Mario's CRAZY Strength SOLVED! | The SCIENCE... Of Mario

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Mario slams bricks with his fist everyday, and we just take it for granted. Well not anymore! Today, Austin discovers the insane block-breaking strength of Mario's punch.
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3-Yan, 2019



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Troy Spender
Troy Spender 20 soat oldin
My dad broke my bathroom wall with his head. And didn't break a bone
David Cary
David Cary Kun oldin
Given his jump height, it's possible the mushroom kingdom is low gravity, this requiring less structural strength from it's building materials. If be interested in seeing what that does to the force needed.
Dominique Southward
Brandon Allison
Brandon Allison 2 kun oldin
Too much yelling...
Zizzlezee Zizzle
Zizzlezee Zizzle 2 kun oldin
2:19 Super Mario World replaced brick blocks with turn blocks.
Matthew P
Matthew P 2 kun oldin
Awesome theory. I love this kind of Physics.
Zheng Kang Chiong
Zheng Kang Chiong 3 kun oldin
Best ending 2019. I think that brick hammering explosion might have help relief all the anxiety build up the illogical game physics research.
RBEO22 4 kun oldin
But wait, how do these brick blocks become single coins???
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 4 kun oldin
Hes not a human he was bron from a egg and prob call hin a ailen
Le Snake
Le Snake 4 kun oldin
4:11 WrOngGgG IitS aCtuALLY 377 PoUDNs aUstIN
J. C.
J. C. 6 kun oldin
While we're on the subject, I've seen a guy who could take a stack of bricks and break only the on you chose. I need a scientific explanation for that.
Oles Drow
Oles Drow 7 kun oldin
Finally saw Austin's face like moving alive
Weeb Trash That Everyone Hates.
I Love The -Quiet- Mario!
What Ever
What Ever 7 kun oldin
I would have punched a brick for this video.
Raaazvaaan91 7 kun oldin
Nathan Jarvis
Nathan Jarvis 8 kun oldin
But Austin Mario is breaking bricks made from mushroom people not fire hardened clay/ceramics
Pizzaroll God
Pizzaroll God 8 kun oldin
The inside of the block could be gollow
Pizzaroll God
Pizzaroll God 8 kun oldin
The blocks are toads
The Number1Candyman
So this means that the only smash character (at least out of who I can think of off the top of my head) that could canonically fight Mario and not get absolutely destroyed is the monster otherwise known as Kirby
Silver Mist
Silver Mist 9 kun oldin
Wait, at 7:47 didn't he just say that the bricks were made of people from the mushroom kingdom? So they're not really made of clay, but fungus, which is much much softer?
Lily Mckay
Lily Mckay 10 kun oldin
Maybe that's why Luigi's games are about ghosts. Is he seeing things or is in a concussion? 🤯
Captain America
Captain America 10 kun oldin
Wow... never seen your face irl before unless it’s photoshopped onto something. Also great video! And also also you kind of look like Doug walker from nostalgia critic. Take that as a compliment.
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming 11 kun oldin
Tv Nami stole the thumbnail
VAUGHN SMOTHERS 11 kun oldin
Wait....aren’t the blocks made of toads?
Stevie1da 13 kun oldin
Bad hammer form 😂
ShinersTheSeagull 16 kun oldin
Fun Fact: I took Tang su Do (a martial arts form. I'm pretty sure it's Korean but we also mixed in Chinese and Japanese forms) and when we broke boards and when others broke the harder material (I didn't get that far (._.) ), it wasn't to show our strength but our technique. If we broke it without using proper technique (which is very dangerous) it didn't count. So people who say it shows strength are either swindlers or it's some martial art form I'm unfamiliar with.
Apple Bapple
Apple Bapple 16 kun oldin
Lets see mario fight steve
LadyRavencide13 16 kun oldin
But the bricks are made of mushroom like you say so since mushroom isn't clay they'd be way softer!
a grill
a grill 16 kun oldin
Luis Morales
Luis Morales 17 kun oldin
Those bricks could be made differently.
Wayman23 18 kun oldin
Well I know who my ssbu main is now
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez 18 kun oldin
mario should be in DOOM! OF COURSE!
Skylar The Fairy
Skylar The Fairy 18 kun oldin
COWARDS!!! Hmmmmmm why didn't you do it then, Austin? I meant with your hands.... Not sledgehammer... But ok
Peedog 789
Peedog 789 18 kun oldin
luigi does have brain damage... he continues to smash bricks with his head
SuperSegaDreamcast 18 kun oldin
no the science behind mario is that he is Knuckles in his fursuit he bought off Wish
Joe Dolph
Joe Dolph 19 kun oldin
loved the video. You used the hammer wrong. When you swung it down you should have moved your right hand to your left hand. It would have allowed for a lot more force. Other than that I love your videos man. And I also loved that.
Demanufactur3r 20 kun oldin
Dans Macabre
Joseph Brooker
Joseph Brooker 20 kun oldin
So mario should be 8,000,000 pounds or nutens he must be fat!
Hi My Name Is Yankee
*Mario challenges steve* *Mario punches steve's head off* *Steve drops 9999999999 kg (22046226216.28 lbs) on Mario* *they die* *I win.*
xXMagiMine 21 kun oldin
i looked it up and you say you weigh about 190 pounds
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 22 kun oldin
OMG he played simple gifts dance i played that two years ago in 8th grade NOSTALGA
Classic sans
Classic sans 22 kun oldin
Too much math
SoMario64 23 kun oldin
Can't wait for The SCIENCE... Of Kirby Marx's a THICC boi for an April Fools 7:44 Well, I guess he is, due to his moveset in Smash being rather goofy and how he tends to react in terrified ways in the Mario & Luigi games, I'd say Nintendo's been focusing on a little detail that to my knowledge no-one has picked up on! 9:19 Not to be mean or anything, but you kinda look like Al from Toy Story 2, just sayin'
Delsin a
Delsin a 23 kun oldin
Nice peach butt
Delsin a
Delsin a 23 kun oldin
*punches brick and a fat gooba comes out and killed and I rage and smashed it on my bully so bad even slapped him too*
•01010111 •
•01010111 • 23 kun oldin
I’m in Illinois I would have broke a brick lol 😂
Candyman Puppy
Candyman Puppy 23 kun oldin
Stemz 24 kun oldin
Lol I want salty sonic fans to watch this crap
Mesaria 24 kun oldin
for those wondering what the song at 7:00 mins is its "Saint-Saens - Danse macabre" i think anyway
auf der mitte
auf der mitte 25 kun oldin
So mario is stronger than superman and goku together?
Oisin Neyret
Oisin Neyret 25 kun oldin
Another comment. In Super Mario World when Mario sprints he sticks out his arms (like he thinks he is a plane) and when he jumps he keeps his arms out so he can break bricks with his head
Oisin Neyret
Oisin Neyret 25 kun oldin
Austin! I have a GOD DAMN TERRIFYING video idea. The characters in gta 5 (mostly Michael and Trevor) can smash car windows with their fists and elbows. So what does that mean for the people that they can melee attack.
peter griffin
peter griffin 25 kun oldin
For Austin to have created that many explosions of such magnitude he would have to have exerted 100 newtons of forces onto a singular particle of plutonium, but these are not plutonium they are bricks (mortar) So austin is as strong as god with the force to split the entire planet if he wanted to.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sea of thieves new event
will g
will g 26 kun oldin
crystal and daniel Mota
It is just a game ok
Ashton R and some other guy
Is this the video Austin had copy right striked for the music he had licensed
maxichunk51 26 kun oldin
What song is in the background
Pikachu 444 part 2
Pikachu 444 part 2 26 kun oldin
-Peanut butter-
Pikachu 444 part 2
Pikachu 444 part 2 26 kun oldin
*S C A R D Y C A T S*
BigMan 26 kun oldin
i love this show
xander janson
xander janson 28 kun oldin
Hey Austin, try something on tf2 engineer buildings!
Tanner Medina
Tanner Medina 29 kun oldin
Hey, Austin and Matpat (whichever one sees this first), I'm doing a report on the speed of a ping pong ball would need to go in order to puncture a brick. I looked at your video because you guys did all of the math and had the shear strength of brick on the screen. I would like to know how you did the math concerning the amount of pressure actually needed in order to break that brick. It would be very helpful.
some of the videos aint showed in the channel at all only at recomended
Mason Gaming
Mason Gaming 29 kun oldin
Micheal Rogers
Micheal Rogers 29 kun oldin
Whoever made the subtitles spelled Mortal Kombat wrong Unsubbed, literally unwatchable.
supreme monarch
You've gained some weight
Moonpie 725
Moonpie 725 Oy oldin
Chance Caywood
0:42 should of Said let’s a go
Cool cat Games
Austin is around 175 pounds
LeRkErGaming Oy oldin
Hero for fun
Lachlan Jones
Lachlan Jones Oy oldin
4:02/4:03 look closely at the brick block there are spaces in between each brick therefore making it possible to break the block.
Basleal Abshiro
10:07 ah thats hot, that is hot
Gambit. 2004
Gambit. 2004 Oy oldin
I just wanted to say, "nice ending."
hanisusofou Oy oldin
Pink Thunderbolt
You almost look like Zack Scott in real life.
Pink Thunderbolt
Magic Mayro
Magic Mayro Oy oldin
Mario lifting the fortress in super Mario world is leagues more impressive than this
Matthew Dennin
I always thought it was wood
GGhosTT Oy oldin
Wow he did a face reveal
A Potato
A Potato Oy oldin
Austin how do you not know that Mario's weight is literally impossible to be measured? THE MAN EATS NONSTOP SPAGHETTI FOR GODS SAKE
0:57 I'm sorry everytime I hear that song it reminds me of carabell in the movie Disney the three musketeers, singing about goofy
Jennika Rosanne
10:44 Did Michael Bay take over Game Theory?
G&B Productions
G&B Productions
G&B Productions
Kaptain Awesome
hey Austin, so as you said in the video and as well talked about before in another video, the bricks are made out of the people from the mushroom kingdom or mushrooms, so wouldn't the weight and durability be significantly less making it easier to punch through? yes itd still be extremely hard since they are dried out, but Mario wouldn't have to go that hard on the bricks if that's what they were made out of.
Alexa Sprock
Alexa Sprock Oy oldin
mario:*trys to smash killer plant* killer plant:*live's* mario:*dies* KILLER PLANT IN MARIO IS STRONG AS BED ROCK FROM MINECRAFT!
herrkrabbe Oy oldin
now for the force dealt by the explosion of a Creeper.
Philipp B.
Philipp B. Oy oldin
Well you do have a point mario in smash when he f-smashes there is a small fire explosion at his knuckles
NYo FaceNinja
NYo FaceNinja Oy oldin
never watch any that arent by mat pat whatever you want his name 2 be
Harrison Lin
Harrison Lin Oy oldin
Or mario is just one punch man
Henry Mysterious Man
"Breaks brick" "Punches punching bag" Not effective
Iridium The king
Barry Allen
Barry Allen Oy oldin
Austin how powerful is capn falcon's falcon punch???
syweb2 Oy oldin
7:50 I just now noticed how this channel (and anyone who analyzes Super Mario Bros' instruction manual/lore) has a been cherry-picking the stuff on that page of the manual. It says "if you come across mushrooms who have been turned into bricks or made invisible, they reward you by giving you a power boost". Mario, according to this page, hasn't killed any mushroom people at all - just taken coins from them, or made them visible. I HIGHLY doubt that every block of bricks in this kingdom is made out of people.
Cartoon Pea
Cartoon Pea Oy oldin
7:38 *:,(*
Emma Cerak
Emma Cerak Oy oldin
Mat pat?
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson Oy oldin
Love the fact that with the explosions you can actually see the bottom part like a custom windows video maker edit lmao, awesome episode
apparently im karen
Who else just saw that Austin’s photo is either taken in snow or he has so much dandruff that it shows through his goddamn hair and clumps up
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