
if there made out ofe the inhabitents of the mushroom kingdom then wouldent it be made of them hmmmmm yeah so then he would have to break them in half also there are ingraveings in the bricks so u wrong? i thing also subscribe to me jk im loser just in case uzvid.com/show-UCtJdxn8KUbHrtR47HgPw1RQ?view_as=subscriber
Emerald kat
Emerald kat Kun oldin
If you take into account the Mario rpg (snes), it isn't his strength, it is the force of his jump that's the real powerhouse. Just saying.
Ghostclan Spencer
From a power scaling standpoint, mario's attack potency is star level to FIFTH DIMENSIONAL
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell Kun oldin
I was hoping he was going to start breaking down the relative strength if the bricks were made from mushrooms
mentra1 Kun oldin
Wait... I'm in illinois, I'm willing to break my hand for some cash, msg me. Im serious
Evonian HD Mapping
Mat Pat should just make Nintendo theories from now on.
BvB Zedd
BvB Zedd Kun oldin
I’m in Michigan and I’ll break a brick box just for the experience of meeting you
dorkacorns glasses
The science of the booger boy
undead koto
undead koto Kun oldin
I live in Illinois it's sooooooooo cold today
undead koto
undead koto Kun oldin
LOBO NEGRO Kun oldin
undead koto I'm in Florida and the temperature is warm😄😆😃
t3tsuyaguy1 Kun oldin
You bastard. For 20 years, I've been breaking peoples brains with the phonebook trick. First the death of the landline, coupled with the of google...now YOU!...BASTARD!!!
Chreighton 2 kun oldin
I wish I knew Austin in real life
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! 2 kun oldin
and that is why the punch was never seen after mario 64
Jake Bramhall
Jake Bramhall 2 kun oldin
Danse macabre, good choice.
Emrow Left hand
Emrow Left hand 2 kun oldin
Austin is a national treasure
Rachel Kunh
Rachel Kunh 2 kun oldin
Dan S
Dan S 13 soat oldin
Can we get some Illinois hype in the chat?! I live in the northeast corner of Illinois.
Luciana Santana
Luciana Santana 2 kun oldin
(To the tune of its-a-me mario!) Woop-de-de its a GT vid-io! 😊
Timez with V
Timez with V 2 kun oldin
I want mat pat back....😭
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson 2 kun oldin
Ol' chungus boi
Spectral 2 kun oldin
one punch man
Rachel Myers
Rachel Myers 2 kun oldin
Can you cover a game called "Slime Rancher"? It's on the ps4, Xbox and computer and there's a lot to explore. There's the logistics of the slimes, and how the biology of them works; there are mysterious characters with their own backstories, plus the backstory of the main character, Beatrice, herself; and then there's a whole new planet to unpack the rules of (the gravity works differently etc). I'd really enjoy it if you did!
Jason Rasmussen
Jason Rasmussen 2 kun oldin
Your bones would shatter....not Mario's.
Erion Çitaku
Erion Çitaku 2 kun oldin
But doesnt sonic brake through metal? And he doesnt just brake it and then the peaces "jump" up, he actualy turns it to dust and of course it explodes, he destroys ROBOTS! How is that for "POWER!" Austin?
Bedrock_Armor 2 kun oldin
I have a great idea for a theory. How realistic is Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story? Or, more specifically, could Mario and Luigi realistically stimulate Bowser's body from the inside? For example, at multiple points throughout the game, Bowser gets crushed in one way or another, and the bros. have to stimulate an adrenaline rush to turn Bowser giant. But can an adrenaline rush be forced from the inside when you're in mortal danger in real life? Let's just ignore for a bit that everything and everyone Bowser inhales magically shrinks to fit inside of his body and isn't all trapped in his lungs or stomach, and that there are probably several problems that would arise from the bros. making various walls disappear and hammering various bumps in order to progress, and that Bowser's body just so happens to be structured so that the bros. can adventure around like it's another platforming game. Could the bros. realistically trigger Bowser's body to go through the changes it does from the inside?
Razvii caluser
Razvii caluser 2 kun oldin
And people said that Mario shooting fireballs underwater was ridiculous
D Playz
D Playz 2 kun oldin
But there NOT regular bricks there made out of toads
Jayden Lee
Jayden Lee 2 kun oldin
Hey Austin this is something that I wanted to know how can sonic destroy the badniks which are the robots
Hyrule Champion
Hyrule Champion 2 kun oldin
Could you do the science of either the masks of Majora's Mask, or the science of "Fus Ro Da" or a different Thu'um from Skyrim
jenjen hocho
jenjen hocho 2 kun oldin
Hey Austin, what I got from this is that Luigi is one of the toughest SOB in Smash since smashing brick blocks with his head over and over doesn’t faze him at all. You can tell MatPat’s Waluigi that! 😁
drachenzahn97 2 kun oldin
i call him one punch man
George Baker
George Baker 3 kun oldin
You forget the bricks are made of toads. A brick made of mushroom would be easy to break.
GamerCody2000 3 kun oldin
You should have asked me. I would do it and I only live a couple of hours away from your hometown!
Super Work’s
Super Work’s 3 kun oldin
This is the first video I got to see what he looks like
Tara Buehler
Tara Buehler 3 kun oldin
So much more relaxing than watching MattPatts Petscop theories. Thanks Austin. I'll be able to sleep now.
Gh0st Sniper
Gh0st Sniper 3 kun oldin
How about the science behind Fulton recovery in Metal Gear Franchise.
Kizer Games
Kizer Games 3 kun oldin
Hay Austin do a science episode on a nice but destructive power of F***ing BEYBLADES
Ty Handsom
Ty Handsom 3 kun oldin
In the smash banner trailer we see Mario punched the floor.
TheGamingRebal 3 kun oldin
Mario is truly one punch man
Jakuno_Gaming 3 kun oldin
Nathaniel Mickelson
10:40 gosh Austin you said *small* bomb *and* these are significantly weaker than Mario's bricks, why all the nukes?
Minimg 3 kun oldin
Thank you matp-waaait a minute, Still thank you though
MeMe_ Machine 4_20
MeMe_ Machine 4_20 3 kun oldin
One plumber
Exploding Dragon
Exploding Dragon 3 kun oldin
Lol i now dis wen i was1
IcaroTJ 3 kun oldin
Mario > Goku
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson 3 kun oldin
I always prefer watching Zach's theories on mute with closed captions
Viola M
Viola M 3 kun oldin
Hey Austin! I know the games are a little old, but I’d love to see a video on the weapon types (fire/corrosive/etc) in the Borderlands games!
Borni Ekellem
Borni Ekellem 3 kun oldin
Just HOW is Luigi STILL Alive ?
Sara Victoria
Sara Victoria 3 kun oldin
omg this is hilarious
Can this channel Get 500 subs without any videos
Gets Canadian to do it for free healthcare
TeamRabidDog 4 kun oldin
lol winter chub it wrks
Da Person
Da Person 4 kun oldin
So mario just threw a castle and your impressed by him breaking a brick
Ossi_Petter1 4 kun oldin
Well, A glass fibre - epoxy stick can handle 80,000,000 Pa in tension and s235 steel 360,000,000 Pa (yield strength should be 235,000,000 Pa but i believe google this time) so 244 MPa compressive strength isn't really that surprising
Alex Baldwin
Alex Baldwin 4 kun oldin
I believe the thing about the toads being blocks is only referring to the power-up blocks, aka the ones Mario CAN'T destroy. It says hitting them rewards power ups, and breaking the regular blocks doesn't give you anything.
Dank Memes
Dank Memes 4 kun oldin
If u lift up the hammer with one hand exactly under the head and one at the end of the grip,then move the hand(that is nearest to the hammer's head)towards your other hand when you are about to swing it,it will make more force like a fulcrum
Wait, what happened to MatPat?
Abbie S.
Abbie S. 4 kun oldin
I punched a brick once and skinned my hand XD
SportaRose 10
SportaRose 10 4 kun oldin
Mario's a villian
Ury3L 4 kun oldin
**Reads comments to see if the joke was already made..... uhm... more or less...** *One - Punch - Mariooooo!*
Eva Chihorek
Eva Chihorek 4 kun oldin
That's why Mario wears gloves
Dragonofice27 0
Dragonofice27 0 4 kun oldin
May we just mention, Mario jumps into the blocks, so at the apex of a jump where he is hitting the block at the very last second, he is somehow applying that force without any form of surface to control his weight from. He's essentially applying that force with only his arm strength.
There is no logic in video games. QwQ
Jard 4 kun oldin
anyone gonna talk about how he held and used the sledge hammer? XD
Christian Foster
Christian Foster 4 kun oldin
But did you add the relatives size of Mario? Or the speed of his jump?
Vincent Wong
Vincent Wong 4 kun oldin
*talks about Mario not being in smash when, quite literally, any other character could kill someone instantly irl...
BuilderBash 4 kun oldin
if you think mario is strong then you haven't even seen what wario can do yet
Nawder TTabey
Nawder TTabey 4 kun oldin
You look nothing like expected
Dion Woods
Dion Woods 4 kun oldin
sonic can still beat mario though
x3CLx 4 kun oldin
One Punch Hat
Ori Levy
Ori Levy 4 kun oldin
who ever said Luigi wasn't severely brain damaged?
Nyoom Monster
Nyoom Monster 4 kun oldin
BUT does this math check out if the construction grade bricks are made out of dead Mushroom Kingdom citizens?
NnT Mania
NnT Mania 4 kun oldin
We missed you Austin! (You missed Mario Galaxi's deadly super mass little planets on 8:45 and probably more things xD)
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin 4 kun oldin
so... if the block is hollow? If the bricks are standard and contain two to three holes? How does this account for mortar?
Spectre Light
Spectre Light 5 kun oldin
I wouldn't called it a real brick since Bowser turn the Mushroom Kingdom (the citizens) into a brick
Yo Kano
Yo Kano 5 kun oldin
maybe they have incredibly strong bones lol
Erin Black
Erin Black 5 kun oldin
For all those who care, the block to the right of Mario at 7:54 has a star in it. Your welcome to all the people who still play the old games.
newnigthmar6 5 kun oldin
Austin is only hope for this Channel. Austin made your own Channel thanks for matpat you are fames but now you can go.
K U 5 kun oldin
What about the coin bricks
Juliana Mroue
Juliana Mroue 5 kun oldin
I'm still waiting for the video with no yelling.
D4R00D 5 kun oldin
T. rex Films
T. rex Films 5 kun oldin
How the hell is this
Martytheparty 5 kun oldin
When he fistes peach
sans is awesome611
sans is awesome611 5 kun oldin
is this treesicle on game theroy? pretty sure this is MatPat's show.
Trainsandbutter Gaming
you forgot sonic forces
Collin Green
Collin Green 5 kun oldin
Thanks for padding your run time with actual content instead of cruddy jokes.
Bon's Art&GP
Bon's Art&GP 5 kun oldin
Hmm how about then Giant brick on the Giant World?
Dj twister
Dj twister 5 kun oldin
I think Mario and Luigi are even stronger! Don't forget that they can carry 99 golden coins that are the size of a human head like nothing!
Dan S
Dan S 5 kun oldin
Not as strong as Steve from Minecraft though.
Flowershadow of RiverClan
Luigi Logic: *Hits bricks with head and is completely fine* *Killed by turtle*
EpicDark EvilZebra
EpicDark EvilZebra 14 soat oldin
Dies by walking mushrooms.
EthanMAPlays 4 kun oldin
Flowershadow of RiverClan that’s how mafia works
Applz4lif3 5 kun oldin
But.. but... HE DIES FROM A F**KING MUSHROOM!?!?!?