Mark Hamill: The Best Star Wars Fans Are 'U-P-Fs'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Living legend Mark Hamill appreciates the loyal fanbase of Star Wars so much that he has given them a name.
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9-Dek, 2017



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Fikrlar 4 143
Gazpacho 40000
Gazpacho 40000 3 soat oldin
MasterOf4Elements 3 soat oldin
Mark Hamill is my favorite Joker
Sirmi98 14 soat oldin
Ok so i am an upf
Marianita Bustos
That jacket and shirt are toooooo big for him :/
Emilia Kastrup
Emilia Kastrup Kun oldin
Can you imagine interviewing Mark Motherfucking Hamill and having him speak of sitting down with you as an honor?? 12:46
Sephra Rae
Sephra Rae 2 kun oldin
What dumb ass is gonna argue with Mark on twitter over cauliflower??
Chris LeBelMusic
Chris LeBelMusic 2 kun oldin
Love the guy bowing 0:22 haha!
Jay Es
Jay Es 3 kun oldin
love Mark.
Lliam Clifton
Lliam Clifton 4 kun oldin
And then the movie sucks!
Sebastian Zalewski
Sebastian Zalewski 4 kun oldin
You also have your Wing Commander family!
MDestron2282 5 kun oldin
Mark Hamill is probably the coolest dude on the planet.
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush Agrawal 5 kun oldin
He is the best joker to me...
Daniel Peixoto
Daniel Peixoto 5 kun oldin
That was beautiful! Congratulations Stephen Colbert for realizing your dreams! Unreal. Mark Hamill is a Grand Master Jedi as Luke and in real life.
The Lytz
The Lytz 5 kun oldin
Mark Hamil is the most wholesome person ever
B RI Charloe
B RI Charloe 6 kun oldin
blindsightedkill 7 kun oldin
1:35 Sleezy Gordan Miller is the origin of the Joker voice? Amazing!
tc awesome
tc awesome 8 kun oldin
7:43 sooo. Damn. True.
Evan Witt
Evan Witt 8 kun oldin
To me be will always be Kenneth W. Dantley Jr. from Corvette Summer
Emmanuel Balraj
Emmanuel Balraj 11 kun oldin
I don't care about Luke Skywalker.. He will only be one thing to me and that is The Joker
drifter scythe91
drifter scythe91 11 kun oldin
mark hamill here looks like he misses the old times...
N. Suthers
N. Suthers 11 kun oldin
Mark Hamill has been an elderly curmudgeon since his mid-20s.
Dusk Dawg
Dusk Dawg 12 kun oldin
He's a pleasure to listen to. I like the way he narrates his experiences
Maex 13 kun oldin
The Joker played Luke Skywalker really?
Elheru42 14 kun oldin
He fills me with so much joy.
Son Of Batman523
Son Of Batman523 14 kun oldin
Mark Hamill will always be the Joker. Kevin Conroy will always be Batman. How is this even up for debate?
Vegetarian Soylent-Green
I've never had the pleasure of meeting him but I can already tell he's really down-to-Earth. Which is really funny because he played a dude called "Sky-Walker", and The Joker, the least down-to-Earth guy in all of fiction, aside from Don Quixote.
rudy2fat 16 kun oldin
I always felt Mark Hamill got screwed as an actor. He should have been a lot bigger. Can you imagine if he was the Joker on Tim Burton movie instead of Jack? No offense to Jack but Mark would have owned that part. I'm just glad Mark Hamill has become a great voice actor and joining in the ranks with Frank Welker, Tara Strong etc....
Park Park
Park Park 16 kun oldin
The man should become a critically endangered species, since we only have one of this man with his talents. Mark's a talented motherfucker.
David Baxley
David Baxley 16 kun oldin
If he only knew how it was going to turn out.
Davi Pinho
Davi Pinho 17 kun oldin
Jesus Christ, how does he manage to be this classy, sassy, cranky and charming, all at the same time?
Trevor Cadigan
Trevor Cadigan 18 kun oldin
The song the band plays is "Song for my father" Interesting choice.
John Bailey
John Bailey 19 kun oldin
I was just Gonna say He will always be the Joker
Marten C
Marten C 19 kun oldin
To me he will always be Private Griff from the big red one.
The New Asset Class
The New Asset Class 20 kun oldin
They should do a Star Wars Batman crossover. Batman is a rogue grey Jedi, Joker is a Sith Lord, Alfred is a Qui Gon/Kenobi figure who helps Batman not give into the dark side completely etc. It's set in the Star Wars galaxy, where Gotham is a planet amongst many. And of course, Hamill voices the joker.
tony ceci
tony ceci 24 kun oldin
Class act then, class act still. Hard to find
tricky205 25 kun oldin
“It’s the longest Star Wars, and it’s two-and-a-half hours of pure shit.”
Raging Zenkai
Raging Zenkai 26 kun oldin
5:02 it looks he can do his own 20 year old voice.
J. Ryan Norton
Hah, literally the only thing Mark says about TLJ is that it’s the longest of the movies, which is about the only thing it has going for it.
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
If he's a little short for a stormtrooper then why does the uniform fit perfectly???!?!?!?!?
Panda .mp4
Panda .mp4 Oy oldin
I can’t stop watching Star Wars interviews I am obsessed 😍
Mr. Cromwell
Mr. Cromwell Oy oldin
awesome joker
Daniel Cordova
Disney ruins everything !!!
Kori Hoornstra
These are not the droids you are looking for
Jay Maverick
Jay Maverick Oy oldin
Imagine an entertainment industry professional appreciating their fans. Rian Johnson, take notes.
David Penmark
David Penmark Oy oldin
He just speaks the truth and doesn’t care. That’s awesome.
SOIBand Oy oldin
You have no choice but to love Mark.
Chris O'Donovan
I love the fact that Kevin Conroy is his Batman
S Tabarnak
S Tabarnak Oy oldin
And Mark Hamill best Joker EVER!
Marc W
Marc W Oy oldin
People hate-tweet over everything Stephen. Everything.
Josh Patterson
if i saw mark hamill wave his hand to walk into a super market youd have to pinch me and splash cold water on my face.
Justaperson Oy oldin
If Mark had been allowed to write the scripts for the new star wars trilogy it would have been soooo much better than the cliche, Disney, bullshit we have now. I was thinking the exact same thing about the lightsaber jiggling in the snow! That would've been way more epic an entrance for Luke. Rey should've been getting her ass beat by Kylo Ren because he's a properly trained Sith and she's a desert orphan. And just when he's about to finish her, Luke should've forced grabbed the lightsaber and force pushed Kylo to the edge of a cliff and made him cry like a baby before he flees. Then that's how they meet and he trains her after that. Not on some shitty, secluded island as a weird old man. Then his death in the second movie is so underwhelming, how he's just a projection. So boring. They screwed up the writing for his character and the whole new trilogy badly. Disney wanted to show girl power! And I'm a liberal but Rian Johnson is the biggest soy boy cuck who made a purple haired clueless woman the commander of a star fleet. She literally makes pew pew sounds with her mouth when she fires a blaster!! I hate it all!
Sadman Chowdhury
How Steven was right about him dying.
Marcelo R.
Marcelo R. Oy oldin
Luke is my Star Wars hero...most would agree. Since he's basically untouchable, he should of taken a stand against how ryan j. and disney disrespected Luke Skywalker (among other things like the saga and undermining plot points and seriousness) by breaking his non-disclosure agreement with disney and telling audiences: "I'm going to risk it all just like Luke did, and risk law suits and being discredited in the media by disney by disclosing the following.... just know ryan and kathleen destroyed Lukes heroic character and made TLJ a joke for half the movie like how Marvel does with their movies and that the actual drama and seriousness of character development of Star Wars, is gone. But its a good cinematic stand alone move...you decide to go see it or not." If he said that, wow, talk about being Luke in real life facing the danger of the Emperor and Vader (disney and their lawers). What difference would it make, they destroyed off Lukes character anyways. If they sue him, there will be a bigger public outcry agains disney, then it is now plus unify the fans! So i bet they would drop the lawsuits and leave Mark alone and focus on taking Star Wars fans serious and make better episodes.
Matt G
Matt G Oy oldin
Colbert: "I think this means your character dies" (Luke on a packet of iceberg lettuce.) Woah!
Philip T
Philip T Oy oldin
Alright, for someone who doesn't want to scroll through 13 minutes of video and who should be actively studying right now, what's a UPF?
Ian Kuentz
Ian Kuentz Oy oldin
Professor Sassafras
Huh and I had such high hopes for this movie... if only it had been good( PS I have a review on this movie please watch and give me ideas on how to improve my channel for viewers please. Please. 😥
Rhaenyas Phoenix
He's Luke Skywalker. To Stephen he's Gordon Miller. To me he'll always be the one true Joker. The greatest ever. Kevin Conroy's Batman and Mark Hamill's Joker are untouchable. P.S. His Harrison Ford impression is the best Harrison Ford impression I've ever seen!
Chris Pelletier
"6:55" "Which lightsabre do you loose in the new movie" He doesn't say use, he said loose" I wish I had paid more attention. I'm Curious what Stephen thinks of Ryan Johnson.
Alan Douglas Stgamann
turns out he's a fabulous person. Too bad they've ruined his character on The Star Wars saga
Javier Fernandez
When I'm alone in an elevator, I still do the 'force-open the doors' bit LOL! :P
David Luna
David Luna Oy oldin
That lady in the pink scarf is like "who? I'm not standing."
Nicholas Bevan
To a mayhap, slightly bitter, lets say disappointed Mr. Hamil I say this: "The force will be with u , always" As it is with me, and so many others. Thankyou, so much dear Sir We rARELY DESSERVE OUR HEROES ..THARS WHAT MAKES THEM HEROES. sACRIFICE SVAR
BonzoDog67 Lizardking
Mark is a fundamentally decent guy who has been "Forced" into being a whore. Saying this latest abomination is Star Wars for, "a new generation" really doesn't cut it. The show had its run. The good guys won, the bad guys lost, Lucas sold Disney a car that had its run. Star Wars...RIP.
SPG Oy oldin
Hammil's line in A New Hope when he saw the Millennium Falcon for the first time "ITS A PIECE OF JUNK!!" I mean full context of the scene, where even a farm boy would be totally unimpressed at what would become the flagship of the rebel armada. Giving it a real Rag-Tag feel. Way more brilliant than I think they planned, which made it even better!
george dubayu ridin a shark in space
Mark hamil is a rare creature we must protect
Marciano Demidof
Mark Hamill🙏
im19ice3 Oy oldin
thank you for existing mark hamill ;-; you're so nice
Loren Renee
Loren Renee Oy oldin
Omg, my crush has not diminished in the slightest. The more I see him the cooler he is. Must be great to hang out with. He’s got such a sweet funny personality. Oh and he does amazing character acting.
Ronald Kapaun
Ronald Kapaun Oy oldin
I love Luke Skywalker, that roll exposed him to FAR more impressive roles... but, Mr. Hamill will ALWAYS be THE ONE the ONLY 'Joker'!!!! Hands down.
Gudder Games
Gudder Games Oy oldin
Mark is the biggest Star Wars fan
Richard Kranium
He should be playing the joker in the live action movies.
Bereck David
Bereck David Oy oldin
Great voices
Goukes Oy oldin
Here you see it again, if you want a genuinely happy and enthusiastic Mark Hamill on your show, talk with him about the original SW movies, not the Disney ones.
bluedance lilly
Mark Hamill is a kick. Who knew he was so funny?
Iain MacLennan
That "He-he-he" though...... Born Joker ;)
Crispy Crunch
Crispy Crunch Oy oldin
The producers may be destroying Star Wars for the fans, but I guarantee... Mark Hamill will have the last laugh.
skyclimber7 Oy oldin
pause @ 11:23 is that a note or a star wars clue on the bottom of Hamills left foot shoe?
Cameron Radaszewski
God Mark Hamill is awesome
byron p
byron p Oy oldin
Fun fact. Tim Curry was going to voice The Joker before Mark, but it turned out that he frightened children WAY too much.Dude IS intimidating.
NeroDeAngelo Oy oldin
9:47 If we would have listened... I do wonder what Mark thought at that moment xD
colleen t
colleen t Oy oldin
I was listening to this video while I was reading email,,heard Mark do his impression of Harrison Ford and My God he sounds exactly like him!
He should have read the TLJ script and had the courage to walk off. Another Hollywood whore.
Does UPF mean upper penis fat?
This Sucks
This Sucks Oy oldin
He sits like a toad in that chair.
MishuTaste Oy oldin
Mark: don't struggle to be funny. Let the comedy flow through you.
terryfeynman Oy oldin
Of course he gets the salad, apples sell themselves, bu,t to sell salad to kids you have to be a jedi master using the best mind tricks
terryfeynman Oy oldin
This may sound weird, but hear me out : the best star wars fans are also treckies. You see there is a lot of ANIMOSITY between the 2 groups, they prank each other, they make fun of each other, and some go even much further. So you could say the 2 fandoms do not get allong AT ALL. So if you are a fan of both, you show independent thinking, and that you make your own opinions on things. You are not easily influenced by others etc.etc. so by listening to you I get a genuine opinion you made made yourself, without any outside influence (or at least very little). And that is how real fans should be. They should like stuff because they simply do, and not because someone told hem. They do not listen to review sites or other people trying to steer opinion, so I get a genuine opinion, and get genuine reasons.
Warrant Division
Warrant Division 2 oy oldin
2 words: Corvette Summer 😎
chad windham
chad windham 2 oy oldin
what a great guy. a shame disney completely fucked the luke skywalker legacy
Binguh Bungah
Binguh Bungah 2 oy oldin
What is with his voice!? Did he have an accident or mouth surgery. Reminds of Brandos shmushy tittily twating. Dont get me wrong, loved him for star wars (except his hair cut in "return"- whixh caused an audible gasp in the audience and much discusiion) but his voice seems so weird now. Force be with us, everyone.
ZenGeekDad 2 oy oldin
What a gracious, grown-up, reflective, articulate older actor! It's so great to see they don't all sink under the weight of fame, self-importance, fan-hatred, and/or simply struggle to hold an intelligible conversation for whatever drug/nondrug-related reason.
Tom F
Tom F 2 oy oldin
Colonel Blair...
OCSJC :. 2 oy oldin
So to Colbert mark is someone who he played in a movie that came out after the og trilogy
Slaykiller768 2 oy oldin
Even Mark Hamill knows that the Disney Star Wars movies are crap.
scollay baws
scollay baws 2 oy oldin
Would be great if Hammill was actually funny
Adrian Denton
Adrian Denton 2 oy oldin
When they mention Luke dying Hamill pauses for a second hoping Colbert some information isn't out there.
Brandon Escalon
Brandon Escalon 2 oy oldin
That would have been great if he did show up and get the lightsaber instead of Rey. Really hope he is in the last film and redeems Last Jedi. :/ I can hope.
Julie Witt
Julie Witt 2 oy oldin
Luke, my absolute favorite of the characters.
Bulfwyne 2 oy oldin
DO BATMAN BEYOND !!!! Do the joker's voice, while MICHAEL KEATON plays OLD BATMAN !!!! 11/10 ... The " I think your character dies cause of malnutrition" .... Those moments on live T.V where no one would believe it but it was true since he did see the movie already. I'm surprised no one saw this LOL
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