Mark Hamill: The Best Star Wars Fans Are 'U-P-Fs'

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Living legend Mark Hamill appreciates the loyal fanbase of Star Wars so much that he has given them a name.
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9-Dek, 2017

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David Phillips
David Phillips 2 soat oldin
Last Jedi was the worst Star Wars movie ever made. A total shame, he deserved much better.
Darren Nicholls
Darren Nicholls 20 soat oldin
Last Jedi is so horribly bad and Rian Johnson destroyed Luke's character.
Armando Dy
Armando Dy 22 soat oldin
Mark will always be the evil Cock Knocker from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. 👍👾👌
bigjake360t Kun oldin
and then everything changed again.
Daehawk Kun oldin
I see Mark and think Slipstream a lot.
Vilmar Alves
Vilmar Alves Kun oldin
6:24 the pure wonder in Colbert's face when Hamill says he uses the force in supermarket doors, is all of us. :D
SsilenceTv Kun oldin
Tlj sucks
dan quazar
dan quazar Kun oldin
WOOOW how did you really call that Stephen ahahaha
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens 2 kun oldin
Fancy Dragon
Fancy Dragon Kun oldin
Ultra Passionate Fans 12:01. After seeing the aftermath of Last Jedi, he nailed it on the head!
Manuel Bürgel
Manuel Bürgel 2 kun oldin
The band playing „Song for my father“ is just brilliant!! 😂
Grimshak81 2 kun oldin
...now you got your Star Citizen family too, "old man"...
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens 2 kun oldin
Old Man?
Weap0 2 kun oldin
Mark Hamill is a national treasure.
Go with Kel
Go with Kel 3 kun oldin
Mark Hamil still awesome after all these years #gowithkel
John Smith
John Smith 3 kun oldin
10:48 12:18 Mark hits very important point here - when media piece become such cultural phenomena, and helps people to overcome ordinarity and burdens of their lives, you just don't have moral right to treat it like it was with Last Jedi (and with Force Awakens, as well as prequels, imo), and Rian Johnson probably begin to understand that now. Generally, when something that big of cultural importance provide oneself with continuation, you should approach to that with more accurate and thinkful attitude, rather than common commercial-making way of thinking, which was clear from the beginning with that Disney announcement of dozens upcoming Star Wars movies.
John Smith
John Smith 3 kun oldin
0:20 lol that guy at the left upper corner
Sketchbook ofhorror
Gosh I can listen to Hamill forever.
Stephanie Engel
Stephanie Engel 3 kun oldin
I saw those Dole groceries and Instagram also has am image that I posted about Star Wars tissues 😂🤓
Landon Letterman
Landon Letterman 3 kun oldin
My new favorite moment in life is the first time I saw Bad Lip Readings take on the Vader fight. "FLOOOOOWERRRRR!? *NOOOOOOOOOOO!"*
Мария Жулина
Pug Tortuga
Pug Tortuga 5 kun oldin
The Last Jedi raped Hamill hard.
Han Solo
Han Solo 5 kun oldin
Mark Hamill and Peter Dinklage should do a movie together
Master Coach University
The band has a sense of humor and no one knows it.
T C 5 kun oldin
its funny that he was right about the death of luke
Erikjoelalexander 6 kun oldin
Mark Hammil is such a weird fella.
Ribbitgoesthedog Lastnamehereyeah
Why would he try to do the telekinesis, when he can actually do the jedi mindtricks?
guns r the answer
guns r the answer 6 kun oldin
Colbert is a globalist fraud.
Edward Creter
Edward Creter 7 kun oldin
I consider myself UPF: Unapologetic Purist Fart. Which is why no one will want me at Star Wars conventions. My standards as a Jedi are too high for most younger fans to understand, let alone tolerate. Example: a few years ago, when DVD stores used to be popular, I went to one to snag some 80s movies. The guy at the counter already had the nerve to ask me if I was psyched for the DVD release of Force Awakens. I wasn't. I told him I never saw it nor planned to, as it would harm my values of good and evil. He asked me, as though I were crazy, "What, you missed out on a film that beat the prequels?" "I'm a fan of Jar Jar!" was my reply. "What does that tell you?" He never spoke a word in response, just gave me my purchases and The Eye. I figured any mention of praise for old school SW, especially the three prequels, would draw the wrath of certain fans. Hatred of any kind, even of certain fictional characters you don't agree with, is of the Dark Side and outright hatred for a sweet, Scooby Doo like heroic warrior like Jar Jar is hatred fueled by outdated ideas of what is stereotype and what honors diversity. I have fought a battle to do away with hateful thoughts in my own life as well as stigma outside me from a world which continues to see what's black and white, or what's shades of grey, instead of the other colors of the rainbow and how they blend. When Disney took over the Star Wars saga, I knew that something was up. Disney promised more diversity in SW, but Disney has pulled this before. Their shows and movies have strong female characters who are dressed as whore's from Central Avenue where I live in Tampa bay, and many of them are underage. The black kids are stereotypes of black culture, and a lot of these young stars are very talented, so Disney fires them and sends them on downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, bad behavior etc. The same is now coming true for Mark Hamill, old school SW, and Daisy Ridley, the new generation of Jedi. Mark and Daisy both had problems with number 8 of the SW series, the Last Jedi. Mark even went on to say this: "I am fundamentally against what you're doing to Luke Skywalker. Having said that, let's go ahead with your vision." This to director Rian Johnson. Since when was Hamill ever about the fundamentals? He broke free of the Luke persona to voice the Joker on Batman. He has said that playing the villain was more enjoyable than playing hero. So that goes against his character as a man. So he has no excuse to complain about Luke being messed up by a director who, apparently, was doing the right thing after all. Star Wars is a big cash cow as never before, when it should have been a good science fiction story with positive spiritual lessons for kids. And yes, it is science fiction, not straight fantasy. And yes, in the greater schema of things, it really is just a movie after all. So again: who. The. Hell. Is. Mark. Hamill....to act really humble on the Colbert report when the Dark Side has corrupted an otherwise decent human being?
Nathan Baca
Nathan Baca 7 kun oldin
I fucking love Mark Hamill
Panda Deadpool
Panda Deadpool 7 kun oldin
Sorry but I just can’t see Hamill on Twitter, definitely can’t see him getting hate tweets
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick 7 kun oldin
Humble and kind, he has every right to be an ego-maniac but it didn't happen, Amen.
GBlues1 7 kun oldin
You hear how Mark is talking about Star Wars and it’s fans, and how much of an impact they have had on him and him on them and then Disney goes and does what? Fucks it up for everyone!
Alex Dixon
Alex Dixon 8 kun oldin
Mark's character now is a cross between obi one and Yoda
Filimon Galogavros
Filimon Galogavros 8 kun oldin
Εveryone wants to go to Hogwarts Or Middle Earth Or the Land of the Oz Or to a Galaxy far , far away . Because it is therapeautic . Real life is miserable . Everyone wants to have fun for two hours . . .
Greg R
Greg R 8 kun oldin
and we all know how The Last Jedi turned out.
Greg R
Greg R 6 kun oldin
+guns r the answer and a bad joke at that.
Greg R
Greg R 6 kun oldin
+Vikram Tapadia Amazingly bad.
guns r the answer
guns r the answer 6 kun oldin
A total joke!
Vikram Tapadia
Vikram Tapadia 6 kun oldin
Dino Schachten
Dino Schachten 8 kun oldin
This is fudging fantastic. Carrison and Harrie.
Maria Duran-Ruiz
Maria Duran-Ruiz 9 kun oldin
6:19 when he did that I was holding my pencil
Kai Williams
Kai Williams 9 kun oldin
12:14 UPFs.
PJ the DJ Productions
Thank you 😇🙏🏻😈
C C 11 kun oldin
dat Harrison Ford impression was spot-on, he captured the Cold Stare so perfectly.
Christian Stoleski
Christian Stoleski 11 kun oldin
StarWars sucks now
guns r the answer
guns r the answer 6 kun oldin
Disney's star wars.
Dawn DiPierro
Dawn DiPierro 12 kun oldin
Mark ❤️❤️😍😍😘😘
Vicky Primal
Vicky Primal 12 kun oldin
Look, Harrison! WE'RE A PEZ DISPENSER!
1964sleepy 13 kun oldin
I know times change and characters change :( but i miss luke and the original characters.Star wars will never be the same .
colin steelhammer
colin steelhammer 13 kun oldin
I love the band bc they play are playing Song For My Father
walstib 13 kun oldin
walstib 13 kun oldin
blue, sunrider's crystal
walstib 13 kun oldin
What about corvette summer?
guns r the answer
guns r the answer 6 kun oldin
lol, awful
P 13 kun oldin
And then, we saw the movie...
deaconx 13 kun oldin
We the people love you Mr. Hamill. As fans and as a fellow human being.
Francis Cyprus
Francis Cyprus 13 kun oldin
Mark Hamill is great! Can't wait for Star Wars 9. The end of the entire Star Wars Saga. 42 years later! I've got a feeling it's gonna be a good one.
M Burns
M Burns 15 kun oldin
Lots of big stars are very good at seeming humble. Mark Hamill IS humble.
Brian Kores
Brian Kores 15 kun oldin
Thanks for posting this video; Mark Hamill cracked me up!
Daniel Joyce
Daniel Joyce 17 kun oldin
Wow he’s so good at dodging clues that give away TLJ ! Seriously
Samsonite 17 kun oldin
I can’t picture Young Mark with a beard. I can’t picture old mark without one
Double A Double A
Double A Double A 18 kun oldin
Mark and Steven are the best. May the Force be with you!
dagger 1 2
dagger 1 2 21 kun oldin
Mark hamill is 83? Wow he looks great
Allan Alberts
Allan Alberts 6 kun oldin
dagger 1 2 his 67.
My Frickin'Channel
My Frickin'Channel 22 kun oldin
Fuck this libtard
guns r the answer
guns r the answer 6 kun oldin
yeah, Colbert is total shit.
BassHeadJazz 23 kun oldin
00:10 keyboard player starts "Song for my Father" 2 beats too early which leaves the drummer flipped the whole time.
William Craig
William Craig 23 kun oldin
The reason Mark gets along so well with fans is he has so much of a fanboy in himself.
World Press
World Press 25 kun oldin
I enjoyed this appearance of Mark Hamill better than his appearance in The Last Jedi.
deBebbler 26 kun oldin
Ungh, Colbert really is the worst interviewer.
deBebbler Kun oldin
+Trey Stephens well, not according to this ==> watch?v=4QOuU30FabM
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens Kun oldin
+deBebbler Oklahoma is just okay?
deBebbler Kun oldin
+Trey Stephens So is Oklahoma, but I don't want it interviewing interesting people.
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens 2 kun oldin
He is okay.
Christopher Porter
Christopher Porter 26 kun oldin
Mark Hamill is such good people
Lord Malik
Lord Malik 27 kun oldin
Mark Hamil is so awesome
Eric Nicolaisen
Eric Nicolaisen 27 kun oldin
He made a hell of a bad guy in Criminal Minds! I was blown away
Ela Mongrella
Ela Mongrella 27 kun oldin
Whenever he gets stopped by a cop, Mark should wave his hand across and say "you're not going to give me a ticket this time."
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 27 kun oldin
In case you didn't notice, the word "Arkham" is right inside the name "Mark Hamill" Take those letters out, and you're left with "mill." Now go google "Arkham Mill" and prepare to have your mind blown. Pay special attention to "Black Mask." Can you think of another "black mask" related to Mark Hamill? LOL, it's fking WEIRD.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 27 kun oldin
I love that Mark has embraced his place in popular culture and has a realistic grasp on exactly what that place is about.
000 Destruct0
000 Destruct0 28 kun oldin
A shame how missused the original cast was in these new star wars movies
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 29 kun oldin
Mark Hamil is a national treasure and when he passes away (at 250 hopefully) he needs to be put into a creepy, Lenin style mausoleum, so people of all capitalistic ages can enjoy his long dead, but still epic Luke Skyywalker awesomeness!!! But seriously all joking aside, Mark Hamil is a real life, honest to god American treasure. And if I met him I'd totally pull a Wayne's World: 'Im not worthy!' May the force be with you Mark! Seriously though just check out my picture to understand how influential this man is! 😍👍
john smith
john smith 29 kun oldin
Great Harrison impersonation
Nehemiah Valerio
Nehemiah Valerio 29 kun oldin
*Spoiler alert* The real father of Anakin Skywalker... Darth Sidious. This was canon just yesterday.
MilkPudding Oy oldin
They wasted Mark Hamill in the new SW.
McFinnigan McHammerSchmidt
I identify as a U-P-F but after a year of The Last Jedi being in the world, I despise U-P-Fs with a burning passion. They're all fuckin' crybabies!
human ll
human ll Oy oldin
Joker and hobgoblin both
human ll
human ll Oy oldin
Mark hamill is a great Voice actor
Hunter Sprong
Hunter Sprong Oy oldin
The fact that John Baptiste & Stay Human play the tune, "Song for my Father" is one of the best references/moments of the entire video.
Sledgehammer Nosejob
Ask Rian, why he made a very disappointing Star Wars movie.
Lodogg 3323
Lodogg 3323 Oy oldin
Ok, be honest... who DOESN’T wave their hands using the force at the grocery store?
Levi Bullen
Levi Bullen 15 kun oldin
TheEzco Oy oldin
Give this man a terrible script and he will still be best thing in the movie.
roachxyz Oy oldin
I like lettuce and cauliflower not apples or grapes.
Martin Hassan
Martin Hassan Oy oldin
who knew Stephen was right about Luke dying
Richard Allsebrook
A rare gentleman. Many aspire to be be like Luke. Be like Mark :)
jbsosa100 Oy oldin
Mr. Hamill is extremely badass.
Raymond Morgan
For me, Mark Hamill is Col. Christopher Blair from the Wing Commander series.
Ted Stryker
Ted Stryker Oy oldin
So sad how TLJ turned out. Destroyed by a pin head little monster.
The music played when Hamil enters is called "song for my father"
Ian Brooke
Ian Brooke Oy oldin
Corvette Summer. Mark is so cool.
Hamill has a pure soul
white owl
white owl Oy oldin
Mark Hamel is a genuine and good honest person. He is NOT a Hollywood phony. I love him for his down to earth nature and attitude.
TsukubaF1 配信チャンネル
This is really "the next generation", except for that in the Star Trek franchise it was good...
2nooby2 Idol
2nooby2 Idol Oy oldin
Exactly a year later.
carl hiller
carl hiller Oy oldin
Mark Hamill is one of the coolest celebrities ever, together with Nic Cage and Hugh Jackman
Maximilian Becker
May the Force be always with him 🤙🏻
Robbie Lane
Robbie Lane Oy oldin
Dude this was so special to watch. Love mark,
Bill bartman
Bill bartman Oy oldin
Have you seen Mr. Hamill in Corvette Summer?
Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown
Should an Orson Welles' biopic possibly be in the works anywhere, they should cast Hamill to play him!
gwg5640 Oy oldin
He will always be Luke Skywalker to me.
Kaleb B
Kaleb B Oy oldin
"I think this means your character dies." and Colbert is detained and interrogated backstage by Disney for how he obtained this information
Naþan Ø
Naþan Ø Oy oldin
Hamill 2020? Hamill 2020.
E MP Oy oldin
LOVE him. Only interview I ever watched twice! But I don't think Hamill fully understands his contribution - it is more than escapism. Fantasy is inspirational!