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Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus

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Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart
Listen/Download: smarturl.it/NBLAH?IQid=yt

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Directed by We Are From LA
Produced by Iconoclast
Executive Producer: Romain Gavras
Producer: Natan Schottenfels
Line Producer: Mélodie Buchris
Director of Photography: Benoit Debie
Editor: Simon Colin
VFX: Mathmatic
Kiev Production Service: Limelite
#MarkRonson #MileyCyrus #NothingBreaksLikeAHeart




29-Noy, 2018

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Maria Baisgaard
Maria Baisgaard 4 daqiqa oldin
Thank you miley ..❤
CHUNGUS LULLABYS 20 daqiqa oldin
When I first heard this on the radio I thought it was Lady Gaga
jose sun
jose sun 31 daqiqa oldin
One sick society , the message from the Illuminati in this video
Francisco Cabrera
Well this is mark ronsons beat w Miley singing to it.... I’m not a big fan of her but I actually like this song not gonna lie and I can fw her now since I know now she’s being featured in good music apparently haha hope she can be in more music like this
Ms. Vanilla
Ms. Vanilla Soat oldin
*2019 and loves this song* *And btw im 9 years old* 5 likes for 1 bottle of bleach 10 likes for 4 bottles of bleach 23 likes for a bucket of bleach 41 likes for 5 buckets of bleach 100 likes for endless bleach 1.1 likes for holy water
fr0yd84 Soat oldin
56k people don't like music.
melodia b
melodia b Soat oldin
miley is so underrated
Desiree Jean
Desiree Jean 2 soat oldin
Mark Ronson
M G 2 soat oldin
Nice car )
oo kj
oo kj 2 soat oldin
la mejor de todas pero cual todas del mundooo
Alessandro Alvarenga
Marvellous... it fits perfectly with her voice. Wonderfully...
Thelma Romero
Thelma Romero 3 soat oldin
what a fucking whore showing her flat ass
tyrone boboo
tyrone boboo 3 soat oldin
I thought this was lana del rey aight
Lucy Jahiade
Lucy Jahiade 4 soat oldin
This song is about paradox and denial I reckon, resumed in "we live and die by pretty lies". First in the helicopter, police with heavy guns yet having fan pics of her (reference to paparazzi), the priests enjoying the stripclub, young girls with snapchat ignoring their surrounding, kids learning fire arm (to protect them) and being killed by them, hiding homosexuality (in media and society) of mature women, football players kneeling in front of mafia car (money in games), the war ambiance during the black friday, etc. I didn't get them all and some comments have other details but here is what I've found! Great video and song, just loving it.
Finlay Mitchell
Finlay Mitchell 4 soat oldin
Why couldn't they just pull in front?
Cenny Fernandez
Cenny Fernandez 4 soat oldin
So am I the only one that actually cried hearing the lyrics and seeing the video ? Freaking Love This Song !!!
Jefte Shady
Jefte Shady 4 soat oldin
1:09 thank me later
Elias Makarov
Elias Makarov 4 soat oldin
Legend says that Miley is still singing this song
4 soat oldin
Junior Kesner
Junior Kesner 4 soat oldin
Miley is sexy as bbq rib on a all you can eat buffet love to get a taste of her bbq shes sexy gorgeous wow
laura serpa
laura serpa 4 soat oldin
você é o melhor entre todos, bjos parabéns
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez 4 soat oldin
Her hair stylist is jojo siwa Love you Miley
Şemsiye 5 soat oldin
lila kell
lila kell 5 soat oldin
This song is of the hook! Love the guitars
Natalie Warren
Natalie Warren 5 soat oldin
You sound like your godmother # dolly
Nikolina Milicevic
Nikolina Milicevic 5 soat oldin
Kasia Kowalska
Kasia Kowalska 5 soat oldin
I am so sad now
Patrick BatemanJR
Patrick BatemanJR 5 soat oldin
Why is she driving a 20 year old S Class? There has to be a secret meaning behind it
Papa JonezGamingKE
Papa JonezGamingKE 6 soat oldin
she sounds so like Dolly Parton oof just give Christmas music vibes
Thomas Damholt
Thomas Damholt 6 soat oldin
No cars were harmed doing this video
كلارنس كلارنس
2020 💔💔💔💔💔💔
Lea Fewell
Lea Fewell 6 soat oldin
If this was mixed /mashed with joleen, it would be hard to tell which was miley and which was dolly.
Kristína Muchová
Kristína Muchová 6 soat oldin
Notice that condom falling near her head in 3:35
Biniasek. exe
Biniasek. exe 6 soat oldin
Polska gdzie jesteście?😂
Jesús Romero
Jesús Romero 6 soat oldin
Better than Taki Taki x1000000000
Alex Tirnovanu
Alex Tirnovanu 6 soat oldin
What is the meaning of this song ?
SM U 6 soat oldin
Nice maily😍😍💖
Magic Aivengo
Magic Aivengo 6 soat oldin
like heaard😍😎
Whintersaber 6 soat oldin
Miley che figa...nulla da dire..
losting 7 soat oldin
plot twits: miley is pewdiepie subscribe to pewdiepie
1918chuggy 7 soat oldin
I love this song 😘😘😘😘😘
glarfl 7 soat oldin
3:51 t-pose
JustManu 7 soat oldin
1:10 full screen
Ecaterina Grosu
Ecaterina Grosu 8 soat oldin
I thought it was Gwen Stefani's voice with Lana del Rey vibes!😲 The song is absolutely beatiful! Love it! ❤️
Vlog King
Vlog King 8 soat oldin
She sounds Indian
Yoga Robiansyah
Yoga Robiansyah 8 soat oldin
M B 8 soat oldin
Sat there , watched this video .. so uncomfortably.
Agata Popiołek
Agata Popiołek 8 soat oldin
it's not the same Miley, great music, what amazing sounds
Adam Berry
Adam Berry 8 soat oldin
Dammmmmm when she crawled into the backseat
HarryYT boy
HarryYT boy 8 soat oldin
It sounds like it's from the Wild West for some reason
Crylines Gaming
Crylines Gaming 8 soat oldin
more satanic than i thougt
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood 8 soat oldin
Best tune of 2019
Geekvizyon 8 soat oldin
1:10 stop
Николай Иванов
only one did not understand why she had to show her ass on this song?
Oğuzhan Kadakal
Oğuzhan Kadakal 9 soat oldin
Nothing break my heart. But the mercedes you've been crashed breaks my heart...💔
• Evi •
• Evi • 9 soat oldin
1:48 childhood nowadays 😐
MixedNutsMs 9 soat oldin
Nothing breaks like a HEART!
Robi Duh
Robi Duh 9 soat oldin
Stupid pop song.let Rock&Roll rull the world!!!!
Cristina Neagu
Cristina Neagu 9 soat oldin
Soooo cooollllll
GZ STRIKE 9 soat oldin
1:10 hehe
katherin ramirez
katherin ramirez 9 soat oldin
20cher09 9 soat oldin
And No Native Bands. They Do Not get Anything!!!
20cher09 9 soat oldin
No French Freeloading Frauds!!! They Do Not get Anything!!!
Scott Spark
Scott Spark 10 soat oldin
Quelle joufflu qu’elle a !! 😍
dr. 815407
dr. 815407 10 soat oldin
It takes a while but it hits x_x
Se7enwonders 10 soat oldin
I understand that Dolly Parton is her godmother. Well, it certainly sounds like it!
Soap fan
Soap fan 10 soat oldin
The subliminal messages in this video are actually scary.
Mahmud Burhan
Mahmud Burhan 10 soat oldin
Killmonger 509
Killmonger 509 10 soat oldin
Miley is sexy as fuck
Димитър Атанасов
Maëlys Bouillot
Maëlys Bouillot 11 soat oldin
Best song , my favorite song Forever
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira 11 soat oldin
Wiktshhs Hsgshahah
Wiktshhs Hsgshahah 11 soat oldin
Attila Sarkadi
Attila Sarkadi 11 soat oldin
Why this ugly women?
Alma Rico
Alma Rico 11 soat oldin
Miley you can sing 🎤 I love this song thank you.
Luca Casari
Luca Casari 11 soat oldin
It seems the voice of LP
Tamira Young
Tamira Young 11 soat oldin
Now we got the real Miley😍😍
Evie Anderson
Evie Anderson 12 soat oldin
3:30 😱 She could be dead 💀 Luckily She is Alive
iur fhyfydr
iur fhyfydr 12 soat oldin
I Like dis Musik so match
Kleyton Assis
Kleyton Assis 12 soat oldin
So good
Xid RK
Xid RK 12 soat oldin
Yeah yeah yeah....Miley can sing. No doubt about that. BUT... let's be honest. When you act like a ho, dress like a ho, and behave like a ho. But you can sing. Are you then: a lady or a ho who can sing?
krolrys123 12 soat oldin
the guitar beat reminds me of dolly parton jolene
EdjeMr1975 12 soat oldin
I just love this song !
Witty Distress
Witty Distress 13 soat oldin
Isn't it true...nothing breaks like a heart!
Gangster _oma
Gangster _oma 13 soat oldin
On 0:33 begins the song omg
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone 13 soat oldin
3:57 is she the next Jesus? omg muricans will not like this...
Giulia Lupo
Giulia Lupo 14 soat oldin
- Alice Gray -
- Alice Gray - 14 soat oldin
Didn't Bhad Bhabie and The Naked Gun do it first? Either way, great song.
Abasse Issilamou
Abasse Issilamou 14 soat oldin
Martina Jevicka
Martina Jevicka 14 soat oldin
What a beautiful song but video absolutely shocking 😔
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